This is what Vimes did in those 5 minutes after asked to see Colon and Nobby and before calling them up. Apart from trying to 'accidentally' burn his paper work away that is.


Samuel Vimes was in his office working and thinking. He was thinking about something that wasn't a crime, which is something he didn't do a lot. He was thinking about watchmen and women who had come and gone. He managed to burn the raise applications and remembered a promising watchman from not long ago.

Acting-Constable Jack Morgavi was, sorry is a werewolf. He wasn't born that way; he was born to an average family living in the most average street in Ankh-Morpork. He had an average education, average looks and average friends. In fact he was Mr Average. Until one day when he went on holiday to Uberworld and got into a drunken brawl, his first time drunk. He woke up the next morning with a headache, his mouth tasting like sick and a lot more hair than he used to have. In fact he was covered in hair, no, not hair, fur.

That was 5 years before Morgavi joined the watch. In those 5 years he developed his sense of smell and his strength and broke out of the Mr Average group. He made above average friends and married an above average woman.

Jack Morgavi applied for the position in the Watch in autumn. 2 months after his marriage to Charlotte Duckull, who married for 2 reasons, love and to change her surname.

Morgavi got into the watch without Vimes knowing. He signed the form on autopilot, like normal, but unlike normal Morgavi made a big impression. Sergeant Angua only matched Morgavi's skills of crime solving. And that was because they were the same species. Morgavi was soon as well known in the Watch as Carrot, but not as well loved. The main problem with Morgavi was that he wasn't a vegetarian. He would eat meat as human and wolf with no regrets; there were regular complaints after a full moon about Morgavi's eating habits.

One fine day Morgavi walked into the Watch house. It was a full moon the night before and he had had quite a few tasty snacks. Morgavi had about an hour before he had to go on patrol so he sat on a chair and waited. Any other watchman or woman would have had some company, but not Morgavi, he was a lone wolf, excuse the pun. Even Angua avoided him.

Commander Vimes stormed into the Watch in an obvious mood. He was almost fuming. Normally he would have stormed up to his office and taken his anger out on some unsuspecting paper work, but not today. Today he had a victim waiting, unknowingly in this very room. Vimes took a deep breath and turned to face his victim.

"Acting-Constable Morgavi. Could I see you in my office in 5 minutes please?" With that he walked away and up the stairs.

"Ye gods. He said please, your in for it Morgavi." Said Colon from the other side of the room. Morgavi looked at him with a wicked grin on his face.

"He doesn't scare me."

"So what did you do?" Sergeant Angua asked.

"Well I'm not quite sure, you know how it is when your in wolf form, bit of a blur." His voice was cocky and his evil grin remained. "Although, my mouth burns a bit and my mouth tastes of dragon."

"You didn't!" Was the response from Angua, Colon and a few other watchmen.

"I think I did."

"You really went hunting in Lady Sybil's dragon shed?" Colon was shocked. Not only would the dragon explode but didn't the repercussions occur to him? Morgavi shrugged with an air of self-confidence. There was shocked silence until Morgavi left for his meeting with Death- sorry, Vimes.

The rest was Watch history. No one ever knew exactly what happened in Vimes office that day although they heard a lot of shouting, much more than ever before. All they really knew is, when asked about it Morgavi started to tremble and mutter something about something.

Morgavi then retreated to the darkest corner of The Shades. He stays there, never coming out, scared that Vimes could be around. Eventually his wife became fed up and left him, rumour has it she's living it up with a high-ranking officer in the army.

Vimes had to laugh at that memory. He knew it was wrong, but it was perfect revenge. Lady Sybil had lost 11 dragons because of him, some he had attacked, and some who exploded in self defence and fear. Sybil had been very upset.

'Time to forget old memories,' Vimes thought to himself, 'and create new ones.' Vimes stamped on the floor and called Colon and Nobby up.