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• • • • • • • • • •

I blink. Several times. In fact, I might have to tape my eyelids open to be able to see properly without giving myself a seizure.

He stands there looking all sexy like with his navy blue dress shirt and dark jeans. He's got his back straight and nose high in the clouds in that superior way of his that only he can pull off without looking like a complete snobish prick.

Ok that's a lie.

But he's the sexy kind of snobish prick.

A single hand in his pocket, while the other is holding a hoodie to his stomach. God why is he so hot in such simple, semi-formal clothes!? It's just not fair! Stupid sexy Uchiha and his stupid appealing choice of clothing.

It makes me feel ridiculous with my light orange tank top and knee-high black shorts.

Sasuke Uchiha is the last person I was expecting go see on the other side of my door. For many reasons.

First off, it's late as fuck. Well– early, depending on how you look at it. I know it's well past midnight and I can't imagine what person would go knocking on someone's door at such an ungodly hour. As pleasant of a surprise as it is, what if I was already asleep when he knocked on my door? Thank God I stayed up as late as I did because I would not have gotten up to answer the door and neither would Kiba. Sakura would just kill whoever woke her up. That would leave Sasuke either standing at my door awkwardly before deciding to go home or dead by the hands a delirious Sakura.

Another reason would be because it's Sasuke fucking Uchiha standing on my door mat. I don't know how many times I'm going to say that in my head before I realize it's not a dream.

And last but certainly not least, isn't he supposed to be home taking care of Kyuubi!

"Idiot. It's common courtesy to invite your guests inside. Not stare." Sasuke says with a hint of annoyance and a raised brow. Well someone hasn't had their cup off coffee yet it seems. Although, I imagine it would be a bad idea to drink coffee at this hour unless he wanted to stay up all night...

"Sh-shut up Teme!" I inwardly curse myself for stuttering. "Now I'm not gonna invite you inside for being such a prick." I cross my arms over my chest with a smug smile stretched so far across my face, it makes my cheeks begin to hurt. Ha! Bet you feel stupid now, huh Teme?

"Alright. Kyuubi and I will just–"

"Wait! You brought Kyuubi?" And that's when I really noticed the small bundle he's cradling in one of his arms. In answer to my question, he shifts what looks like the arm of the hoodie to reveal a happily sleeping Kyuubi.

"Well... I guess you can come inside..." I mumble trying to sound nonchalant but the grin I just know I'm failing to contain is a dead give away. I really missed Kyuubi.

I step aside and he brushes past me with a victoriously smug expression which I decided I didn't see. After I close the door, he hands me Kyuubi and I just can't hold back my laugh when that baby cat yawns.

"Come on, Teme." I say and lead him to the kitchen where he takes a seat at the dinning table. By now Kyuubi is fully awake and meowing happily (and rather loudly at that). After being distracted by the pure bundle of joy I find give my attention back to my midnight guest to catch him watching me with an unreadable expression. Somewhat embarrassed, I put Kyuubi on the floor to let her walk around and blush. Remembering what the Teme said about common courtesy, I decide to enlighten him with the manners that I definitely do have. "Do you want something to–"


The booming voice travels throughout my apartment and I flinch at it. In the living room I can see Kiba jerk violently at the sudden disturbance of sleep. If he weren't already laying on the floor, he would have fallen off the couch at the fright. I notice Sasuke tense even more than he already was when he got here.

A dark eyebrow twitches.

A second later the door to my restroom where Sakura has taken refuge is thrown open so hard it has me praying that there isn't a hole in the wall from the door knob.

"Wha– th' fuck...?" Comes the pained groan from my living room floor. If possible, Sasuke tenses even more. I guess he didn't notice the drunk idiot sleeping on my carpet. Well, all the lights beside the kitchen and hallway lights are off so I guess it's understandable. But damn, Teme should see a doctor. I don't think it's healthy to tense up that much in less than five minutes.

Suddenly a frantic looking Sakura appears at the kitchen doorway. It only takes half a second for her eyes to zero in on the kitchen's only possible occupant to let out such an adorable sound. "Awww!"

Well, I mean, I can let out adorable sounds too though. 'Cause I'm just as cute as a kitten but I haven't mastered the art of meowing quite yet. I shall someday!

A silent squeal pulls me from my mental plans of becoming a cat and dominating the world with cuteness back to Sakura who is now on cradling Kyuubi to her chest much like Dobby would do to his precious ring.


No, that's not the right name. Wrong movie too. What's the name of that one Hobbit in Lord of the Rings? The one that went insane and developed a split personality because of his obsession? I know it's a weird name...

"Sakura, please don't kill my kitty. You're smothering her." I say with a chuckle. Honestly if Sakura keeps this up, she won't need to be single to become a crazy cat lady.

