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Mulan and Shang

A new adventure

Chapter 1:

It was a new day in China and the year was 2003 and Mulan was at home doing her homework in the morning before she had to go off to school. She was a sophomore at Wu Zin high school. She yawned and stretched out her arms. She stood up and began to put away her schoolwork before she was going to go. She had on a pair of jeans and a light blue top.

"Mulan?" Mulan turned around to see her mother standing in the doorway. "Are you ready?" She asked.

"Yeah" She took a couple more gulps of her orange juice then placed her back pack on her back and ran to outside where her moms car was waiting for her.


Shang got out of his red bran new car and headed inside the school. He had on a pair of dark blue baggy pants and a white T-shirt. "Hey Shang!" Yelled a familiar voice. Shang turned around to see his friends Ling, Yao and Loong. They ran up to him and all headed in the doorway at the same time. "So did your mom find out?" Asked Ling.

"No, I got ride of it; I'm not going to no detention." Replied Shang.

"Yeah, Ling you should know this by now, Shang never goes at least even let his mother now about it." Said Loong. As they walked through the hallways Shang and them would pass by many students. Ling of course was showing off every time he saw a pretty girl. He would always wink and snap both his finger together and point at the girl.

"What are you doing?" Asked Shang.

"Checking out the girls, what do you think?" Said Ling.

He sighed and shook his head, "There just a bunch of silly preps that think they can get some."

"He's still upset about his last girl friend and how she cheated on him." Said Loong. Shang turned to him and glared at him but did or said nothing.

He sighed; He stopped at his locker and got what he needed for the morning classes. He shut his locker and continued down the hallway with his friends.

Mulan had arrived at school just a couple minuets later. She got to her locker. As she closed it her friend, Ma Li was standing right up against the locker right next to hers. "Hey Mulan." Mulan almost jumped.

"God, Ma Li do you always have to do that?" Said Mulan catching her breath. Ma Li laughed and they began to walk down the hallway with their books in their hands.

"Sorry, It's just so funny, oh did you start your project yet?"

"I did the outline but I'm not even near being done"

"You now that one guy I liked, but never got a chance to talk to him because I was so scared?" She asked.

"Yeah, the one that died his hair blond?"

"Yeah well, I saw that he was with his new girl friend, God I wish all the preps would just die, they always get the cute guys." Complained Ma Li.

"Aw...Well maybe there will be a different guy this year that might ask you out?" Said Mulan as she tried to cheer up her friend.

"Yeah like that will ever happen, all that guys want is girls with big breast and that's it." Argued Ma Li.

"Well maybe most do, but I bet there is a guy out there, that would want you for who you are." Reassured Mulan. But she wasn't quiet sure if she was telling her friend the truth or not, she was never in a relationship, plus she never liked anyone.

"Well maybe, but I still don't think that will ever happen."

"Come lets go put our stuff in the classroom." Said Mulan.

"All right." They walked upstairs and headed to their 1st period classroom.

Just once they got up, Shang and the gang were laughing like crazy at the girls who were running away from them. They stopped by the staircase and laughed. "Man, Shang that was too much the whole...putting the fake mouse in their laps, wow!" Said Yao who could barely talk because he was laughing so hard.

Yao raised his hand in front of Shang and they gave each other a high five. Suddenly the bell rang. "Aw...man, this sucks now we have to go to 1st period." Complained Loong.

"Aw...don't worry we'll see each other in lunch." Said Shang as he gave his friends a grin that could only tell them that he had a plan.


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