When I woke up, the first thought it was a nice dream, a dream hard to wake up. But I squeezed my hands, only to feel something squishy pressing against my fingers, and a moan rang in the room, pushing me back to sleep.

"Son," I heard her speaking, her words barely audible between the moan. "Can you pull your hands away."

"Sorry mom," I murmured, trying to sound as guilty as possible while I pulled my hands away. "I was asleep."

"It's okay," she said, standing up instantly. "I need to go to the bathroom," she added, and started walking away without waiting for my reply. At first, I thought her calm reaction to my hands was weird, especially since apparently she was awake for a while in that position, then I noticed a suspicious wet spot on the back of her robe. I smiled. Apparently, I misjudged just how hard it was going to succeed in my plan. It had been quite a while since Narcissa had an assisted release. Apparently, Lucius' short stay in Azkaban hurt him more than I previously assumed, preventing him from paying necessary attention to his wife. I shrugged, his lost, my gain.

I could hear the bath filling, and I had some ideas about how Narcissa would spend her time in there. I wanted to sneak inside. I had no doubt that it would be a view worth remembering, but I held myself back. I had important things to do.

After a brief visit to my room. I slipped to the library until the evening, this time focusing on memory modification charms and legimency. It would be nice to have access to some non-deadly options other than imperius if someone noticed something was out of order. Not to mention knowing legimency helped me better manage my occlumency. The studying lasted until the evening, then I changed into some nondescript clothing, and apparated to Knuckturn Alley. For half an hour, I walked randomly, hoping to find my target. Apparently, the luck was on my side, because I managed to catch a shady figure, trying to sell some silverware. Silverware stamped by the Black Family Crest.

I walked towards him. "Are you Mungundus Fletcher?"

"Yes," he answered, his tone already shifting into a smarmy salesman tone. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Derision rose inside me. He was really pathetic, unbelievably so considering he had the power to rewrite the reality. I didn't even bother speaking, just pointed him with my wand. "Imperio," I murmured. The spell took hold instantly, facing no resistance. "Where is the Order Headquarters," I asked. I know that, since Dumbledore is already dead, everyone that was aware of the secret could share it.

"Grimmauld Place, Number Twelve," he answered. I felt something clicking inside my mind as I was included in the cover of Fidelius.

"Good," I murmured. "Now, you will go there, and pick some more silverware to steal. You will also search and find a green amulet with snakes on it. You will also get it without hurting anyone, house-elf included, and bring that to me. Now, go." He disappeared, and I started waiting, hoping it would work. Possessing that amulet was a key to my plans, allowing me to manipulate many different people. Thankfully, Mungundus teleported back an hour later, and passed the item to me. A memory charm later, Mungundus lost all memories of their encounter, replaced by the memory of selling the amulet to a random person. I apparated back to the mansion, my mind already on my next encounter with Narcissa.

After a brief stop in my room and hid Voldemort's necklace in a sock drawer, casting a few concealment spells for good measure. Then I took a quick shower, changed into my sleepwear. I reached for another bottle of lust potion I procured, this time in perfume form, and sprayed myself radically with it. It was a light one, but I hoped it would be enough help me dismiss her objections. There was no doubt that she would be feeling hesitant after the last night.

I knocked Narcissa's door, though when I pressed my ear to the door, I heard a muffled moan. "Still?" I murmured myself in excitement. The cream I used had a notoriously short effect time, most of it fading after two hours. If she was still continuing her actions, it was very good news. Erasing the smug smile from my lips took quite a bit of time. I considered entering without knocking, but she wasn't ready for such direct intervention yet. Instead, I cast an unlocking spell on the door, unlocking it silently. Then I knocked the door. "Mom, I'm coming in!" I said, disregarding her shocked cry, and started to turn the doorknob. Still, I was deliberately slow in entering, wanting to give her time to gather herself. The euphoria of barely escaping being caught would fit much better into my plans.

The view I met when I walked inside was exquisite. She was lying on the bed, a hastily pulled cover on her. Her face was vermilion, her breathing hard. A pair of panties were on the ground, a few feet away from the bed, looking like they were thrown hastily, like the wearer of them were in a hurry. I could feel a stirring in my pants, so I started walking towards her bed.

"What are you doing, son?" she asked in a panic.

"I'm getting ready to sleep, mom," I answered, deliberately keeping my voice casual. "Last night was the first sleep without nightmares in last six months," I continued, injecting a bit of sadness in my tone. "You wouldn't deprive me off it, right?" Targeting her maternal instincts was enough to stall her to inaction for a few seconds, enough time for me to slip under the covers and wrap my hands around her waist. I could feel the thin fabric of her sleepwear under my touch, and a light touch of my little finger confirmed the absence of her underwear. I could feel her freezing in indecision. After all, she couldn't even stand up without displaying her distinct lack of panties. And while it would have made sense for her to ask for an excuse, or even ask me to close my eyes, being interrupted in the middle of the masturbation session wasn't very conductive for critical thinking. The lust perfume I was wearing wasn't helping her to calm her mind, I was sure.

