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Genius!Harry, Alteran!Harry. Not All Powerfull Harry, he'll be more powerfull than other wizards, but not a god, far from it in fact, so don't think it's a OMG fic. There's a lot of family name used, but think about the ancients etc...

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I would like to say that this fiction will be updated sporadically, as I write when I have some imagination (I usually write a fiction based on the fictions that I'm reading), so don't bother yelling or crying for an update, I will not answer. Of course, if you want to translate it, or try to write another fiction based on mines, just ask, it'll be no problem xD If you really want to adopt one of my stories, Hell, do tell, I have no problems with it.

July 31, 1980

It all began on July 31, 1980 in the peaceful village of Godric's Hollow in South West England. This village was particularly known for being the birthplace of Godric Gryffindor, one of the founders of Hogwarts, and one of the most powerful wizards to ever exist. Yet, that day, it had no point. No, what was interesting was the event that was happening in one of the cottages in the village, specifically, the one belonging to the Potter family.

«Come on, another effort! » Then shouted a healer.

«Come on my heart, you can do it. It's almost done! » Encouraged James Charlus Potter, Lord of the Potter House, while holding the hand of his wife, who was pleased to crush that of her husband.

«You bastard! I swear I'll cut your balls! Take him out of my belly! » Lily Jane Potter, born Evans, shouted in terror, threatening her husband with some more sordid spells than the others, while pushing with all his strength to get his child out of his vagina.

This lasted for several hours, but after a while, the birth came to an end, and we heard cries from the new-born. James had decided to head straight for the new-born, cleaned up by one of the midwives while another was helping Lily recover a bit, giving her some potions of restoration, energy and for blood loss.

«Congratulations, Lord Potter. He is a very healthy boy. As well as ... began the healer.

-What is it? A problem with my son? James asked worriedly.

-Oh no, not at all. Quite the opposite, you are very lucky. It looks like your son is a carrier, » said the healer while handing the baby wrapped in a blue blanket to the shocked father. The latter recovered the child with a big smile, before heading to his wife.

«Look Lilly! Our child, a beautiful little boy. He said.

-Give him to me, James. I want to see my son. She replied, reaching out to recover the child.

-How are we going to name him? James asked.

-Hadrian. Yes, I want to name him Hadrian. She replied.

-Hm ... Hadrian James Potter ... It sounds good, I like that. Then smiled the father to the baby.

-Yes ... my little Harry. Lily cooed as she hugged her son.

-Harry? I like that, and Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail will love it. I have another news, darling. Fit then James.

-What is it? She asked, frowning.

-It seems that our son is a carrier. We are really very lucky. James replied with a big smile.

-A carrier? I thought it was very rare to have a natural carrier, as they usually use potions to carry? Lily asked while watching her son with a big smile.

-It's true, it's very rare. If I remember correctly, the last bearer was born more than three hundred years ago. But you know what that means, do not you?

-That our son can have his own children?

-No Lily, well, yes, but not only that. It means above all that our son will never be attracted to women. Unlike those who use potions by choice, natural bearers are born with an attraction only for men. James said with a big smile.

-I do not see the problem. If I remember correctly, it's perfectly accepted among wizards, no? She asked slightly worried.

-Yes, it's perfectly accepted. What I mean is that bearer are usually born with one or more soul mates. It is very rare, and since he has just been born, it means that his soul mate or soul mates have already been born, since for bearers, soul mates are born before. It's a unique chance, my heart.

-James, I'm afraid I do not understand how it's a chance to be born with one or more soul-mates ... does that mean something special? Lily asked confused.

-I sometimes forget that you were not born into a wizard family. You just have to know that when a bearer comes into the world, he is born with a lot more power and a bigger magical core. But it does not stop there. His soul mate(s) will always be faithful to him, and unable to deceive him or to desire anyone else. Some will even believe them asexual until one discovers that they are actually the soul-mates of a bearer. If you prefer, our son will never feel love pain. James said with a big smile.

-I see ... So our son is very lucky, thankfully. Replied the young redhead while smiling kindly to her son.

-Our guests are here, you feel good enough to see them? They are waiting in the living room. He asked.

-After, James, I prefer to rest a little. But go ahead, take Harry with you, and then introduce him to his uncles and godfather. Lily said as she began to doze.

-Okay darling. I'll be back after, and most importantly, rest well. » James said while kissing his wife, before leaving the room with his son in his arms.

He went to the living room where his "brothers" As he liked to say. When he arrived in the living room, he was shocked to find three more guests talking peacefully with his friends.

«Professor Dumbledore, Minny and Professor Flitwick, it's good to see you here. Said he.

-My boy, see, I was not going to miss the birth of the child of my best students. Answered with a smile of old grandfather the director of Hogwarts.

-How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Minny! McGonagall cringed, glaring at the marauder with a mischievous smile.

-You prefer Kitty? Cannot help but comment on Sirius Black, catching a glare from the professor.

-Well, let's not get excited, this is not the time, is not it? Filius Flitwick declared, the semi-goblin measuring less than a meter tall with a big smile.

-Filius is right. And if you introduced us to this young child that you hold in your arms, my boy? Albus asked with his sparkling eyes.

-He is right James, I would love to know the name of our future godchild. Remus Lupin said while closing the book he held in his hands, Peter Pettigrew shaking his head right beside him.

-Ah, yes, I almost forgot. Let me introduce you to my son, and Lily's, Hadrian James Potter, the first bearer of the family! Or Harry to make it shorter. » Almost yelled James while inflating his torso of pride, then waking the young child who had just fallen asleep. The latter did not hesitate to cry, opening wide eyes, shocking James by the beautiful green colour.

He began to rock him, but it did not work at all. Fortunately, Albus did not waste time and took the child in his arms. The latter suddenly stopped, then smiled while trying to catch the beard of the old wizard, then attracting the laughter of the marauders.

«Your son has very beautiful eyes. I might have thought I saw Lily's, but hers are so different. The old wizard said softly.

-In fact, his eyes are bright, this is the first time I see that. » McGonagall said.

The other occupants of the room almost rushed over the old professor to observe the child's eyes, and were shocked to see that indeed, the child's eyes were bright. In fact, they even had the impression of seeing an intelligent glow in his eyes, but it was not possible, was not it?

«Sirius, Lily and I want to make you Harry's official godfather, if you do not mind. James declared, attracting a merry laugh from Sirius and a bad look from Peter, which he did not see.

-With pleasure, man. Anyway, as you know, I'm sterile, and since you're a descendant of the Blacks ...Sirius started, catching a hiccup of surprise from the other occupants of the room.

- Sirius ... you ... no, you're not serious?

-Of course I am, James. Anyway, I cannot have children, and frankly, I do not expect to have, no thank you, too much work, and not want to have a harpy for a woman, let alone with the mother I have. No, your son will be the perfect heir for the Black family! Laughed then Sirius, catching James's incredulous look.

-And your mother? What will she think of it? James asked while looking at his son.

-Bah! This old harpy has nothing to say, and then she chased me out of the house, you know it. And I know my father would have accepted. Anyway, since he's dead, I'm the Lord of the Black House, so my mother has nothing to say. Said Sirius in a tone without appeal.

-Besides, I will go to Gringotts tomorrow to make my will and make Harry my heir, as it is done. He added with a big smile, making the marauders laugh.

-Oh, I cannot wait to see your mother's face. » Remus replied with a big smile, this time making everyone in the living room laugh.

After several hours of discussion, the guests eventually returned home, while James placed his son in the nursery before going to sleep with his wife.


(At the same time)

On a very different plane of existence, beings of pure energy were in full conversation, very agitated, and for the most part, happy, a very rare thing. The reason was very simple, a child being 100% Alteran had just been born. For the first time in more than ten thousand years, an Alteran had been born. These beings of pure energy were none other than the first Alterans, the first humanoid race that never existed, having now completed their ascent to a higher plane of existence.

«I did not think it would happen one day. Then declared Oma Desala.

-Me, I told you that our descendants would eventually become what we were! Cannot help saying Janus while smiling.

- One thing is certain, the future of the Galaxy and many others will change with this child. Then said Ganos Lal, better known as Morgan le Fay.

-I wonder who he is the descendant of. » Another ancient said, which caught the attention of everyone else, whether it was Avalon or Pegasus.

They all focused on the young Harry Potter to discover his origin. Janus uttered an exclamation of joy.

«He's my descendant, I knew it! Ha, take that in your teeth, it's my lineage that will bring our people back into space! Declared the genius while bulging his chest, making all other ancients to roll their eyes.

-And both sides in addition. Whether it's the young James or the young Lily, both are the descendants of Janus, which is a rare thing. I do not remember at all the name you had created Janus. Asked Ganos Lal.

-Hm ... I decided to call myself Arthur Pendragon. Moros was with me at that time, and we had a child together ... Blushes Janus, making Ganos Lal laugh.

-Yes, I remember, you and Moros were very close. I will always wonder why humans have decided to make me the villain of history, when we do not interact at all. Then declared Ganos Lal.

-Yes, yes ... If I remember correctly, my son had three daughters and not a single boy. They married the descendants of other Alterans, giving birth to "magic families". If I remember correctly, the first married a certain Salazar Slytherin, another married Godric Gryffindor, and the last one married Ignotus Peverell. James is the direct descendant of Peverell and Gryffindor, while Lily ... Oh, well that's it. Declared then Janus.

-HM? Replied Oma Desala, who was still listening to the conversation, like all the other Ancients present.

-Lily is the descendant of the son of Salazar Slytherin who had a child with the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, Helena. Announced then Janus.

-So your descendant is one of those so-called purebloods. Fit one of the ancients.

-Well, knowing that we are at the origin of these wizards, I will say that there is not purer than the young Hadrian, since he is 100% Alteran. I wonder if this is going to have any consequences. Oma Desala asked, intriguing the majority of the ancients in passing.

-We should help him progress. Declared then Janus, attracting the attention of all the ascended.

-It is forbidden, you know it, Janus! Declared one of the ancients.

-It is forbidden to interact directly with them, nothing forbids us to do it in a discreet way! Janus answered quickly.

-And how do you plan to do that? Asked Ganos Lal.

-Very simple. As you know, there is a wizard bank named Gringotts. I stored there a long time ago, in the Vault No. 1, one of our Repository of knowledge, the one we updated when we returned from Atlantis. It would just be that there is access, and the furlings will help us. Declared proudly Janus.

-Of course, the furlings. I thought that these goblins vaguely reminded me of something. From the beginning, you knew they were the furlings? Asked Ganos Lal.

-Yes, Moros and I knew it. Unfortunately, they have forgotten most of their story, but I guess with the help of my descendant, they will be able to become what they were. Replied the genie with a smirk.

-I guess he will return to Atlantis? Asked one of Pegasus's ancients.

-Maybe, but I do not think he will make it his priority. Janus answered with another smile.

-What do you mean? This is the only viable operating base that remains. Answered another ancient.

-Not really. I ... how to say ... ordered the construction of another city. Janus answered, attracting the anger of some ancients.

-What do you mean? Yelled one of the ancients.

-Janus, we had banned the use of nanites when we returned! Fit another ancient.

-I know I know. But I preferred to foresee a future in which our descendants came back to live among the stars, and I wanted to prepare a city so that they could settle down. Janus answered while raising his arms as a sign of surrender.

-And where is this city? Then asked Oma Desala.

-This city is placed on an oceanic planet made up of 70% water with perfect living conditions, located in a star system 10,000 light-years away from the solar system, near the centre of Avalon. I did not choose it at random. You can take a look at it if you wish. Declared then Janus.

-And how is he going to access it? Ganos Lal asked, a question that all the ancients were asking themselves.

