"The specimen is getting away! Shut close the exits!"

That order was yelled by a dark skinned man in completely white suit and sunglasses, with an unusual silver gun in his hands. Near him were ten more agents in the same clothing and with a very same weponry. One of the agents didn't wait long before completing the order and closing a metal door. The rest of the agents took their defending positions and hid in cover, pointing their guns towards the dark corridor ahead.

Not a sound. It was too quiet for such a situation, when an enraged creature was out for blood. Only blaring red light bulbs emitted a slight humming sound. Surrounding atmosphere made the agents feel uncomfortable, and wish that they had picked another job. The one without constant threat to their lives.

And then they saw it. Two bright neon green orbs for eyes, shining in darkness. The eyes which desired nothing but tear the agents apart. An animalistic growl sent chills down their spines and made some of them shake in fear.

"Enough, Phantom!" The captain shouted, "Return back to your camera and we might forget about this act of rebellion!"

"What was that?" A deep echoing and sarcastical voice sounded across the corridor. "Since when GIW makes offers? Ah yes, since you made your white pants yellow."

A green shining ball appeared, lightening Phantom's hand. The agents raised their weapons, but didn't have time to shoot. Before they could do anything, Phantom came closer and his blast went through someone's body and he fell on the ground, dead. And here the agents understood that everything was serious. He wasn't joking. Agents started to fire with green light, but Phantom grabbed one of the agents and used him as living shield, blasts hitting him dead on, with the ghost being completely unscathed. The agent screamed in pain. Even if blasts can't kill a human, they could harm if needed level of energy is amplified. And the agents' orders were to vaporize the ghost.

"Oh, quit whining!" Phantom rolled his eyes, "You said that your weapons can't kill a human, so don't complain."

He threw the agent's body at two others, making them fall on the ground. Phantom created a green shield, which effectively blocked the shots. Then he raised his hand, clenched the fist, and all the bulbs blew up, covering everything in darkness. The shield dispersed and everything the agents could do was to shoot at where the glowing eyes were. But constant yells told that it wasn't going well. The captain got his final answer when his neck was grabbed in strong and harsh grip.

"Now, if you answer my question then we both will benefit," Phantom said, his fist igniting with green light and giving the captain a good look at his captor.

He was dressed in black and white rags which used to be a hazmat suit a few months ago. Now it was just a pile of rags hanging from his body, exposing multitude of wounds on Phantom's chest, legs and hands. He had hair as white as snow, but their color was tamed with dirt and red and green blood. For three months without proper treatment they grew two times longer, becoming an unkept mess, which made Phantom look very feral, they even seemed to flow a bit. As was previously said, his eyes were neon green, his mouth was twisted in snarl, and two sharp fangs were seen in his mouth.

"What...do you want?" The captain choked.

"You know perfectly well what I want," Phantom said, tightening his grip. "Where. Is. It?"

"Argh! Back off...scum!"

"That was the last mistake in your life."

Phantom let go of the captain and he fell on the ground, gasping for breath until the ghost sent a powerful blast into his head. He didn't see any problem in killing GIW agents, it was upright merciful compared to what they did, at least he was killing them quickly, without painful torture, like they did to him. Just this three months ago he would be terrified of even thinking about murdering a sentient being, but GIW were a disgrace for human kind, and if he doesn't kill them now, they will kill hundreds of innocents in the future.

His name was Danny, Danny Fenton, but that was the name written in his birth certificate. He didn't consider himself Fenton anymore, he didn't want to be a part of that wretched family. He wasn't sure he was at least part human anymore, and honestly, he wasn't bothered by it. Humans hadn't given him anything but hatred. They despised the one who risked his half-life to save them, instead of thanks they complained about the damage. Such hypocrites, GIW had blown up the entire buildings, but in their eyes they were heroes. In that way, Phantom will be happy to take the role of a 'villain' if this means wiping out them all and also someone else.

Fenton seniors better hide in deepest hole they can find, because they were next. Those bastards deserved to die if not more then just as much as GIW agency. They killed the only people he cared about...and even Vlad. His best friend Tucker, his older sister Jazz, and Sam...He didn't even have time to tell her about his feelings. That was supposed to be the day, he planned to tell Sam that he loved her, but now...

