058. Dream



There's an awakening in love. All colors seem unremarkable and dull until she met Kouya.

Soulmates are real, and they exist in the Zero Project. Only them. Nobody will be as special. Yamato knows she is meant only for Kouya.

On the commuter train, riding towards their destination to face against Loveless, Yamato weaves through the mass of disinterested, fatigued humans in the clanging and rocking train-car.

She sneaks up behind her love, blowing air gently against the underside of Kouya's fake cat-ear.

"You know I can't feel that, right?" Kouya murmurs. She shifts and bites her lower lip when Yamato makes a low, intrigued noise, running a hand over the hem of Kouya's freshly ironed uniform-skirt.

"Oh, I do," Yamato says faintly, but joyfully. One of her fingers creeps underneath the skirt, pressing a hot, hard line against Kouya's clothed buttocks. She grins toothily into the other girl's ember-black, silky hair. "You feel that though, don't you?"

"Nngn—" Kouya squirms, facing the train's window. She swallows down a rising moan. "Yamato—"

The rest of Yamato's fingers nudge aside her thin panties, stroking with familiar, increasing pressure against Kouya's hairy, outer vaginal lips.

If it was her tongue, Yamato would slowly take her apart in the rush of their pleasure, by every colorful, brilliant fragment, until Kouya would leak onto Yamato's opening mouth, screaming out.

She settles for a tiny, whining gasp, and Kouya's wetness slickening Yamato's eager fingers.



Loveless isn't mine. I've done a recent rewatch of the anime and oh man... oh man indeed. I remember so much. I love these girls though and I'm glad they got engaged and are living happily ever after. They deserve it! Hope you enjoyed reading and any thoughts/comments are very much welcome!