Summary: "Naruto..." she said sadly, "He's going to leave Konoha in a week. This your last chance. The clock is ticking." Sakura's words rang loudly in my head as I stood there looking into onyx eyes. What's the Teme doing out this late? Why was he in this neighborhood? How long has he been standing there? And for the love of god, why is he shirtless!?

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• • • • • • • • • •

Today is a good day.

No. Today is a great day.

Not only am I finally graduating from Konoha High School, but today is also my birthday! And what better way to spend ones birthday than with your closest friends right before graduating together?

We're currently at Kiba's house having a small pre graduation/birthday party. Laughter and joy spread throughout the entire building as Kiba and Shikamaru struggle through and intense round of Twister.

How Kiba managed to get the lazy ass genius to participate, I will never know.

"Hey, watch it!" Kiba shouts. I clench my stomach tight as I double over laughing. In an attempt to reach a red spot with his left hand, Shika accidentally brushes Kiba's ass. This is too funny! They continue to struggle for a while until Kiba's hand gives out and they collapse onto the floor.

"Fuck!" Kiba hisses as he lands rather uncomfortably wish one arm twisted to his side. Shikamaru grunts in pain and just lays there for a minute catching his breath.

"Yes!" Ino yells happily punching the air in victory. "Kiba lost! Pay up suckers!".

Several whines and groans fill the room as Sakura, Lee, Hinata, Neji and Chouji reached into their pockets to pull out their wallets.

"Damn it Kiba! You failure!" Sakura yelled half heartedly kicking the dog lover as he rubbed his shoulder.

"It's not my fault!" He defended, "He cheated!"

We all laugh at his accusation.

"Troublesome." By now Shikamaru had already gotten comfortable on the couch, leaning back with closed eyes.

I love my friends. They're all my only reason for life and I would not be here if it weren't for them. Each and every one of them had helped me in ways only family would and I will be forever grateful for that.

Except Shikamaru. That lazy ass would rather gaze at the clouds than anything.

"You owe me ten bucks, mutt!" Sakura glared at Kiba.

"I don't owe you anything!" Kiba crosses his arms and looks to the side, tipping his chin up with a 'hmph!' Not five seconds later was Kiba screaming like a little girl as Sakura began to chase him around the living room. "Gah!! Ok! Just take my wallet!" He throws his wallet at her in hopes of saving his life.

She catches it easily and smiles sweetly at the brunette. "Thank you!"

Sakura is the devil in disguise. She is most beautiful woman I had ever had the privilege of meeting. Don't be fooled by her stunning appearance though. The medic prodigy can throw a wickedly hard punch. If I had a penny for every time I was sent to the nurses office because of her, I would be a millionaire! I've long since learned that if Sakura is mad, one should not try to calm or contain the beast. There is only one way to handle a situation like that.


Run and never look back. Find a rock to live under and live off of insects until it is safe enough to be seen.

"Hey Ino! Wears my cut!" I yelled at Ino as she started to count the money from the bet with dollar signs in her eyes.

She narrows her eyes at me threateningly as she cradles the money to her chest protectively. "What cut?" She asks.

"I bet against Kiba too, you know!" I reached for the cash in hopes of snatch a bit of mula for myself but pulled away quickly as she snapped her teeth at my hand and hisses like a wild animal. It scares me sometimes just how obsessed she is with money. Every penny she sees on the ground she has to have. No exceptions.

"Damn it Ino!"

Ino is the money hogger of the group. She's an expert at anything money related. A major gambler addict too. I don't know how she does it but she almost always wins in bets. We all have our suspicions that she cheats but have yet to prove this.

I sign defeated knowing my attempts would be a futile.

"Yo, what time is it?" Kiba asked.

Neji looks at his watch and I catch the slight widening of his eyes.

"We're late!" He says panicked.

"WHAT!?" We all scream. What does he mean we're late!? We've only been here for a few hours! I hurriedly look down at my own watch and realize it's already 5:18pm. We flew past the entire morning and nearly all afternoon without even realizing it. We're supposed to be at school at 4:30 to prepare for graduation!

