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If any of you don't know, this is a Titanfall and Naruto crossover. A challenge has also been posted regarding this. If any of you wish to make a Naruto x Titanfall crossover, be my guest. Only one person has so far taken up my challenge.

So good luck to SinbadThe3rd. He was the one who took on this challenge.

Now, in this fanfic, Naruto will have zero chakra. But he will be incredibly smart. As in prodigy level. Even having the smarts to outplay Shikamaru.

With this in mind, Naruto will also not be afraid to do what must be done. Naruto will be grey. Not dark. Grey. He will also be ruthless in the face of danger. Not being afraid to kill in order to save another. It is the rule he follows as well. But he will build into that role. There will be a pairings list in this. Not too big. Look at my one fanfic, Total Destruction for the idea of how big the pairings are.


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Chapter 1: It Has Begun.

The Elemental Nations. A place where people use chakra. Not only that, but a world that is strickened by wars, conflicts and people who seek to try and better themselves by making others suffer.

A distopia as what one would say when looking at this world. But there were times where wars would be quelled and violence would finally be put to rest. But that was at a very small chance as it was.

For example. October 10th. The time when the village of Konoha was attacked by a powerful monster. The Kyuubi. A nine tailed demon fox that destroyed nearly everything. But in an act of desperation, the Fourth Hokage at the time intervened and managed to seal away the demon into his newly born daughter.

The child was praised for keeping the demon at bay. But then a second child was born. A boy. Kushina, the mother of her daughter, Kasumi was absolutely happy beyond imagine while Minato could finally have someone where he could talk guy stuff to.

But what they soon realized was something beyond their deepest fears. The new born child they named Naruto. Held no chakra whatsoever. Not even a single drop of chakra. A regular human. This was something that has never happened in the history of the world. Even civilians have a small amount of chakra, but Naruto was born with none at all.

It was painful for the parents, but they vowed to treat Naruto the same. As the years went on, they began to shelter him. Protect him. Minato even assigned a personal ANBU to watch over Naruto nearly everywhere he went. A sense of paranoia it would seem. At first it seemed okay. But it began to fester a sense of rage within Naruto.

Yes his parents ensured his safety, but it was too overwhelming for him to handle much longer. From simple things like going to school to trivial things like food and excercises. Naruto was being treated like a pampered brat. And it was getting annoying.

His older sister was being treated with punishing training on harnessing the Kyuubi's power. But for Naruto, he was pushed to the sidelines. Being told that such a thing would hurt him. He hated that. Why wouldn't his parents allow him to spread his wings? They seemed more keen on clipping his wings and keeping him as a caged bird than anything else.

Sure he got attention. But it was the wrong type of attention. Everytime he asked his parents if he could go out. They allowed it, but only if an ANBU bodyguard would accompany him.

This was the last straw for Naruto. So much that he was now being bullied by other kids for being like this. Bullied for not having chakra, bullied for being treated like a spoilt brat. It was ridiculous. And today was the day he'd give his parents a piece of his mind.

The 10 year old strode up to his parents and demanded their attention.

"I want this to stop." snapped Naruto.

"What do you mean?" asked Kushina sweetly.

"You know what." hissed Naruto. "The sheltering. You protecting every aspect of my life."

"We only want what's best for you." said Minato in a sweet tone as if speaking to a child.

"There you go again." barked Naruto.

"But son-"

"Just stop. I don't like this anymore. You controling every aspect of my life. Having bodyguards assigned to me. Having people watch over me. Even when I complain that the food is too hot you make it colder at the meer mention of it. This is getting too much." hissed Naruto.

"We want to protect you. Is that too much to ask?" asked Minato taking on a slightly more denser tone.

"I know what you're doing. And I am grateful for that. But come on. For shit sakes. I'm being bullied because you're treating me like a spoilt brat." barked Naruto.

"Tell me the names of those who are bullying you and I will ensure they don't do it anymore." said Minato ready to draw blood from those who would bully Naruto.

"Don't." barked Naruto. "It will just make things worse."

"But Naruto. We don't want to see you get hurt." said Kushina.

"Once again. Pulling out that card. I'm 10 years old. I can't even go to the shops without having you watch over me. In the past, I didn't mind. But now... I hate it." growled Naruto.

