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Here is another story, this time in Naruto's world. It won't be an usual Harem story filled with just pure love and sunshine, however, it won't be one of the crazy stories Naruto kills everyone and burns everything just for revenge as well. However, there will be a lot of lemons, cheating, blackmail, and other steamy but gray situations.

Naruto sat in the chair, feeling a sheer, domineering feeling of elation spreading through his body. One might say that it was a bit excessive, but those wouldn't be the ones that were struggling to sit in this particular chair since they were six years old. The chair of Hokage, the undisputed ruler of the Hidden Village of Leaves.

It wasn't his chair officially yet, as Tsunade was still the Hokage until she officially abdicated and the Council voted a new one, but he wasn't very worried about that. He was the strongest ninja in the village, with the possible exception of Sasuke, and unlike him, Naruto didn't carry the stigma of being a traitor to the village. Idiot, Naruto thought, running to that Pedophile like he had something to offer. Orochimaru had been a strong Ninja, that Naruto knew from the experience. But who in the right mind would trust him as a trainer when the first thing he had done was to graft a seal on your skin to brainwash you, doubling as a convenient kill-switch.

Still, Sasuke's idiocy helped him immensely. If he managed to stay in Konoha, Naruto would have a dangerous rival to his ambitions, especially after the truth about Itachi came out. People were a sucker for a good tragedy, after all, enough that it would threaten his own chances.

"Freedom," he whispered in a satisfied tone, enjoying the word like it was the sweetest wine. He wasn't stupid enough to verbalize it to the public, but his desire to become the Hokage hadn't had the slightest link for a desire to make people accept or like him, not since he learned about the reason of their unfounded hatred. Why would he care about the opinions of the people that did their best to ostracize, cheat, and if they had the opportunity, hurt him when he was just a defenseless child.

For all that happened, he had never thought about leaving the village, but again, it was not a sentimental decision. He was aware that missing-nins had lived shitty lives, and even their terrible lives didn't last long. One way or another, they fall, if not to the blade of a hunter-nin, to another outlaw ninja who was trying to make a name for himself. Zabuza's fate was a good example for the fate of a missing-nin, whittled down by unskilled mercenaries after being double-crossed, an ignominious end for a legendary, if evil, man.

Of course, for him, it would be even worse. He was the host of the nine-tails, a source of power that Konoha would never let go willingly, and even if they did by some obscure reason, there were the other villages who would do their best to capture him to extract Kurama for their loyal soldiers.

He was fifteen, a fresh genin, when he realized all those things. But the true extent, he only understood during the first few months of his training with Jiraiya, the first time he stayed away from the village for an extended time, experiencing that people not knowing his identity reacted to him with warmth and openness while his own people came to him with hatred and disgust, despite all the time he risked his life to save them. With those realizations, his childhood objectives around the hat of Hokage died, but the ambition stayed for a different reason. If he couldn't be free of Konoha by escaping, he would do his best to become its ruler instead. That way, he would be able to avoid the risk of another Danzo taking the seat and deciding he wasn't loyal enough.

The war, for all the suffering it brought to the world, had been useful for his aims. It allowed him to shine without a fear of reprisal because they needed him, not to mention the strong alliances he built with the movers and shakers of the new reality, carefully calibrated that if Konoha tried to skip him over the hat, it would suddenly found himself out of the alliance that was being built around them.

Which was why Naruto wasn't worried about his prospects of getting the hat. He was going to be Hokage, and there was nothing anyone could do to prevent it. It was time to enjoy his life.

Of course, Naruto thought as he walked through the streets of Konoha, briefly talking with every well-wisher. The only thing that sucked about his life until now was that he had to act like a happy and unskilled idiot that managed to achieve things through sheer perseverance and luck, which created the impression that he would be a docile Hokage that always listened his advisors, never realizing how badly he was about to be manipulated. Inaccurate, of course, but Naruto had no intention of informing them before his power was consolidated.