I let her continue laying motionless on her back, trying to come up with a solution, my hands tight around her waist, my head resting on her shoulder. I could feel her heartbeat thumping, out of control, her shallow breaths ringing in my ears. Despite doing my best to keep my expression clueless, I could feel the edge of my cheeks tugging. "Good night," I murmured, trying to act like I was about to fall asleep.

Just like the previous night, I feigned sleep, and just like last night, she started struggling to get away without waking me up, only to fail. Her tries soon faded. It didn't take long for her to realize she was facing the same situation with the night before, locked in place, with no way to pull away for hours without 'waking' me up. Still, I was surprised with the amount she decided to wait. Barely five minutes later, she turned her back to him once more, her hand was already on her pussy, her fingers sliding inside.

I decided to speed up my plan. Even with the addition of the lust potions, her reactions were much harder than I assumed, which could cause for her to search for alternatives. Lucius wasn't around, away on a mission, but it didn't change the fact that she was currently easy mark for every two-bit predatory Death Eater. I had no intention to share her.

So, I waited until her breathing started to go out of control, then moved my hands while acting like I was asleep. The hem of her negligee was already up, so my hands easily slipped under it, resting on her naked stomach. Her whole body froze as soon as our skin touched. "Son," she murmured hesitantly. "Son, are you awake." I continued playing dead, and soon, her courage, or her arousal returned in full force, her fingers moving once more.

Again, I waited until her pleasure was high enough that she was having trouble to keep her voice low. Then, it was the time for me to act once more. This time, I elected to suddenly pull her tighter, my cock resting between her naked ass cheeks. I wasn't surprised when she stiffened, but I stiffened as well when her hands started moving once more, her hips moving in tandem. Her movement was so sudden that I barely held back a moan. Curious to test her limits, I let one of my hands crawl upwards as she rocked her body, until it touched the bottom of her breasts.

She didn't even bother to slow down before she gently grabbed my wrist, but contrary to my expectation, she gently pushed it over her breast instead of pulling it away. I suddenly found myself palming her generous breasts, my cock getting even harder. I cursed the presence of my pajamas, numbing the precious sensations as she rubbed her body against mine. I took a deep breath, trying to focus on the feeling, hoping to catch my own release before hers, but it was in vain. She started shuddering before I could reach a climax of my own, her moans momentarily filling the room. I could feel her drifting to sleep, leaving me with a full arousal.

I could have cast a stunner and finished myself, but I didn't do so. After all, despite being unknowing, she teased me mercilessly. Half an hour later, I drifted to sleep, my mind busy with the plan for the morning…

I was lucky to be able to wake up before Narcissa, my hand still on her tits, my morning wood trying to push her naked ass cheeks. For a moment, I considered pulling my hand back and fixing her clothes before she woke up, but I didn't put that plan to the action, mainly because she was more than willing to sleep with my hand there. I wanted to see her reaction after waking up, especially after I dabbed some lust cream on her thighs once more. I reached the bottle and poured a generous amount to my hand, then dragged my hand on her thighs, careful not to wake her up, then continued to play possum.

With the addition of the potion, it didn't take long for her to stir up once again. I held my breath, curious what she would do. Even with the last night's events, her reaction managed to surprise me. When her hand reached the one that was holding her breast, I was expecting her to try to pry my fingers away, not putting pressure to sank my fingers into her flesh. She started to grind her hips to my cock once more, separated just by my sleepwear, moans starting to escape her mouth almost instantly. I was so tempted to push her down and fuck her mercilessly, but I held back. I could easily see that her courage was artificially raised by her lust, and I didn't want to test just how good it would stand against my active involvement. So, I held myself back…

For now…

It had been one week since I had first entered Narcissa's bed. During the week, I did nothing other than studying magic during the daytime, and slowly teasing Narcissa during the nighttime. I had yet to go farther than the second night, when I molested her naked breasts. But during the week, I gradually reduced the amount of lust perfume and cream I was using, so much that, yesterday, I had used nothing but a dab of perfume, and she had rubbed herself raw while grinding to my sleeping body. Lucius being sent away on a mission was a godsend gift, robbing Narcissa of only convenient outlet she had.