"Naruto. We are concerned for your safety. You have no idea what this is like for us." snapped Minato.

"You're right. I don't." barked back Naruto. "But you're ruining my life. Why must you always try and control me. Just leave me alone." snapped Naruto storming out the house and into the streets.

Looking to her husband, Kushina aksed him a question.

"Did we really try and control his life?" asked the red haired.

"No we didn't. He will thank us later. Trust me." said Minato as they went back to training Kasumi.

Walking out the gates of Konoha, Naruto walked across the pathway. His face full of hatred and rage. His parents couldn't be so wrong. Ever since he tried to spread his wings. They'd pull him back and stop him from doing so. He was so constricted. So confined. He wanted freedom. That was all he desired. That's all he ever wanted. Just freedom.

Kicking a random stone in a random direction, he glarred at the ground. But what happened next, he had his interest taken. The stone he kicked hit something with a massive metal clang being heard from the impact. The metal clang was deep.

Following where the sound came from, he came to the sight of something he never saw before. The area was a massive ditch that was covered by vegetation. But that wasn't what had him shocked. It was what the vegetation was covering.

A massive metal structure that looked nothing of this world. The paint job was so faded it looked to be ancient. Vegetation grew all over the craft it made it possible to blend into the landscape. No one would even know it was here. Curiousity getting the better of him, Naruto climbed down and headed to the massive steel beast.

Once he made it to the object, he began to take notes of it. The metal was cold to the touch. Dust and dirt covered it from top to bottom. Vines and various roots held it down. This was beyond incredible. But when he ran his fingers along the one side of it, a panel opened up from the side of the object. Not just a panel. But a door. This was beyond impressive. Gulping down the fact at what he was about to do. Naruto ventured into the object.

There was barely any light inside it. Like it had been abandoned for years. But when he stepped inside, he found a series of lights come online. Looking about, he found the vegetation had managed to get into the interior as well.

"What is this thing?" he asked out loud.

"Voice recognition established." came a female synthetic voice out of no where, almost causing Naruto to have a heart attack.

"What the heck?" was all he could say.

"Warning. Power reserves on critical. Auxilery power core restablishment needed." said the synthetic voice.

"Where is this Auxilery power core located?" asked Naruto out of randomness.

"Auxilery power core located in the engine room of the ship." said the voice.

"And where is that?" asked Naruto slightly bothered that he was talking with a voice he had no knowledge of who it was.

"Located to the stern of the ship. The lights on the floor shall guide you." said the voice as several red lights on the floor lit up going in the direction to the back of the ship.

Choosing to follow the lights, Naruto headed off. Seeing a door at the end of the metal corridor, he clicked his tongue. A dead end. But the door soon opened by itself. Further shocking Naruto.

"Hatch opened." came the voice.

Following deeper into the ship, Naruto soon found the power room. Finding a massive but simple looking orb resting on a tray, he found the tray went into the wall.

"Is this it?" asked Naruto.

"Affirmative." confirmed the voice.

Grabbing the orb, he began to push it in. Once it was in, he found the lights above grow brighter than normal as well as verious consoles he had never seen before come to life. They looked to futuristic it was scary.

"Auxilery power core restablished to main power system. Systems returning to normal status." said the voice as a hologram of a woman came online before Naruto. (A.N. Think of those V.I. things on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3 but instead of an Asari hologram anchored down, it is a human woman that can move freely thanks to the projectors in the ship).

This was met with shock. This was too much to take in. First he was having a bit of a tif with his parents. The next he literally stepped into something that was far beyond the relm of science fiction.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto looking to the hologram.

"I am a synthetic AI program that was embedded onto this ship to offer the Milita assistance. You can refer to me as Adjutant." stated the hologram.

"Adjutant." said Naruto before he was scanned out of nowhere.

"What the hell was that?" he barked glarring at the hologram.

"Agologeze. But I was just confirming your body. I was scanning for any health irregularities and to test your current link level." said Adjutant.

"Link level?" asked Naruto now seriously confused.

"Link level is the level of a person and their Titan they are linked with. You don't have a link level. Nor a Neural Interface at that." said Adjutant.

"Is that meant to be an insult?" hissed Naruto.

"My core programming doesn't offer me the choice of being insulting." meerly stated Adjutant.