"Nonsense!" She says cuddling Kyuubi close to her face. "Oh~! You're such a cutie!"

I roll my eyes. I can see it now. Sakura and Lee living in a house filled with twenty cats and catnip guarden it the back yard. It's so clear in my head.

"Anyways, do you want something to drink, Sasuke?" I ask, remembering what I was saying before Sakura deemed it necessary to wake up the entire district.

He gives a jerky nod. "Water would be fine."

At hearing the new familiar voice, Sakura's head snap's away from little Kyuu-chan and nearly bulge out of her sockets at the sight of Sasuke coolly accepting a glass of cold water from me. He doesn't even say thank you before he takes a swig.

Humph. Prick.

"Sasuke?" Her eyes dart from me to Sasuke a few time as I sit in the char across from the Teme.

"Haruno." He greets with tight lips.

"When did you get here?" She asked as she takes a seat in the chair beside me and places Kyuubi on the table. Sasuke make a face at the action. He may be a cat person at heart, but I guess he still has to keep up his proper persona. Paws on the dinner table are against eloquent living it seems.

"Er... He..." I try to say, not knowing if he would feels comfortable talking to Sakura. I've always had this sneaky suspicion he doesn't exactly like my pink haired friend all that much. Or at all actually. The glare I receive tells me he doesn't appreciate being answered for.

"Just now." He replies when his gaze returns to Sakura. I feel kind of stupid for trying to speak for him. Sasuke is capable of speaking for himself. I know this. I scratch the back of my head and smile sheepishly as an apology.

He scoffs slightly and I can tell he wants to roll his eyes but doesn't dare show such a normal human act.

"The fuck is going on in here– Whao dude, is that who I think it is?" Kiba says as he drags his feet into the kitchen. He doesn't look as drunk as he was a few hours ago and he somehow managed to get some pants on.

I wonder if he noticed how they are inside out.

"Kyuubi. Yep." I say without sparing him a glance as I suddenly realize how uncomfortable Sasuke looks. He's following Sakura and Kiba with narrowed eyes. Back straight and chin up with authority, his body seems ridged with tension. His thumb taps the base of the glass of water in his hands so lightly you'd have to squint and tilt your head at a certain angel to catch it.

I know he's a stoic asshole and all but I also know for a fact that he doesn't have people problems. Being as popular as he is pretty much comes with a healthy social life built in doesn't it? He's never had trouble being around people before. Why's he getting all weird now?

Huh. Strange.

"No, you idiot. I'm talking about Mr. Ice Prince over there." Kiba nods his head towards the now glaring raven.

"Inuzuka." Sasuke drawls, cold and venomous enough to kill off half of humanity. Suddenly the entire kitchen has a thick suffocating kind of atmosphere that makes me wonder if I could slice it with a knife.

"Uchiha." Kiba smirks that carefree smirk of his as he headed towards the fridge to drink milk out of the carton.

Sasuke is not amused.

Well maybe it's just me and Sasuke because Sakura and Kiba look just as comfortable as always. Kyuubi is sitting in the center of the table cleaning herself without a care in the world.

Ok so maybe I have to agree with Sasuke on the whole no cats on the dinner table thing. Note to self: disinfect table till it shines.

"Well, since Kiba's up and I really don't want to go to bed yet... Uno?" And just like that, the iced tension I feel is shattered into a million pieces with Sakura's innocent need for fun.

"Hell yes!" Glad for something to do, I head to the living room where the pack of Uno cards were placed on my small coffee table. I return to the kitchen two seconds later to see that Kiba took my spot beside Sakura, leaving the seat next to Sasuke free.

Not that I'm complaining. In fact, I can't help but notice how Sasuke's shoulders relax just the slightest bit when I take the seat next to him. I mentally thank Kiba for taking my seat. And then I mentally thank Sakura for when she helped me buy this dinner table as a moving in present. It's just the right size that Sasuke and I are sitting close enough for our thighs and arms brush against each other.

If he notices, then he doesn't show it. If it bothers him, then he does a pretty good job at ignoring it and makes no move to break the contact.

"Alright dog breath! Ready to hold sixteen cards and get skipped every turn again?" I declare after willing my face to not blush from the warmth I feel radiating from my right.

It's pleasantly distracting.

"You wish Blondie! Bring it on!"

• • • • • • • • • •

The first few games consisted of Sakura and I teaming up on Kiba, me 'accidentally' brushing my thigh against Sasuke's, Kiba banging his head on the table for every skip, reverse, or plus four we through at him, and Sasuke smirking when Sakura decided to betray me to team up with Kiba.

Through all this, Sasuke just sat beside me, scratching the head of a content Kyuubi that curled on in front of him on the table. Sakura and I tried to get him to play with us but to no avail. It wasn't until after our fourth game when Kiba accused him of not knowing how to play Uno that Sasuke begrudgingly accepted the cards I've been shoving in his face for the past hour and a half.

