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Chapter 12: The Ring of Promise

It was the big night and everyone was coming. Ma Li almost called Mulan a hundred times telling her how excited and happy she was to go to the dance with Loong. It had been her dream and she was glad that she was finally with him. Mulan was in her room getting ready for the big night, really it was Shang's last night at school until college but it was going to be their last night together at the school. Mulan kept thinking that he was probably going to break up with her and tell her that it wasn't gong to work out between them for the distance and everything. She hated when she thought like that but she had a bad feeling that, that was going to happen and tonight be that night. She shook her head of her thoughts and continued to fix her dress.

Her dress was long and light blue. It was a spaghetti strap dress that was tight at the top through the waist then flared out at the bottom. The top had jewels that ventured their way down her dress. Her mother fixed her hair in a nice bun then had strands of wavy hair coming down her face. Her mother did her makeup as well and put mascara, and a line of black eye liner that made her eyes light up and show more. She put powder and a little bit of blush, then a lipstick that made her lips glisten and shin. Mulan smiled in the mirror.

Shang was outside waiting for Mulan, he came out with his black suit and tie. His hair was jelled back. As he heard the door open he saw Mulan come out looking more beautiful then ever. His mouth dropped and he began to blush a little red. He walked up to her and took her hand gracefully and smiled, she smiled and made her way down the stairs of the porch. "You look beautiful." Complemented Shang.

"Thank you." Answered Mulan with a blush.

"You ready?"

"More then ever!" Mulan took his arm and they both made their way to the car and before they knew it they were at the dance. Once Mulan got out, she really didn't see any one her age but then she saw Ma Li with Loong who were making their way to them. She had a pretty pink dress, that flowed to the back her. Ma Li ran to Mulan and they hugged, and exchanged complements on how beautiful they looked. Mulan took Shang's arm and gave him a kiss on the cheek. But Shang took her chin and lifted it and placed his lips on hers. As they parted Mulan giggled and blushed. "Well you guys ready to go in?" Asked Loong.

"Yeah...the guys are probably waiting for us." Said Shang, knowing that the gang was in their probably waiting for them to come so they could get the party started. As the night went on, it was joyful and happy. The guys and the girls were having a blast; they talked and danced all in one. They all wanted the night to last forever. But once the night was near the end people began to feel sad, they knew that they didn't have that much time left and they would have to make the last couple minuets their best. Fang was in a seat with her friends looking as bored as ever and upset. Mulan was in Shang's arms holding him close as possible as they slowly danced to soft, sad music. Mulan watched, as Fang would just sit there talking to her friends, she pitied her, even though she hated her. Shang at that moment held Mulan closer to him and placed his head on Mulan's, and whispered, "I love you, Mulan." Mulan looked up at him and smiled.

"And I love you......" she began to slowly feel a tear roll down her cheek; Shang gave her a grin as he whipped away the single tear.

"We have to talk after this...." Announced Shang.

Mulan nodded, "Are you breaking up with me?" She asked. Worried for if he was she knew that she would be broken hearted forever. She had never been in love and here she was with Shang, the man she grew to love with all her heart, and this was probably going to be their last time together. Mulan placed her head down on his shoulder and more teras began to flow down.

Shang lifted her face to meet his. He looked at her but he didn't smiled. He whipped away her tears once again and told her, "I would never break up with you, I love you and even though we will be far apart and may not talk every day, there won't be one second that I won't think of you....." Mulan smiled. She then watched as he went through his pocket and pulled out a small box. Mulan was speechless when he opened it. He held out in that tiny little box that had a small ring, it was silver with a little red diamonded heart in the middle. Mulan put her hand on her mouth and looked up at Shang. "Mulan.....I want you to wear this ring as a promise of our friendship and love that we will always be together."

"I will always keep it on! Thank you...." She said. Mulan held out her hand as he placed the small ring on her pointer finger on her left hand. Mulan smiled as she looked at it. She then turned her eyes on Shang who was smiling at her.