-It is very simple. He will use the Astria Porta from the outpost that was left on Terra. I programmed a teleporter in the vault that he can use to go there directly. Then it will be enough to take control, he should not have problems concerning energy, I left several potentias in the vault. He replied nonchalantly.

-Well, it seems that you have planned everything. Now, we just have to observe. » Declared Oma Desala, attracting head nods from the other ancients.



It had been more than a year since the young Hadrian '' Harry '' James Potter was born. He shocked a lot of people with his exploits of accidental magic. After only a month, he had managed to give life to his favourite fluff in the effigy of the marauders, which had delighted his parents to the highest point, not to mention the marauders who found it admirable. Unfortunately, the plush representing Wormtail was completely shattered by Padfoot's plush, which once again pissed off Peter Pettigrew. The cases of accidental magic had become daily with the Potters.

So, when Harry wanted something, he was able to attract him to him. When he was not happy, or even hungry, he even managed to summon one of the house elves to him. Once, he managed to turn the colour of James's hair, which ended with a very beautiful turquoise blue hair, which made Sirius laugh loudly. The latter regretted very quickly, because Harry changed his hair into a green colour, almost making the Gryffindor scream for fear, and laughing at the marauders. Harry had officially earned the title of Mini-Prongs.

To prevent this from happening again, they decided to put a temporary block on Harry's magic core, which would automatically untie when he was seven, when he could begin his training with his father. Indeed, they had decided to train Harry after hearing the prophecy from Sybil Trelauney. Unfortunately, the Dark Lord, Voldemort, had heard this prophecy, and the Potters had to continue living at Godric's Hollow under a fidelius and Peter Pettigrew was the guardian. They ended very quickly to regret their decision, on this Halloween day, or Samhain, depending on the beliefs.

A crack like a thunderclap could be heard not far from the Potter's cottage, which immediately caught the attention of James Potter. The latter rushed to the door to look through the peephole. It was then that he saw the form of Voldemort.

«Lily! Take Harry and go! It's him! I will hold him back! » James yelled.

Lily did not waste time, she grabbed the child and headed for the nursery. She knew that someday it would happen, and she had prepared everything. She had decided to use an ancient blood ritual, intended to protect an individual from all the spells existing by the sacrifice. She knew they were not powerful enough to defeat Voldemort, so they planned a last defence for their child. She did not waste time, and set up the ritual.

For his part, James prepared to face Voldemort. His wand in hand, he waited. Shortly after, the door exploded, and Voldemort stepped forward.

«You do not have to die, Potter. Let me kill the child, and you'll have your life spared. Fit Voldemort.

-Go to hell, monster! Yelled James.

- Avada Kedavra! Hurray then Voldemort, James dodged the spell.

- Confringo! Impedimenta! Experliarmus! James spelled, which Voldemort blocked with ease.

- CRUCIO! Yelled Voldemort, touching James hard, who screamed in pain.

- Avada Kedavra! » Then finish the evil wizard, killing James Potter at the foot of the stairs leading upstairs.

Voldemort went upstairs to the nursery, whose door was protected by several enchantments. He had to admit that despite being a mudblood, Lily Potter was a very powerful witch. What a potential wasted, he thought.

«Fulgur! » The wizard shouted, pouring a lightning bolt on the door, which caused it to explode.

«Go aside, poor idiot! Ordered the Lord of Darkness.

-No, not my son, not my Harry! Supplied Lily, who could not finish the ritual.

-Don't be such a bother! Do not lose your life for this little shit, you can have another one! Voldemort declared, getting upset.

-No Harry! Have mercy! Yelled Lily.

- Avada Kedavra! » The wizard said, thus killing the young redhead, without mercy. He had promised Severus to try to spare her, and he had kept his word. After all, it was not his fault that she had refused to cooperate.

He walked over to the child, watching the toddler look at him with his bright eyes. He could feel the magic that was in the child's body, and he had to admit it was incredible.

«Too bad I have to kill you. So much potential ruined. Alas, I will have kept you well, if only you were not predicted to defeat me. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Solemnly declared the Lord of Darkness before aiming at the toddler with his wand.

- Avada Kedavra! » He shouted. The green beam went to the child. That's when something incredible happens. The child began to shine and shine, so much so that Voldemort had to close his eyes. When he reopened them, it was to see the child, surrounded by light, and the green bream to go straight on him.

«Noooooo! » Voldemort screamed, before being sprayed by his own spell, which caused an explosion that ravaged the floor, except for the nursery. Shortly after, Peter Pettigrew arrived on the scene, to see only the ashes of his master and the toddler. He grabbed Voldemort's wand and prepared to kill the child when he heard footsteps behind him. He fled in his rat form.

Severus Snape finally entered, and headed straight for Lily Potter's corpse, weeping bitterly, lamenting the death of the woman he loved. He ignored the toddler. He finally ran away when he heard the sound of Sirius Black's bike.

Finally, it was Sirius' turn to enter the nursery, the latter crying. He grabbed the child and hugged him. He ended up leaving the nursery and the cottage. He met Rubeus Hagrid in front of the cottage.

«What happened here, Sirius? The keeper of Hogwarts's keys asked.

-Voldemort! Voldemort killed James and Lily! The wizard said darkly.

-What? But ... they were protected by the fidelius! Yelled Hagrid.

-I know I know! Peter betrayed them, this rat sold them! Raged then Sirius.

-And you-know-who? Asked Hagrid worried.

-Dead ... I do not know how, but Harry defeated him. He ... he survived the curse of death! » Replied Padfoot in shock.

Hagrid was speechless as he heard the news. He quickly realized that the young Harry Potter would soon become famous for defeating the He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named. Sirius handed him Harry.

«Take him Hagrid, I have a rat to hunt! Sirius declared, getting ready to go on a rat hunt.

-No! Answered Hagrid.

-What? Sirius asked incredulously, not expecting this answer.

-You're his godfather, Sirius. It's up to you to protect him. I can understand that you want to hunt Peter, but it's useless to kill him, otherwise you'll be imprisoned too, and who will take care of the guy? » Hagrid asked, watching Sirius right in the eye.

The latter lowered his eyes, while taking a breath. He finally calms down. A few seconds later, Dumbledore arrived with Bartemius Crouch Senior, a detachment of aurorss and members of the Order of the Phoenix.

«Sirius, what happened to my boy? Asked the old magician.

-I ... Peter betrayed us! He told Voldemort where James and Lily lived. Sirius declared, drawing hisses of surprise from the aurorss at the mention of the name of the dark wizard. They were surprised, however, that nothing happened.

-But ... the child is alive! Bartemius Crouch then said, drawing everyone's eyes to the child in Sirius's arms.

-Yes ... I do not know how, but he defeated Voldemort. He survived the curse of death! Sirius declared once again, catching the shocked gaze of everyone except Hagrid.

-This is not possible! Declared an aurors.

-If so, I assure you. You just have to come in and see, there is no more than a pile of ash and his dress, to Voldemort! He is dead! » Sirius reiterated, sending a glare at the aurors that challenged him to accuse him of lying.

All the aurorss and even the members of the order of the phoenix began to murmur among themselves, all of them happier than the others. Very quickly, one could hear between them the same sobriquet through all the mouths. The Boy-Who-Lived could we hear.

«I see. My boy, you should take the young Harry safely, being his godfather, I guess you're now his guardian. You'll probably have to go to the Ministry of Magic to regulate everything, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Dumbledore said, while looking sadly at Sirius and the child in his arms.

-I, yes, you are right. I'm going to take him to Grimmauld, whether my mother wants it or not. Who knows, by learning about Lily's true origins, she will accept the boy more easily. Sirius answered, which caught everyone's attention.

-The true origins of Lily? Albus asked, curious.

-Well ... We expected to declare it later, but hey. We did an inheritance test at Gringotts to determine the origins of Lily Potter. It seems that from the beginning, our dear Lily was a pureblood, descended from Ravenclaw and Slytherin himself. Seems his parents were Squibs. In fact, since Voldemort thought Lord Slytherin, it would mean that they were cousins. But since he's dead, everything will be back to my little puppy. Sirius answered while hugging Harry.

For many, it was almost impossible to believe. Now they had before them, a toddler, who had just defeated the most powerful dark wizard since Grindelwald, and that in addition, he was the descendant of the Potter, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. What next?

For his part, Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore was both sad and delighted. On the one hand, he was saddened by the deaths of James and Lily, two of his favourite students, whom he could even consider his own children. On the other hand, he was delighted with Voldemort's death, even though he thought it temporary, suspecting that someone like him had had to immerse himself in the darkest and sordid arts that exist to survive. As he watched the toddler, he noticed a scar on his forehead.

«What is it? Dumbledore asked as he approached the child.

-HM? Sirius said, watching as Dumbledore's hand went.

- What a funny scar. I still feel the aftermath of black magic, surely the spell of death. Unfortunately, it will be forever marked by this scar, which will then be proof of its survival. Dumbledore said placidly.

- See that tomorrow I have to go to Gringotts for the will of James and Lily, I will take the opportunity to have it examined by a goblin healer. Well, those creatures are good at wounds of black magic. Sirius answered, attracting approving glances from the other wizards and a nod from Dumbledore.

"You're right, boy, you should go and rest with young Harry. I have the impression that in a very short time, all the remaining Death Eaters will follow suit. Whereas Voldemort is defeated, we will be able to capture them. Replied Dumbledore.

-If you allow it, Lord Black, I wish that a contingent of aurorss follow you for your protection and that of our hero. Bartemius asked.

-Hm ... I guess it's possible. Preferences, make it pure-blooded, I honestly do not want to hear my mother screaming loudly. Sirius answered before heading to his bike with his godson. He was followed by four aurors, to which he gave an appointment at Grimmauld.

Once gone, Albus and Bartemius began to talk together.

«What should we do, Chief Warlock? Bartemius asked.

-The best, at the moment, is to place a notice of research concerning Peter Pettigrew for the betrayal of James and Lily Potter and the membership in the terrorist group Death Eaters. Then we should incarcerate all those with the black mark and then try them. I'm sure Minister Bagnole will agree with me. Albus answered while thinking about what to do next.

-Yes you are right. I am not ordering the arrest of all Death Eaters, and I will publish an advertisement in the Daily Prophet to encourage Death Eaters to surrender with a promise of reduced sentence. Declared Crouch.

-Perfect. I myself will take the opportunity to officially announce the fall of Lord Voldemort before someone else does. Unfortunately, Harry Potter will become famous. I sincerely hope he will not become haughty because of that. Dumbledore replied, worried about Harry Potter's future.

-And even if it was, Dumbledore. He defeated You-know-who, he is a hero! » Crouch retorted directly, smiling, while Dumbledore did not answer. Both apparated to the ministry of magic, while aurorss went home to announce the end of the dark wizard and the reason for his fall. Soon, witch families began to celebrate across the country, or even around the world, because Voldemort's influence had spread well beyond the borders.


Meanwhile, in the district of Islington in London, you could hear a motorcycle. Yet there was absolutely nothing on the road. Indeed, it was by looking up that we could then see a motorcycle, moving with ease in the air, and heading to Square Grimmauld. Sirius finally drops the bike in front of 12 Grimmauld Place. In front of the magic mansion were the four aurorss charged to accompany him, including Alastor Moody '' Mad-Eye ''. They were waiting on the door step.

«Lord Black, we were waiting for you. Greeted Moody watched him with his magic eye.

-No that with me, Moody. You're my mentor, you do not need to use my title with me. Sirius replied nonchalantly, smiling.

-If you say that, man. And do not forget, VIGILANCE CONSTANT! Smiles then Moody.

-Less good, you're going to wake up Harry! Sirius answered before bringing them into the mansion. They were immediately greeted by Kreacher.

«The disappointment is back. Poor mistress will not be happy. Oh, poor Kreacher, poor Kreacher ...»Then say the house elf before disappearing to warn his mistress. It only took a few seconds for the last one to arrive.

