This actually is very very heavily influenced by Marmalade Boy, if you couldn't tell. The scene in the nurse's office is one case in particular, as is the parents packing up and leaving for a while. Actually the later storyline will have lots of influence in it, but that's not for a while…

Also, I'm trying to put a bunch of different fights/relationships in here. One of 'em is Tai vs. Matt, just being what seamed appropriate here. My problem is, I don't know how Matt's going to act next (I hate writing for him…He's so bottled-up, you're supposed to tell the reader what he's thinking when you really have no idea) There are others, too, but I don't wanna spoil it. Somebody please help me with Matt, I really need it.

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House Mates

Chapter 3: Long Weekend

Kari brushed her hair nervously. It was 10 in the morning, and it was a long weekend so she had every right to be in her room for this long. She knew she aught to be in the dinning room with the others, seeing as she'd been up almost two hours, but she really didn't feel like it today.

She brushed her fingers against her lips, remembering the kiss from gym class the day before. She'd faked a stomach ache and skipped dinner last night to avoid seeing him. It wasn't that she didn't want to see him. It was just that, she didn't know how to handle things around him now…

There was a knock on her door. "Yes?" she called.

Her mother opened up the door, smiling. "Oh good, you're awake." she sighed. "I just wanted to tell you we're off, sweetie."

"Off?" T.K. stuck his head out of Tai's room. He looked a little flustered, like he'd just been woken up, and his hair was messier than usual. His mom was standing by the door, occasionally reaching over and trying to re-adjust his tangled blonde mop. "Off where?"

"Didn't we tell you?" Ms. Takaishai smiled. Both kids shook their heads. "Well… I've got a friend I'm going to visit in Yokohama…"

"Your dad's already left for his business trip." Mrs. Kamiya was checking things off in her head. "And Tai's got a soccer tournament in Toyama, so I'm coming along with him."

"We'll be gone all weekend." Nancy smiled. "So you two'll have to look after the house!"

"All…weekend?" Kari gulped.

"Tai!" Ms. Takaishai called. "Are you ready?"

"Just a sec." Tai came out of the bathroom door, dressed in his green-and-blue soccer uniform and crossed the hall into his room. "Just let me get something real quick…"

As he entered the room he grabbed T.K. by the collar and yanked him in. T.K., in mid-yawn, was taken off-guard and nearly fell over. "This is it." Tai whispered.

"What?" T.K. asked, pushing the door shut. "What are you talking about?"

"This is your chance." Tai grinned mischievously. "Think about it. This weekend, you'll have Kari here all to yourself."

T.K. looked at him a moment, the it hit him. "You conned your mom into going with you?!"

Tai grinned, grabbed his jacket and hurried out. In a matter of minutes he, his mom and Ms. Takaishai were out the apartment door and on their way.

T.K. and Kari stood in the hall, a little stunned. Kari looked at him a bit nervously. "This is…impossible…" she thought. "T.K. and I…here…together…alone!"

T.K. scratched his head, still looking tired. He glanced over at Kari. "I'm gonna go take a shower." he muttered. "I'll be out later."

"Okay." Kari tried to smile. "I'll get breakfast started, then."

He disappeared into the bathroom, then Kari slapped herself mentally as she went into the kitchen. "Get a grip, girl." she muttered in her head. "He's not any different… You probably just dreamed about that kiss. I mean, you were knocked out. Anything's possible…"

She could hear her friend's voices in her head, though. "He's totally got the hots for you…" What if it was true? Good lord, what would she do if…the guy living with her family…her best friend…really fell in love with her?!

T.K. glanced over at her, cursing Tai in his mind, then rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Is it okay for me to use the shower?"

"G-Go ahead." Kari stammered. "I'll go…get breakfast ready…"

T.K. disappeared into the bathroom, and few minutes later Kari could hear running water. She shook her head, pushing the thoughts out of her mind. "It was a dream." she told herself, determined to make it true, and went into the kitchen to start on some bacon and eggs for the both of them.

