"Sabo, are you there?" Dragon opened the door rather bluntly without knocking, he noticed that his second-in-command is currently busy arranging some papers. Dragon frowned, "What are you doing? I never assign any mission for you since five days ago."

Sabo looked up, his expression is still as professional as ever, "I'm making a clipping."

"What for?"

"Luffy," With that, Sabo proceeded to ignore his superior. "This one goes here... This one..."

Dragon blinked at his kinda-son's antic and looked at the stack of papers... Indeed, they're all about Luffy. Dragon is confused whether to be offended or not. "Is this the Fishman Island edition? I never get to buy it," The damn birds always shrugged, meaning it was always sold out. Dragon pouted- no, no, scowled.

"Don't touch that," Sabo possessively spread his arms to protect his materials. "And of course you never got to buy it. Anything that has Luffy in it is gonna be dominated by The Club."

Dragon crossed his arms, "I also want to see at least a glimpse of my son's smile."

"Next time, get it faster," Sabo coldly said as he finished his back-up clipping and move to the back-up of the back-up one.

Dragon huffed and looked around Sabo's desk to see another, isolated newspaper. His son's cute smiling face is on the front cover along with some random funny guy with fluffy white hat- huh, cool bear. Anyways, "Is that the latest news?" Dragon picked up the newspaper and couldn't help but grin along with his son's picture.

"Yeah," Sabo's face did not look good.

"An Alliance, People are bustling around, gossiping about them," Dragon pondered.

Sabo growled, "Vile, good for nothing, government dog... That man is freaking Warlord. Ace and I will talk about it in our next scheduled call." Because of how uncontrollable they are, both Revolutionary Army and Whitebeard Pirates had agreed to limit their access to each other and only give them a scheduled time to talk to each other.

Dragon scrutinized the fluffy-hatted guy in the front cover, Trafalgar Law, but he kept failing and focused on the bear's head in the background instead. "Luffy is a son of fortune, I think he'll be fine."

"Are you kidding me?!" Sabo gasped. "Did you see that guy's face?! Look at his smirk! He looks like a rapist!"

"Now, that's just discriminating. You don't know if his face is naturally like that..." Dragon looked wounded at Sabo's indignant outburst. After all, many people had mistaken Dragon for a creep more often than not, only because of his hard-edged face and evil grin- when he does grin. Ah, damn gene, he's a D, a D lik-loves to grin.

Sabo shook his head to comfort Dragon slightly, "I'm not discriminating. You know he was collecting other pirates' hearts before being a Warlord, right?" Albeit too literally, it didn't change the fact that it exuded dangerous vibe.

"... You have a point," Dragon solemnly nodded. Trafalgar Law might be zero percent romantic from what he gathered, but he stole people's hearts anyways, literally.

"See? You understand. I can't rest easy, what if he stole Luffy's heart," Quite literally stole, "And threaten Luffy with it, I'll be damned! My cute baby brother can't be allied to that kind of degenerate-"

"Anyways, I'm here to give you mission," Dragon bluntly cut off Sabo's words, his tone is indifferent. Sabo sighed at his interjection, what's with D and their inability to stay put and hear out others' opinion?

But when Sabo thoroughly progressed what Dragon had said, his eyes widened, "What?! Why?! I already have a plan to search for Luffy's whereabout and welcome him!" Sabo protested.

Dragon looked at his kinda adopted son blandly, "You were free for most of these days, and I think you're suited for this mission."

Sabo sighed as he put away his clipping, "Alright, where to?" Sabo will finish this mission as soon as possible.

"Dressrosa," Dragon frowned, "No matter what, aside for that pink flamingo and his bunch of strange family, I also felt something is wrong with that country. I don't know, call it a hunch, but I think we forgot something there..."

Sabo straightened, "Do I have to retrieve that something?"

Dragon shook his head, "No, it's about the weapons they secretly sold, I want you to uncover that... But who knows, maybe you could retrieve the things I forgot about. I don't think till then I could remember what we have forgotten," Dragon scratched his head. He kept having this feeling that there's something strange about Dressrosa, and whenever he thought of that place, his usually clear mind is surrounded by mist, as if trying to hide some parts of his memory.