It was then that Walburga Black, Sirius' mother came down the stairs, dressed richly with a haughty look.

«My son, here you are back. And what are you bringing to our home? Asked the matriarch of the Black family, looking attentively at the visitors. Seeing only purebloods, she bowed her head in sign of approval

-Mother. I came here with my godson, Hadrian James Potter and Aurorss for our safety. Replied Sirius tersely.

-A half-blood? You dared to bring a half-breed back to my house? This son of Mudblood? Screamed the matriarch, which made the baby scream and annoyed Sirius.

-Silence! Yelled Sirius, much to the shock of all, especially his mother and Kreacher.

-Harry is not a half-breed and Lily was not a mudblood. He continued.

-Explicate you, I'm listening to you. Walburga said while calming down a bit.

-Contrary to what you think, Lily is not a muggleborn. We did an inheritance test on her at Gringotts, and we found out that her parents were just Squibs. » Sirius answered while smiling at Harry to make him sleep again.

Hearing that the young child was not a half blood but pureblood, she ordered Kreacher to take the child to sleep in the nursery near the master bedroom. The elf was immediately followed by two aurorss. Walburga, Sirius, Alastor, and the other auror walked to the parlour to sit down.

«Well, well, that's reassuring. And tell me, what are his ancestries? Walburga asked curiously.

-Well, you should be glad to know that Lily Potter was none other than the descendent of Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin! He declared, shocking the matriarch.

-S S ... ... .Slytherin? Ravenclaw? Are you sure? She asked, stammering, wide-eyed.

-Yup. Just answered Sirius accentuating the "P".

-It's extraordinary! The heir of the Blacks, the future Lord Slytherin and Ravenclaw, here! It's perfect, oh my son, it's perfect! Laughed heartedly then the black matriarch, shocking all those present.

-Do Not forget Potter, mother. Sirius added, which made Walburga's laughter even louder.

-Thanks to you, my son, our family will become the greatest in the world. Do you realize? Your heir will be Lord Potter, Black, Slytherin and Ravenclaw, it's exceptional! Walburga declared with a big smile.

-Not only mother, » Sirius started, looking at Moody and auroring with attention.

-What do you mean? She asked, worried.

-Before adding anything, it will take me a Wizard's oath before disclosing more. Sirius said, looking at both aurors and his mother.

-Very good. I, Walburga Black, matriarch of the Black family, swear not to reveal to anyone who is not in the secret what Sirius Black, Lord Black, will reveal to me. So mote it be. » Swear the matriarch while raising her wand. She was enveloped by a halo of blue magic before disappearing. Moody and the other aurors present did the same.

«Very good. Now, I will be able to tell you more. Sirius said with a big smile, relieved that they agreed to swear this oath.

-So, what is it, boy? Asked Moody, curious.

-When we did Lily's heritage test, we took the opportunity to do it with James, and the results were shocking. It was discovered that the Potters are the heirs of the Peverell and Gryffindor families. Revealed Sirius, which made the occupants of the room gasp.

-Sirius, are you telling me that the little guy is the future Lord Slytherin, Potter, Ravenclaw, Black, but also Peverell and Gryffindor? Alastor asked, his magical eye spinning at full speed.

-Exactly, but not only! Answered Sirius.

-And then what else, do not tell me he has other titles? Asked Moody.

-Well ... started Sirius.

-My son, we are under oath, you can tell us everything. Then Walburga exasperated.

-We discovered that Lily and James are both descendants of the Pendragon and Emrys family, that's it! Announced quickly Sirius, nailing the other occupants.

-I see. » Walburga answered simply before fainting.

Immediately, Kreacher appeared to his mistress to help her wake up, shooting a scathing glare to everyone else. After a few minutes, she finally wakes up.

"My son, tell me, did I hear correctly? She asked.

-Yes, you heard right. Answered Sirius.

-Pendragon, Emrys ... These are names I did not expect to hear one day. Said Alastor Moody.

-It's ... it's wonderful! Hurray Walburga.

-Hein? Sirius said stupidly, looking at his mother.

- Your heir, the heir of the Blacks, the descendant of Arthur Pendragon and Merlin! Do you realize what that means, my idiot son? The Blacks will reign over the whole country, that's what it means! Walburga said in an ecstatic state.

-Oh ... he replied stupidly.

-That's all? It's your only reaction, kid? Fit Moody.

-Well no. It's just that ... I do not think it's very important, anyway, not for now. I mean, we're not going to make a baby a king, anyway, the ministry and the wizengamot will not accept it. Sirius answered more seriously.

-Hm ... Unless he recovers Excalibur's sword, no, I do not think so. Whatever he should have access to the crown, normally to Gringotts, no? Then asked the auror present that had been silent until now.

-My boy, among our families, we say Caledfwlch. Walburga corrected him.

-Exact. In any case, we should be interested in it later. Answered Sirius Black.

-Yes, you're right. But it will be necessary to give him a royal education to this boy. He will have to learn to speak several languages, be it English, Latin, French, Gaelic ... Walburga began.

-More mother, we'll see that later. Anyway, it's up to me to teach him, and one thing is certain, it will not be here. Sirius said.

-What? How's that, not here? Walburga asked, raising his voice.

-Very simple, I refuse that my godson is raised here. I think the best is the Potter's Castle, although some call it Potter's Manor. Said Sirius.

-Hmph. Fit Walburga.

-Excellent idea! It's more spacious and better protected there. I will always wonder why James refused to live there. Fit then Alastor.

-Bah, if I remember correctly, he just did not want to live there after the death of his parents, too many memories. And then, Lily made it a tourist site for muggles. Answered Sirius.

-A touristic site? What is it? Asked the auror.

-Hum, as I understand it, it's a place that people pay to visit, to do meetings, ceremonies, weddings, things like that. I thought I heard some people wanted to pay big money to live there for a few days. » Sirius answered.

Walburga refrained from shouting about muggles and parasites all over the place. Finally, she thinks about the implication of all that.

«Does it pay? She asked.

-Hm ... I think so, yes. If I remember correctly, the Potter Castle is the third largest in the country. I remember Lily told me it brought about 100 000 000 £ per year, or 20 000 000 gallons a year. Sirius said.

- Twenty million? Hurray Walburga.

-But that's more than what the Malfoy earns in ten years! Fit Moody.

-Well, Lily explained to me, muggles make a lot of money these days, so it pays a lot. And since they made a name for themselves among muggles, I suppose Harry will also appear in their newspapers. I am sure that now he must be one of the richest in all of England. Sirius answered with a big smile.

-One thing is sure, he will not miss money in the future. The only problem I see is that it will be known to muggles. Fit Alastor.

-No counting his title. Answered Sirius, smiling.

-His title? Asked Walburga, curious.

-Yes, mother, even among muggles, they have titles of nobility, linked to the time when we served the monarchy. Most wizarding families do not have titles anymore because they think we are dead, but the Potters have kept their title. Said Sirius.

-What is this title? She asked.

-Hm ... I think it was Duke of York. Answered Sirius.

-Very good, a title of nobility that suits. I wonder if this title is valid in the Ministry. You will think to inform yourself about it, Hm? She asked.

-Yes mother. In addition, I will have to officially announce the death of James and Lily to the muggles, which will make Harry the new Duke. I just hope the muggle royal family will not get too involved. Fortunately, I am also his muggle godfather. Sirius answered with a smile.

-Other surprises, Black? » Alastor asked.

Nobody answered, and a silence settled for a few minutes, during which Kreacher took the opportunity to bring back tea and pastries.

«Would that not that make Lord Hadrian the owner of Hogwarts? Then asked the auror.

-Hm ... I guess so. He alone possesses ¾ of the school and the surroundings. And besides, if I remember correctly, Hogwarts is on land owned by the Peverell family. Alastor replied thoughtfully.

-And, would not that make him the new director of Hogwarts, responsible for education, in addition to being above the Board of Governors? In retrospect, would this not revoke the Board of Governors? Asked the auror again.

-He is right! But, Harry is way too young to take care of all that. Answered Sirius.

-Well, since you're his guardian, it's up to you to take care of it, my son. The best thing would be simply to dismiss the Board of Governors, in any case, they are only good for nothing that grow on the backs of others. That way, we can restore old subjects, such as Dark Arts teaching, duelling, pure-blood ethics and lifestyle, alchemy and many more. Ha, even politics, and we could finally teach all these mudblood how to behave in our living environment. Well, I tell you, if we had done that earlier, there would never have been a war! Walburga declared vehemently.

-I do not mind, but I have to deal with Harry first and foremost. Why not name a proxy to handle Hogwarts? Asked Sirius.

-No. Anyone would be able to abuse the position. The best thing would be to form a new council, temporarily, from which we will choose the members, until Harry is ready. Walburga declared.

-She's right. Replied Alastor simply.

-Very good, and you recommend who? Asked Sirius.

-Well ...»They continued for more than an hour before going to rest.


The next day Sirius could be found in the dining room with the aurors, his mother and godson, while Kreacher was eating them, delighted. Upon learning that Sirius was no longer a disappointment, and that inheriting the Blacks was so prestigious, Kreacher had become a happy house elf. Even more knowing that he would take care of the young master.

It was then that Kreacher retrieved the last issue of the Daily Prophet before giving it to Sirius and then a double to his mistress :


By Rita Skeeter.

This is news that has turned the wizarding world upside down today! Yes, my dear readers, You-Know-Who is no longer of this world. As incredible as it may be, the dark wizard was defeated last night during the Samhain. But who is the vanquisher?

Well, know that this is none other than a young child of just over a year named Hadrian James Potter. You read correctly, a child has defeated the Dark Lord of whom everyone was so frightened. Hadrian James Potter is the son of Lord James Charlus Potter and Lady Lily Jane Potter born Evans, both killed at Godric's Hollow by He-Who-Should-Not-be-Named. But how is this possible? For this we have the testimonies of two important individuals in our society.

According to Albus Wulfric Brian Percival Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump and Chief Warlock, as well as Bartemius Crouch Senior, Head of the Department of Law Enforcement, the Dark Lord would have been defeated by his own spell. Indeed, everything proves that the young Hadrian James Potter, better known as Harry Potter, would have survived the spell of death miraculously to send him back to You-Know-Who, finally ending his reign of terror .

«It's a sad day, and at the same time, a bright day. Today, two people we loved are dead, and yet the light prevails because Voldemort (these are his words) has finally been defeated! » Hogwarts director told us.

«The notorious criminal known as Voldemort is finally defeated. From now on, we will concentrate all our strength to catch the remaining Death Eaters. The ministry agrees to impose lesser penalties for Death Eaters who will surrender in the next twenty-four hours. Said the Head of the Department of Law Enforcement.

Finally, another statement was given by our Minister of Magic, Milicent Bagnold.

«On this day, we will be able to begin the reconstruction of our country. That is why we have decided to grant Hadrian James Potter the Order of Merlin 1 st class and the Order of Merlin 2 nd posthumously class to his parents, James and Lily Potter. May they rest in peace. »

We, the members of the Daily Prophet, are in full agreement with this proposal, and hope that our young Harry Potter will be well. However, the question arises, who is his guardian?

All this will be unveiled at the opening of wills of James and Lily Potter, who will be held at Gringotts on 1 st November 1981 privately. Fortunately, I have the chance to be invited.

For more information about You-Know-Who and his reign of terror, go to page 3.

For more information on the Potter family, go to pages 4 and 5.

For more information on Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore, visit page 6.

«This Rita Skeeter, this is the first time I see her write something that is not vehement and full of poison. Said Sirius.

-My son, this news must surely be his right to fame. And since she wants to be present for the will, I guess she will do anything to stand by. Replied the matriarch.

-And how is my godson? Asked Sirius.

