057. Dust



Nightmares are simply mere illusions — she's heard that said before. Like a burst of memory.

White, sparkling orbs loom towards Alice, beckoning her forward, until she reaches a floating, angled and broken shard of platform.

I've been here. I know I have.

Various items of luxurious, noble furniture and toys, collapsed and shred into pieces, also float around her, rotted and grubby and filthy.

A girl resembling Alice with white hair and lilac-blue roses twirls around, lifting her leg gracefully.

"Alice, Alice, full of dust and malice," she singsongs, her voice clear and a soft melodic-sweet. Alice feels her heart clench painfully inside her. "No lace, no cream, shall wake you from these dream, dream, dreams… only screams, screams, screams, screams, SCREAMS!"

The Will of the Abyss careens high into the air, shrieking. Her pretty, pale green eyes bulge in their sockets, diving down for her twin.

She tackles Alice to the platform, crashing their bodies together, her satin, pearly-white gloves dirtied with visible tea-stains. Alice chokes against her iron-strength grasp to her windpipe.

"I'll kill you, love you, my sweet sister," the Will of the Abyss trills in a continuous singsong, her words darker and headier than tumbled quill-ink.

"Sweeter than an elixir."



Pandora Hearts isn't mine. This time is a little bit less of a romantic story and more hate/love... there used to be a bunch of Pandora Hearts fans running around on here so if you are one, come say hi! Thanks for reading! Any comments/thoughts appreciated!