"Ryu, land here," Peco requested, "As a part of the Yggdrasil, I think I can help save the world from the encroaching desert. I must plant myself in this soil, and grow into another great tree."

"But Peco, haven't the other Yggdrasils failed to save the north continent?" Momo asked.

Peco replied, "That is because none were planted in the Desert of Death. The ones in the southern half of the continent were able to keep it at bay as best they can, but without Myria, they will eventually fail. But if I can plant one in the area where the desert began, maybe I can begin to halt the sands. It will take some time though. So it is up to you to blaze the way to the future with the power of humanity. Oh, and Momo, you might want to check up on the situation at the Plant. You might find something that will lead to the discovery of why such mutants as myself exist."

So they landed in the desert. There, Peco planted himself in the soil, hoping to grow into a giant Yggdrasil tree. And he eventually would, but not for a long time. In fact, it would be Ryu and Nina's great grandchildren who would eventually come across the tree while they were on an adventure.

When they returned to Cedar Woods, the first creature they met was Demon, who hadn't been taken by Myria's spell. She had been whining for Casey ever since the Dragons had vanished, and ran right up to the group. Demon jumped on Casey, and gave her several slobbery kisses.

The whole woods had begun to deteriorate after the death of Myria. Granted, the desert hadn't reached this far yet, but the trees were already dying. Ryu decided to get to work salvaging their hideout as best as they could. Luckily, both of the huts in the clearing - - one for men and one for women - - were on the ground level. So they just had to take apart the treehouse - - which was the place where Nina, Helen, and Teepo planned all of their endeavors - - and begin to rebuild it on the ground.

Once that was over, they began to reformat the village. Nina houses were made, one for each couple. The two old dorms were turned into a kitchen, and a rec room. Many more trees had to be cut down to finish this project, but Nina and Ryu knew that they were all dying anyway. Better they be put to good use before the deterioration of the forest was complete.

Rei took advantage of the situation even more than the others. He and Teepo began creating lumber and firewood out of the other dying trees, and started selling them in town for a hefty profit. For once, Bunyan didn't go ballistic over their little scheme. That's because he could see that the trees were all dying as well, and was happy for them deciding to do work for once.

With all of the commotion coming from the forest, it wasn't a surprise that other people from the other towns were noticing the Dragons and their civilization. Rumors had begun to fly about the evils from the past rising up to destroy the world, and nature's slow death wasn't helping at all. Nina and Ryu had begun to try and calm everyone down, which was going surprisingly well. It helped to have friends from all four corners of the world, and having helped a great deal of them in the past.

Once the excitement had settled down, Ryu decided to check up on what Peco had told Momo. Sure enough, they found Pallet of the Plant holed up in an underground laboratory, working on some sort of experiment to revive his mother with Yggdrasil sap. Momo learned about how her father had wanted to revive her mother as well, but his morals caused him to abandon the whole plan. When Pallet wouldn't listen to reason, the group was forced to defeat him in battle instead. After he was defeated, they shut off the machines, thus ending the accidental creation of mutants once and for all.

One year after the final battle, the desert finally made it over the sea. The world was beginning to look just like it did when the King and Queen first arrived, desolate with little hope for any greenery to grow. But the power of humanity came to life in these trying times, as it often does. People who formerly hated one another were working together for a better future. They tried to grow plants wherever they could find water, or could easily get to them to take care of them. Some places began to house greenery again. But these were rare, as civilization didn't exist in too many places. Not that it discouraged anyone, they just were going to have to slowly more outward from their settlements and keep on planting.

* * *

When Ryu woke up one morning, he was surprised to see a group of Winged Clansmen in front of the village. All of them had heard about Momo's experiments to revitalize their wings, and were eager to be the first she would test on. None of them knew that Nina had already tested the potion for them, or that their princess was currently in the village in the body of a Light Dragon.

She shook their hands as they took the potion. "No need to pay me. I'm doing this out of the kindness of my heart. Certainly, with all of the problems existing nowadays, you all might be glad to have your wings and your Great Bird transformations back."

"Thank you miss," one man said, "This is a great thing you have done."

So the Winged Clan got its wings back. They also had a new heir to the throne, after Nina's "death", Queen Shiela had gone almost fanatical trying to get pregnant. So Nina had a little brother named Elliot, who was only five when she fought with Myria. The two met many years later, after Elliot was king, and he wanted to set up trade agreements between their two clans. But he never found out who she really was, he wouldn't believe her if she told him.

Although much hardship followed the group, it was considered to be the Golden Age of the Brood. With each Dragon's different personality, a quick advancement in their civilization began. They became one clan again, as intermarriage between Dark and Light Dragons became common. So the only thing left to determine which type a person was, would be their magic type. If you were born with Healing powers, you were a Light Dragon. But if you were born with Attack magic, you were a Dark Dragon. It was even common for two Light Dragons to have a Dark Dragon child or vice versa.

Ryu and Nina thought that they would finally be able to live out their lives in peace. After all, all the enemies of the Brood were eradicated, so there was no longer any need for them to be reborn to fight again. Well, it's true that they got to finally get a break, but their substitutes in the next war would be quite zany indeed. But, that's for another story.

- - - -

Nothing much going on around here, just thank people. First, to Capcom for making this cool game. Then, to the variety sites that got me thinking about trying it. Next, to all the FAQs I consulted for spelling, and the spell lists that I based the Clan spells on.