He came to the metal door and grabbed its bottom, but it started to shock him with green electricity. With a grunt of Phantom continued nevertheless. He couldn't explain this, it was like something was giving him strength and numbing his pain. It was not the time to think about it, he had a job to do. To escape from this stinking place, taking the lives of as much agents as he could on his way. With a loud scream Danny pushed the door up and the hallway was opened. Even if he was dying from starvation, his ghostly strength helped him.

Phantom raised his white eyebrow, "What, no one to greet me?"

The hallway was empty. It could be because GIW were too arrogant and thought that that door could hold him. But that was unlikely, they were morons but not completely. Phantom stomped through the corridor, his pointed ears listened for a slightest movement, but heard nothing. He didn't know where to go, he went where his gut was telling him to go. And it led him to another door. Phantom threw a punch with a roar and made a hole in it, before expanding it so he could come through.

"Here's Johnny!" He said in singsong voice with a wide grin.

And again empty. That started to look suspicious. The main target of his search was right in front of him. A ghost portal. Fentons somehow managed to place it here, and Danny just so happened to overhear the conversation. He tore open the shield and saw a mess of different colored wires. If he hadn't lived with crazy scientists he wouldn't have known what to do. He tore the needed ones and connected with the others. It worked, security system was down, and another safedoor was opened, along with doors of the portal. Behind the safedoor was ecto-converter, the source of portal's power. He grabbed the converter with his hands.

"Stop him!" An agent shouted. Danny felt a flare of pain running through his body as he fell on his knees.

There was about twenty of agents who came seemingly out of nowhere, armed to teeth. There were also two people at whose sight Phantom's neon eyes turned into glare and shone brighter. A giant of a man in orange jumpsuit and a woman in a blue one.

"We figured out that you would come here, ghost boy," Maddie said with a smirk, holding a bazooka in her hands. "So we prepared this little trap so you won't be able to get away. This was supposed to destroy level nine ghosts, but somehow you managed to survive. I guess that makes you suffer longer, just like your kind deserves."

They received an unexpected reaction. Phantom managed to stand on his legs shakily, before breaking in loud, insane laughter which can make Joker jealous.

"You really are morons, you know that? Have you really thought I was going to simply run away? You left me without any purpose in life, killed everyone I cared about...I don't care if I live or not, I am ready to take the risks, you on the other hand..." he gave a small toothy smile, before putting his hand on converter and igniting his hand with green light. Everyone's eyes widened in realization. "I think hell would like the new additions," Phantom said, before attempting to jump into portal.


That was the last thing Danny heard before the converter got overloaded and everything around was blown up sky high.


'Am I dead?' Danny thought. 'If I am than that doesn't feel much different. I probably should open my eyes. Better than just wonder where I am. I am either lying in red burning pit, or on the cloud.'

He felt a sharp stone under his back.

'Nope, I'm a bad boy and currently am in hell. Just peachy. JUST SHUT UP AND WAKE UP!'

Phantom opened his eyes and saw a green and black sky above him. He groaned, putting a hand over his face.

He was in Ghost Zone. A place where poor unfortunate souls come after their deaths, in case something holds them and doesn't let pass away. And this part was confusing for Danny. There shouldn't be anything holding him back, he has done what he wanted, they were dead, and their remains are probably buried under tons of junk hundred meters underground. Dannh looked down and saw that his wounds were attended properly.

"I see you are awake."

Danny jumped on his feet and turned around. Behind him was standing, floating, a man with dark blue skin, red eyes with no pupils, dressed in purple cloak. In his hand he was holding a staff with clocks on top.

"Damn it, Clockwork," Danny shook his head, "Why should you always come from behind?"

"It's not me who comes from behind, it's just you are sitting with your back turned to me," Time Master responded with a smirk.

"How are you doing, Daniel?" He asked. Danny sighed.

"What do you think? I spent three months in a god forgotten place, where I became a pioneer in exploring new ways of torture. Just peachy!" He threw his hands in the air with a deadpan expression on his face. Clockwork gave a small sad smile.

"I'm sorry about what you had to go through, no child or adult should experience what you have. I can only be glad that you are holding well despite everything."