Suddenly chaos erupted.

Everyone was in a rush as panic began to seep into us. Shouts and scream to hurry up can be heard as everyone gathered they're cap and gowns as fast as they could.

"WHERE THE HELL IS MY CAP!?" Kiba screeched in panic.

"You left it in Lee's car you idiot!" Remembering that he decided to put everything in Lee's car before hand so he wouldn't forget it here.

After struggling to fix his tie while putting on his shoes, Lee was the first to make it out the door. But not before tripping and landing hard on his side. "Ow!" He yelled.

Having been right on his tail, Kiba tripped over the youthful teen before he could stop himself. "Son of a bitch!" he yelled as he went down.


Sakura's thunderous yell had them back on there feet in a matter of minutes. Everyone one ran across the grass to the large green truck and threw themselves in, shoving and pushing in a panic.

Sakura got into the passenger seat as the rest of us squeezed our way into the cramped back seats. Once everyone was finally settled into the car, Lee backed out of the driveway and sped off to the school.

"Oh my god Orochimaru is going to kill us! I don't want to be fed to his snakes!" Kiba shuddered at the thought of being thrown into the large snake enclosure our biology teacher has in his classroom.

"Forget about him! What about Old Hag!?" Principal Tsunade is the definition of terrifying when it comes to school events. Especially graduation! I can already see my tombstone reading 'RIP Brat. Death by Granny.' My panic began to rise as I checked my watch again and realized another five minutes has gone by. We're so dead!

"W-wait, where's Chouji?"

Everyone went dead silent at Hinata's shy question.

Our faces paled dramatically as we discovered that Choiji was, in fact, not in the car with us.

Suddenly we all jerked forward roughly as Lee slammed his foot on the brakes. A pained groan left my lips as my head slammed into the pack of Sakura's seat. That's gonna leave a bruise.

Cursing under his breath, Lee quickly put the car in reverse. He grabbed the passenger seat and looked over his shoulder with determination in his eyes as he sped backwards. He skillfully drived back down the empty street until we spotted a chubby man running halfway down the street in our direction!

"Chouji! hurry up and hop in the trunk!" I yelled out of the window as we came to a stop right in front of him.

He struggled to climb over the trunk and when he finally flopped onto the bed of the vehicle with heavy breathing and weezing, Kiba turned to Lee and yelled, "Go, go, go!"

Again we sped off towards the school.

It took us another five minutes for us to get there and we were greeted by a pacing Orochimaru and a Furious looking Tsunade.

"It's was nice knowing you guys." I said dramatically.

"Brace yourselves gang."

Lee didn't even bother to try when we parked. Nobody cared that the truck has not aligned and took up two parking spaces as we through our doors open and prepared for all hell to break loose.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BRATS BEEN!?" Tsunade threw her arms in the are to show angry she was.

"We're so sorry Granny! We lost track of time!" I yelled.

"I'll say. You're all over an hour late." Orochimaru said as he glared at us with his creepy yellow eyes.

Not wanting to waste time, we rushed past Tsunade and Orochimaru while tugging on our caps and gowns. My heart was beating fast from all the adrenaline in my veins. We barely had time to calm down as we got in our designated spots in line behind the stage.

We settled down and I looked around the room excited. This is it! We're about to graduate. I took a minute to smile as I glanced at all the familiar faces of my senior class all wearing identical gowns. Some people were just as excited as me, slightly jumping in place as they waited for there moment. Others looked nervous or close to tears. Everyone seemed to be eager to graduate.

Except Sasuke.

"Dobe." I blushed slightly and glared up at the insult. Curse my shortness! Haven't even said anything and the prick is already picking a fight!

Sasuke Uchiha. Konoha High School's one and only heart-throb. Popular. Smart. Handsome. Perfect. Straight.

The list goes on.