"Okay," Sabo nodded. "But I'm getting some vacation after this."

"I know, I've checked the whole colosseum, I'll get out after-" Sabo trailed off as he heard a cheerful yell that is sounded absolutely adorable through the nearby window. As fast as the light, that would make even Kizaru gasped in admiration, Sabo is already leaning on the windowsill with a telescope that he pulled out of nowhere.

"Sabo? Do you copy? After what?" The voice of Koala came out from the baby den-den mushi in Sabo's other hand.

"Oh my God, oh my God. Koala, you wouldn't believe this!" Sabo exclaimed as he pulled his blond hair in agitation and excitement.

"What? Did you find some other weapons shipment? No, wait, you wouldn't be this agitated. What's wrong? Did you find a storage full of devil fruits or something?" Koala asked.

"No, even better!"


"My baby brother is here! Luffy is in Dressrosa! Hahaha!" Sabo laughed madly. Suck that Ace! He met Luffy first in the New World! He'll be the one who welcomes him! "Koala, you have to see this! My baby brother is sooo cute, aww, look at that sunflower shirt, that fake beard! Yeah! Yeah! You did it baby brother!" Sabo cheered as Luffy, as Lucy, knocked out dozens of his opponents while on a bull's back.

"... Sabo-kun... We have mission on hand."

"Oh, why is he so cute?" Sabo said to himself and Koala sighed.

"Fine, do your planned ceremony for your brother or something. Hack and I will cover the rest, that brother of yours is also technically Revolutionary Army's young master anyways, Dragon-san will let it slide," Koala surrendered.

"Thank you, Koala!" Sabo heard that and grinned happily as he decisively ended the call.

"Who are you?!" Bartolomeo asked rudely as he went defensive on the guy wearing a cloak.

Sabo smiled, "My, My, Colonel Barto, how could you talk like that to me?" Sabo dramatically took off his cloak and Bartolomeo gawked.

"P-President!?" Bartolomeo gasped and immediately kneeled down, gasping for air before dramatically cried again. "President! I-it's m-m-my P-pl-pleasure to s-see you h-here!" Bartolomeo sobbed dramatically.

Sabo gracefully nodded, "It's also a pleasure to see you here-" Bartolomeo choked in happiness, "-Can you give Luffy and I some time alone?"

"W-wi-with pleasure!" Bartolomeo stood up, wiping his overflowing tears and immediately ran away. Bartolomeo still remembered that day, the day was the second best and inspiring day in his life, right after the day where Luffy-senpai's execution struck by lightning.

A year ago, when Bartolomeo was still pretty new and sailed just by instinct and the romance of adventure, he found a generous shelter in one island. It was the day Bartolomeo never thought would ever happen, in an island with thick jungle, he met a legend. Luffy-senpai's older sworn brother, the son of the late Pirate King himself, the man who brought almost the entire Marineford to its knees with his version of 'the greatest story ever told' about Bartolomeo's idol, the Second Commander of Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas D Ace.

At that time Bartolomeo and his crew were chased by bunches of abnormally strong monkeys, Ace-senpai descended and made a barrier of fire to save them, like a God of Fire. He was so divine that Bartolomeo almost blinded that day. Bartolomeo and his entire crew were so grateful that they were crying at that time.

That day, Portgas D Ace was accompanied by an unfamiliar blonde with meticulous blue outfit, because of the blonde's lack of similarity to a pineapple, Barto and his crew knew he's not the First Commander of Whitebeard Pirates, Marco the Phoenix.

Things happen, as Bartolomeo and his crew fanboyed over Ace and they told him that they were Luffy-senpai's fans. Ace then heard about the incident of the execution platform and the reason why they idolized Luffy, he then proceeded to benevolently take their arms and treated them as his close friends. They then have a heated conversation about Luffy's awesomeness and cuteness for two days straight before they realized they need to eat and drink. But they had become brothers-in-arms at that point.

At that time, Ace also had introduced them to his other sworn brother, saying he's also Luffy's sworn brother which immediately get Sabo a huge respect from the bunch. Then come Sabo's background story of presumed dead for 'ten fucking years' before he regained his memory and reunited with Ace and hopefully will meet Luffy soon.