She pushed the food onto a serving plate twenty minutes later, then set it on the middle of the table to wait for T.K. It would be at least another ten minutes, she'd discovered that he always took nice, long showers because he adored the hot water. They were all lucky he didn't have as much hair as Tai did…he'd take over an hour.

Kari reached over and pulled her school binder to her. Digging around in the second pocket, she pulled out her history project for this semester. It was your basic genealogy project: Research and draw your family tree, stretching back at least five generations, including names, marriage information, and dates of birth and death.

Kari sighed, setting the paper down. Bore-ing. But she did need to get to work on it, it was due in two weeks and she only had her brother, parents and grandparents. She found herself subconsciously wondering how far T.K. was with his project…

The door bell rang, a loud tone that echoed through the apartment. Kari looked up from the tabled, pushing her tree chart away a moment. "Who could that be?" she asked herself, standing to go answer the door.

She opened it to be face by a familiar, cheery and slightly annoying smile radiating from the face of a brown-haired boy. The pair of goggles holding his hair back glared in the sunlight, making it obvious.

"Hi Kari!" Davis grinned a wide grin, waving. "What's up?"

"Davis!" Kari gasped, jumping a bit and putting a hand to her chest. "Good lord, you scared me! What're you doin' here?"

"Well, I ran into your mom yesterday." Davis tried to sound casual. "And she said she was going with Tai to his tournament, and…" he shrugged, pretending to smile sheepishly. "I figured it wasn't safe for you to be here all alone, so I thought I'd come to keep you company…"

"That's very nice, Davis." Kari smiled, letting her friend in. "But you see, I'm not here alone…"

"Hey Kari…" T.K. came wandering out from down the hall, a towel over his bare shoulders. He was wearing a pair of white pants, but had come down to get a clean shirt from the laundry room. "It smells good. Hope that's breakfast."

Kari could see the panic register in Davis's eyes as his pupils suddenly shrank to the size of pin pricks. "T…T.S.!" he gasped, pointing. "What the heck are you doin' here?!"

"It's T.K." the other boy corrected automatically. "And I could ask you the same thing, Davis. It's 10:30."

Davis turned to Kari, who was flushing a bit red. "What…" he asked slowly, trying to compose himself. "Is he…doing…in your apartment…with…without…"

"What, didn't you know?" T.K. asked, coking his head to one side. "We told everybody, didn't we?"

"I never told him." Kari shrugged, reaching to fill her plate.

"Neither did I." T.K. shrugged. "But you think a guy would notice…"

"Notice what?!" Davis demanded.

T.K. glanced at Kari out of the corner of his eye, then turned back to his goggle-clad friend, face set very serious, but jokingly at the same time. "I live here."

Almost instantly, Kari knew he'd said the wrong thing. Davis's eyes dilated down to close to nothing, and a frightened sweat was pouring down his face. "YOU'RE WHAT?!" he screeched, turning blue in the face. "How can…there's no way you…"

"Honestly, get your mind out of the gutter." Kari put her hands on her hips. "Ms. Takaishai's out of work, so she and T.K. are staying here with my family. He's sharing Tai's room, okay? That's all."

"That's…all?" Davis muttered, looking relieved.

"That's all." T.K. shrugged. He was grinning. "You are such a perv, Davis."

"I am not!!" Davis started to panic. "I wasn't thinking about…I mean, I didn't really…I mean, you made it sound like…"

"Oh, calm down." Kari laughed. She pulled a shirt down out of the laundry and tossed it at T.K. "Here. Go put this on, then we can have a little breakfast, okay?"

"Yes ma'am." T.K. gave a over-exaggerated salute, then disappeared down the hall.

Kari turned and smiled at Davis. "Come on then, fill up a plate." she said gesturing to the pile of eggs and bacon. "I can make plenty more if we need it."

Davis moved to the plate, but his mind was still angry. T.J. was living here, with Kari, in the same house…if he tried anything funny with her, he was dead!


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