Annoyingly, one of the parts of his idiot persona was affected the worst was his carnal activities, knowing that people would never believe rest of his personality if he had been suave and seducing. Of course, that had a very annoying side effect, forcing him into a continuous state of forced blue-balls, worse than many other suffers due to his regeneration ability and boundless chakra. He used henge to pick up civilian chicks often, but they never lasted more than two or three orgasms, leaving him barely better than the state he started.

Now that the war was finished and his nomination a virtual certainty, he was free to act on his desires. Which was why he was strolling towards the Hyuuga compound in order to pick Hinata, his fiancee, for a date. She was the perfect wife for him. Beautiful, demure, coming with a lot of political benefits, and a killer body. But most importantly, she was both madly in love with him, and had an extremely soft personality, meaning that Naruto was free to shape her whatever way he wished. And he was going to start his sculpting today.

One of the guards that were waiting at the outer gate disappeared inside as soon as he saw Naruto walking towards the compound, and Hinata was already at the gate, blushing prettily as when he arrived. "Hinata-chan," he said as he leaned to brush her cheek with his lips, intensifying her blush even more. But he was thankful that she finally stopped fainting whenever he walked near her, that would be really inconvenient.

"Naruto-kun," she whispered in a soft, demure voice. "You look dashing."

"Not as much as you are beautiful, my fiancee," he answered even as he presented his arm to her, and they started walking through the streets of Konoha. The Hyuuga compound was at the outskirts of the town, conveniently allowing Naruto to walk towards his destination without entering the crowds once more, and with his sensing ability, he was easily able to avoid occasional people in the woods as he led Hinata towards their destination while maintaining a casual discussion.

Then, Naruto made her stop in front of a three-story building deep into woods, one that was brand new. "What's this, Naruto-kun," Hinata asked, confused.

"This, my dear fiancee," he said as he stepped behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, listening her heartbeat through her skin. "This is our new home." And without waiting for an answer, he leaned and captured her lips in an aggressive manner. She stiffened in shock, but he didn't give her any respite. It wasn't the first time they had kissed, of course, but the others were soft, fleeting touches. It was the first time Naruto was assaulting her lips mercilessly, his tongue aggressively probing her lips until he gained his entrance.

Hinata lacked the ability to withstand the assault even if she desired to do so, which she didn't seem to do as she mewled under his grip. Her face was crimson and her breath was short as Naruto finally pulled back, looking like she was about to collapse on the ground."How?" she managed to ask, pointing at the building after spending almost a minute trying to control her breath.

Her question was fair, as it was only a few weeks since they had managed to finish the clean-up of the battle and returned to Konoha. The answer, however, was simple. "Shadow clones," he said. The copious amounts of clones ensured not only that the building was able to complete much quicker than it was normally possible, but also it allowed him to make sure there was no nasty surprise buried in the walls or the foundation. Of course, another benefit was the number of seals he had integrated into the building, making the building a veritable fortress that gave him absolute control inside. A control he was going to abuse to the limit. "Let me show you inside," Naruto said, putting his hand on the small of her back, far too close to her shapely butt, clearly inappropriate even between fiancees.

"Umm," she murmured, looking at him.

"What," Naruto answered, deliberately leaning towards her until their faces were almost touching. He slid his hand even lower, cupping her plump ass directly. "Do you have a problem, my pretty beloved." Hinata blushed, but her tongue was tied, unable to process Naruto's forward manner, which suited Naruto perfectly well. "Let me show you inside," he said, leading her inside through his hand, which was still resting on her ass. "This is the living room…"

With that, they have gone through the sparsely furnished building, with him excitedly telling about each room and how they were going to furnish it. He hadn't had to fake his enthusiasm, because finally owning a place other than a shitty handout apartment was a good feeling. Of course, he had neglected to show her the secret rooms he had set up across the building, accessible only through certain combinations. These were after her training was complete.

The last room they visited was the bathroom, a positively huge place with a decent sized pool, self-cleaning and always warm thanks to the seals he set up. "So, what do you think," he said, squeezing her bottom for emphasis.

