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The Healer's Touch

Chapter 6: To The Rescue

"You sure this is the place?" Davis asked, looking up at the large, black fortress high on the cliffs.

"Where else could it be?" Yolei demanded. "The energy focuses here, that's where Izzy tracked it. He's gotta be in there."

"I hope so…" Kari whispered, then looked up. "Come on, let's go."

They trudged dejectedly up the steep, rocky, cliff-like hill. They all felt determined or upset by the nature of this mission, but Kari was taking it harder than any of them.

She'd hardly slept a wink the night before. She kept having dream after dream, nightmare after torturous nightmare. Sights of him lying stone-cold in some dank dungeon, or walking away from her with blood across his chest. Each time she woke screaming and crying, until Tai finally decided to sit up with her half the night, finally easing her into a nervous sleep. As a result, she was a total wreck.

And poor Patamon…he'd wound up staying at the Kamiya's apartment all night. He wouldn't say a word, wouldn't look at anybody, wouldn't even lift his ears. Kari was carrying the forlorn little creature in her arms, occasionally stroking him sweetly.

They reached the castle after about thirty minutes, then spent another twenty scanning the outside. They found a small crack, just about large enough for one person, on the left side of the wall.

Ken straightened after looking at it a moment. "It's kinda low, but maybe one person and a Digimon or two could crawl through at a time."

"But if this Digimon's as powerful as Izzy thinks it is, he'll notice us going in for sure if we take that long!" Yolei exclaimed.

"So we don't all go in." Cody had been thinking quietly this whole time, contemplating. "The way I see it…Kari, Patamon and Gatomon could fit through there pretty easily, right? So they go in, while the rest of us create a distraction by attacking straight front. The Digimon inside will be distracted with us and won't notice them until they find T.K."

"…You really think that'll work?" Davis asked.

"It better…" Yolei nodded. "It's the only plan we've got."

With as last supportive wave, the four pairs of partners disappeared back around the corner. A moment later Kari, Patamon and Gatomon heard the sounds of Digivolving, then the rush of battle.

Kari held her breath a moment as her friend's familiar attacks were joined by those of the fake Digimon. Then she turned to the little Digimon. "Okay then…let's go."

The girl lay down on her stomach, sliding under the little crack as best she could. She really was lucky she was so thin, or else she'd never be able to make it through here. It was so cramped…so very cramped…

She heard Gatomon and Patamon both scramble in behind her. They were moving much easier, stopping at her feet as she slid along. It was dark in here…so dark, so cold… she'd get stuck, she just knew it! It was so cramped…so very dark…she couldn't think… couldn't move…couldn't breathe…

She felt air brushing against her hair, pushing it into out of her eyes. It felt strangely like…air conditioning. In a medieval castle? Definitely like the Digital World.

After few more moments of struggling, she managed to pull herself free oft the wall. After helping the two Digimon out of the hole, she found that they were standing in a small hallway just beside a down-staircase.

It didn't take in words between them, they hurried down the stairs in one breath. But at the base they slide to a stop. There were four different directions they could go in, and all of them lead down a tunnel.

"Now what?" Patamon asked, desperate to get back to his partner. He hovered above Kari's head, looking in each direction. "Which way do we go?"

"I…I…" Kari gulped, looking around. "I…don't know."

There was a moment of silence, then Gatomon stiffened, hair standing on end. "Something's coming!" she hissed, leaping in front of Kari. "That way!"

They heard footsteps approaching, splashing and squelching like they were wet and sticky. The three braced themselves as a shadow appeared, shorter than Kari but larger than either of the Digimon, black and molted-green.

It was a Gekomon…rather, one of the fake Gekomon, as it was too big to be a real Gekomon. It stopped when it saw them, eyes wide. Gatomon was about to attack, when he suddenly dropped his voice down and whispered, "Are you friends of that boy?"

"Boy?" Kari gasped. "You mean…T.K.? Do you know where he is?"

Neiga-Gekomon nodded, glancing back and forth nervously. "Follow me." he whispered, crossing in front of them to the second tunnel from the left. "You have to hurry…there isn't much time."

Patamon, Gatomon and Kari stared at each other a moment, then followed after. Neiga-Gekomon lead them down three different halls, first taking a left, then a right, then another right. On the way he grabbed a ring of keys from the wall, took another left, and stopped.

Kari's hands flew to her mouth, stifling a gasp of fear. T.K. was propped up against the wall, head dropping so low it looked like it was about to fall off. He was covered in scrapes and scratches, caused from the friction of writing against the hard stone. She couldn't tell if he was breathing.

Neiga-Gekomon used the keys to open the barred door. Letting out a soft cry, Kari dashed through and lifted T.K.'s head into her lap. "T.K.…T.K., can you hear me?" she whispered, voice sounding desperate. "Please, T.K., say something! Anything!"

Patamon flew over, glanced at his partner a minute, then put a paw to his friend's forehead. His eyes darkened. "Not another relapse…" he whispered. "Not now…"

"Relapse?" Kari gasped, looking up wildly. "What do you mean, Patamon? What's wrong with him?!"

The orange Digimon hovered over his friend, eyes filled with worry. "It's been happening more and more recently…After he absorbs a lot of pain…It sort've rebounds on him, through his whole body…like this."

T.K. gasped for breath, barely able to pull in the minimum he needed. Patamon flew to Neiga-Gekomon. "We need water, and lots of it!" he insisted.

The fake Digimon nodded. "Follow me." he said, and disappeared down the hall.

"Kari, stay here." Patamon called before vanishing after him. "It'll make him feel better!"

"What'll make him feel better?" Kari called after him, but sighed when she received no answer.

T.K. groaned suddenly, sweat popping out visibly on his forehead. Kari pulled a scarf out of her pocket and began wiping his soaking forehead, whispering sweetly. "It's okay, T.K.…We're here, and we're going to take you home…Don't worry…It'll all be okay…"

She jumped suddenly as his hands appeared, snapping upward so fast she couldn't see them. He grabbed her hand with both of his, then smiled up at her with tired, blue eyes.

"Kari…" he whispered, pulling her hand close enough that he could rub it gently on his flushed cheek. "You're here…You're really here…"

Kari stared at him wildly, but realized under her touch that his fever had begun to go down. She sighed, smiling a bit. "Yes, T.K.…I'm not going anywhere. I promise…"

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