"Teme!" I shot back. He scoffed and sent an Uchiha glare my way. I've known Sasuke since we were in middle school but I've only had a crush on him since last year. Sakura helped me discover that I was gay and had the hots for the Uchiha. I was in denial for a while of course but after finding out the all my friends knew, I came to realize that yes, I did have a crush on Sasuke. It's funny how a simple crush can work. You don't know you have it until you have several people yelling it in your face.

"Hn. Why are you late?" He asked with an arched eyebrow and crossed arms. Damn even his eyebrows are perfect! I bet he plucks them. Stupid Teme with his stupid perfect eyebrows and his stupid perfect face!

"That's none of your business!" I crossed my arms and turned away from the teme just in time to hear Tsunade begin her speech. I listened for a while until her words started to fade from my ears.

I was near the back of the line so it would be a while until it was my turn to go up stage. I took this time to slow down and think. Suddenly the weight of everything began to sink onto my shoulders.

I was about to graduate.

My earlier excitement morphed into slight fear. With that came the realization that I'm about to leave Konoha High School and probably never come back. I might never see the Old Hag. I think back go all the times I've been called into Tsunade's office for pulling pranks with Kiba and realize how much I'm going to miss that.

I begin to think about my favorite teachers I've had throughout the past four years and my chest tightens painfully. I think about our psycho chemistry teacher, Deidara. His class was always awesome! Every week he'd take us outside and show us some cool experiments. Usually it would be a simple bomb with chemicals but every so often he would show us his homemade fireworks! The guy had some kind of obsession with explosions and insisted that it was art. Which I would have to agree with.

My mind drifts to Sakon and Ukon, our P.E. teachers. The twin coaches were ways fighting and bickering with each other and it alway made us laugh how different they truly were. I remember that one time that Sakon had pushed Ukon in the pull when he was expecting it! Ukon would have gotten the shit beat out of him it not for Gai, the wrestling coach. Gai is actually Lee's uncle I won't get emotional about him. I see my gang every weekend so I'm bound to see him again.

Man I didn't bother to think about how much I would be missing when I left. Hell, I'm even going to miss Orochimaru! He's not such a bad guy honestly. He just has this creepy vibe about him. His love for snakes, yellow eyes and dissection don't exactly do anything to help! He would always have some interesting facts about snakes for us and would let us pet them from time to time.

Finally my mind is forced to think about the one person I've been trying to keep out of my head.

The damn Teme.

It hurts to know that today is going to be the last time I see the bastard. He was the first guy I've ever had a crush on. Hell I'm pretty sure he's the reason I'm gay! I would spend my lunch time sitting on the bleachers with my friends but usually I'd be watching him practice on the field. For being such a stoic bastard, the Teme actually make a great Football Captain. The Konoha High football team has been undefeated since Sasuke joined the team.

I've been to every game, witnessed every win and cheered for every goal(1). Not because the Teme was there. I just really love football. Football is great!

I wonder if the next captain can carry one that winning streak. I doubt it. No one is as good of a leader as the Uchiha.

Time seemed too fly by way too fast today because suddenly I heard Tsunade call out the Teme's name and within a matter of seconds it was my turn to walk up on stage. Sasuke didn't smile when he received his diploma and he didn't smile when his picture was taken. He simply looked bored and uninterested in what was happening. He turned to me to catch me staring and I blushed. He must have noticed because he smirked his stupid Uchiha smirk and walked off stage.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" It was my time to shine! The crowd cheered and clapped as I slapped on the biggest grin I can muster and skipped onto the stage towards Principal Tsunade. I took her hand in mine and the diploma in my other. We smiled at the school photographer as he took our picture. Before I could move off the stage Tsunade pulled me into a half hug and said to me, "Good job Kit. Im proud of you. Your parents would be too."

I smiled sadly at the mention of my parents but hugged her back tight. My parents had died in a car accident when I was just six years old. I lived in an orphanage until I got emancipated at the age of sixteen. At this point I was starting to get emotional and struggled to keep myself from tearing up.

I shaked my head and smacked my cheeks to get my shit together. I followed Sasuke to our designated seats and sat down.