"Hey guys!" Said ling. "Their going to play the last song for us now!" Mulan and Shang looked at each other and smiled and hugged. As they looked around them, the gang with their dates got over to them and began to hold each other and dance back and forth to the last song. Shang put his arms around Mulan's waist and Mulan put her arms around his neck. They moved back and forth slowly with the music. As the song continued Shang brought her in closer and kissed her on the lips as they parted slowly, Mulan rested her head on his shoulder and they continued to dance. Chien Po looked at Shang and smiled, Shang smiled back his friend was right all along and he was glad he finally saw that. Shang looked at Mulan and rested his head on Mulan's until the song came to an end.

As the song ended many people whipped away their tears and clapped. All hugged and last comments were said. Shang and Mulan headed out in each other's arms. Then gang had their girls in their arms, as did Loong with Ma Li. The guys parted with the girls that quick second and hugged each other and talked of a bit. Mulan watched as they said goodbye, even though it was not her prom night really, she was losing some great people. Her friends who had changed their feeling about people who were younger then them. She shared so many moments with them, some good some bad. But at the end she was happy she got to know them. They all turned to her and smiled. "Mulan......"they all said at once then laughed. Mulan smiled and laughed as tears rolled down her cheek. "Come here...." Mulan ran over to them and hugged them and said her good byes. Some of them even told her to be good, don't do drugs and all that. She was glad that they were at least looking out for her. They had finally parted and soon it was just Mulan and Shang. He took one last look at the school and smiled and shook his head.

"Your going to miss aren't you?" Asked Mulan. Shang turned around with a tear rolling down his cheek. Mulan went up to him and whipped it away. She then kissed him on the cheek and smiled.

"It's just hard you know it seems just like yesterday that I was a freshman." He laughed. Mulan hugged him and he brought her closer to him for comfort. "Well I better bring you home."

"Yeah...." She said almost about to go in tears herself.

Once she was home she got out of the car and walked slowly toward her house with him. Mulan stopped and faced Shang and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Shang wrapped his arms around her and held her close as their lips collided and grinded with the kisses. Shang and Mulan parted and looked at each other in the eye. "I don't want to leave you...." He said, as he stroked her hair with his fingers.

"I don't want you to leave.....Can't you just stay here for the night or something?" She asked. She wanted to be close to him forever. Shang shook his head.

"I wish I could, just to hold you in my arms, kiss you. But I can't...I have to leave." He said in sadness, he wished he could stay, he wanted to be with her and take her with him but knew that it was impossible.

Mulan held him close again and began to kiss his chin, then ran up to his lips once more. They stayed like that for awhile continually kissing each other. For it was going to be the last kiss for who knows till when. As they parted Mulan shed her last tears of sadness. Shang kissed her forehead and held out her hand and kissed them. "I love you...."

"I love you too...with all my heart." He smiled then slowly walked away to his car. The wind blew Mulan's hair as she let it loose. It flowed with the wind, and the tears began to flow quicker and more constant as he got father and father away from her. This was it, he was going to be gone any second now and she would have to live without him. As she looked and watched, she then saw him turn his head to her and smile at her, he blew her a kiss and said, "When I come back your going to have to show me some new moves!" He yelled back. Mulan laughed in between tears and sniffles. Shang bowed down and got into his car, and was off. he slowly watched as she stood their like an angel, and angel that he would miss, but never forget. For she showed him so much and would never forget that. Shang could now feel his heart being torn from his body, and he then suddenly felt a tear roll down his cheek but he did not move it away, he let it flow. Once he couldn't see her any more he speed up the car and headed for home where he would have to pack.

Mulan let the tears roll down, she looked down at her hand where he placed the ring, she smiled and cried at once, "I will never forget you......I will always love you!"

Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on.
Far across the distance and spaces between us
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more, you open the door
And you're here in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on.

Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime,
And never let go till we're gone.
Love was when I loved you, one true time I hold to.
In my life we'll always go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more, you open the door
And you're here in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on.

You're here, there's nothing to fear,
And I know that my heart will go on.
We'll stay forever this way.
You are safe in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on.


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