-The young master is fine. Yes, Kreacher takes good care of him. Replied the house elf, while feeding the child.

-Very good. Oh, look at this other article! Sirius said.


By Rita Skeeter.

On this glorious day there is another news of the most desolating. Indeed, a notice of research was published by the Department of Magic regarding Peter Pettigrew, a Death Eater responsible for the deaths of Lily and James Potter.

According to my sources, Peter Pettigrew was the custodian of Fidelius' secret regarding the location of the Potter family. It was revealed that Peter Pettigrew was in fact a traitor in the pay of You-Know-Who, not hesitating to betray his friends, which resulted in the death of Lord James Potter and Lady Lily Potter.

To do so, the Ministry of Magic ordered the capture of this individual, considering him extremely dangerous. If you see it, immediately tell the Aurors Office. Peter Pettigrew is an unregistered animagus in the form of a rat, so be careful.

We sincerely hope that he will be apprehended as soon as possible, because it is obvious that such an individual does not deserve to live in our society and must be punished. Some already want to impose on him the kiss of the dementor.

For more information on Peter Pettigrew, go to page 10.

The table was silent after Sirius repeated the article aloud. The silence was broken by Alastor Moody.

«Ha! Now he will not have anywhere to hide! Fit the old auror.

-I just hope they catch him fast. » Sirius said before focusing on what he should do on that day.

First of all, he had to go to Gringotts for the opening of the wills. Fortunately, a ministry official had already been invited to deal directly with Harry's placement, so he did not have to go to the ministry. On the other hand, he had to go to muggle London to officially announce the death of Lily and James Potter, fortunately most of the work would be done by the Department of Magic in relation to the British ministry. Not to mention that he had to organize the funeral of James and Lily to be buried in the family vault at Potter Castle.

Finally, he decided to settle at the Potter Castle in York, believing that it would be more secure, and would create an image among muggles. That's how Sirius got ready, wearing one of his finest dresses made of Acromantula silk. The dress was black with filigree silver and emerald and the coat of arms of the Black family on the front of the dress. He also wore a white shirt with pure silver buttons, a pair of dragon leather boots and silk pants. The most important was, of course, Lord Black's ring in his hand, made of silver with an onyx at its centre, held by a clasp in the form of a raven and a wand.

He grabbed his godson in his arms, also dressed for the occasion, and went to the fireplace to appear at the Leaky Cauldron, accompanied by the four aurors and his mother, also dressed for the occasion. Together, they showed everyone the power and importance of the Black family.

When they crossed Diagon Alley to Gringotts, they were approached by several citizens who had noticed the young Harry in Sirius's arms. Fortunately, the aurors managed to keep them away. They were joined by other aurors, accompanied by Albus Dumbledore, to finally arrive at the entrance to Gringotts. Two armed goblins guarded the big bank gates, which they opened on seeing the group arrive.

The group headed for one of the Gringotts rooms, the one in which the director of the Gringotts Bank in the United Kingdom, Ragnok, personally in charge of the wills of James and Lily Potter, was waiting. When they entered the room, there was already Remus Lupin, Bartemius Crouch as a representative of the ministry, Minister of Magic Milicent Bagnold, Severus Snape, Alice and Frank Longbottom, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Rita Skeeter and to the amazement of all, Petunia Dursley and her husband, Vernon Dursley, muggles.

«Perfect, here you are, with the young Lord Potter who is more. Ragnok said with a scary smile that wanted to be friendly.

At these words, the doors of the room were closed.

«All right, we'll be able to start. I will first open the will of Lady Lily Potter born Evans. Then said the goblin, who tapped a crystal in front of him, revealing the image of Lily Potter who began to speak.

«I, Lily Jane Potter born Evans, Lady Potter, Lady Slytherin, Lady Ravenclaw and Lady Evans, swear to be sane of mind on my magic, so be it.

To start, I'm sorry to read you this testament, I was sincerely hoping to live longer, but it seems too late. To begin :

-To Sirius Black, I bequeath my son, Hadrian James Potter, hoping that he can raise it as it should, without much nonsense I hope. No need to give him money, he has enough like that.

-To Remus Lupin, I bequeath the sum of 100,000 galleons, after all, I understand that his situation is complicated.

-To Albus Dumbledore, I bequeath 100,000 galleons for the phoenix, he will understand. I also leave him a huge bag full of treats he should love, I hope he will appreciate them.

-To Severus Snape. First of all, I wish to tell you that I forgive you for calling me Mudblood, but I will never forgive you for joining the enemy. I leave him all the same all my potion ingredients.

-To Alice and Frank Longbottom, I leave you with 100,000 Galleons each, and I hope you can make sure that Neville and Harry see each other often, after all, Alice, you're Harry's godmother.

-To Peter Pettigrew, if we did not die because of you, I bequeath 100,000 galleons. On the other hand, if I died by your fault, then I curse you forever!

-To Filius Flitwick, my dear teacher, I thank you for always encouraging me to deepen the charms and get my mastery. That's why I leave you all my books of enchantment, some of which are very rare, I know you will treat them with respect, and who knows, teach them to my son later. I also leave you an armour made of dragon leather made especially for you, I wish you to continue your career master duellist. I also bequeath 100,000 Galleons to my favourite teacher.

-To my sister, Petunia Dursley, I want to tell you first of all that I'm sorry I could not spend more time with you. I leave you £ 500,000 if you divorced Vernon Dursley, so take advantage of it to get away from him. This money is only available in Petunia, Vernon Dursley will never be able to touch it. If you ever refuse to divorce, you'll still get £ 10,000 and not a penny more, because I refuse to give money to this monster who serves you as a husband.

-Finally, to my son, Hadrian James Potter, I bequeath all my money and all my possessions, in addition to the titles of Lord Slytherin, Lord Ravenclaw and Lord Evans.

If my son cannot be placed with Sirius Black, here is a list of his future guardians :

Remus Lupin-Alice Longbottom-Frank Longbottom-Minerva McGonagall-Albus Dumbledore-A family chosen by the ministry.

NEVER my son should be placed with my sister while she is married to Vernon Dursley, or with a certified Death Eater family.

So be it. »The image disappeared then.

Ragnok did not waste time and gave the material goods directly to the people concerned.

«The money has already been distributed to your accounts. » He simply added.

Vernon Dursley stood up, red with rage at what Lily Potter had said, catching his wife by the way, who also had a disdainful look. Unfortunately, Petunia was not interested in leaving Vernon. After all, she hated her sister.

«Come on Vernon, let's get away from these freaks! » She declared, to the greatest hatred of all those present.

Sirius hold Walburga back before she can throw her a CRUCIO.

For her part, Rita Skeeter was completely ecstatic, learning that, all things considered, Lily Potter was not a Muggle-born, but a pureblood, direct descendant of Slytherin and Ravenclaw, as well as the almost-extinct lineage of the noble Evans family. She wondered how she had never been able to make the connection between the noble family that became Squib Evans and her. Just that was going to make a scoop.

«Very good. It is now time to open the will of Lord James Charlus Potter. » Declared Ragnok.

-Before you start, know that this testament is in two parts. One public, and the other private under inviolable oath. He added, to the greatest shock of all.

-We will proceed through the public part of the will. » Ragnok then said before knocking another crystal in front of him that made the image of James Potter appear.

«I, Duke James Charlus Potter, Duke of York, Lord Potter, Lord Peverell and Lord Gryffindor swear to be sane of mind on my magic, so be it.

Before I begin, I wish to express my deepest apologies if I ever died before raising my son, or having defeated Voldemerde. * He chuckled *

First of all :

-At Sirius Black, whom I consider my own brother, I bequeath to you my beloved son, Hadrian James Potter, that I hope you will be raised as your own son, since you named him heir to the Black family. I'm counting on you, Padfoot. I give you 1 000 000 galleons in case, I know you do not really need, and I do it just to annoy you. Mouhahahaha.

-At Remus Lupin, my dear friend, I leave you 1 000 000 galleons, so you will buy new clothes and a hairstyle you paid, you really need to. I also leave you Wolf's Cottage in York, so you can always be ready with my family.

-At Peter Pettigrew, if you have not betrayed us, I leave you 1 000 000 galleons and Den Rat in York. If you are ever responsible for our death, then I leave you nothing and Rat's Den will be renamed and sold to the highest bidder.

-At Albus Dumbledore, I leave you with 2 000 000 galleons for your phoenix, you know how it keeps me in the heart. Use it to do some good around you.

-At Minerva McGonagall, dear Minnie, I leave to you 1 000 000 galleons to have you supported all my antics and a cat tree. Beware, the next generation of marauders is underway! * Evil Ricana *

-At Severus Snape, I bequeath 500,000 galleons to be forgiven for all the harm I did to you, and I realized how immature I was. Unfortunately, I cannot cancel your life debt, which is why I am sending it directly to my son.

-At Frank Longbottom, I bequeath 1 000 000 galleons, hopefully make thee good use, and that you let our son live together as they deserve.

-At Alice Longbottom, I bequeath 1,000,000 galleons, and I ask you the same as Frank.

-Finally, to my son, Hadrian James Potter, I leave you all that I have, in addition to my titles Duke of York, Lord Potter, Lord Gryffindor and Lord Peverell.

If my son cannot be placed with Sirius Black, here is a list of his future guardians :

Remus Lupin-Alice Longbottom-Frank Longbottom-Minerva McGonagall-Albus Dumbledore-A family chosen by the ministry.

NEVER my son should be placed with my sister-in-law while she is married to Vernon Dursley, or with a certified Death Eater family. I swear to come back from the dead if he ends up with a family like the Malfoy.

So be it. »The picture then disappeared.

This was the rout, and most people could be heard crying, especially the marauders. The only person who did not cry was Walburga Black, who had the young Harry in her arms at that moment.

«The money has been transferred to your vaults as well as the deeds. » Ragnok said, giving a bottomless bag of books and armour to Filius Flitwick, whom he had forgotten to distribute just before.

Albus Dumbledore was drying his tears with Minerva, while the half-goblin wept bitterly as he held the bag in his hands.

For their part, Sirius and Lupin were in tears, while Frank and Alice tried to restrain themselves without succeeding. We could even hear Harry crying, realizing that his parents would never come back.

Even Rita Skeeter had a tear in her eye, and her quill was writing quickly on a parchment. For her, was the scoop of the century, even the millennium. When she learned all of Hadrian James Potter's titles, she realized that he alone would control at least ¼ Wizengamot or more, not to mention that he was now the owner of Hogwarts and its environs, including Hogsmeade. In addition, he was Duke, possessing an entire duchy. Not to mention that he was apparently the heir of the Black family.

After a few minutes, Ragnok cleared his throat.

«Very good. Now is the time to read James Charlus Potter's private will. To do this, all those present must swear an inviolable oath or leave the room. »The goblin said.

At these words Rita Skeeter, Alice and Frank Longbottom, Milicent Bagnold and Bartemius Crouch left the room. Just after, the occupants of the room swore the inviolable oath to reveal nothing.

«Okay, here's the private testament of James Charlus Potter. » The goblin said before banging on a crystal dispute, revealing James Potter's image.

«To all those who listen to me, I hope you are not too saddened by my death, and above all, that you have recovered from my previous testament.

The reason for this private testament is very simple, we discovered, Sirius, Lily and Me, important facts about our lineage.

My title and full name is theoretically Prince James Charlus Pendragon-Myrdin-Peverell-Gryffindor-Potter Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Avalon, future High King of Avalon and all its inhabitants. I am not the only one, however, because Lily is also one of the last heiress of Myrdin and Pendragon, her sister being Squib, she is ineligible for these titles. So, so her title is Princess Lily Jane Pendragon-Myrdin-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Potter-Evans, future High Queen of Avalon and all its inhabitants. The goblins can certify it to you, we did the inheritance tests.

