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So the last place we left off was where our group along with Vitaly had gone through a portal that was named the Bifrost. A powerful world linking device made by Vitaly.

After faking a malfunction, they make their way to Ethera. Finding out that they are in winter where they went from blazing summer to now freezing winter, they make their way to find the resistance.

Lucky for them, the resistance found them first. There they were found by their leader, Kyouka.

Kyouka leads a group of loyalists who are loyal to the true ruler. The name of this resistance, is Union White. At that moment, Kyouka questions them if they are loyal to Corus. Current ruler of Ethera.

Aishela replies that they are on Ethera to kill the current ruler. This makes them an ally to White Union as Corus is the current ruler of Ethera.


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Opening song: Fireflight - Unbreakable.

Chapter 26: The Revolution.

The group soon found themselves in an underground bunker. Shielded from the blistering cold. Naruto could feel the difference the moment he walked in. The soothing feeling of warmth enveloped him like a warm hug while outside the cold stung and bit his body.

Luckily the bunker was big enough for the Titans to fit in. But they were escorted to a seperate wing for check in. Even though they were allies now, rules are still rules. Besides, you don't want to end up shooting a friendly Titan. So as part of the check in, they would be outfitted with IR signatures. A lot of the White Union's weapons were thermal.

"Things have been going in a downward spiral for several years now. After the dethroning of the Empress, things were okay for a bit. But soon, the new dynasty wanted to rule the universe. Even if it meant standing above a mountain of blood and corpses." said Kyouka stopping outside a room. The door nowhere to be found while what looked like cultists prayed to a massive robot.

More specifically. A Titan. One that was pure red with the markings of that Seilah had. Candles lined the sides of the room while the mumbles and murmurs of prayers drifted from the room.

"We found the Empress' personal Titan in an open area. Seeing that Corus' father couldn't activate it or force it to activate, they had it thrown out. We use it as a means of spreading hope to forces out there. That the true ruler will one day show up and restore balance to Ethera." stated Kyouka with the three of them walking into the room.

But as soon as Seilah got within 10 feet from the Titan, the markings on the machine and her began to glow a fierce blue. Kyouka noticed this and was mesmerised. It was stated that the Empress wasn't killed but exiled. Could this very Etherious be the lost princess?

Seilah herself was entranced as she looked to her glowing markings along with the Titan. Slowly walking towards the steel behemoth, she felt something pull inside her mind. A slight sensation that soon grew into a full blown tug. As soon as her hand made contact with the Titan, it activated with the hatch opening up.

"Welcome Seilah Ethera. First born of Chloe Ethera. Rightful heir to the throne of Ethera." stated the Titan.

"You know my name?" questioned Seilah shoked by what just happened.

"I do. Now that I've read your physiology. You are a direct descendant. Meaning you are well within your rights to take your throne." stated the Titan.

"What's your name?" asked Seilah.

"My serial number is JX - 7279. You may refer to me as Jinx." stated the Titan.

"Jinx. A pleasure." said Seilah smiling.

"Likewise." said the Titan. "I will now begin to power up systems. Estimated time is 3 hours. Once I am operational, you may call on me to assist."

"Thank you Jinx." said Seilah with her turning around to find everyone bowing before her apart from her boyfriend.

"Hail the crowned princess. Future ruler of the Etherious." cried Kyouka keeping her head low.

"Hail to the crowned princess." chanted the rest.

Seilah was utterly blown away by the sheer sight of the people who rebelled now bowing to her. She heard from the people in Harmony that she was a Princess. But to physically see it was another story. She felt such pride swelling within her. Knowing that she truly was the legit Princess to Ethera. The salvation the people had been needing. But when her eyes landed on her boyfriend, she found something she had never seen before. Uncertainty.

Watching him walk out the room, she looked to the populace before her. It would be wise to give these people a speech. And she did just that. Clearing her throat, she began.

