Nick Burkhardt Secrets Are Revealed

Summary: It was a normal day for Nick, well as normal as a day could be for a Grimm, when all of a sudden Nick, Juliette, Hank, Wu, Monroe, Rosalie and Kelly are transported to a room were all of Nick's secrets are revealed. What will happen when Juliette, Hank and Wu learn what Nick has been keeping from them? What will Kelly think of all the things her son has achieved since learning he is a Grimm? How will Nick deal with his secrets being revealed to all this friends and family?

Disclaimer: This is based about a week before the final episode of season one, so Adaline will never have a chance to put Juliette in a coma, as the group is going to be watching all the episodes up until that point and then they are going to be watching the future episodes so that they can learn what happened and change the mistakes that happened.

Chapter One: The Beginning

It was a warm summer day, Nick was sitting at his desk in the police station thinking about all the secrets his is keeping from his girlfriend and his friends, thinking about what life could be like if they knew what he is going through, with all the times he has had to go around the law to get justice even if it is not the justice he would have wanted. He knew that even if he did tell them all his secrets there wasn't any grantee that they would believe what he was telling them without thinking that he was going crazy. What he didn't know was that soon the choice to tell his girlfriend and his friends would be taken away from him. On the other side of the desk Hank has been staring straight at Nick wondering what was going on with his partner recently, thinking about all the weird cases that the two of them have been investigating recently and how one minute both of them are wondering who could have killed the victims, why and how, when suddenly Nick would come back from meeting with an eye-witness, or have been running down a lead and then suddenly have all the answers to solve the case. Hank began to wonder if his partner forgot or could no longer trust him has Nick had not spoken to or confided in about all the strange things that happened when Aunt Marie visited or how he was suddenly friends with that Monroe guy as when they first met Nick was convinced that he had something to do with girl going missing. Whatever was going on with his partner Hank hoped that Nick knew that he could trust him and would be there for him no matter what was going on in his personal life.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the police station Sergeant Wu was also wondering what was going on with Nick he was thinking about how much Nick has changed since Aunt Marie had visited his behaviour becoming more and more stranger as the days go on. He had noticed how Nick would disappear of somewhere leaving Hank by himself and come back with all the answers and solving the case really quickly. He hoped that Nick knew that all his friends would be behind him no matter the circumstances, he also hoped that in time Nick would tell them what is going on so that maybe if he needed it then his friends would be able to help him. Across the city Juliette was sat in her living room wondering about what her boyfriend was keeping from her, wondering if the trust between them had changed since Aunt Marie was here as the distant between her and Nick has grown over those few weeks since the visit. She began to wonder if the two of them would ever get back to what they had before, she wondered if Monroe or Rosalie knew or have something to do with the secrets that Nick has been keeping, she also wondered if Hank knew anything or if he was in the dark about what was going on as much as she was.

After spending most of the day either working or thinking about whether to reveal what was going on in his life, he packed up and went the Tea and Spice shop that Rosalie has took over after her brother was murdered having arranged to meet them after he was finished at work. When he arrived at the Tea and Spice shop he found Rosalie and Monroe talking to each other over the counter, as soon as he walked through the door they both turned around and smiled at him. Both Rosalie and Monroe were wondering if Nick was ok knowing that he is keeping a lot of secrets from both his girlfriend and his friends, they could guess from the look on Nick face that he had been wondering what would happen if he they knew all the secrets that he was keeping from them. As soon as Nick reached the counter Rosalie asked, "Nick, how are you?"

"I'm ok, I know that it is not a good idea, but I was thinking about telling Juliette, Hank and Wu about me being a Grimm, I don't know if I can keep this a secret anymore" Nick replied, looking at his two wesan friends.

However, before Rosalie or Monroe could persuade him that telling them was a bad idea there was a blinding bright light and when the light disappeared Nick, Rosalie and Monroe have been transported from the Tea and Spice shop and into a different room. When they looked around they found a TV along with a couple of sofas, but they weren't the only ones in the room Juliette, Hank and Wu had also been transported into the room. There was silence for a couple more minutes and then Hank questioned "What is going on? How did we get here?"

However, nobody had any idea what was going on and how they had all got here. Although they didn't have to wait long because a voice said behind them "I am sorry that you were all brought here like this but there is something that some of you guys don't know that I think you should, you guys are going to watch a show called the Grimm within which all of the things that have been going on recently will be revealed."

As soon as the voice spoke everyone turned around to look at the person who had brought them here, and when the man said the title of the show that they would be watching is called Grimm, Nick quickly gathered that the show would be about him, being the only Grimm that he knew of that is alive. The man looked at Nick and said, "I think it would be best if you explained what was going on before you guys start watching so that nobody is surprise when something unnatural happens."

Then without another word the man walked out the room.

As soon as the man was gone Juliette, Hank and Wu turned to Nick, having noticed that the man was looking at him when the man said that he should explain before they started to watch the show. They all began to wonder what Nick would have to say but they didn't have to wait long because Nick began to explain, "I guess for me it started a couple of days before my Aunt Marie visited I started see weird things, people's faces would change and I began to think that I was going crazy when my Aunt Marie told me that it was something that ran in our family, then we were attack by this person whose face changed, it wasn't long after that that I learned that I am what people call a Grimm."

"What's a Grimm?" Hank question, worried about his friend after he had admitted that he was starting to see weird things.

"Before we get to what a Grimm is, you need to know something else as first… the people who I mentioned earlier where their faces changed there is a name for them they are known as Wesan, there are all different kinds Monroe and Rosalie are both Wesan" Nick answered.

He looked at Monroe and Rosalie nodding at them to woge.

Once they both did this Juliette, Hank and Wu jumped back in surprise at seeing their faces change, before they could ask any questions Nick began to speak again, "A Grimm is basically a police man in the Wesan world, I think it will be better explained in the show."

He didn't know how to tell these people that he basically was known in history for hunting down the bad Wesan and killing them instead of allowing a court of justice to deal with them. When Rosalie and Monroe nodded in agreement with what Nick had said, when the others saw this they nodded in agreement too. When they did this they turned to the TV which began to show the show that they were told to watch in order to know what was going on.

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