Whereas we are dead, it means that everything returns to our son, Hadrian. I suppose he will now be Prince Hadrian James Pendragon-Myrdin-Peverell-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Potter-Evans, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Avalon. According to my calculations, he alone has 69 seats in Wizengamot, almost half of the seats, not to mention that by becoming King, he can dissolve the Wizengamot, because the Kingdom of Albion is above all an absolute monarchy.

That's why I'm counting on you to raise my son as he should, and help him get to the throne he deserves. I ask Sirius to give these seven years to my son his rings of heirs, and if possible, to visit his coffers at his eleven years, before entering Hogwarts. I suppose he will be able to authorize my son to certain titles of Lord from his eleven years, mainly those of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin for greater security in Hogwarts. You never know who could harm his life.

Finally, I wish to remind everyone that my son is a porter, the first of our family, except perhaps on the side of Pendragon. I guess this gene comes directly from Arthur, known to have carried Myrdin's child. It will be necessary for him then to find his or her soul-sisters, I do not know if it has several, but I suppose it is possible, one never knows.

Thank you all for listening to me, and thank you to the goblins for accessing my request. Prongs out! »

Apart from Sirius, Walburga and the goblins, all were stunned. Sirius could not stopped laughing as he saw Dumbledore's head. Walburga, on the other hand, wore a superior smile, identical to that of goblins.

After a few minutes, Albus spoke.

«Hm, I must admit it was unexpected. He said.

-Unexpected? That's all you have to say? This brat is going to be king, and that's all you have to say? » Severus yelled.

After his loud invoice, he was threatened by four goblins armed with spears, not to mention Sirius and Walburga with their wands.

«How dare you talk like that to the heir of Black, you filthy half-blood? Yelled the matriarch.

-Listen here, Snivellus! That I do not see you approaching my godchild, or you will regret it. » Sirius said threateningly.

Right after, Severus Snape was escorted out of the room by the goblins. Even Albus cast a disappointed look at Severus.

«Alas, I'm afraid Severus will never get rid of the hatred he has for James, and by marriage, his son. Said Albus, disappointed with Snape's behaviour.

-Bah, this half-blood is of no importance. Walburga replied scornfully.

-Ret come back to the most important, the fact that we have before us our future king? Filius asked, looking at the baby.

-I do not understand. Why did not they claim the throne? Minerva asked curiously.

-I can answer that question, ma'am. Fit then Ragnok.

-First of all, it must be known that they have learned that they were the last descendants of the crown, but that does not explain why they did not claim the throne. In fact, they did not do it because another person was eligible, Lord Voldemort. Ragnok answered, causing the other occupants of the room to gasp.

-Death flight? I see ... I suppose that Salazar was the descendant of Pendragon and Myrdin? Albus asked, sure of himself.

-Actually no. Everything proves that it was his wife. It seems that Velana Slytherin born Pendragon was the granddaughter of King Arthur Pendragon and his companion, Emrys Myrdin, better known as Merlin. Answered Ragnok.

-If this is the case, how is it that no one has claimed the throne before? Remus asked.

-Very simple, wizards are idiots. They think they know everything, and are convinced to know by heart their lines that they almost never do inheritance tests. Before James and Lily Potter, the last to have an inheritance test were none other than Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. Replied the goblin.

-Well, at least, it gives us the advantage. I guess now, Hadrian is the only heir? Asked Sirius.

-In fact, we checked, is his grace Hadrian is the only possible heir. However, we noticed an irregularity. Said the goblin.

-An irregularity? What kind of irregularity? McGonagall asked.

-Very simple. According to our records, the one you call Lord Voldemort, better known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, is not totally dead. Our bank register considers it partially dead. Obviously, being considered partially dead, he lost all his titles and fortune, automatically returning to his grace Hadrian. Revealed Ragnok, shocking everyone.

-How is it possible? He cannot be alive and dead at once! Flitwick said, flabbergasted.

-Hm, maybe if ... Dumbledore thoughtfully thought, which caught everyone's attention.

-You have an idea? Asked Sirius, intrigued.

-Well ... There is a very dark ritual that would help people to not die. However, it is one of the vilest rituals that can exist. Dumbledore said, which made more than one shudder.

-I think I understand where the Hogwarts Director is coming from. Ragnok replied, attracting the attention of others.

-What is it? » Sirius asked impatiently.

For her part, Walburga digested the fact that Lord Voldemort was a half-breed, because she knew full well that Riddle was not a pure-blooded name. And she suspected the ritual used by this half-blood, the volumes of Black House being filled with dark magic.

«I think Tom Riddle used the soul breaking spell to create receptacles linking him to the physical world, better known as Horcrux. Revealed the goblin, which validated the hypothesis of Albus and Walburga.

- He did not dare? Sirius asked, knowing what horcrux was.

-It would seem that he did indeed dared. » Just answered the goblin, disgusted by such an act of magic.

Albus Dumbledore then chooses this moment to examine more closely the child, and especially, his scar. He tried to scan him, to pull away suddenly, disgusted.

«Professor? Remus asked, shocked by Dumbledore's reaction.

-A problem with Harry? Asked Sirius.

-It seems that Tom has managed to make young Harry his horcrux. For the moment, it seems limited to his scar. » Revealed Dumbledore.

Immediately, all went to Harry to examine the scar, and some retreated in disgust.

«We cannot leave that there! Yelled Walburga, making Harry cry.

-There is a goblin purification ritual to remove and destroy a horcrux without damaging the receptacle. Fit then Ragnok.

-You can treat my godson? Sirius asked, his tone full of hope.

-Of course, for a price, it goes without saying. Ragnok answered with his commercial smile.

-I am ready to pay what will be needed. Sirius answered, without waiting.

-Good. That will make 1,000 galleons. I will order the preparation of the ritual. Ragnok answered before beckoning to one of the guards, the latter waving before disappearing.

-The ritual will be ready in a few minutes. However, I do not think this horcrux is voluntary. This means that there are others. Replied the goblin.

-Is there not a way to find them? Asked Flitwick.

-Unfortunately no. On the other hand, there is a charm which makes it possible to know if there exists such an object in a given place. I guess it would be prudent to do it here, to prove to you that it works. It should tell us the young prince is a horcrux. » Ragnok replied, drawing nods from the occupants of the room.

He began to incarnate a formula in Gobbledegook. Shortly after, two images appeared in front of them. One of them flashing, Harry's scar. The other image depicting a gold cup with a badger engraved on it. All were speechless.

«I ... it's impossible! There are two horcrux in the bank! Said Ragnok, surprised.

-How is it possible? Asked Sirius.

-I guess Tom had to store one of his horcrux here. After all, Gringotts is considered inviolable. Albus answered, pensive.

-It is unacceptable! Griphook! Erhak! Rognar! » Called Ragnok then.

Soon, three goblins arrived, alarmed.

«Look for each bank vault, a horcrux is hidden in it! First, search the Death Eater's vaults, and if it's not positive, search each vault, without exception. I want this horcrux to be brought here so that it can be purified at the same time as the prince. Fit then Ragnok.

-Yes, my lord! Said the three goblins before leaving with a real army of goblins.

-I propose to wait before doing the ritual of purification, in order to purify the prince and the horcrux at the same time. » Ragnok said, looking at Sirius in the eyes, nodding.

For more than an hour they all discussed horcrux and possible places. Albus asked a group of goblins to check the Hogwarts enclosure to make sure there were no horcrux. Walburga also asked about Grimmauld, worried that such an object might be in her home.

Finally, the goblins returned to the room with a chest in which the horcrux was stored.

«We found it, my lord. The horcrux was in the vault of Bellatrix Lestrange. It seems like an object of great value. Griphook said, opening the chest.

-By Merlin! It's the Helga Hufflepuff Cup. Exclaimed Dumbledore, surprised.

-How dare this half-blooded desecrated the object of one of the founders of Hogwarts? » Yelled Walburga, very angry.

For several minutes they could hear the ma'am screaming and threatening Voldemort with all the names and spells, some more sordid than the others, making the goblins particularly smile by her fertile imagination. Shortly after, they went to the Hall where the purification ritual would take place. There were about ten goblins dressed in white robes, around a circle surrounded by runes.

«Please drop the child and the cup in the centre of the circle. » Ragnok asked. Walburga deposed the child, while Rognar laid the horcrux. Shortly after, the goblins could be heard singing in Gobbledegook while the wizards watched the scene, amazed.

Harry could then be heard crying and screaming with all his strength. Suddenly, a huge screaming black mass began to come out of his scar and the cup. Voldemort's deformed face could be clearly seen through the two black masses. They immediately began looking for a new receptacle in the room. The goblins did not lose a moment, and they used crystals they had in their hands to generate a white light that literally burned the two black masses. In just a few seconds, the two black masses were completely destroyed. At the end, we heard only Harry's cries.

Soon, Sirius went near his godson to recover him. One of the goblins approached him before giving him a healing potion to make his godson swallow it. The latter did not pray and made Harry swallow the potion.

After a few seconds, the bleeding scar just before had faded, becoming barely visible.

«Chhhh, Chhhh, it's over Harry, it's over. Reassured Sirius while cradling Harry in his arms.

-It is done, Lord Black, the prince is no longer affected by the horcrux. Fit then Ragnok.

-And concerning the cup? McGonagall asked.

-Well, since there is no Lord Hufflepuff, this cup belongs de facto to the owner of Hogwarts, the prince here present. Answered Ragnok.

-The Smith family claims to be a descendant of Hufflepuff, cannot they claim the cup? Dumbledore asked.

-Contrary to what they like to believe, the Smiths are not legitimate. They are descendants of an illegitimate child of the Hufflepuff lineage, so they have no rights. Said Ragnok with a vicious smile.

-Bah, more parvenus who tried to put their dirty fingers on what was not their by right. Now that we know the truth, we can put them in their place. Walburga answered, savouring in advance the public dereliction she was inflicting on the Smith family.

-Obviously, the Goblin nation is committed to providing you with the necessary documents, in return for a small fee, of course. Smiles then Ragnok.

-Of course. » Smiles Walburga in turn.

The exchange between Ragnok and Walburga made the other wizards, even Dumbledore and Flitwick, shiver with terror.

It was finally decided to store the Hufflepuff Cup at Hogwarts in the Great Hall under a glass bell. When they finished their business in Gringotts, the wizards returned home, with goblin teams in the case of Dumbledore and Sirius.


When Sirius, Walburga and the aurors who had been waiting outside the bank returned to Grimmauld with the goblins, they were surprised to learn that a horcrux was in the mansion.

The horcrux was attached to a vaguely familiar amulet. Walburga is recognized immediately.

«Again? This half-breed still desecrated one of the founders' relics? She yelled, which attracted Kreacher.

-Mistress will finally destroy the amulet? Kreacher asked hopefully.

-You knew this thing was here, and you did not tell us anything? Walburga asked, shooting the elf with her eyes.

-Pardon Kreacher mistress. Kreacher promised the kind Master Regulus to destroy the amulet, but Kreacher did not succeed. Kreacher is a bad elf. The elf replied, crying.

-Regulus asked you to destroy it? » Sirius asked.

Kreacher then explained how he had received the amulet, with Voldemort's deception and Regulus' death. Walburga could not help crying when she heard of her son's death, while Sirius clenched his fists, cursing Voldemort with all the names. He asked the goblins to purify Salazar Slytherin's amulet at Gringotts before bringing her back here.

The goblins left, and returned after a few hours with the now purified amulet. Kreacher cried with tears, happy to hear that the last wishes of his master had finally been granted.

«This amulet belongs to Harry. If I remember correctly, whoever wears it is immune to most poisons and his spells are reinforced. Sirius said, smiling.

-Excellent. It will be perfect for your godson. We will give it to him when he is older. In the meantime, you should keep it with you. Replied Walburga.