The main event has ended and I find myself sitting in the bleachers, cap and gown folded neatly in my lap. Chouji went home with his parents after they filled up with all the free food. We were sad to see him go but knew he had work tomorrow. His family owned the best restaurant in Konoha and it would not be any good for business if he walked around like a zombie.

I chuckle as I watch Kiba and lee wrestle in the middle of the brightly lit field. Lee had challenged Kiba to a race across the football field and, as expected, Kiba was brutally defeated for the second time today. He refused to accept his failure and the idiot decided to fight. I don't know why he thought he could even win. Despite the fact that Lee is a hopeless romantic with a heart of gold, the green clad teen was an athletic genius. He knows almost every fighting style possible and was deadly. His workout routine was what I'd expect to be something used as cruel punishment in maximum security prisons.

I swear he's the reincarnation of Jet Lee.

Sakura, Hinata and Neji and sat further down the bleachers, the girls chatting it up about who knows what. I see Hinata look over at Kiba and blushed as Sakura elbowed her side teasingly. She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively making Hinata blush even more and stutter, covering her face.

Neji makes a disapproving face.

Shikamaru and Ino had left us about an hour ago. Something about needing sleep. Pff. What losers! Sleep is for the weak!

"Aaaaahhhh! I give! I give!" Speaking of the weak. I turned my attention back to Kiba and Lee to see Kiba in a painful looking headlock. We all laughed. Why are they fighting with the gowns on? They are going to get filthy!

"Kiba, my friend! Do not feel ashamed to give up! It is only healthy to know when you can or cannot lose!"

Once he was free he started to walk away only to suddenly attack Lee again probably hoping to catch him off guard.

In a matter of seconds he was once again in a secure headlock.

"Just give it up Dog Breath!" I shout at him, "You're never gonna win!"

"Fuck you!" I chuckled as he flipped me the bird.

"Your youthful spirit inspires me greatly Kiba! You have my undying respect!" Lee posed dramatically and flashes a huge smile. His teeth were so damn white I thought I actually saw a sparkle.

I turn to see Sakura walking up the bleachers towards me and I smile at her. She flops down next to me and smiles back.

"Hi, Naruto!" She says cheerfully.

"Hey, Sakura. What's up?" I ask.

"Neji and Hinata just got picked up so now you're the only one I have left." She leaned back with her hand on her forehead pretending to be going through a midlife crisis.

"You're such a drama queen!" I laugh at her dramatically offend look she sent me. She looked like she was about to continue our little play until she apparently remembered something.

"Oh! Speaking of drama, have you talked to Sasuke yet?" She asked.

"No...? Why?" I asked. My mind had been doing perfectly fine without the Teme in it. Sakura just had to bring him up didn't she? I looked down at the field to avoid her eyes. I knew if I looked at her she'd see the sadness in them and I don't want to have to worry her. It's not that big of a deal really. It's not like I was in love with the Asshole. I'll be perfectly fine without him. I'm a grown man damn it! I'm a strong, independent, gay boy who don't need no Teme!

Sakura knows me better than anyone. She can tell when I'm sad and I don't know if I like the look she's giving me now.

"Naruto..." she said sadly, "you have to tell him. He's going to leave Konoha in a week! This your last chance. The clock is ticking! You might not ever get to see him again!"

I know that. Doesn't she realize how much I know that? It's not a secret that the handsome and tall Uchiha got a full ride to attend college at Yale. Everyone is talking about how successful Sasuke is going to be. I know how far Yale is and I doubt he'll be wanting to return to our little town once he gets a taste of a glorious future. Besides, the Teme isn't even gay. I don't think I'm willing to risk having him look at me with disgust in his eyes before he disappears forever.

"What's the point Sakura? It's not like my confession will somehow convince him that Yale is a bad choice. That would be very stupid of him." Though I do have to wonder sometimes if maybe something good would happen. What if I did confess to him? What if he isn't as straight as everyone says he is and he likes me back? What if he decided to stay here in Konoha? With me?

I scoff at my stupid little daydreams.

"You'll never know until you try. Do you really want to let him get away without ever knowing what could have been?"

