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Summary: After Goku and Sparks' battle, the Cracks of Time are open releasing the Dark Gods, now splitting open the realms of One Punch Man, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail. It's up to the Z-fighters and Elementals to defeat these new foes and restore the realms to their original state with the help of warriors from the other realms.

Chapter 1: The Dark Gods are Released!

Seven figures hover above our heroes. Sparks and Goku could feel great power within all of them. But the middle one was not only the most intimidating, but also the most powerful.

Sparks: Who are you? And what do you want?

Figure 1: You may call me, Zarma. And as your so called Gods address, we are the Dark Gods. We've been stuck in the Cracks of Time for Thousands of years. But now we are free and no one will ever send us back.

Desmos: Then I will just have just have to destroy you.

Desmos and Beerus descend from the sky.

Goku: Lord Beerus!

Sparks: Lord Desmos!

Goku: Are you guys here to help us?

Beerus: Desmos and I will take care of this, the rest of you will stand back and watch.

Goku: What, but Lord Beerus we . . .

Beerus: This is beyond you Goku, this a matter only a God can handle this.

Zarma: Sebas, you're with me. The rest of you can pick a universe and go there.

The other five Dark Gods fly off through portals, leaving Zarma and Sebas.

Desmos: Sending them off isn't going change anything, we'll destroy you two first and then we'll go after the others.

Goku: But we can help.

Sparks: Just let them fight Goku. They've made up their minds and it doesn't look like they're willing to change it. Besides if they do need help, we're here.

Beerus charged at Zarma punching him in the gut while Desmos kneed Sebas into the air.

They continued to dominate the Dark Gods who were barely attacking them. Beerus then punched Sebas to the ground and Desmos punched into a wall. Beerus then fired a Sphere of Destruction and Desmos launched a Destruction Orb the blast could be seen throughout the galaxy. When the dust cleared the Dark Gods are unfazed by the attacks.

Beerus: What?

Desmos: How did you - ?

Zarma: We came prepared, and it seems to be working.

Desmos and Beerus start to feel weaker even though they hadn't expelled too much energy.

Sebas: Lord Zarma, may I have the honor of destroying these so called Destroyers.

Zarma: *chuckles* Be my guest Sebas.

Sebas begins to charge a black orb in one hand.

Sebas: Take this, Absolute Void.

Before Sebas could fire the attack Sparks jumps in and slices Sebas' back with his twin katanas.

Sebas: Why you little . . .

Goku then blasts a Kamehameha wave to Sebas, blowing him back. Sparks does the same to Zarma.

Desmos: I thought we told you two to stay out of this.

Sparks: That was before, now you guys were nearly destroyed and we decided jump in and save your lives. I know we shouldn't be meddling with your affairs Lord Desmos, but you're gonna need all of us for this one.

Goku: Sparks is right, you two don't look so good.

Beerus: Something is wrong, I feel weaker and I have a feeling they're behind it.

Desmos: Ditto, well Sparks you and your friends may help.

Goku brings out a pouch and grabs four beans. He eats one and throws to Beerus.

Goku: Sparks, Lord Desmos. Catch!

They catch the beans thrown their way even though they are confused.

Sparks: Um . . . Goku, now is not the time to be eating beans.

Goku: There Senzu Beans, they'll restore your energy.

Sparks: Oh. Well, thanks!

Sparks and Desmos eat the beans and feel more powerful.

Goku: Alright.

The others (Android 17, 18, Blaze, Psycho, Cosma, Phoenix and Buu), had arrived.

Goku: Hey guys.

Android 17: What happened here?

Sparks: Long story short, those two up there are Dark Gods, there are five more that went through each portal so we need to split up and help those other Realms.

Goku: Gohan, Piccolo you guys were training with Whis the past year. Did you unlock any new powers?

Piccolo: Hmph. Of course we did, but you'll just have to wait and see my new form.

Goku: And Gohan, what about your form?

Gohan: Yeah, I have a new form.

Goku: Stronger than Blue.

Gohan: *nods* It's just like Chiara's form, I combined my Hidden Potential with Super Saiyan Blue.

Chiara: So you can use Limit Breaker Blue?

Gohan: That's what you call it?

Chiara: It's a better name than Great Saiyaman!

Gohan: Hey, Great Saiyaman isn't lame!

Chiara: Even Goten and Trunks know how lame it is. The real question is which is more stupid, the name or the outfit.

As the Saiyan twins argue, the others watch not wanting to intervene.

Psycho: You sure have some wild kids Goku.

Goku: I guess that's just how siblings are? I had an older brother, and the first thing he did when we met was kidnap both of them in order to force me to kill people.

Sparks: Well that's harsh. Anyway can split up now.

Chiara and Gohan calm down and nod.

Sparks: Alright, we've got a lot of work to do, so let's send these Dark Gods back to the dimension they came from.

Blaze, Katana and Gohan go to One Punch Man realm. Vegeta and Blade go to the Naruto realm. Psycho, Piccolo and Android 17 go to the Bleach Realm. Phoenix and Android 18 go to the One Piece , Cosma and Majin Buu go to the Fairy Tail Realm.

Beerus: He's the stronger one.

Sparks: Exactly.

Desmos: You two aren't going to give us a choice, are you?

Goku: Nope.

Beerus: We'll trust you on this one.

Beerus and Desmos fly off to face Sebas as Zarma approaches the heroes.

Sparks: Alright, ready Goku?

Goku: Ready when you are.

Goku and Sparks now stand face to face with Zarma.

And that will wrap up the first chapter re-edited. I hope you'll enjoy what Chiara brings to the table and see you next time.