Bartolomeo and his gang were moved to tears after hearing the story, they also angrily cursed the nobles and Celestial Dragons. It was in the fourth day that Sabo came up with a divine and greatest idea of all time to make a club to appreciate Luffy-senpai's general awesomeness. Since then, the club had expanded dramatically, more and more believers-err fans joined and it was seen as a cult apparently.

Although Bartolomeo wanted to see their divine reunion after more than a decade, Bartolomeo also wanted the reunion to be pure and untainted. So he quickly ran away as far as possible before standing guard to prevent anyone destroying the tearful reunion.

Bartolomeo clenched his fist, "Such a divine story, as expected of Luffy-senpai's life," Once more again, the captain of Barto Club burst out crying.

Sabo got an armful of crying teenager on his face, not like he's complaining, this is his dearest brother. Sabo took a peek nearby, after seeing no one is around, he threw away his elegant dignity and also hugged Luffy tightly. "I miss you too, Luffy. Sorry, for all your tears and misery after you think I was dead. I lost my memory and your day saved me, so I stayed with him all these years. I only recovered my memory two years ago after the war, but Ace was mean and didn't tell me where you were," Sabo ranted his grievance as well while cuddling his baby brother close. Haahh, what a good feeling.

Seriously, Sabo needs compensation after being deprived of cuddling his baby brother for twelve years.

Luffy wiggled to look at Sabo, "I thought you were dead!" he cried. Sabo's heart is pained, oh no no, his baby brother is sad because of him. Dammit Sabo, what's wrong with you? Wasn't it always Ace who made Luffy cry? How could you do this- look at him!

"I'm so sorry, I promise that would never happen again," Sabo kissed Luffy on his forehead and hugged him closer. Ah, Sabo wants to stay like this for the next twelve years... But we have a more important issue at hand.

"Why are you in the colosseum, Luffy?" Sabo pulled away and patted Luffy's head, asking concernedly.

Luffy looked up and pouted- aah cute! "There's this flamingo guy, Torao hated him-"

"Who's Torao?" Sabo raised his brows.

"My new friend!"

"Is he by any chance your ally, Trafalgar Law?" Sabo asked again.

"Yeah, that's his name. So anyways, this flamingo, Torao hated him and want to kick his ass, and he's a bad guy."

"Hm, why are you in the colosseum though?" Sabo asked again.

"This flamingo guy said if I can win it, he'll give me the thing I want the most- I refused! But then he started talking something I didn't understand, so I said, Shut up and fight me! And then he said he'll fight me if I won the fight inside this cool building," Luffy explained elaborately and Sabo's expression darkened.

The fucking Doflamingo! What is he planning to do his cute baby brother?! How low of him to deceive such a cute child to fight his way to him! Moreover, baiting someone like that- how is this guy not rotting in the Impel Down already?! Oh, yeah... His 'heavenly' blood. Tch.

Sabo rubbed Luffy's head and smiled dotingly, "I'll take over from here."

"What? No! This is my fight, I'll finish it and kick Mingo's ass!"

Sabo smoothened out Luffy's hair, "I'm not helping you, I want you to help me. I really need to look deeper into this colosseum, if I can have your identity it will be easier. Please?" Sabo asked gently like what he used to do to get his way with Luffy twelve years ago.

Luffy blinked, "Oh, okay then. If you need it, just take it, I still need to follow Torao's plan anyway," Luffy nodded decisively and pull off his fake beard.

Sabo took the fake beard and patted Luffy's shoulder, "I have something to say too, whatever you do, don't get too close to that cree- Trafalgar Law."

"Why? He's my friend," Luffy frowned.

"Baby brother, I'm not forbidding you to be friends with him. But not too close, okay?"

Luffy is confused, but because the one who said that is his big brother whom he always obeyed in the past, Luffy simply nodded, "Okay."

Later on, when Sabo had finished part of his mission and found out the reason why Dragon felt like he 'forgot' something who turned out to be their fellow revolutionary comrades in the form of dolls.

Sabo simply gawked as he saw Luffy carried Law on his shoulder, "That motherfuck- how dare him to get Luffy to carry him like that?! This isn't good! This isn't normal! That bastard!" Sabo went hysteric.

"You wouldn't believe it, he's bouncing!"