"It's amazing, Naruto-kun. I can't wait to move here," she answered, but her voice strained due to fingers exploring her bottom.

"Perfect," he said, even as he started unbuttoning his shirt. "Why don't we give a little test run, then?"

"What do you mean, Naruto-kun?" she stammered. "We can't do that! We're not married yet!"

Naruto smirked. "What a dirty mind you have, my beloved. I meant that I was going to take a bath, and I was about to ask for you to wash my back. But if you want to do the other thing…" he trailed, reaching towards his pants.

"Washing your back is okay," Hinata said, escaping the room.

"The towels are in the left wardrobe," Naruto shouted behind her, barely holding back a laugh. Still, he made a note to always be around of her when she was with other males, or at least send a few clones to observe. With her naivety, she was a prime target for assholes like him. But she was his, and he wasn't the sharing type, not with other males, at least. Waiting for her to come, he quickly undressed and piled his clothes in the corner, wrapped a towel around his waist and slid into the warm water, letting out a relaxed sigh. He would have much preferred to be naked in the water, but that would scare Hinata quicker than he wanted.

He was enjoying the water for a while when the door slid open and Hinata stepped into the room. Naruto was unable to prevent a whistle leaving his mouth. He had realized that his estimations were horribly incorrect about Hinata's bodily dimensions, which would have made his beloved teacher pretty sad if he lived to see it. He had always thought Hinata was a bit chubby, considering the size of her breasts. But no, even through the towel, he could see that her body was exquisitely sculpted, the curves around her hips and her breasts nothing less than a really struck gold on that, as she had a body a man could never get bored of fucking.

A minute passed as she waited at the entrance hesitantly while Naruto examined her body. "Come on, my beloved," he said. "We are almost husband and wife, there is no reason for you feel ashamed."

She nodded and started walking towards him in shaky steps, unable to utter a word. She stood behind him and he closed his eyes, enjoying her fingers, immensely skilled as they explored his back despite all of her hesitations. He could feel minuscule amounts of chakra she was using as she soaped his back, unlocking knots that he didn't know he had. He murmured in satisfaction, enjoying the moment. Just for that, he would have taken her as his official wife, never mind all the other bonuses.

"Finished," Hinata said after several minutes, once again, her voice barely above the whisper.

"Good," Naruto said as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the bath. "Now it's your turn."

Panicking, as usual, Hinata was unable to react, so she moved to the direction Naruto pulled, stopping only when she was already in front of Naruto, the water reaching to the middle of her thighs. Naruto experienced a moments' disappointment. He was hoping that the towel would slide thanks to his sudden movement, but she managed to hold on to it. "Naruto-kun!" she started in a panicked cry, but Naruto interrupted her.

"Sit down!" he ordered, but it wasn't like the orders he was used to giving in the battlefield, sharp, crisp and emotionless. Instead, his words stretched longer, and tinged with hot, bubbling emotion. Nevertheless, Hinata followed his direction and sat in the water, drenching Naruto with a splash. "Good girl," he said as he patted her shoulder. Then, he pulled the back of the towel loose, revealing her back, smoother than Naruto dreamed.

"Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed once more.

"Come on, Hinata-chan, I can't wash your back with the towel on the way, right?" She nodded, hesitant, and Naruto put his hands over her back, giving a soft, almost invisible caress along the length, it continuity only interrupted by her bra straps. Naruto wasn't happy with their presence, of course, but he was willing to tolerate it until Hinata was number with pleasure.

More than ten minutes passed without a word, with Naruto enjoying the slow massage he was delivering across her back, and Hinata frozen timid, unable to utter a word, a state of business that fit Naruto just fine. Still, he could feel her breathing getting faster and faster.