"And if I get rejected?" I asked. "What's the point of that? I'd rather avoid humiliation." At some point during our chat Kiba and Lee had settled down and sat cross-legged across from each other. Oh great. They're having a staring contest now! I chuckled lightly as I witness Kiba blink and then slap himself cursing.

"If that happens then you'll know to move on." Geez there she goes again making it sound like I'm in love with him. It's just an innocent little high school crush!

I didn't reply in favor of watching Kiba, Lee and Sasuke talk amongst thems-

Wait what?

I blinking.


Three times.

When the fuck did the Teme get there!?

Sakura must have noticed because the next thing I know she was elbowing me in the gut with a smirk on her face. "Speak of the devil." She said.

I winced at the pain and glared at her. "Ow! That hurt!" I hissed. What's with her and elbowing people!? And how come she hits me hard but not Hinata! Well ok, Hinata is a timid girl so hurting her would probably spook her. But still! She doesn't have to inflict pain on me!

She wasn't paying attention to me anymore however. Instead she had her eyes locked onto the three boys talking on the field.

"I wonder what they're talking about..."

I'm kind of curious to know what they are talking about too actually. Sasuke seems to be glaring at Kiba for some reason while Lee says something to the Uchiha. I take the time to notice that he is out of his cap and gown. The top few buttons of his dress shirt is unbuttoned and I feel my face heat up as I catch a glimpse of his pale collarbone. When my eyes flicked up towards his face I was surprised to see him staring directly at me. Our eyes meet and I glare at him only to be ignored.

That's strange. Usually the Teme would glare back at me tenfold. Instead he turns back to the other boys to continue their conversation. Well as much of a conversation Sasuke can have. The teme is somehow incapable of speaking an entire sentence. Every conversation with him is just one person talking while he just scoffs, grunts or 'hn's in reply. After one last inaudible reply from the Teme, he walks away in the direction of the parking lot.

I silently wonder why Sakura didn't drag me down there to the Teme. You'd think she'd take the opportunity to tease me some more and put me into an uncomfortable situation.

I turn to her to find her starting at Sasuke's retreating back. She looks deep in thought with furrowed eyebrows.

Of course I had to take the opportunity to mess with her.

I grinned evilly as I sucked on my pinky and then put it to her ear.

"Eeeek!" She screamed loudly as her hand shot up to her ear. The glare she sent be promised a slow and painful death and I was already running halfway across the field before she can yell at me.

I was pretty confident that I could reach Kiba and Lee before she would get the chance to kill me. However, I always end up underestimated the she devil so I can't really say I was surprised when I was tackled roughly to the ground. Isn't she wearing three inch high heels!?

"No! I'm sorry! I'm too young to dieeeeee!" I scream as I try to struggle away from the rage monster above me.

"You're so going to pay for that!" She managed to pin my hands above my head as she straddled my stomach.

"Kiba! Help me! Please!" I looked pleadingly at the brunette to see him rolling on the ground laughing hysterically.

"No way dude! You brought this upon yourself!" He breathed out before continuing to laugh like a lunatic.


"Nothing is more attractive than a beautiful lady taking control! You go Sakura!" Lee said as he pumped his fist in the air. He cheered on Sakura with proud tears in his eyes.

"Y-you traitors!" I yelled wide eyed. How could they do this to me!? I give them my love and friendship and this is how they repay me!?

"Muahahahaha! Nobody can save you now little fox!" I look up in horror at the sinister look Sakura had. The cap and gown she wore only made her look even more terrifying for some reason. Oh god! Is this the end? Am I going to die!? I can't die yet!

"Please have mercy!" I plead.

"Never!" And then Sakura proceeded to hack in the back of her throat making a very unladylike sound. To my absolute horrible, a string of saliva began to dangle from her lips!

"AHHH! NOOO! I'M SORRYYY!" I squeeze my eyes shut and turn my face to the side trying with all my strength to push into the ground. "Please forgive me! I'll do anything! I'll take you shopping! I'll buy you clothes! Please!"