"Sabo, in case you're way behind, Luffy is always bouncing."

"No, not that kind of bouncing. This one is like, like... A suspended ball? He kept having boink boink sounds everytime he bounced. It's absolutely cute, his facial expression too. Aww, he also could fly, Ace!" Sabo narrated as he recorded the fight, talking to the baby den-den mushi, as well finishing his mission. Truly a master of multi-tasking.

"What?! He could fly?!"


"I'm going there, wait-"



"Wait there you little shit-! Where are you going?!"

"Who are you talking with- oh no, no, it's not your schedule just yet!"

"Stop there-yoi! You practically had declared war against Big Mom, you're not going out of our sight until the next few months!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?!"

"Well, it wouldn't have happened if you didn't insult that Charlotte girl with mirror power. Katakuri got so mad after that! Who knows if that guy is actually an acute siscon?"

"I was just being honest! Besides, she annoyed me!"



The baby den-den mushi went to sleep but Sabo wasn't petrubed it as he dialed another number.

*Puru puru puru puru*


"Hello? This is Monkey D Dragon, the man who will overthrow the World's Nobles, what is it?" Dragon said impassively like he doesn't care who was in the other side of the line.

"So, Luffy could fly," Sabo continued the topic with a different person.

"What?" Dragon blinked.

"You brothers are too soft!" A hoarse yet mocking voice yelled to Sabo as he put back his metal pipe.

Sabo's serene face darkened as he looked back to the beaten up Jesus Burgess, he says nothing but the edge of his frown is enough of a warning to common people... Sadly, Jesus Burgess is not common, no, he's stupid.

"Wehahaha! Back then when that Fire Fist Ace was lost against our captain, I still remember what he said," Burgess grinned and Sabo looked at him, bored.

"No matter what he said, the most important thing now is my eldest brother is still alive," Sabo smirked, but there's a warning edge in it. It had always been Sabo's sore spot that he only remember about Ace and Luffy's existences when the war is finally over. Had some things happen differently and Ace died, he doesn't know what would he do, he would probably go crazy... Or God forbids, if both didn't make it, Sabo wouldn't forgive himself.

Burgess glared, "That motherfucker sure is lucky-"

*Clang!* A metal pipe enveloped in Bushoshoku Haki beautifully connected to Burgess' head. Sabo twirled the devil fruit he won in the colosseum and smirked at Burgess, "One thing you have to know is that I'm not like Ace, I'm in no way brash and short-tempered. Give it up, Jesus Burgess, this logia devil fruit wouldn't land in your hands. But..." Sabo's tone changed, "I don't appreciate you to insult any of my brothers, my brothers are mine insult."

Sabo handsomely turned around and strode off with the devil fruit still in his hands, he'll give this to Dragon-san, he'll know what to do. Sabo? Haha, there's no way he'll eat a devil fruit, what's the use? It will be meaningless. Besides, there had to be one brother who knows how to swim. So when his hopeless brother fell into the water, he'll be there to fish them out as the most responsible brother he is.

"My dear baby brother!" Sabo gasped as he quickly kicked Trafalgar Law to the side and inspected his fully half-bandaged brother. Law groaned to the side.

"He truly exerted too much strength. His haki is on the verge of non-existent!" Sabo picked up the bandage and continued to wrap it with great ease to his unconscious brother. "Sigh, he's still the same as ever, reckless and brash... What changed probably is he is so strong now..." Sabo smiled.

"Excuse me, but I need to check Mugiwara-ya's condition," Even though he had been wronged, Law still sat up and said to Sabo.

"Where's the fairy princess? She could heal people right?" Sabo ignored the surgeon and asked to the nearby person, which happened to be Zoro.

"She's currently asking around for people to donate their healing capability," Zoro said as he looked at Sabo, he doesn't know why but this person exudes a dangerous vibe despite having that soft look on his face... Kinda like Ace's polite look which also exuded a dangerous vibe.

"I'm in charge of Mugiwara-ya while Mansherry-ya is going around to heal others," Law spoke again.

"Where's your doctor? That harmless-looking raccoon?" Sabo ignored Law again in favor to ask other question to the Strawhat's members.

