I dunno where I found this…But the combination of several heavy doses including hyper-violent/romantic anime, Takari fics before going to bed and several large bottles of Diet Pepsi warped my brain into creating…well, this. Hope you like, and ideas are as always greatly welcome!

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The Healer's Touch

Chapter 1: The Puppy

"Hey T.K.!" a voice called. "Wait up!"

T.K. turned back and grinned at what he saw. Kari was running up to him, waving happily. She was dressed in a knee-length green skirt, long-sleeved green shirt, white sailor's collar with a blue neckerchief tied under it. The Odiva High school uniform, and he mentally slapped himself before his mouth could mutter about how cute she looked. He himself was still wearing the green jacket and slacks over his white shirt, although he had removed the blue tie and unbuttoned the coat.

"Hey Kari." he grinned. "What brings you here?"

She reached his side and brandished a large white shack. Something jingled inside. "Shopping." she sighed. "Mom's got some party planned soon…and we gotta get ready…"

Then she looked up at the taller boy, smiling. "So…how 'bout you? Shouldn't you be at home now?"

"Nah…" T.K. leaned back on his hands, contemplating his own thoughts. "I was just wandering around…Enjoy the sun while it's up, you know?"

"Mummemph me mur!" mumbled T.K.'s bag.

Kari jumped and T.K. turned red, pulling his backpack around where he could unzip it. "Sorry 'bout that…" he muttered, opening it.

Patamon burst out the top, gasping for breath. "Gah! Stuffy in there!" he muttered, shaking some lint off his fur and dust from his ears as he took flight. "Hi Kari!"

"Hello, Patamon." Kari giggled, brushing a crumbled candy wrapper off the Digimon's head. Patamon landed on her shoulder and cuddled up to her cheek. For one strange reason or another, she was the only other one besides his partner that Patamon trusted enough to do that.

"I thought I told you not to come out in public." T.K. muttered sorely. "What if somebody sees?"

"I heard Kari's voice, so I knew it was okay." Patamon laughed, facing his partner. "Besides, do you know how hard it is to breath in there? Phew! Air holes!"

Kari laughed, stroking Patamon's ear. "Gatomon's still at home, I'm afraid." she said. "Getting in a little 'beauty sleep' as she calls it."

"That's Gatomon for ya!" Patamon giggled. "Lazy little kitty…Uh…don't tell her I said that."

T.K. and Kari both chuckled, then T.K. pulled Patamon off her shoulder. "Okay you…" he scolded. "Back into the bag, before somebody comes."

"Aw…" Patamon groaned, but allowed himself to be put back in the backpack. "Leave the flap open a bit this time, okay?"

"Fine." T.K. muttered, zipping it up two-thirds of the way. "That better?"

"Yump!" Patamon muttered, then curled up for the ride.

T.K. gave Kari a laughing grin. Sliding the bag back over his shoulder. She smiled back at him and for a moment they were silent. Then Kari nodded down the road. "Well I…better get going…"

"Allow me." T.K. spread his arm out down the street. "Shall we journey home together?"

Kari stared a moment, then smiled. "T.K…We live half a mile apart…It's out of your way."

"So?" he laughed. "We spilt off the same part. And Patamon and I don't mind an extra block or two, now do we?"

"Nomph." the bag muttered.

"Then it's settled." T.K. grinned a big grin, then gave a slight bow. "After you, my dear."

"I wouldn't think of it." Kari laughed, imitating him. "After you."

"No no, I insist." T.K. told her. "After you."

Kari laughed again and set off down the street, her best friend following a step behind her. They did this quite often, laughing and joking with each other, until talk turned to school work or home life and then it'd just be quiet discussions of this and that and the other.

But as they reached their split-off point, about a block from Kari's building, a pathetic whimper suddenly floated through the air. Kari stopped. "Do you hear that?" she asked quietly.

"Hear what?"

It came again, worse this time. "That!" Kari cried. "Something's hurt!"

"Yeah…" T.K. muttered, picking up the sound too. "But what?"

They listened a while longer, still unable to tell. Patamon, still stuck inside the bag, heard it better than they did and knocked up against T.K.'s back. "That way." he pointed, sticking one arm out. "Next to the road."

Kari looked and her hand flew to her mouth. "Oh no…" she whispered, then pulled T.K. over to the side.

A little brown puppy lay by the side of the street, crumbled over itself. It was a pretty dog, and had a small red collar around its neck, but its stomach was squashed. The poor little thing had been hit by a car, only very recently.

"Oh…poor puppy…" Kari cooed, picking it up carefully. "T.K., we've gotta take it to the vet!"

"I'm not sure that would work." T.K. muttered. "It looks pretty bad."

"But it's somebody's pet!" Kari exclaimed. "We've gotta do something…"

T.K. thought a moment and the puppy whimpered again. Then he took the animal out of Kari's arms. "Listen…" he said slowly. "There's a vet's office on the way to my place. I'll take him."

Kari stared. "T.K.…Are you sure?"

"Sure I'm sure." T.K. smiled. "Even it means that much to you, I'd be glad to do it. You just head on home…okay?"

"O-Okay…" Kari muttered as T.K. shooed her down the other street. "I guess…"

"Don't worry." T.K. smiled at her. "Everything'll be fine, I promise." he started back down the other street, still carrying the puppy. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

Kari watched him a moment, then started having second thoughts. He was acting awfully strange…why wouldn't they have taken it together? That would be the usual answer to something like this…unless…

"He's hiding something." she muttered out loud, then, in true curiosity-killed-the-cat fashion, she tailed him.

T.K. came to a stop about a block away. Patamon stuck his arm out and unzipped the bag himself. "T.K.…what are you planning? There's no vet around here…"

T.K. cradled the dog in his arms, looking at it pitifully. Patamon's eyes widened. "Oh no…T.K., you're not! You can't!"

T.K. just silently closed his eyes. Patamon sighed loudly and for a moment, nothing seamed to happen…

The puppy suddenly sat up, all on his own. The wound was…gone! That dog looked absolutely perfect, happy and well. Kari couldn't believe her eyes, so she rubbed them again to make sure it was true.

The puppy looked around, then leapt up and started licking T.K.'s face excitedly and gratifyingly. "Hey now…cut it out!" T.K. laughed, holding it at arm's length from him.

A sad-looking little boy of about eight came around the corner, holding a colorful flyer in one hand. The puppy let out some excited yelps and bounded out of T.K.'s arms towards him.

The boy looked up and his face spread into a smile. "Lady!" he gasped, greeting his pet happily. "You're back! Lady!"

A young woman came out from behind the corner, after the boy. She checked the dog in surprise, then looked up at T.K. "Young man…" she whispered, approaching him. "Did you…Did you take care of my son's dog?"

T.K. looked down sheepishly. "I just…found her a little while ago…" he mutter modestly, of course not mention how he'd saved her life. Who would believe him?

Kari turned away from the sight, stunned. Did T.K. really just.…How? It was impossible! How could this happen…and even if he could, why would he hide it from her?

The mother and son had left, taking the dog with them. Patamon flew out of his hiding spot and over to T.K., who was holding his stomach. "T.K.…Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine…" T.K. muttered, none to convincingly. He picked up his bag, stumbling away like he had a bad cramp. "Come on…Let's go…"

Kari watched the pair cross the street and head for the apartment, before leaving her post and heading home, trying to wipe the impossibilities from her mind.