-You are right, mother. But I will have to go to muggle London today. Announced Sirius.

-Why is that? Asked Walburga, suspicious.

-As you know, I planned to live at Castle Potter, which is located in York. To do so, I will have to announce the death of James and Lily to muggles. The papers are already made, I just have to go to the Royal Palace to let the competent authorities know. I remind you that officially, Harry is now the Duke of York, so we must inform the muggle royal family. Just answered Sirius.

-Very well, but I want you to be escorted by auror. There are still death eaters. Said Walburga.

-You are right. For that matter. I, Sirius Orion Black, Lord Black of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Black House, officially dissolved the marriage between Bellatrix Lestrange born Black and Rodolphus Lestrange. I immediately demand the wedding dowry offered by Black House. Finally, I banished Bellatrix Black from Black House, may she never stain our family again, and never find refuge among our allies and friends. So be it. »Sirius said solemnly.

Immediately, he was surrounded by a blue halo, proving that his request was validated by magic.

«And now, now she will be Bellatrix No-name, because that's all she deserves for kneeling in front of a blood traitor half-blood mongrel, and having voluntarily welcomed a horcrux in her vault. » Sirius said, drawing an approving glance from his mother and the aurors, especially Moody.

He prepared himself wearing a more appropriate outfit for the muggle world, the aurors doing the same, and headed for the London Royal Palace with his godson in his arms.


Meanwhile, at Hogwarts, Dumbledore was accompanied by McGonagall, Flitwick and Snape who had been recovered in front of the bank. They were with the goblins, who had decided to check Hogwarts for a possible horcrux and other curse.

After an hour, the goblins reported to a slightly anxious faculty. Fortunately, the students were not present as the school was closed for a week to celebrate the end of Voldemort's reign of terror.

«Director Dumbledore, we detected several curses in the castle, in addition to a horcrux. Fit the goblin responsible for the brigade, Ralnuk.

-It is sadly what I feared. Replied Dumbledore.

- What curses are we talking about? McGonagall asked.

-It would seem that there is a curse on the position of professor of defence against the Dark Arts. In addition, there are other minor curses that aim to gang up students against each other, to force a hatred against muggleborns, but also to force a common hatred against Slytherin House. Finally, there is a curse to break the stairs, preventing them from working properly, which explains their random movements. These are all the curses we have found. Ralnuk replied.

-I see. Can you cleanse the castle? Dumbledore asked.

-Of course. However, it will not be the same price. Besides that we have to find the horcrux, which seems to hide in a room on the seventh floor. Fit one of the goblins.

-Hm ... the horcrux must be in the Come-and-Go room. Said Flitwick, thoughtfully.

-Well, in this case, we're just going to get it back. But how much will it cost us? Dumbledore asked anxiously.

-Well ... started the goblin with a sadistic smile.

-According to our calculations, the total price to purify the entire castle and the horcrux will cost you 10,000 Galleons.

-This is theft! Yelled Aurora Sinistra, the astronomy professor.

-Not at all. I remind you that this castle is huge, so the price is consistent. However, if you are not satisfied, we can increase the price without problem. Ralnuk replied with a vicious smile.

-No, it is not necessary, we will pay. Dumbledore stated before the goblins could raise the price.

-Perfect. We can begin the purification of the castle while you recover the horcrux. Magnar will accompany you to show you the horcrux. » Ralnuk said, as one of the goblins began following the teachers to the Room of Request.

Soon they arrived on the seventh floor. Dumbledore passed three times in front of the dancing trolls tapestry, thinking about the location of the horcrux, making the Come-and-Go room appear.

When they entered, it was to find a huge bric-a-brac. They had to follow the goblin, who took them to a table with a small box. When they opened the box, they could only cry out in surprise.

«The diadem of Ravenclaw? McGonagall asked.

-It ... He dared to dirty such an important object? Cannot help but scream Flitwick, horrified.

-We should take it to the goblins so they can purify it. » Quirinus Quirell, the muggle study professor, said.

The other teachers nodded, and returned to the big Hall with the goblin and the box containing the diadem.

When they arrived, it was to see goblins slightly tired.

«It's done, the castle is purified. You found the horcrux? Ralnuk asked.

-Yes, we found it. You are going to purify it here, or in Gringotts? Dumbledore asked.

-We will purify the Diadem at Gringotts, it will be simpler. What should we do with it once the diadem purified? Asked the goblin.

-I think the best would be to bring it back here. We will expose it in the Great Hall, with the Hufflepuff Cup. I guess you can put wards to protect these relics? Preferably, so that only Harry Potter can use them. Dumbledore asked, shocking the teachers who knew nothing about Harry Potter and his legacy.

-Of course. This will of course cost you a supplement. Then said the goblin with a smirk.

-That suits me. » Dumbledore replied, smiling.

A few minutes later, the goblins left Hogwarts with the diadem. They returned several hours later with a diadem now purified, and placed it on a pedestal protected by a crystal bell near the Hufflepuff Cup. Finally, they delighted the two pedestals and set up wards. They finally left Hogwarts, with the tidy sum of 15,000 galleons.


Sirius was not unaware of how the muggles lived, thanks to Lily. That's why he decided to make a grand entrance to the Royal Palace with a splendid Rolls Royce limousine. Fortunately, the vehicle could easily accommodate the aurors, Sirius and the child. Sirius could not help giggling as he watched Moody in his Muggle outfit, too used to seeing him as a wizard's robe. Expecting its aesthetic unpleasant, the old auror had to resort to a charm to hide his magic eye and his leg. He decided to leave his scars visible.

By the time the limousine arrived at the Royal Palace, Sirius decided to read the Muggle newspaper named The Daily Telegraph. When he saw the journalist's name, he swallowed his saliva.

Tragedy in Cornwall, the death of the Duke of York James Charlus Potter and his wife, the Duchess Lily Jane Potter.

By Rita Skeeter

This is a tragedy that is falling on our beautiful country today. On the night of 31/10/1981, Duke of York James Charlus Potter and his wife, Duchess Lily Jane Potter were murdered by a terrorist group that has been raging for a few years in the United Kingdom, especially in England.

According to Scotland Yard, they were victims of a bomb attack at their country house in Cornwall. Yet, a miracle happened, and their child, his Grace Hadrian James Potter survived the attack, simply causing a scar on his forehead. According to the doctors, the scar will remain on his forehead, marking him for life in this terrible tragedy.

The bomber was determined to be none other than Peter Pettigrew, one of the high-ranking members of this terrorist organization. This man is now considered as public enemy n ° 1, and research has been started to find him. If you ever see him, please contact the nearest police station immediately. * Muggle photo of Peter Pettigrew *

Following this tragedy, it was decided that the child, now Duke Hadrian James Potter, be entrusted to his godfather and legal guardian, Sirius Orion Black, a close friend of the family, Lord of the Black House that was thought extinct .

That is why it was decided that today, on 01/11/1981, Lord Black will meet the royal family with the young Duke to officially receive his guard by royal decree, as well as the Order of Thistles for Duke Hadrian James Potter in honour of his late parents.

For more information about the terrorist group, go to page 3.

For more information about the Potter family and the Duchy of York, go to page 4.

For more information about the Black family, go to page 5.

«It's not possible, she's everywhere that one! Sirius said aloud, drawing the attention of others.

-What? » Alastor asked, puzzled.

Sirius did not answer him, and simply handed him the paper. Moody read the article quickly before handing over the paper to the other aurors.

«It does not really surprise me. If I remember correctly, the Daily Telegraph is the muggle branch of the Daily Prophet. Of course, Skeeter being the most important journalist of the Daily Prophet, she had to get permission to write the muggle article. Just fit Moody.

-At least, in this version, it sticks to the facts, without comments. » Sirius grumbled.

They talked for several minutes until they finally arrived at the Royal Palace. They were immediately greeted by guards, who led them inside the building to a private room. They sat down, waiting for the arrival of the muggle royal family. A few seconds later, a herald entered.

«My Ladies and Lords, I announce the arrival of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her other Kingdoms and Territories Queen, Leader of the Commonwealth, Faith Defender, accompanied by her son, His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, QSO, PC, CDA, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron de Renfrew, Lord of the Islands and Prince and Grand Seneschal of Scotland. » The herald shouted.

Immediately after, the two aforementioned individuals entered the room, then greeted by Sirius and the aurors, before sitting down again.

«We thank you for being here so we can see you. Then declared the queen.

-It's not a problem, ma'am. » Sirius answered.

The queen and the prince raised their eyebrows in Sirius's informal tone. They quickly noticed that the aurors did not seem to be interested in the royal family, and seemed to be more concerned about the child than anything else.

«I see. In any case, I wish above all to express my sincere condolences for the death of your friends. She says.

-Thank you. Answered Sirius.

-I wish above all to tell you that your tutelage of the young Duke is valid, if that can reassure you. However, this is not the reason why I asked you to go. Indeed, following this act of the most ignoble, we decided to grant the young Duke Hadrian James Potter the order of the thistle, for surviving this plot and in tribute to his parents. Said she.

-As he is quite young, we decided to officiate this appointment informally. She motioned for her son to approach with a box containing the sign of the Order of the Thistle.

-I beg you to officially accept this order on behalf of your godchild. We sincerely hope that you can visit us when he is older. Said the Queen.

-Thank you, madam. Sirius answered, motioning Moody to get the box.

-Can I know where you plan to raise the young Duke? Asked the prince, intrigued.

-I decided to raise my godson in his ancestral home, the Potter Castle in the Duchy of York. Answered Sirius, smiling at the child.

-Very good. On this we will leave you. God bless you. » Then the Queen, leaving the room with her son.

Finally, Sirius, Harry and the aurors left the palace to return directly to Grimmauld.

«Well, my boy, it's hardly if you did not send her out. Said Moody with a small smile.

- I am not comfortable with these individuals, let alone with this false queen. She is not the descendant of Arthur Pendragon, in my opinion, she has no right to rule. Sirius answered, rocking Harry.

-Maybe, but do not forget that when you're with muggles, you have to try to blend in with the muggles. You'll quickly be noticed if you disrespect their royal family. Moody said to him.

-Hm ... Fortunately I intend to spend as little time with them as possible. Good, Kreacher! Then called Sirius, the elf appearing before him.

-What can Kreacher do for the master? Asked the old house elf.

-Prepare my things and Harry's. We are going to live at Potter Castle! Sirius announced.

-Does Kreacher accompany the master? Kreacher asked, worried about his mistress.

-No, you will stay here to take care of the mansion and my mother. Sirius decided.

-Very good master, as you want. » Then answered the house elf before disappearing to prepare the affairs of his master.

Only a few minutes later, Kreacher appeared in front of Sirius with a trunk filled with Sirius' belongings. He disappeared immediately. Walburga finally arrived in the hall where Sirius, Harry and the aurors were waiting for him.

«I see you're ready to go, my son. Said the matriarch.

-Indeed, mother. It's time. Just answered Sirius.

-Very good. Can you at least promise me to take him here so I can see him? She asked.

-Of course, I'll take him as many times as you want. And then, you'll be welcome to Potter Castle. He replied.

-Bah, very little for me. I refuse to approach these Muggles! Retorted the woman from Black's house.

-As you wish. With that, I'm going, mother. Goodbye. » Sirius simply replied, taking the child in his arms, before leaving the home using the chimney network followed by the aurors. They appeared at Rat's Lair in York, one of the closest places to the Duchy.

«Must not forget to rename this place before selling it. » Sirius said aloud.

Immediately after, a limousine arrived. This was led by a twenty-year-old Muggle-born employee at Potter Castle. The latter got off the limousine to introduce himself.

«Lord Black, I am William Larkwick, at your service. Then he bowed.

-Hello William. I guess everything is ready? Asked Sirius.