"Teme! How could you!? I thought we where all teaming up against Kiba!?" I yell as he places a skip card over me. He knows I have a switch card that I wanna use on Kiba! As it turns out, I ended up being the one with sixteen cards. I could have gotten Kiba's hand of two cards if it weren't for the stupid Teme!

"Hn. Changed my mind." He says with a smirk. That fickle asshole! How can he even help Kiba? He's been glaring at that dog boy and sending murderous vibes since Kiba walked into the kitchen! How does that make any kind of sense!? It's only the fourth game playing with Sasuke involved and he's already proving how much of a Teme he is! So far Kiba hasn't had a single win and I damn well intend to keep it that way!

I will never understand the Uchiha.

"Ughhhh!" I groan as Sasuke skips me yet again with the same smug smirk. Kiba only has one card left and I'm just about ready to flip the table.

"How's it feel to crash and burn Blondie!? Huh!?" Kiba crackles like a maniac as I pray to the gods that he doesn't have a green or number six card. Though it all really comes down to what Sakura's next move is.

"Sakura! Do something!" I beg. There is no way that mutt is winning this round!

Sakura smirks over her cards as she glances between Kiba and I. She hums and I hold my breath. She's having fun with this. She's enjoying how the suspense is making me suffer. It seems Sasuke is just as amused as Sakura if the wide smirk on his stupid pretty boy face is anything to go by.

"Sorry Kibs. Red." She says and I just about jump out of my seat when she places down a plus four on top of the stack.

"HA! Not today dog breath! Not today!" I shout in victory. Sasuke scowls beside me at my volume but I didn't care. That was a close one. Seriously. I really thought Kiba might actually win this one! What a relief!

However, when Kiba takes to long to grab his four cards, I begin to feel the harsh claws of doubt take hold of me. The smirk on his face doesn't do anything to help.

"Oh really?" He taunts, "You sure about that, Blondie?"

"Bullshit! Y-you're bluffing!" I say frantically. My eyes widen at the sudden glint I see flash across his eyes. No! Impossible! It's not true! Please let it not be true!

And then it happened. Time seemed to stop as Kiba slowly, oh so fucking slowly turned his card around to reveal...

...a plus four card.



What is the meaning of life anymore?

I slump forward onto the table and hide my face in my arms. Sakura and Kiba are busy laughing their asses off at the sudden change of events. All that hard work. All that effort to deprive Kiba from any taste of victory...

Poof. Gone.

"Wow. I honestly didn't see that coming!" Sakura says as she wipes a mirthful tear from her eye.

"Lies!" I yell snapping my head up to playfully glare at the pink hair traitor. Of course she knew. I just know it! She only said what she said to pull me into a false sense of security so that when Kiba won it would be all the more painful!

"Ok well, maybe a little." She sends me a smile so sweet it almost hides the sinister gleam in her eyes. Almost. "Can you blame me? It's just so funny the way you react." she giggles.

"Agreed." Sasuke smirks and I send him the coldest glare I can muster, to which his smirk widens in amusement.


In the end, Sakura is declared victorious with three wins, Sasuke and I tied for second with two wins each and Kiba in last with one win. So no matter what. Kiba is still the loser.

By now, Sasuke is pretty much completely relaxed. The heavy tension on his body is all but gone and his glares have become less deadly and more half-hearted. Kyuubi abandoned the table when Sasuke's hands became preoccupied with playing Uno and has now taken a liking to the air mattress in the living room (which I'm glad to see is strong enough to withstand her hidden blades).

Sakura stretches her arms high above her head as she let's out a tired yawn. Kiba follows and I resist the urge to do the same. I can feel my eyelids getting slightly heavy but I refuse to acknowledge that the fun is coming to an end.

"Well, I'm going to bed. What time is it?" Sakura asks throwing a glance to Kiba. Immediately, Kiba brings his wrist watch to his face.

"Oh shit." He says with wide eyes. "It's already past three in the morning."

My eyes mirror Kiba's at hearing the new information. "Well shit. How long have we been playing?"

"I should go." And that's when the one moment I wished would never have to come punched me across the face with a brass of steel. I really don't want Sasuke to leave just yet but it's late and I know there is no possible way of prolonging his stay.

"I'll walk you outside. I wanna carry Kyuubi for a little bit." Nice. That's a great excuse! Although it's not just an excuse. I really do wanna carry Kyuubi for a little bit. I'll be killing two birds with one stone.

He nods and follows me to the living room where we find Kyuubi entertaining herself on the mattress with her tail. She meows at seeing me and approaches as I bend down to grab her.