"He and half of the crew are already on their way to Zou to avoid being harassed by Doflamingo's men," Robin kindly answered to Sabo, patting Koala's head all the while.

"Could you please step aside?" Law gritted his teeth.

Sabo finally acknowledged him, "How can I trust this creep to take care of Luffy?"

"Who are you anyways?!" Law growled.

"I'm his big brother!" Sabo shot back.

Law blinked, "The second-in-command of Revolutionary Army actually Mugiwara-ya's other brother?" Law said hesitantly. "So you're the co-founder of the cult?"

"It's a Club, and yes, I am." Sabo crossed his arms.

Law shook his head, "If you want you brother's condition to be stabilized as fast as possible, I ask you to step aside."

"That's not how you talk to the Co-President!" Bartolomeo protested.

"Quick." Law's gaze darkened. "I'm also losing my awareness as the time gone, it's better to do it right away," Law stated and Sabo could see that the doctor is not lying as he kept swaying.

Sabo nodded, "But no funny business."

Law rolled his eyes, "Whatever." Law looked at the unconscious Luffy and his entire bruised and battered body, all of this is to beat Doflamingo for once and all... Law's eyes couldn't help but to soften.

"Don't look at my little brother with that misty smitten look or I'll have to dragon claw your head, Surgeon of Death," Sabo said darkly with a bright smile as he watched over Law.

Law lowered his head and start working.

"I said, no looking at my baby brother with that disgusting soft look!"

"Wipe that look off your face!"

"Koala, do you have a blindfold?"

Law's eyes twitched, if only he's not Luffy's brother and Law needed to focus on Luffy, Law would have Tact-ed his ass!

"Look! Look!" Ace fluttered around like a literal fire he is, waving a wanted poster in his hand, "They updated Luffy's wanted poster!" Ace exclaimed happily. "Pops! Look at this!"

"Gurarara, your brat of a brother is indeed interesting," Whitebeard laughed as he squinted at the wanted poster with a grinning teenager in it.

"He's even cuter here, right?!' Ace said as he pulled out another wanted poster and cooed.

"Ace, how many newspapers did you buy?" Izou asked seriously.

"The whole thing in the stupid bird's bag," Ace said distractedly.

"What made them increase his bounty, this time?" Marco asked as he bent down to pick up the newspapers that Ace tossed aside after collecting his baby brother's wanted poster. Marco read it for a while before shaking his head, "Doflamingo had fallen," He stated to his brothers and sisters who immediately snapped their attention to Marco.

"WHAT!?" They all exclaimed in disbelief.

Izou hastily picked up another newspaper and skimmed over it, "Oh God, Ace's little brother and his ally made quite a mess in Dressrosa... Oh, I never expect that happened, that damnable Heavenly Demon," Izou growled as he read the entire conspiration in the paper.

Ace snorted as he gathered Luffy's wanted posters in his arms, "Government is being shitty. Trying to recruit Pirates to be their dogs and pretend to not notice their dangerous agenda, I mean, I think aside for Hawkeye Mihawk, and Jinbei who is already out of that group, everyone is just a lying piece of shit." Ace trailed off before he remembered one person, "Oh, And our Club's new member, Boa Hancock." Ace wasn't so sure though.

"A warlord, huh? Pretty good for a newcomer," Marco smirked.

Ace blinked, "What do you mean by that? Lu already beat his first warlord two years ago."

"What?" Everyone paused.

Ace's eyes litted up, "Wait, I hadn't told you that yet?" Ace immediately assumed his 'ready to boast' posture but no one stops him this time because they're actually curious.

"Please do enlighten us," Marco crossed his arms.

"So, two years ago, I got a news that Blackbeard was sighted in Alabasta and I went there. I met Luffy too in there and decided to spend some time with him to catch up while tracking Blackbeard, there I learned that Luffy was helping the princess of Alabasta to free their kingdom from Crocodile. I figured, Luffy said he'll beat that smug bastard's ass so I indulgingly gave the green light-"

"Wait, you let your seventeen-years-old little brother go against a Warlord with rich experience?" Haruta exclaimed disbelievingly.