This time I didn't even bother to knock the door, and pushed it open after an unlocking charm, only to see Narcissa trying to push her negligee down, her breathing shallow, her panties absent. I could see her fingers still glistening with her juices. "What did I say about entering without knocking, Draco?" she said, but her tone was far from angry, filled with excitement instead, flared by the thought of being caught.

"Sorry, mom. I won't do it again," I said, both of us aware it would happen once again. We talked a bit casually, while she was doing her best to keep her short negligee down to hide the absence of her panties. A useless gesture, considering the clothes she wore tonight was even thinner than usual, making the absence of her underwear clear very distinct. I could easily see the shape and color of her spectacular breasts, their small pink areolas peeking through the dark fabric of her clothes. She looked like she intended to be under covers when I arrived, but the miscalculation didn't seem to bother her. She only had a gentle blush covering her face while she tried to act unaware of her revealing state. "So, how do you feel?"

"I feel fine, why do you ask?"

"You look a bit tense. How about a massage. I don't want you to have an uncomfortable sleep."

For a moment, Narcissa looked indecisive, so I walked towards her, careful not to let my gaze wonder over her body. "Sure, why not," she murmured, and laid on the bed. I smiled. I wasn't expecting her to agree that quickly, not that I had any complaints about her quick compliance. I started with her neck, gently rubbing her smooth skin. Of course, she wasn't aware that my fingers were covered with a thin film of lust cream.

She started purring softly before I even reached her shoulders. I hooked my finger to the straps of her negligee, and slid them down. She didn't notice, at least not until I slid her negligee down enough to most of her back. "Son?" she spoke in a slightly alarmed tone.

"It's hard to do it efficiently through the fabric," I said, pressing my hands hard on her back. A loud moan escaped her mouth, but she didn't say anything else as I continued to caress her back, not even when my fingers caressed the edge of her breasts. When I finally reached her bottom, I skipped it, shifting down to her feet instead. A silent, disappointed hiss left her mouth left her mouth as I skipped her ass.

I focused on her feet, raising them a bit even as my fingers danced over them. I started climbing, first to her calves, then to her thighs, pushing her negligee up on every beat. Soon, I managed to push her negligee enough to reveal the unobstructed view of her pussy, sopping wet with arousal, without her realizing. I lingered over her thighs for a long while, rubbing generous portions from the lust cream. Soon, she stopped bothering to keep her voice low, every moan ringing between the walls. It was finally time to move to the next step.

I didn't ask for permission before moving my hands to her ass, sinking my fingers deep without a warning. A shocked moan escaped her mouth, erotic enough to make my pants uncomfortably tight. Still, her protest came suspiciously late. "Son, what are you doing?" she asked almost a full minute later, her voice suspiciously muffled.

"I'm massaging you mom," I answered, letting my fingers delve deeper. "I can get away if you aren't feeling comfortable, but I don't see the big deal," I said, my tone intentionally calm, like it wasn't a big deal for a son to molest his mother's ass. But in her addled state, she chose to take the statement at face value. She stayed silent, and I continued massaging her ass, getting a bit closer to her wet fold with every pass. A word of protest never passed her lips, even when my fingers brushed her sopping wet folds.

I could easily see that she was at the edge of a release, so I decided to finally stop my gentle approach, trusting the lust potion and her own overcharged state to do the rest. I sat on her legs, and pressed one hand on the small of her back to keep her sufficiently immobile. Then, I reached for my wand and cast a very low powered conducive charm to further disoriented her. I licked my fingers, and pushed two fingers into her pussy, burying all of my digits inside her. A shocked cry left her mouth, but I didn't stop even for a moment, my fingers slipping in an out without any mercy. "Son, what are-" she started, only to be interrupted by a moan. She tried to stand up, but the light pressure from my hand was enough to keep her in place. "Son, please- please stop. It's not right?"

"Come on mom, isn't it better than waiting until I was asleep then rubbing yourself until you fell unconscious. At least, by this way, you are receiving my full attention."

"You were awake!" she exclaimed in shock, not even bothering to deny.

"Yeah, I was," I said. "But don't worry, it's not a bother. It's not like we are having sex. It's just massage in a different way, and I'm always willing to help you, mom. You are precious to me." My last words, added to the already confusing cacophony she was suffering under, was enough to silence her completely. She just lay there, wordless, writhing under my fingers. Soon, and orgasm hit her with the full force, filling the room with her cries, her warm juices flowing around my fingers. Still, I haven't slowed down a bit, pushing my fingers deep inside her again and again without mercy. Seconds turned into minutes, but only moans escaped her mouth as I finger-banged her without mercy. Then, after the fourth earth-shattering orgasm, she finally fell unconscious. I made sure to put her panties and bra on, then dressed her in the negligee. Then I pulled the cover over us, wrapped my arms around her, and let the sleep to catch-up with me.

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