"Yeah, kinda hard not to notice an 'Y' on the chest. Jazz taught me that if I react to all problems like that then I won't become insane. And no one wants that, right, Clocky?"

"Indeed. Now, you are probably wondering why you are still here..."

"On a chunk of lifeless ground in a middle of nowhere? Yes, please explain," Danny crossed his hands.

"As you probably know already, your obsession has nothing to feed from. Your case is...unique. Instead of turning into...how you teenagers call it...vegetable?" He chuckled. "Your ghost half fed from something else. Your human half was becoming smaller and smaller. That explosion you have created only sealed the process, and you can say that you died again."

Danny looked on the ground. "Yeah, I suspected something like that. I was wondering why I didn't want to sleep most of the time. I'm a full ghost now, just wonderful."

"The most powerful one if that helps."

Phantom stared at the Time Master dumbfounded.

"W-what, that can't be...I..." he stuttered, but Clockwork only raised his hand.

"I don't count, Daniel, I almost never use my power, and I have certain restrictions as you remember."

"But what about Pariah? I couldn't do anything without the costume!"

"No, Daniel. The costume power was equal to that of the crown and ring, you, on the other hand, have the same power as him. You have seen what Dan has done. He took over the human world AND the Ghost Zone with ease."

"I'm not him," Danny narrowed his eyes.

"True, you are the one who defeated him," Clockwork smirked.

Phantom sighed and dropped his head, making his long and unkept hair cover his face.

"Is there a point you are telling me this, Old Man?"

"Yes, there is, but I want you to promise that you won't react drastically."

"What do you..." Danny saw his look, "Ugh, fine, I promise, what is it?"

"Fentons are still alive," he said bluntly as Phantom's eyes widened in shock.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Clockwork gave him a look which reminded Danny about the promise he has given. "They were supposed to die," he mumbled bitterly, "How is that possible?"

Time Master sighed, "Daniel, please, listen. They are just your past and nothing more. They think you are dead and that's enough."

"Maybe enough for you, but not me. When I get my hands on them..."

"They will kill you," Time Master interrupted. "Every single path leads to your oblivion in the end."

Danny gave him a hard look. "I don't care," he whispered angrily. "There is nothing for me to lose. I'll finish what I've started."

He was planning to go away but Clockwork materialized in front of him. "Daniel, there IS a way, but only if you are willing to listen."

"You just said that every time I die!" Danny exclaimed.

"You didn't let me finish," Time Master spoke calmly as usual. "You are going to straightforwardly attack and you will be ended. But, you can forget about them. For the time being, at least. Dan destroyed the GIW only because he didn't care about well being of the innocents. You yourself said that you aren't him. I'm offering you to find the power you need in the vastness of this galaxy."

Clockwork took out a strange device, pressed the button and put it on the ground. It whirred and much to Danny's amazement it had shown a map of the galaxy. He would know, he is a fan of astronomy, after all. And a holographic image, it's something out of science fiction movie!

"This galaxy has a long and bloody history, Daniel. Space empires appeared and crumbled, taking many lives in oblivion with themselves..."

"Wait, 'space empires'? Aliens exist? I knew it!" Now Danny was simply turning into boy in candy store, which amused the Time Master.

"Well, not only aliens, there is plenty of human races. Your planet is..."

"Here," Danny pointed at certain point.

"Yes," Clockwork sighed, "The right part of the galaxy is currently controlled by Galactic Republic, ready to crumble and fall into civil war. But that's not exactly what you need to hear at the moment. You see, there is a power flowing through the universe, it's called quite bluntly. The Force. One people have more potential, some less, but you are a unique case yet again. Force sensitives 'join the force' after their deaths, becoming the Force in its pure form."

"They become ghosts?"

"Not exactly, this technique is yet to be learned. You became a half ghost while being force sensitive. So basically, half of you joined the force and mixed with ectoplasm, which allowed your second half to repeat the process..."

"My head is going to explode now," Danny rubbed his forehead.

"I'm done already, anyway. So what's your choice?"

He sat on the edge of the floating piece of land and thoughtfully looked on the distance. He wasn't sure if that wasn't just a dream and he was still lying on dissection table. He shuddered at this thought, before pinching himself. No, he was certainly awake. And he was about to start an adventure in space. That's what he wanted all his childhood. How could he say no? And if it gives him a chance to defeat the GIW and finish Fentons...