Deciding to move to the next phase of the plan, he slid closer to her, his shaft pressing against her back, Naruto's towel long discarded. She stiffened, but before she could say anything, Naruto reached and unlocked the clasp of her bra, pulling it away. She was quick to cover her tits back using the towel, not allowing Naruto to see anything other than a vague glimpse. She exclaimed his name in panic once more. "Come on, Hinata-chan," he whispered after leaning to her ear. "You already have your towel, which is perfectly sufficient to cover your perfect body. You don't need this," he said, dangling her bra in front of her before throwing away. Of course, he didn't mention his cock, which was currently pressing the small of her back, even harder after seeing the cup-size of her bra. It was like a tent. He wanted to push his cock between them, rocking for hours.

She said nothing, but tried to slide away, a move that was prevented by Naruto's arm, which slid under the towel to massage her naked stomach. "This is better, right?" he said, dragging his hand occasionally upwards, but not high enough to actually touch her breasts."

"This is inappropriate," she said in a whisper.

"Tell me you're not enjoying it, and I'll stop." She said nothing, just continued staying still as Naruto continued caressing her body. Her submissiveness was fun for now, but Naruto took note to up her training. Submissiveness was fun, but she still needed to take initiative in the borders he had set. He shrugged, he had enough to time to train her to his specifications.

He could feel her body getting tenser and tenser, but this time, it was different than her usual immobility, driven by virtue. This time, he could feel the impending climax under his fingers, her grip on the towel getting weaker. He used the opportunity to grab the towel all pull it away in one movement, leaving her water-soaked panties as her only clothing. She yelled in panic and tried to cover up her breasts, but with her power drained due to impending orgasm, she barely put a struggle when Naruto knocked her arms away, leaving her breasts naked for his attention.

An opportunity he was more than happy to leverage, he thought as he cupped her breasts, which were nothing short of a miracle. Soft yet full, they defied gravity while feeling like clouds stuffed with marshmallows. They tasted even better than marshmallows, Naruto was sure, but it was early to taste them, impossible without freaking her off, so he restricted himself to gentle touches.

Of course, his gentle touches soon turned into mercilessly mauling as he was unable to control himself, each finger sinking into her delicious flesh boosting her cries even louder. "Such a loud noise, we need to silence them if we don't want to get caught," he whispered, and clamped his lips over hers to muffle her. Of course, there was no risk of getting caught, even without the extensive silencing seals, the house was too far from the village. But Hinata wasn't in a state that would be able to discern the truth in his statement, so he continued his double-pronged assault.

Soon, without even touching her pussy, she climaxed. And it wasn't a climax that Naruto observed before, at least not without hours of merciless edge play enforced by seals. Her back arched violently as a loud cry escaped her mouth, one that would bring the whole village to them despite the location if there were no silencing seals. Hinata started to tremble violently, her eyes closed against the torrent of the rush, looking like the world ended, and she was at the center of the explosion.

She didn't faint, but it was a close call, and Naruto was legitimately worried. He took her into a bridal hold, her almost naked body on display, even her panties turned transparent thanks to the water soaking on it. When he was at the edge of the bed, he threw a thick towel on it, and lay Hinata over. Then, he picked another towel, using it to dry her, starting from her foot, slowly climbing upwards. He was drying her stomach when she gathered herself enough to look conscious once more. "What was that?" Naruto asked, genuinely shocked. "It was like the first time you were having an orgasm."

She blushed deeply, but didn't answer. "You're kidding," Naruto asked, genuinely shocked. "It cannot be true you had never touched yourself before. We are twenty, for god's sake."

"I didn't," Hinata whispered, looking like she was about to faint once more. "It's shameful."

"No, it's not," Naruto answered. "As your fiancee, I'm the one that decides what is shameful." As he was speaking, he reached her breasts once more, slowly molesting her, their texture enchanting even through the towel. Then, he threw the towel away, and started molesting her breasts once more, shocked about their sensitivity to his touch. "Actually, you know what," he said, as he pulled away, leaving Hinata alone on the other side of the bed. "We're going to fix that right now."

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked, though it took several tries for her to string the sentence, broken illegible through stuttering.

"I mean you're going to lean back, remove your panties, and pleasure yourself while I sat across you and tell you how to do it."

The shocked expression on Hinata's face was delicious.