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Chapter 3

Christian pov

I feel like dying all day, with my hang over, added by my idiot employee who apparently made a fucking accident by misplacing some important paperwork, after hours of looking for it we finally found it.

Fucking idiot.

"what's up with you today Grey?" Ross ask

"nothing" I growl

"woah… someone is not getting any nowadays" she smirk and I have a half mind of throwing her over my window.

But she hit a nerve there, I haven't been inside my wife for a couple of days now, resulted with my bad mood and blue balls.

"shut up Ross, why don't you just tell what are you doing here" I snap, rubbing my temple.

"well boss you have to fly to New York next week" what the fuck!

"the shipping company that we want is playing hard ball demanding more than what they worth for" just fucking great.

"I'll fly this weekend" I say and she take her leave.

I have to convince Ana to take sometime off this weekend, cause I'm not leaving for New York without fucking the shit out of my wife's pussy before I leave.

"Mr. Grey, Barney is here sir asking for a few minutes" Andrea say through the intercom.

This is serious if Barney is here asking for a few minutes meeting.

"sent him in" I say

"Sir someone is trying to hacked in our server" he say immediately before I could ask him.

"what the fuck? Do you know who it is?" I ask feeling my blood pressure highten.

"no sir when I try to trace it, it bounce around" he sigh

"well dig deeper" I snap

"its not only that sir, the hacker is trying to get a specific files" I head snap at his direction and wait for him to continue

"its Mrs. Grey's files sir" what the fuck!

"find him or whoever is that Barney" I order and he nodded his head then left my office.

Fuck we haven't got a threat since we got married that's why I was ok for ana didn't have a security with her, but now its time to talk to her to have one; I'm not taking any chances.

I promise Ray that I will take care of his baby girl, if something happened to her, god knows what will happen.

Ana pov

Shit I still can feel Christian between my legs, but I still feel hot and bother just thinking about our weekend.


"baby let's go for weekend getaway" Christian say Thursday night

"ok where are we going?" I agree cause I miss him so much.

"let's go use the Grace just sailing all weekend" that's not so bad since its summer.

"ok" I kiss him.

"I'm going to New York Sunday evening" that stop me from kissing him.

"what?" I pout. I hate it when he is going to business trip.

"the company that we are trying to acquire is playing so I have to pay them a visit" he say apologetic

"its ok, how long you'll be there?" I ask missing him already

"I'll be there for a few days" well this will give me time to go shopping for his 30th birthday.

"just call or email me every chance you had ok" I smile kissing him again.

Saturday morning we are headed to the marina to start our weekend getaway.

We are now in the middle of the Elliot bay away from the busy city of Seattle.

"well this is nice" I stretch lazily on my lounge chair, wearing my tiny bikini.

"yes it is" Christian is tracing the outline of my breast.

I lean up kissing his lips then his jaw all the way to his naked chest then reach my goal, untying his swim short, pulling out his always ready erection, putting it in my mouth.

"fuck ana!" he hiss, taking him further in my mouth.

"just like that" he pant, few more deep throat he came in my mouth.

"FUCK!" he slam back to his chair, breathless while I just smirk at him.

"you ok hubby?" I tease

"just-just give me a moment wife…. You just drain the fuck out of me" he say still panting and I smile smugly and lay back down.

I was startle when Christian grab my ankle and drag me until my ass is on the edge of my chair and my thighs are in his shoulder.

"I think I owe you an orgasm" he untie my bikini buttom and toast it aside.

"hello there I miss you" I giggle at him talking to my pussy like a person but I moan when I feel his tongue on my already wet folds.

"shit!" now I am the one who is hissing and cursing while he eat my pussy like a starving man, it didn't take long before I was screaming his name.

We fuck all weekend, on the water, Jacuzzi, on the floor and every flat surface of the boat.

I didn't remember if we ever got dress, most of the time we are naked.

"you ok dear?" Grace ask when I took a sit and wince.

No I'm deliciously sore, thanks to your skillful son

But I didn't say that out loud

"yes" I blushes

"how are you and Christian?" grace ask, we are currently in the cafeteria of the hospital eating lunch.

"he is in New York now" I smile at her.

"I hope you two still have time for each other, I know this past week has been busy and then this week you'll be taking a double shift" Grace pat my hand motherly.

"we still talk and text every chance we got and spent time at home" I reply

"that's good" we continue eating.

"just call me if you need anything ok dear" Grace say

"I will don't worry" I promise and we part ways after we finish our lunch.

When I come across the reception, I can see the nurses are gushing about something.

"oh Dr. Grey!" Nurse Emily say

"hello ladies" I smile at them.

"you have delivery Dr. Grey" Emily smile. That's when I see an assorted of my favorite flowers.

"thank you" I smell the flower and look for a card but no card attach to it.

"Mr. Grey really know how to woo you Dr. Grey" Isabel the new nurse and the youngest say still looking at the flower.

"I know he is so sweet" I take my flower and bid they're goodbye.

I put my flowers on my desk and retrieve my phone only to see that its dead bat. I plunge it to the charger and put my flowers to the vase.

Before I could make a call to my dear husband I got an emergency surgery.

It's almost 9 in the evening when I got home.

"Grey!" Christian snap when he answer his phone.

"hello my grumpy husband" I snap playfully then giggle

"oh sorry baby I didn't look at my phone" he sigh tiredly.

"rough day?" I ask concern

"kind off" he sigh again

"still playing hard?" I ask pulling off my heels.

"fucker is testing my patience" I snarl

"I hope you ate dinner" I went to our closet look for his white tee shirt to wear.

"yes I already ate… you just now came home?" he ask and this time its me who let out a sigh.

"yes an emergency surgery took longer…oh by the way thank you for the flowers Mr. Grey" I smile.

'what flower?" just like that my smile drop

"the flowers you sent to the hospital this afternoon" I say confuse

"baby I didn't sent any flowers today" what the fuck!

Who the hell sent me flowers then if it's not my husband?

"I'll call Barney if he can find who's fucker sent you a flowers" his jealousy is coming out.

"maybe it was just from a patient, please don't its just a flowers" my favorite flowers but I keep my mouth shut, knowing how he will react.

"fine" I know he is pouting.

I changed the subject instead we had phone sex that helped me to fell asleep easily.