"Aw Kyuu-chan~ Are you attacking your tail?" I craddle her to my chest and let her playfully attack my hand when I try to scratch her belly. "I'll be right back guys!" I yell over my shoulder as Sasuke and I step out of the apartment and into the hall.

"Take your time!" Sakura practically sings. A mumbled, "Seriously." is heard from Kiba. I don't have to look at them to know they both have twinning grins that scream creepy. I roll my eyes.

I coo and play with Kyuubi as we make our way to the elevators. When we step inside, I suddenly start to feel awkward. Sasuke is casually leaning against the elevator's wall beside me with both hands in his pockets. He still seems relaxed but the way he lightly taps his foot on the floor makes me wonder if he feels as awkward as I do.

The silence in the air is thick and somewhat uncomfortable. Sasuke is standing fairly close to me and even with the air between us I can still feel the warmth radiating from his perfect lean body. I try to focus on Kyuubi but the warmth and silence combined nearly have me mentally screaming. So, being the talkative person that I am, I decided to make conversation.

"So..." I start hesitantly, "Did you have fun?" Because really, I need to know that spending time with my friends is something he might hate.

He glances at me from the corner of his eye before returning his gaze back to the elevator door in front of us that he's been staring at for the past fifteen seconds.

"Pretty sure I lost some brain cells." I huff at his this and prepare to argue but he's quick to continue. "But it wasn't horrible."

Translation: I had a good time.

"I know you had fun, Teme." I tease with newfound confidence. "Just say it! You can't deny how awesome me and my friends are." I puff out my chest proudly.

"Whatever." He scoffs with a slight scowl on his pale face.

Well, at least he isn't denying it.

The soft ding of the elevator reminds me that Sasuke is about to walk out of my apartment building. It was nice having him over and I want it to happen again. However the thought of asking him to come again makes me fidget.

"So, Teme..." I say as we slowly walk across the lobby to the front entrance. "Since you didn't have a horrible time... do you wanna hang out with us again...? Maybe...?"

We stop in front of the doors and Sasuke turns to face me. I avoid his eyes by focusing my attention on Kyuubi who us currently clawing and biting at my fingers. One of her claws get snagged on my thin tee-shirt and I gently remove it. I gently squish her paw just enough to reveal the razor sharp claws hidden in feather soft fur.

Sasuke stays silent for what feels like hours and I begin to wonder if he'll decline. Seconds that feel like eternities pass by before he suddenly holds out his hand. At first, I thought he was going to demand to have Kyuubi handed over but the thought dies when he speaks.

"Give me your phone."

I stare at his outstretched hand feeling slightly confused. My phone? It's a strange request but nonetheless, I reach into my back pocket and pull out my phone, placing it into the palm of his hand after unlocking it. What does he need my pho–


It hits me like a ton bricks and makes my heart skip a beat.

Could he be–?

No. Why would he? He doesn't like my friends. Just because he tolerated them tonight doesn't mean he would be willing to hang out with them again. Maybe his phone isn't working and he needs to call someone to pick him up?

Nevermind the fact that he has a car and most likely drove here on his own.

Moreover, why else would he give me his phone number? I doubt he's the type of person who like to call or text just for a chat. It just doesn't seem like an Uchiha thing to do.

All of a sudden he's thrusting the device back in my hand and gently pealing Kyuubi's claws out of my shirt.

And then he walks away.


Confused, I watch his back as he steps through the glass door and into the night. What just happened? Why'd he just walk away like that? No 'later, Done'?

When I remember about the phone in my hand, I look at it and just stare. This goes on for about five seconds until I slowly turn around and head back to the elevator, still staring at my phone. Now on autopilot, I push the up button and wait for the door to open. When I'm inside, I unlock my phone and come face to face with my messages.

On it, is an out going message sent to "Sasuke Uchiha" reading: Wfmd.

Oh my god.

Sasuke gave me his number.

Sasuke Uchiha.

Gave me, Naruto Uzumaki.

His personal cellphone number.

By the time I make it to my apartment door my face is in pain from too much smiling. As I walk past the living room, a small part of my brain registers Sakura sound asleep on the sofa and Kiba half on the air mattress and half sleeping on the carpet floor. Both out like a light.

But I don't care.

I make it to my bedroom and flop down onto my bed. However, I'm not smiling anymore as I stare at the ceiling of my room, my phone resting on my chest. A confused frown finds it's way onto my face as I reread the message Sasuke sent himself through my phone in my head.

Wfmd? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Did he just type whatever just so he can save my number onto his phone? Does it have a significant meaning to it? If so, what could it be?

Ah, well I can think about that later. I'm sleep deprived and emotionally exhausted. I welcome sleep with hopes that dark midnight eyes and a sexy smirk will invade my dreams yet again.

To Be Continued...