And with another very unladylike sound, Sakura retracted her saliva and I was freed from her death grips.

Kiba was passed out on the floor from having laughed to hard and Lee was currently on his hands and knees worshipping the the devil as she smiled cutely at me.

"Ok! I've had my eyes on a pretty red dress at the mall anyways. So nice of you to offer!" I silently apologize to my wallet.

It was at that moment when Sakura received a call from her mom. She answered it quickly and tried to beg to stay out a little bit longer. Her attempt must have been a failure seeing as how she groaned with a dragged out 'fiiiiine.'

"Time to go?" Lee asked.

"Time to go." Sakura confirmed with a disappointed sigh.

"Aw! But- but-"

"Oh, shut it Naruto." Sakura rolled her eyes with an amused smile.

"Are you sure you don't need a ride home, my friend?" Lee asked as he threw a lifeless Kiba over his shoulder.

"Nah, it's fine. My house is a ten minute walk from here." I said pointing behind me.

"Alright then. We'll see you tomorrow! Have a goodnight!" Lee said as he starts to walk towards his car with a surprisingly still asleep Kiba hanging on his shoulder.

"Oh! Wait a sec! Don't go anywhere just yet!"

I ran towards the bleachers I was sitting at earlier to grab my cap and gown and napsack. (I had dropped them at some point as I had been running for my life.) I hurriedly ran back digging threw my things looking for something.

"Aha!" I exclaimed and I help a black sharpy in the air like a trophy.

Lee and Sakura let out an excited gasp at the same time. We looked at each other and smiled evilly as Lee set Kiba back on the floor so we can get a good view of his face.

• • • • • • • • • •

After hugging Sakura and waving goodnight to Lee we went our separate ways. I walked a good two minutes before I stopped suddenly.

"Fuck!" I yelled frustrated. I continued my show walk home with a groan. I never got to ask what they talked about with Sasuke! Damn it. I'll have to remember to ask Kiba about it tomorrow when I go to his house. What could they possible have been talking about with the Uchiha? As far as I know, Sasuke really doesn't like talking to Kiba and Lee. He told me once that they are just as annoying as me and he only has enough tolerance for one moron. Prick.

I continued to walk down the dark street towards the house. Only now did i realize how dark it is and how alone I currently am. A shiver ran down my spine as I turn to look behind me. Now that I really think about it, I've never walked home this late into the night before. I should have accepted Lee's offer to drive me home.


I gasp loudly when I heard a loud crash come from the dark alley I was walking by. I stood dead still as something began to shift in the shadows.

I gulp thickly.

I-it was- It was...

A cat.

I let out a deep breath I didn't know I was holding as a small, orange stray kitten made its way towards me.


My heart melted at the adorable little sound that came from the tiny kitten. I crouched down and reached out a hand to the small feline.

"Here kitty kitty." I said softly and the kitten stepped out of the shadows and into the light shining from the lamp post.

I frowned when I noticed the poor thing limping and shivering. Assuming from how the kitten seemed to trust me right away, the poor guy wasn't always living in the streets.

"Abandoned." I mumbled sadly as I lifted it to my chest. Feeling the shivering little animal purr happily, I wrapped it with the thin jacket I had on trying to share as much body heat as possible. "Poor baby..."

Not looking where I was going, I stood up and turned to continued walking only to run straight into something hard.

I shut my eyes tight as I rebounded backwards expecting to feel pain when I land on the floor. When I felt nothing I opened my eyes and was met with a pale collarbone before me.

"Idiot." I looked up at the familiar voice to come face to face with a glare only an Uchiha can pull off.

I yelped as I tried to step back but was surprised to feel a strong arm wrapped around my waste. Sasuke must have realized because the next second they were gone and I suddenly felt colder.

"Teme! What are you doing here!?" I returned his glare with my very own as I cradle the kitten closer to me.

"That's none of your business, Dobe." I 'humph' and stick out my tongue at him.

A perfect eyebrow arches at my childish act. Sakura's words rang loudly in my ears as I look into those onyx eyes but I push them back to the back of my mind.

