Total Drama King of the Mansion(SYOC):

So I'm attempting another one of these again. So far I'm 0 for 2 in these Total Drama stories, mainly because I have so many ideas yet I have an incredibly difficult time getting them in a satisfactory way. This time though I have a great idea and feel the itch to do so again. I'm not gonna set an update time but this is going to be something I work on periodically. Also, I will be including three of my own OC's because they're pretty important.

Preview: After the rising cost of Total Drama production along with several lawsuits after Pahkitew Island Chris has hit rock bottom. With no one willing to sponsor a new Total Drama show and the recent success of Don The Ridonculous Race takes up Total Drama's primetime TV slot. During this time, however, Chris finds a new sponsor, one that isn't exactly all that legal but very much groundbreaking. The source remains a mystery but all they want is for Chris and Chef to host the show in their High Tech Mansion. Chris is initially hesitant but...let's just say that the 3 Million Dollar Prize is a fraction of the money they contracted by making this deal. Now given the opportunity to have a competition in the biggest mansion in the world with great pay Chris is back in the game and with 20 new contestants is ready to host his new show, Total. Drama. KIIIIIING OF THE MAAAAANSIIIOOOOONNNNNNN!







Relationship Status:

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Biography(Any details that you don't want others to see PM me. For Example if this characters homeless and you want it to be a surprise):