"Yeah, he stated it so cutely, so I can only let him," Ace sighed dramatically. "Continue on, things happen and I need to get back on tracking Teach as the information I got was actually fake, so I left my baby brother there-"

"But I thought the one who exposed and beat Crocodile was this one marine named Smoker?" Atmos asked.

"Oh, that bastard, he was also there in Alabasta, chasing relentlessly after my baby brother. I heard from Lu that bastard actually chased after him since Logue Town. I don't like him at all, more so after he stole Luffy's achievement." Ace gritted his teeth and cursed out. "But Luffy's bounty was raised back then to one hundred millions belli, I think that's pretty much a proof."

Marco and the rest nodded, "I see, that make sense."

Everyone is even more eager to meet this little brother now.

*Bonus: Blackbeard's entrance to Marineford's War of The Best.*

As he stepped into Marineford, Blackbeard grinned. This is it, the chaos he's waiting for, the place where fools killing fools. The place where that old bag Whitebeard would sustain heavy injury to save his so-called 'son'.

"We're here, captain," Van Augur said boredly as he shouldered his snipe gun.

"Zehahaha, we'll enter in the right moment," Blackbeard grinned and stepped up only to be surprised that the supposed chaotic battlefield is not in a chaotic mess he hoped.

They noticed the high-ranking Vice Admirals are all keeling over, covering their ears, the other marines are all crying and start hitting anything and anyone, Aokiji is chilling in the corner- what the hell is going on?

"Captain," Lafitte stepped forward and pointed to a certain direction, "Wasn't that Fire Fist?"

Blackbeard snapped his gaze towards the direction and twitched.

"My, that's true, what is he doing?" Van Augur asked with his usual bored tone.

"And then this big bear came along, but then Luffy was like 'It's not as scary as Grandpa!', So I visualized Grandpa behind us while we're going against the bear up front. That's really a good motivation. And there's this one time where we dine-and-dash where he left this cute doodle-"

Blackbeard quickly whirled around, "We're going, let's go."

"But, why? We already prepared a badass ambush-"

"No. No, no fucking way. I may have beaten Fire Fist in a fight using my devil fruit power, but not in any way I stood a chance listening to him narrating his entire childhood ten times over and additional commentaries on how cute his brother was. My ears would bleed out and I'll be a degenerate in a minute!" Blackbeard growled.

"What? It's just him being a chatterbox, you beat him once, you can beat him again."

"You don't understand," Blackbeard's face darkened. "With the right motivation for him, I'll be the one who has to run. It was rather a great luck that he's actually angry when I revealed I'm going to go after Strawhat, rather than excited." Teach shivered. As an ex-member of second division, he knows the misery in that division very well. Although Ace always going around proclaiming his brother is so cute, at that time Monkey D Luffy hadn't sailed yet, so Teach never know this brother. It's when Teach showed the Wanted poster of his target to Ace that he learned Strawhat is actually the famous brother who had been indirectly responsible for every mental scar in Whitebeard Pirates.

Teach almost shit his pants when Ace told him that it was his little brother with a smirk. Luckily, what Teach feared never come, no sudden delighted shriek, squeals, or immediate boasting about 'having such a cute baby brother'. Rather, Ace was enraged- It was a fucking fortune.

Teach would rather deal with an enraged Ace, that was much easier to deal with rather than the doting brother Ace. Pretty much, if Ace fanboyed over his baby brother's wanted poster while fighting Teach, the result would be pretty much like this;

Ace threw a fiery punch but nullified by the smug Teach, Ace pulled back and narrowed his eyes, "You know, this is reminding me of that one time Luffy woke up in the middle of night, having a nightmare about fire. Had I told you yet that Luffy was very afraid of fire? Yeah, that's the reason why I ate Mera-Mera no mi, there's this one incident in our childhood about burned down whole pile of terminal of trashes, and humans- but that's not important, anyways, so Luffy woke up and start shaking me awake, begging me cutely to cuddle and I-"

Teach: "SCREEEEECCCHHH!" *Keels over and die*

Yeah, nope. "Let's bail," Teach quickly ran away, taking a bit delight in the Navy's misery.

Coming up, Strawhat's turn, Law's turn, A part of The Club, Big Mom's Tea party and how Sanji screwed up, Katakuri and his admittance of Ace's little brother being cute. And a displeased Ace.