Thinking about it, Naruto decided to give this thing a try. What was the worst that could happen?

"Adjutant. What is the current state of this thing?" asked Naruto with Adjutant bringing up a hologram of the ship. Parts of the ship were highlighted in red.

"Ship overall intergrity is below 23%. Thrusters and hull damage is way below 10%." stated Adjutant.

"Will this ship ever fly again?" asked Naruto.

"Negative." said Adjutant.

But something soon caught Naruto's attention. Something he never thought of asking. He knew all ships transported something. But what?

"Adjutant. What was this ship carrying?" asked Naruto.

"This ship was used for the creation of Titans and distributing them to the battlefield. The Titans would be made here before being sent to the surface of the planet." said Adjutant.

"Titan?" asked Naruto.

"A massive robot that only a select few of soldiers are able to pilot. Each pilot is linked to their own Titan." said Adjutant with Naruto wondering further.

"Is there any form of records on this ship?" asked Naruto.

"Retrieving last know records of audio logs and transmissions." said Adjutant before a hologram of soundwaves came up before Naruto.

'Major hull dam...*static*...will try to lose them in the...*static*...systems have taken a massive hit. We're losing alti...*static*...The Frontier must be protected. For the sake of people living out here The Front...*static*...be protected.'

The transmission ended with the hologram closing and Naruto looking back to Adjutant.

"What happened?" asked Naruto.

"The Militia were facing off against a superior threat against the IMC. A powerful organization that seeks to strip all worlds in The Frontier dry for mass production of some sorts. The James MacAllan took massive damage from the IMC forces which was shot down and crashed on Planet 1972. Your planet. All hands were lost. But they managed to drive off the IMC from taking this planet." said Adjutant with Naruto now thinking harder before looking at the hologram AI.

"What is the date on that transmisson?" asked Naruto.

"Aproximitely 120 years ago." stated the hologram AI.

Naruto instantly fell over. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Looking to the hologram he began to process it all.

"120 years ago?" questioned Naruto not believing any of it.

"Correct." said Adjutant.

"What is the current state of The Militia?" asked Naruto.

"Sensors are damaged. Unable to retrieve information regarding The Militia." was all Adjutant said.

"Is there anything on this ship that can be used?" asked Naruto.

"Affirmative. An armory, a hanger bay, an infirmary and a construction area for the production of Titans." said Adjutant.

Thinking a bit on the matter, Naruto soon realized something. If the IMC had tried to take this world before. They'd most likely do it again. If they had this type of technology, they'd stand no chance at winning against them. And with a vague answer as to what a Titan was, they would very much die in a matter of minutes. Global genocide in a heartbeat.

As much as he sometimes hated his world being ravaged by war and death. He still wanted to protected. This was further backed up by the fact that he was one of the idiots who lived in this world.

Looking to the hologram AI, Naruto asked one simple question.

"How long will it take to build a Titan?" asked Naruto.

"Aproximitely 5 minutes. Construction mechanics were damaged in the crash. Aproximitely 5 years for the construction of a new Titan through the use of hands." said Adjutant.

"And how long until the IMC come here?" asked Naruto.

"Aproximitely 6 years from now. That's even with jumps through Shockspace." replied Adjutant.

Clicking his knuckles as Naruto braced himself for what he was getting into he looked to Adjutant before smiling to her.

"Then let's get to work." said Naruto.

And scene.

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The first chapter to Titanfall Of The Elemental Nations. So yes, in this fanfic, the planet Naruto lives on is in The Frontier. For those of you who enjoy Titanfall, then I hope you enjoy it. For those who haven't played Titanfall, then I also hope you enjoyed this chapter.

So Naruto has been living a sheltered life while his parents try and control every aspect of his life. Sure they love him, but it is too much for Naruto to handle. He hates being micro managed.

With Naruto discovering a crashed ship that has been around for 120 years, he begins to learn all about this strange world that has been a part of his which they never knew about. Not only that, but the IMC have decided to come to Naruto's planet and farm it for its recourses.

Can he stop them? Can he do it with just one Titan?

And as promised, here is the harem list:

Mirage (Macross Delta)


I'll also be using cancepts from Mass Effect. Being the Biotic powers.

Chapter 2: The Pilot's Gauntlet.

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