Wave's Punishment 1

Imperial Palace, Capitol, Empire

Wave moaned slowly in pain as the five sharp wooden edges dug hard into his shins and ankles, unable to move. He had been stripped to nothing but his boxers, arms tied to a stake, and forced to kneel on five brutally-sharp wooden edges. Three heavy stone slabs were stacked on his bent thighs, pushing his shins deeper into the sharp edges, while painfully crushing his knee joints in an uncomfortable position. Sweat and tears of pain fell from Wave's face onto the stone slabs.

Due to his failure to catch the amazingly-elusive paramour of General Esdeath, Tatsumi, or stop the enigmatic Night Raid member wielding Incursio armor, the young Jaeger member was being tormented by his comrades at the orders of General Esdeath herself.

"Um, how do I say this? I'm deeply sorry. I've reflected on my actions!" Wave begged pleadingly, looking up to where Imperial General Esdeath sat towering upon her throne, flanked by fellow Jaegers Ran and Kurome.

"Letting Tatsumi escape in your distraction was bad enough." General Esdeath stated coldly. "But allowing the Night Raid member to get away was truly deplorable. Kurome, another block."

In a flash, the young female assassin had flashed next to the tortured Wave, holding another stone slab, and mercilessly dropped it from over Wave's head, letting it land hard on the other stone slabs.

"GAHHHH!" Wave cried out helplessly in pain, the wooden edges being driven into his lower legs by the impact.

General Esdeath sighed, as if slightly exasperated. "Wave, your body is skilled, but your mind is weak. Take responsibility for your mistakes."

Wave was weeping openly in pain and fear now. "Yes, ma'am."

"If you fail again," General Esdeath allowed her right eye to show between her fingers covering the right side of her face, showing a terrifying stare. If looks could kill… "I shall personally administer your punishment."


Irrelevant Historical Fact:

19 years ago on this day, March 28, 1999, during the Kosovo War, brutal Serb paramilitary and military forces of the communist Milosevic regime of Yugoslavia massacred 146 Kosovo Albanians during the Izbica Massacre. These were one of countless massacres committed by the Yugoslav communist dictatorship during their genocide against the Kosovar people, until the United States and NATO forces' military intervention smashed the communist forces, and helped the Kosovar freedom fighters (Kosovo Liberation Army) gain independence for their country.