"People of Ethera. I am Seilah Ethera. First daughter of Chloe Ethera. My mother. I first never thought I was a Princess. Nor Crowned Princess for that matter. My mother raised me without telling me of my birth right. No doubt to help protect me. I am the product child of a Human male from the Planet 1972 and my mother. The previous Queen. I may not know much about these things and how things are done. But one thing I am certain of. Is that I cannot stand idly by and watch my home world be burned as the people live in fear and poverty. I will crush the one who has taken my throne from me and ensure they will face the most brutal of punishments."

A chorus of praise and cheers echoed through the room as the people relished in the words delivered by their future Queen. If she managed to take back the throne. New hope was distilled into the people as they raised their heads and gazed upon on their new leader.

After a few minutes, the populace of people from the room where Jinx was left and returned to their business. Seilah was currently headed to the room Naruto was given. Vitaly had taken to set up shop in the med bay where she'd be helping with the recovery of injured soldiers. Aishela spent her time with helping people get food to eat. Despite her fighting and ruthless appearance, Aishela was actually an amazing cook. She kept saying that in the kitchen, a war was taking place. The chopping of the veggies and the seasoning of the meat was almost similar to war. Naruto never understood that concept. And frankly, neither did Vitaly or Seilah.

Finally arriving at Naruto's door, she knocked before opening.

"Naruto." she stated making the blonde haired man look to his girlfriend.

"What up?" asked Naruto gazing before his girlfriend.

Seilah just walked over to Naruto and sat on the bed next to him. Her eyes fixed to the ground as a face of worry graced her blemishless face.

"What's wrong?" finally she asked.

Naruto hesitated for a bit.

"N-Nothing's wrong, love." he lied. "Nothing at all."

"Why did you walk out the room when it turned out I was legitly the Princess of Ethera? You had a face of uncertainty." she trapped him.

Looking to his horned lover, Naruto felt a pang of pain within him. Truth be told, he didn't want Seilah on the battlefield. That time during the Rebellion in Kiri could be counted as a fluke.

Sure she stopped the Three Tailed Bijuu from killing him, but Naruto didn't want Seilah on the battlefield. He knew what would happen to her should she have her first kill. It may either break her inside. Or it would change her completely. He read up in a file he snuck from Vitaly for a few hours regarding the Etherious. It turns out that some of them have a tendancy of becoming a bit bloodthirsty after they had their first kill. After they had their first taste of war.

After returning that stolen document to Vitaly without her knowing, Naruto vowed to shoulder the burden alone. He wanted to have Seilah live a normal innocent life. One where he'd protect her from all the pain of the galaxy. To never see what it's like to lose someone.

"I...was just concerned about this upcoming fight. Wondering if we can win this." stated Naruto with Seilah gaining a face of confusion. But she shrugged it off as just being nerves.

There was after all. A lot riding on this fight. Or fights at the rate this was going. Deciding to leave it at that, Seilah exited Naruto's room and retired to her own. There she found Kyouka waiting there.

The Etherious Commander was instantly kneeling when she saw it was Seilah.

"Hail your majesty." spoke the Etherious warrior.

"What is it?" asked Seilah.

"It's just...regarding that Terran your brought with. The male one." spoke Kyouka refusing to look up. Keeping herself bowed before Seilah.

"What about him?" asked Seilah not liking where this was going.

"I apologize for doing this. But I listened in on your discussion with him earlier. Are you and him by any chance. In a relationship?" asked Kyouka squirming a bit.

"Yes." replied Seilah without hesitation. "He and I are in a relationship. He took my virginity and are now lovers."

"I see. I must urge this of you. And forgive my rudeness." spoke Kyouka now looking her future ruler in the eyes. "But I implore you to become pregnant."

Seilah was stunned by what Kyouka just said. Standing there for a few minutes letting her brain process what Kyouka just said. Looking dead in the eyes, Seilah saw she wasn't lying. She was being genuine.

"W-Where did this come from?" asked Seilah shellshocked by this sudden development.

