So this is the first Supernatural story that I have ever written. The boys are so hard to get in character! I wrote this for the wonderful Brothers Appart series written by nightmares06. If you haven't checked those stories out, then this one might be a little hard to follow. This story is my entry for the Brothers Apart Contest 2018. Thank you for letting me play in your amazing world!

"I must protect the amulet!" Came the deafening screech from the hovering spirit. Dean knew that if it was loud for him, it must be unbearable for Sam, wherever he was.

Not knowing exactly where Sam was, especially on a case, was Dean's greatest fear incarnate. Compared to that, the crazy spirit currently trying to kill him was a walk in the park.

Dean tried to avoid moving around too much. He was terrified that one uncalculated move, with Sam in the wrong place, would lead to catastrophe. But it was getting harder and harder when with each salt blast from his shotgun, the ghost seemed to recuperate faster.

"Damn it," Dean swore, as he was forced to do a one-eighty as the screeching apparition disappeared and reappeared behind him.

He nearly missed but managed to shoot her right between the eyes.

She vanished again with a scream. Only seconds later she re-appeared, nearly an inch from Dean's face.

Dean could see her in far too many details. The large gash across her neck, the obvious cause of death, was no easier to look at close up.

His heart skipped a beat.

Shit! How does she move so fast?

She was blocking his path, cornering him against the counter. There was no room for him to stretch his arm out enough for a clear shot. She smiled sickly, knowing she had him at last.

Then suddenly a voice piped up from the kitchen counter of the old house they were attempting to dehaunt.

Sam was dragging a glimmering gold chain along the countertop. It was the only new item in the whole house, let alone on the dusty counter where it stood proud and glistening in Sam's wake. It had a thick golden chain, and the centerpiece was a large emerald, encrusted with tacky golden circles. The Emerald itself was more than half the size of the man dragging it.

"Hey, leave him the hell alone!" Sam yelled.

Seeing her precious amulet uncovered from its hiding place sent the wild spirit into a frenzy.

The temperature dropped even lower, causing goosebumps to rise on Dean's arms. The very atmosphere crackled with furious tension.

The ghost shifted away from Dean and lunged toward Sam.

"Not so fast crazy bitch!" Dean cried, finally getting an angle, and shooting her in the back.

Sam ducked at the noise and proceeding shrapnel salt, but was soon back in action, pouring his small pouch of lighter fluid over the jewel, and pulling a match from his belt.

Dean rushed over to stand in front of him, ready to defend his little brother at all costs. He usually preferred not to loom over Sam like this, but special circumstances…


"I almost got it, hold her off just one more second!" Came Sam's frantic reply from behind Dean.

The ghost appeared again and Dean shot a round, but missed, as she spun around in midair to avoid it.

"Shit," Dean muttered.

He was out of ammo and she was showing no signs of slowing down. He couldn't let her get to Sam. Whatever it took, Dean knew he would -

She vanished and appeared beside him, this time, to his left. Dean felt a powerful force fling him hard across the room and he went skidding to a halt as his head slammed painfully on the busted refrigerator.

"Fuck," Dean moaned in pain.

His head felt as if someone tried to split it open with a chainsaw. His vision swam when he tried focusing.

Sam…he thought desperately. Come on, get up! You have to get to Sam!

But Dean's body didn't seem to comply. His hand flew to the back of his head, and he felt blood.

Before Dean could move further, there was a bright flash of light and a high pitched scream as the ghost vanished.

The light didn't stop there. It kept growing, getting brighter and brighter. Dean groaned, the light burned his pounding head, searing through his eyelids.

Sam, he tried to call, but no sound came out.

He tried to open his eyes and a powerful wave of dizziness made the room spin. Dean swallowed hard, willing himself not to vomit. He closed his eyes hard, taking a deep breath and felt the familiar signs of being on the verge of passing out.

Please be okay… He wished desperately, before succumbing to the pain in his skull.