What's the Teme doing out this late? Why was he in this neighborhood? I thought he lived on the other side of Konoha! How long has he been standing there?

And for the love of god, why is he shirtless!?

I felt a heavy blush dust my cheeks as I realized I was roaming my eyes over his muscular chest. Darting my eyes to his face I tried to conceal my action by glaring even harder.

Sasuke's smirk simply widened.

"It is my business when you're walking around half naked through my neighborhood, you pervert!" That wiped the arrogant smirk right off his handsome face.

"Moron," he growled warningly, "I'm just out for a run."

Well that explains why he's so sweaty.

And slightly panting.

"Why don't you do that in your own neighborhood?" I asked confused. I know he doesn't live here because I've never seen him in this area before. And I'm fairly certain I would have noticed his sexy ass hanging around.


"English Uchiha!" I yelled frustrated.

"Watch it Uzum-"


Sasuke was cut off buy the small kitten in my jacket.

Sasuke stared at me.

And I started back.

Another meow.

"...did your jacket just meow?"

"So what if it did!?" I yelled at him. The kitten chose this moment to poke its head out from the neck of my jacket.


We stood there quietly and I half expected Sasuke to make a disgusted face at the dirty animal that revealed itself.

So to say that I was surprised when a pale hand stretched out to scratch an orange head would be the understatement of the century. His eyes softened slightly at the cat and for once he didn't seem like such an asshole.

"Picking up strays now, Dobe?" I huff at the insult and ignore the gaze he sent me.

"I couldn't help myself..." I said as I looked down at the kitten. I know I won't be able to keep the poor thing. I can't afford it and I would rather not have to deal with taking care of it when I can't even take care of myself. I was just planning on taking it home, give it a bath, feed it and then take it to a no-kill shelter with a vet.

"Hn. Let's go" Sasuke motioned for me to follow as he turned on his heels and walked down the street.

"Go where?" I asked curious and confused. Sasuke is being strangely nice and I don't know if I should be sacred or happy.

"There's a pet store ten minutes from here. You need milk." He said as I followed closely behind. I'm not really paying attention to what Sasuke is saying. His back muscles are much more interesting.

"But I already have milk at home." Why are we talking about milk?

"Not for you, Dobe. For the cat." Sasuke scoffed and glared down at me over his shoulder.

Oh yeah. The cat.

"Teme!" I blush a bright red when I realized how stupid I sounded. It's not my fault! It's the stupid Uchiha's back muscles fault! How can someone's back be so distracting!?

We continue to walk a bit until Sasuke open the passenger door to an expensive looking sports car.

I gaped at the vehicle before me. Whoa! Of course the rich Asshole has such a nice car! I don't even know what I had been expecting. The car definitely fits the Uchiha. The car was black with different shades of dark blue as the interior.

"Close your mouth before a fly lays eggs in it and get in the damn car, Moron."

"Shut up, Asshole!" I glared at the Teme before slipping into the nice car and he shuts the door once I'm settled. It's then that I realize something really weird.

Not only is Sasuke taking me to the pet store to buy milk for the kitten, but just now he had held the passenger door open for me.

When had Sasuke become such... a gentleman?

I narrowed my eyes at this supposed 'Sasuke.' Was it an imposter? Was he possessed maybe? Did someone drug me and it's just all in my head? Did someone drug him!?

"Take a picture. It'll last longer."

"Humph!" I just looked out of the window when he started the car engine and pulled into the road. It had started to rain and the relaxing pitter patter sound of rain against made me realize how tired I was. I yawned and leaned my head against the tinted windows.

A quick glance at the clock told me it was about to be 10:30.

Today really was a good day as I had predicted. A little too good to be true if you ask me. I spent the whole day with my best friends and to top it all off, my crush is being so nice to me! (I still think that this guy is actually an imposter and the real Sasuke was probably buried alive somewhere but I'm gonna to let myself dream this once.)

My eyelids began to drop and I welcome the darkness with open arms

To Be Continued...


Word Count: 6.2k

(1) Hope y'all got the joke.