"The history of our race traces back to when our world was once inhabited by a lesser race. One of the inhabitants summoned a demon and mated with it. That demon was a succubus. The other inhabitants were wiped out by an accidental release of demonic energy that came from the succubus when she and the man were mating. As a means to atone for wiping out his entire species. He and the succubus recreated the entire race from their unborn daughter. It was said that the man ascended to become our god. Along with his succubus wife. That daughter that was soon born was given immense powers. What we call now as Aura. Due to how powerful she was, she united the people under one banner. She called herself Kiyomi Ethera. First Queen of Ethera. Since then, the royal family have been able to trace their lineage back to her. You are a direct descendant of her. Hell you even look like her." spoke Kyouka.

"Thanks for the history lesson. But how does this fit into me getting knocked up by Naruto?" asked Seilah raising an eyebrow.

"Because if things go South. And you end up being killed. We will at least have an heir." said Kyouka.

Seilah soon donned a thinking face. Sure it did make sense. But at the same time. It was all so sudden. She need to process all of this information. Looking to Kyouka who still had a look of determination on her face, Seilah gave a small cough into her fist.

"Let me have some time. I want to firstly weigh out my options before coming to a conclusion." she spoke.

"Of course your majesty. But I do implore that you hasten your descision." Kyouka spoke before leaving. "Have a good night your majesty."

With the door closed, Seilah began to think about it. She did want a child. She really wanted to start a family. One which had Naruto as the father of her children. And the husband to her. She relished in the thought of it. But to be told to become pregnant now in order to ensure an heir will be secured was a bit of a way to force one into doing this.

She knew it was the only logical way forward considering Kiri barely scraped by during their Rebellion. Why should this be any different. If Seilah died after giving birth to her and Naruto's child. Then her legacy would be able to continue. The only true question left was if Naruto was willing to inseminate her. She knew he loved her more than anything in the galaxy. Plus she is willing to share him with others seeing that she knew Anko would sleep with him. She just hoped Naruto would grant her wish to have her bcome pregnant.

With Corus.

The tyranical ruler could be found sitting on his throne. One of the women forced to be his sex toy could be found sucking him off while tears streamed down her face as her head furiously bobbed back and forth.

A holoscreen before him as he looked at the screenshot of Seilah. A wicked smile graced his face as he licked his lips.

"Seilah Ethera. First born of Chloe Ethera. You'll be the latest edition to my toys. Oh how much fun we will have. My legacy will be ensured once I've knocked you up with my child. You'll have no choice but to bear my child." he sneered as he grabbed the poor woman between his legs and threw her off him with him now buckling his pants again. "Begone toy. You're done for the day."

Despite being of noble blood, Corus was funny enough part of the family that was the closest to the royal bloodline. Sure he couldn't use the full extent of the god given powers of Kiyomi. But he did know how to use a bit of it.

This was his new plan. After learning that Seilah would be coming to Ethera, it was basically at matter of time before she'd fall into the trap he'd be placing for her. The plan was to infect her mind with words and thoughts that were part true and part false. Just to have her come to him with open arms.

He'd have her beneath him. Screaming his name as he pounded her into next week. Even if he had to torch the whole Ethera world to do it.

And scene.

Well. I guess it's safe to say that things have taken a bit of a dark turn. We now see just how sick Corus is. How far he's willing to make Seilah his property.

Not only that, but it is now a given. Seilah is definitely of royal blood seeing that she activated the Titan Jinx just by touching it. As well we also see a new form of power the Etherious can use. Aura. Though this is stated to us. We don't know what it can do.

As well, Kyouka, the leader of the resistance faction has just approached Seilah with a bid to have the Crowned Princess become pregnant with Naruto's child in order to ensure the legacy lives on.

What will Seilah do? And what will Naruto do? He wants Seilah to remain off the battlefield. Wanting to shoulder all burdens by himself. What will he do now?

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Chapter 27: Seeds Of Doubt.

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