"Alright, I agree," Danny nodded. "So, uhm, do I get my own spaceship or something?"

"No," Stars in Danny's eyes dimmed a little. "I'll teach you to tear the portals between planets and expand them in the future."

"Spaceship is still better."

"You may build one in the future if you want," Clockwork chuckled in amusement, before his look became serious. "Daniel, this is a huge responsibility you are taking. Many will despise you, fear and hate you..."

"Nothing I'm not used to," Danny mumbled with crossed hands.

"Your quest will require a big amount of cunning, power and luck."

"Alright I'm doomed because if last thing," Phantom chuckled, shaking his head. "I already said I agree, Clockwork," his look filled with determination. "And I will do it."

Clockwork nodded with a proud smile. "Very well. I'll come here later when you will be ready. You need to look more properly."

"Yeah," Danny said slowly. "And how am I supposed..."

"This piece of land belongs to you now when you are a full ghost. Just think about something and it shall appear."

And with that the Time Master was gone, leaving Danny alone. The ghost teen sighed, before tapping on the ground with his leg. He took a look at his surroundings. There was nothing there, not a single flower, just a bare rock.

"Hm, let's see here...a tree?" Phantom shrugged, and a pine tree appeared out of nowhere.

"Alright," he clapped his hands, "I think a small cottage is in order."

Just as he said, a wooden building appeared, making the owner of the place grin. He then added a pond and more random plants around the house. He did it without much care, despite sleeping for some time, he was too tired to think about it. He will do something more proper later. Maybe. Danny went inside the building. Once there, he found the bathroom.

There he looked in a mirror, and what he saw didn't please him.

"Flames, I look like a bum," Danny deadpanned, before picking up the scissors. "Let's see what I can do."

He started messing with his hair. He didn't try any hard tricks, he didn't want any new scars. After some time he stopped the process and checked himself in the mirror. A seventeen years old young man was looking back at him. He got a white bristle growing on his chin, but thankfully none of the 'scientists' came up with idea to cut his face. Even if he agreed that the bristle made him look more manly, he decided to shave it off.

After that he had a shower, washing away all the dirt. Ice cold water felt incredible, he hadn't had the shower ever since he was captured. While washing up he wondered what this galaxy was like, creating a completely different ideas. Were there flying cars, or hologram phones or something like that? He was literally glowing with excitement. But what should he start from? He didn't know and he hoped that Clockwork would tell him.

Danny got out of the shower after phasing the water through his body and started to look for clothes. He found them inside the drawer. There were a black T-shirt with his white symbol on it and blue jeans. He took them on and went out of the room and into the kitchen. He opened the fridge but it was empty. Blinking in surprise, he closed and opened the door again. And again nothing.

"Food is the only thing which cannot be created," Danny looked back and saw the Time Master in his elder form.

"Couldn't you tell me earlier?"

Clockwork shrugged, before taking out a paper package and putting it on a table. Danny could recognize the scent coming from it everywhere. He got his answer when he peeked inside.

"I won't ask how you got the food from Nasty Burger. And I won't complain and just say thanks," he sat at the table and started eating.

He really missed the taste of fast food, or any normal food in general, so he just silently enjoyed the meal. And the Time Master didn't interrupt. He started talking only when Danny was done.

"You are probably wondering what should you do once you arrive."

Danny nodded mutely in response.

"You will be on a peaceful planet named Tython. There you will find the one who will teach you basics of using the Force. And I'll be sending you an information about the galaxy, its history and sciences. Is that fine for you?"


Clockowrk stood up, raised his staff and spun it, making a blue portal appear. He made an inviting gesture.

"Remember this, Daniel, once you go through this portal, there is no turning back."

Danny looked at the blue circle, he has already made a decision.

'Sam, Tucker, Jazz, I promise, I'll return and avenge you,' he thought.

And with that he came through the portal, with it closing behind his back.

Clockwork looked at the place where Danny stood. If only this child knew what role he will play in history of the galaxy.

"All hail the Emperor Phantom," he said quietly with a small smile.

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