-Of course, Lord Black. » The driver simply answered by opening the rear door. Immediately, Sirius with Harry and the aurors entered the limousine. Compared to other limousines, this one was enchanted with an expansion charm.

During the drive to the castle, the adults chatted together while Harry watched them curiously. He waved his hand, which made Moody bald, making everyone laugh. The Old Auror did not waste time and put a charm on his head to make his hair grow back. Fortunately, by dint of being burned in the face by some pyromaniacs Death Eaters, he developed a spell to make his hair grow back, instead of swallowing a potion.

After an hour, they all felt a powerful magical aura, and it was then that they realized that they had finally passed the wards. They finally arrived at the entrance of the castle, where it was full of tourists. The driver went down to open the door. The aurors came down first, followed finally by Sirius with Harry in his arms. They did not even have time to blink that they were assailed from all sides. Tourists took pictures of the new duke.

Soon, a security team composed of muggle-born and half-blooded adults came to escort them quietly to the interior, to the private rooms of the castle, those that were forbidden to the public. Meanwhile, Sirius was happy to greet the cameras and the tourists, not hesitating to show them Harry moving his arms to wave them. The tourists were conquered, while Moody kept repeating "Constant Vigilance!" Observing the tourists, expecting at any moment to see an army of Death Eaters.

After a few minutes, they were finally in the west wing of the castle, reserved for the family. Hardly had they passed the main door than they heard a * pop *. An old house elf, dressed entirely in a butler's outfit with the symbol of the Potter family sewn on his red vest and adapted to his statue and physiology had just appeared. In addition to his outfit, the latter had a gold brooch on his chest with the symbol of the Potter house.

«Welcome, Lord Black. Then said the elf with perfect English.

-Likny, it's nice to see you again. How many elves are there here? Asked he.

-There are 285 house elves, Lord Black. Replied Likny.

-285? Almost shouted Moody.

-Indeed, Mr Moody. Expected the huge size of the Potter estate, and taking into account all the other properties of the family, we need a lot of elves to maintain everything. Myself, I am the leader of the house elves. Replied the elf.

-Very good. I'll let you take care of the castle as usual. I hope our rooms are ready? Asked Sirius.

-Yes sir. Please follow me. » Then said the elf.

He led them to their rooms on the third floor of the wing. Sirius had the right to his old room when he lived with the Potters. As for Harry, he was installed in the nursery just opposite. The elf stopped abruptly.

«Should I order the preparation of some rooms for your guests? Asked he.

-No, no need, we will not stay. Now that we know they are safe, we do not need to stay. Replied Moody simply.

-Very good sir. » Replied the elf, glad to have forgotten nothing.

The hours passed, and Sirius and Harry settled quietly in the castle. Moody and the aurors eventually left, to continue the Death Eater hunt. For his part, Sirius met the employees living at the castle to know who was protecting his godson. The evening finally arrived, they ate in the big Hall and went to bed. It was the next day that Sirius was shocked once again by Rita Skeeter having breakfast in the hall with Harry.



By Rita Skeeter.

My dear readers, it is today that I reveal to you information that will surely be the greatest joy of our purists and the greatest misfortune of our muggle-borns. Indeed, it was revealed yesterday during the Potter family's testament that Lily Jane Potter born Evans, considered a symbol for muggleborns, was never a muggleborn.

Indeed, I am convinced that just like me, you too are shocked by this most astonishing revelation. And yet, Lily Jane Potter born Evans is actually the offspring of two Squibs who lived among muggles, now dead, murdered by Death Eaters. Thus we discovered that Lady Potter's father was in fact the heir to the old and noble Evans House, which disappeared three hundred years ago after only giving birth to Squibs. But it does not stop there.

It was discovered that Lady Potter's mother was in fact the direct descendant of Serwyn Slytherin and Helena Ravenclaw, making her the heiress of the Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses. It was then revealed during her will that Lady Potter had accepted the titles of her houses, making her Lady Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Potter-Evans. Of course, this means that the One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was the cousin of Lady Potter. But what does this mean for our national hero?

Well, before you go on, you must know that Lord Potter was the heir to more than one house. In his will, it was revealed that James Charlus Potter was the heir to the Gryffindor and Peverell Houses. A shock for the wizarding world. The Dark Lord had just killed the heirs of three of the founding houses of Hogwarts and our world.

Going back to our favourite hero, this means that he is the heir to the Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Black, Peverell, Potter and Evans houses. You read correctly, the Black House also made our national hero their heir. The justification was very simple, according to Lady Black, Walburga Black.

"Since Lord Potter's parents were Charlus Potter and Dorea Black, and Dorea Black was from the main branch, it allowed us to make him our heir. Anyway, my son is sterile, so everything is fine, and the future of my house is assured. »

When we asked her why not make Draco Lucius Malfoy the heir of the Black House, her answer was straightforward.

«I deny that the name Black is associated with a family that has served a monster who has tried to kill the heir of our greatest houses. A dirty half-breed! » She replied, to our biggest shock.

We were shocked by her exclamation of the dark lord. She explained later.

«Contrary to what one might believe, this usurper is not a pureblood! No, we discovered, and it was validated by the goblins, that his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle! A half-breed, son of a Muggle and a Squib! »She revealed to us.

Upon learning this, we decided to conduct our own investigation regarding this Tom Marvolo Riddle. Thus we discovered that he was educated at Hogwarts, entering the Slytherin House in 1938. He evolved in this house thanks to his intellect and climbed the ladder, until becoming Prefect and Head-boy. We all know that Lord Voldemort declared himself heir to Slytherin, but we noticed that in 1943, while he was prefect at Hogwarts, the chamber of secrets that was built by Salazar Slytherin was opened, and his monster let go on the students, resulting in the death of a muggleborn named Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, now known as Moaning Myrtle. Would she be his first murder? We wonder, but everything proves it.

After his schooling, Tom Marvolo Riddle completely disappeared from circulation for ten years, which corresponds to the appearance of Lord Voldemort. It was then that we understood that Lord Voldemort was only an anagram of his real name. Indeed, if you change the layout of Tom Marvolo Riddle's letters, it gives you "I am Lord Voldemort".After ten years of absence, he reappeared at Hogwarts, applying for the position of Professor of Defence against the Dark Arts, and was refused by Director Albus Dumbledore. As luck would have it, and after this rejection, it is said that a curse was thrown at this post, preventing a professor from staying for more than a year.

However, my dear readers, I did not remain there, and I decided to deepen my investigation. I ended up discovering the names of Tom's parents. He was born from the link between Tom Riddle, a rich Muggle, and Merope Gaunt, a pureblood Squib descendant of the Slytherin lineage. This proves that indeed, Lord Voldemort (we are no longer afraid to pronounce his name, knowing now that he was an impostor) is nothing but a half-blood who abused the credulity of the purists to increase his power. How will the people who served this individual react?? One wonders.

For more information on Tom Marvolo Riddle, go to page 3

For more information on the founders of Hogwarts, go to page 4

For more information on Wizarding families who have disappeared, go to page 5

For more information on the Black family, go to page 6

Sirius finally burst out laughing at his article about Voldemort. In just a few lines, this reporter had just destroyed the reputation of one of the most powerful black mages.

She seemed not to have stopped there, there were many other articles, which he was happy to read.




By Rita Skeeter.

Yesterday was a very special day for the wizarding world. Indeed, following the death of Voldemort (we believe he no longer deserves the title of Lord, being a false title), and the death of James and Lily Potter, their wills have been read. However, and to the shock of your favourite investigator, these wills were read before wizards and muggles. You understand me, muggles were present at Gringotts, but why?

It is very simple. As you know, Lily Jane Potter born Evans was the daughter of two Squibs, who also had another daughter, born Squib, named Petunia Evans. She then married Vernon Dursley, an obese muggle who was disrespectful to our society, and was present at the reading of the will under the exclusive request of Lily Jane Potter. We can confirm that this most vulgar individual was very disrespectful of the Potter's death and only wanted after their money. Obviously, Lily Potter asked in her will to her sister to divorce, offering her financial assistance in exchange. Petunia Dursley's answer was:

"Come on Vernon, let's get away from these freaks! »

You realize? This Squib has dared to insult us of freaks. I can assure you that she and her husband, more like a walrus than a human being, were escorted unceremoniously by the goblins out of Gringotts. It seems that over the years, the vision of muggles and non-magical about us has not changed, and they still see us as monsters or anomalies.

But let's go back to our wills. As you might expect, the recipients were their friends, so Sirius Black was present, accompanied by his mother and the young Hadrian James Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Remus Lupin, Alice, and Frank Longbottom, and of course , the Dursleys. They all received something, mostly money, but it was Sirius who officially took custody of our national hero, being his godfather.

I still wish to remind my dear readers that when an individual is chosen to be the godfather or godmother of a child, he or she must swear an oath of protection, preventing it from harming or harming the interests of the child. . Children are very important in the magical world, and their abuse and surely the biggest crime possible. That's why Voldemort's assassination attempt on Harry Potter is considered infamous.

Finally, another news particularly shocked me yesterday. As you know, long ago, the noble wizarding houses were also noble houses among muggles, before disappearing during the establishment of the Statute of Secrecy and losing their titles to muggles. And yet, this is not the case of Potter House, which managed to get its title again among muggles, becoming the Dukes of the Duchy of York, including a large muggle city that belongs to the Duchy. You understand me well, the Potters are also known to muggles, and I'm assured of articles from The Daily Telegraph, a Muggle newspaper, I can assure you that they were also shocked by the death of our hero's parents. Even among muggles, they see him as the Boy-Who-Lived.

Thus, Hadrian James Potter, future Lord Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Black, Peverell, Potter and Evans, also bears the title of Duke of York. The question we are asking here at the Daily Prophet, and if the ministry and Wizengamot will recognize this title. Being the heir to the Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Peverell, Black and Potter families, six of the twelve existing duchies of the wizarding world, there is a good chance that his title will be accepted. However, we must not forget that these titles have not been used for more than three centuries, and their reallocation would significantly increase the political power of our national hero.

Indeed, it should be known that the Wizengamot is originally composed of only twelve seats, one seat per duchy. It was decided five hundred years ago, after the disappearance of the lines Peverell, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, to divide the seats of the dukes into several other seats for the noble houses that can afford to buy their seats. This is how families like Malfoy got seats in Wizengamot.

However, if half of the heirs of the ducal seats came to the Wizengamot and demand the restoration of their seats, then according to the magical constitution, these seats would then be restored as well as their lands and the noble families would lose their seats in Wizengamot and the properties acquired having belonged to the duchies. Our national hero owns only half of the seats, he could then ask for the restoration of the ducal seats, thus dissolving the Wizengamot as we know it. For those who do not know, here are the twelve duchies of the magical world: The Duchy of Gryffindor, the Duchy of Peverell, the Duchy of Slytherin, the Duchy of Hufflepuff, the Duchy of Ravenclaw, the Duchy of Black, the Duchy of Longbottom, the Duchy of Potter, the Duchy of Ollivander, the Duchy of Nott, the duchy of Lestrange and the duchy of Flint.

Of course, our national hero will become the lord of five of the duchies, Sirius Black, the current Lord Black is still alive, and for many years. However, it is likely that he will follow his godson, giving them the opportunity to take control of the Wizengamot. We wonder what the other ducal families think. We have decided to interview, Frank Longbottom, Lord Longbottom.

«I think it would be a great idea, however, we will obviously have to wait at least eleven years for young Harry to be ready before we can put everything in place. » He replied.

When we questioned the present Lord Ollivander, Garrick Ollivander, this one confirmed to us that if our national hero started the procedure, he would support it. For the moment, the Flint, Nott and Lestrange families have not told us anything, being wanted as Death Eaters.

Finally, we asked some noble families sitting at Wizengamot what they thought of this eventuality.

«I think it would be a big mistake, the time of the duchies is over, and we do not need them, although we respect them. » Said Dolores Umbridge, Lady Umbridge of the Umbridge noble house.

«I guess everything will depend on what they do with all that power. But if it improves the magical world, I'm for it. » Said Susan Bones, Lady Bones of the Bones House.

However, our story does not stop here. Indeed, in the night of 01/11 to 02/11, recognized Death Eaters went to the ministry to surrender, some claiming the IMPERIUS by Voldemort, others blackmail and the threat of their families. Among the families, some well-known such as Malfoy, Nott, Flint and Rosier. We had the opportunity to question some of them.

«I was forced by the Dark Lord, having been placed under the IMPERIUS with my father's blessing, after I had refused to serve him. » Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, current Lord Malfoy told us after his father's death a week ago, Abraxas Malfoy, during a Death Eater raid. The latter was killed by Alastor Moody said Mad-Eye.

«He forced me to serve him by threatening the life of my family, especially that of my husband, who was then pregnant with our child, Theodore. He had already killed my father, I preferred not to risk the rest of my family. » Then announced Mulciber Nott, Lord Nott. This version was confirmed by his companion, Arwin Nott born MacMillan, having used a potion to conceive together their child. Arwin MacMillan who is currently in St-Mungo, following complications concerning the birth of their child, Theodore Nott.

«I did what was best for my family. We had opposed him, and he killed my parents and my wife, leaving me alone with my son, Marcus. I ended up serving him, before he executed my son, one of his favourite threats. » Announced Marwyn Flint, current Lord Flint.

«I was not given the choice, I was under the spell of IMPERIUS. » Simply answered Lord Rosier, the father of Evan Rosier, who was killed by auror Alastor Moody during a confrontation between the ministry and the Death Eaters.

As you can see, it seems that some families prefer to plead the IMPERIUS, while others admit the reasons for their crimes. We wish to point out that Lord Nott and Lord Flint are ready to submit to the veritaserum test, while Lord Malfoy and Lord Rosier have refused, claiming their titles of Lord.

We will know more this afternoon, during the judgment of these individuals by the Head of the Department of Law Enforcement, Lord Bartemius Crouch, during a public hearing.

For more information on the muggle monarchy and its nobility, go to page 3.

For more information on the Nott family, go to page 4.

For more information on the Flint family, go to page 5.

For more information on the Malfoy family, visit page 6.

For more information on the Lestrange family, go to page 7.

For more information on the Rosier family, go to page 8.

For more information on the Longbottom family, visit page 9.

For more information on the Ollivander family, visit page 10.

For more information on the founding of the Ministry of Magic, go to page 11.

For more information on the ancient nobility of the Wizarding World, go to page 12.

For more information on Alastor Moody, go to page 13.

Sirius knew about this duchy story, but he had completely forgotten about it. As he thought about it, he realized that it would be easier to crown Harry with the duchies than with the Lords. He would then have to contact the Longbottom and Ollivander families. However, the return of the duchies would give power to some dubious families, such as Flint, Nott and Lestrange. He decided to take care of it later, because it was not a priority.

During the day, he took care of his godson and got better acquainted with the employees of the castle. He also took the opportunity to explore the entire castle, guided by one of the house elves under the disguise of a butler to avoid problems with tourists.

So he went to the Potter family's vault at the back of the castle to attend the funeral of James and Lily, where he cried for a long time with Harry in his arms. For the occasion, Remus was present, and no one else. They had decided to keep the site of the vault secret, and above all, wanted to avoid the presence of Skeeter or any other journalist. Even Dumbledore was not invited because, in a way, Sirius was angry with him, after all, it was his idea to stay at Godric's Hollow instead of the castle.

After several hours of supplication, Remus agreed to stay with Sirius at the castle to take care of Harry. Remus finally gives in to Harry's eyes and when he said "Unca Moony", he melted.

That same evening, Remus was installed in the rooms opposite of Sirius for ease.

The next day they witnessed another article by Skeeter, which they now called ArtSkeeter.





By Rita Skeeter.

It is today that a tragedy on the wizarding world is falling again. Indeed, during the night of 02/11/1981, the Longbottom family was attacked by a group of Death Eaters, namely Rodolphus Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange and Bellatrix No-Name. You read correctly, No-Name, because according to the register of families, Bellatrix formerly born Black and formerly Lestrange was driven out of the Black family by the current Lord Black and her marriage annulled, also by Lord Black.

They tortured two members of the Longbottom family, Lord Longbottom and Lady Longbottom, Frank and Alice Longbottom with the unforgiveable curse, the CRUCIATUS, to madness. They were later captured by the aurors, arrived unfortunately too late. The decision was final, and all three were found guilty, gaining a lifetime stay in Azkaban in the top-security cells.

However, they were not only three, but four. Indeed, during the interrogation of the former Death Eater Igor Karkarov, who was ready to reveal the names of the Death Eaters working for Voldemort, he revealed the involvement of Judge Bartemius Crouch's son, Bartemius Crouch Junior at the time in the torture of the Longbottom family. The latter, present to the listening, tried to flee before being captured by auror Moody. He finally confessed his crime and was sentenced to life in Azkaban with his colleagues. A blow to the judge and his family.

Following the internment of Frank and Alice Longbottom, it was decided that their son, Neville Longbottom, would be placed with his grandmother, Dowager Longbottom, Augusta Longbottom. The latter inherited the obligations of her son, who is now indisposed, whom she will pass on to her grandson when he is seventeen. It will however be possible for him to make the request at his eleven years.

Another worrying case was the interrogation of Igor Karkarov, who revealed to us the names of some Death Eaters. Unfortunately for him, most were dead. He revealed three important names: Augustus Rookwood, Severus Snape, and Bartemius Crouch Junior.Barty. Augustus Rookwood will be under investigation to verify the veracity of the words of the former Death Eater. As for Severus Snape, the latter was acquitted, having proved to be a spy on behalf of Albus Dumbledore to help dismantle this organization. Finally, Bartemius Crouch Jr. was revealed to be a Death Eater and was sent to Azkaban. Expecting Igor Karkarov's participation and the fact that he went to the Ministry himself, it was decided that he would be sent to Azkaban for only six months before being released. The latter accepted his sentence.

We were also interested in the judgments of Lucius Malfoy, Mulciber Nott, Marwyn Flint and Lord Rosier.

Lord Malfoy and Lord Rosier were found not guilty after their argument concerning the Imperius. It was still decided that they should pay a significant fine up to 1 000 000 galleons each.

Lord Nott and Lord Flint were interviewed under veritaserum, and their testimonies were validated. Thus it was decided to charge them, with a fine of less than 100,000 galleons each.

Although the Nott and Flint families are now considered respectable, this is not the case for the Malfoy and Rosier families, who refused to submit to the veritaserum test.

We, the employees of the Daily Prophet, ask if these people were honest about the Imperius.

For more information on the Crouch family, go to page 2.

For more information on Igor Karkarov, go to page 3.

For more information on Severus Snape, go to page 4.

Sirius could not help but sniff loudly and with disgust at the sight of Snape's name.

«Snivellus, saved by Dumbledore. He should have let him languish in Azkaban, that's all he deserves! He said then.

-Sirius, you know he helped us during the war. And then, we needed a spy. Tried to reason Remus.

-But Remus, you know he joined us at the end. I'm sure it was Voldy's favourite little Boy Scout! » Answered Sirius.

Remus preferred not to dwell on this subject, knowing how much Sirius hated Severus Snape. He then took the paper to Sirius to read the latest ArtSkeeter.


By Rita Skeeter

It's a great day for the wizarding world. Indeed, it seems that the relics of the founders of Hogwarts have been found. Today, we can see Helga Hufflepuff's cup and Rowena Ravenclaw's tiara in Hogwarts' Great Hall. All that's missing now is Salazar Slytherin's amulet and Godric Gryffindor's sword. Fortunately, we could confirm that the amulet is currently in the hands of our national hero, thanks to Walburga Black.

«We found this amulet at the Manor, and it was so enchanted that only a member of the Slytherin family could open it. Fortunately, my son showed it to his heir, Hadrian, and he was able to open it. We decided to keep it, belonging to him by right. » She told us.

Of course, we asked her about the other two objects at Hogwarts.

«For now, these items may remain on display, but people should not forget that they belong to my heir, Hadrian James Potter. Just like the school. So do not you dare to try to steal them, or the Black family will destroy you! » The matriarch of the Black family threatened.

We asked the principal of the school, Albus Dumbledore, what he thought of all that.

«Well, I fully understand what Lady Black meant. These relics, although belonging to Hogwarts, and in a way, to all wizards, belong above all to the heir of Hogwarts' houses, Hadrian James Potter, who is also the owner of the school and of its surroundings. »

We still wanted to know why our national hero could claim the Hufflepuff Cup, not being the descendant.

«It is very simple. There is currently no valid heir for the Hufflepuff House, the cup then belongs to Hogwarts, and de facto to Harry. » Simply replied the director.

Yet, a Wizarding family claims the opposite. This is the case of the Smith family, who claims to be descendant of the Hufflepuff family.

«We are the heirs of Hufflepuff House, and we know it. We demand this cup and ¼ of the school! » Said Lord Hector Smith.

Surprisingly, they were denied by none other than Walburga Black, with supporting documents.

«It was we who discovered the cup. We wanted to know if we had to give it to the Smith family, and the goblins then certified us, documents in support, that the Smiths were then the descendants of an illegitimate branch of the Hufflepuff family. They have no rights over the property and titles of this family because they are not recognized! » She revealed to us. The documents were official, and the goblins confirmed their validity.

Coincidentally, we have not heard of the Smith family. Maybe they will not talk about them anymore, now that we know they are only the product of an illegitimate branch? We will see.

There is now only one relic left, the Gryffindor Sword. Where can it be? One wonders.

For more information on the founders, go to page 6.

«What? Sirius asked, who had listened to Remus read the article.

-I wonder why Dumbledore did not say anything about the diadem. Said aloud Remus.

-Bah, I guess he wanted to expose everything to Hogwarts, I do not blame him. And then, at his age, the tiara will not help Harry.

-If the Smiths are not the descendants of Hufflepuff, I wonder who are. » Remus finally said, thoughtfully.

Si, I hope you liked it. Must I stop this fiction ? Must I keep writing it? I do wonder, but I know that your comments could help me.

As I said earlier, I need to know the pairing of Harry, and I already choose Charlie Weasley. Yet, I can choose more people, I need some help to know. Here are some characters I can pair harry with:

NO DRACO (he is a blonde ponce always whinning in daddies dress robe) NOR SEVERUS (death munchkin really old with a big nose) NOR RONALD (Did you really think I would pair my poor Harry with this red walrus?), NEVER !

-Cedric Diggory (as the Hufflepuff heir, because, he really loves hufflepuff. It could unite the four houses xD)

-Neville Longbottom (long time friend revealed to be a soul mate, like a novel romance. But with who will I pair Luna after? sniff)

-Theodore Nott (One light wizard with Charlie, one dark wizard with Theo? Hm, it could be fun, and Theo being the son of two males in this story, it could be logic)

-Weasley twins (Why not, after all, two for one price, but it could be complicated to write...we'll see)

-Marcus Flint (but this time, he'll go to the dentist first, seriously, his teeth scared me in the movie, worst than a Horror movie.)

-Blaize Zabini (Hm...Italiano, sexy, well, he seems to be a good catch)

-John Sheppard (much later thought, but still possible I actually read a story base on a John/Harry fiction that I loved, and some scenes were really hot)

-Daniel Jackson (Well, why not? I mean, he technically looks like Harry, so why not? It could be fun, but what about Daniel's wife?)

-Propose one please xD It's just a list, you can present another character, I will not kill you xD

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