Phoenix Wright and The Last Express

Curse of the ancent emperor on a millionaire. And is he guilty? Phoenix Wright thinked that.

Microsoft Klavier was in teh same idea too. Sadly Apollo never liked the dungeons.

Athena used the magical matrix so they will understand the millionaire.

"Oh no. He was teh guilty! " the elder said.

Apollo asked "What we do now building block wright".

Answer was "Ask Edgeworth" but Phoenix choose the wrong answer again and Apollo and Athena laughed at him.

"In a nightmare you are!" said Yoda of shivering isles who is Sheogorath. Phoenix gapsed and said "Capcom didn't invite you go away!".

Apolly and Athena looked at him like a weird idiot.

Sheogorath said "Only you can see me. now go and save that millionaire! I will watch you with Haskill." and he vanished.

Then someone walked in the dungon. It was a bald man with stainless cloak.

"I'm Haskill." he said, completely deadpan.

"That's final witness idoit Nick!" said... narrator?

Then suddenly miner Klavier banished. Everyone was shock.

Apollo screamed and Athena cried but Phoenix was calm because dwarves broke Bard's Banishing Lute.


The dungeon killd teh lights. "ROOM! WHY U NO LIGHT!" said Athena. Room just laughed and called them idiotz.

But Panick never giv up. He told Haskill to bring som layts and Haskill used majick to creet som lights.

"The writin statz to get even wose. Muzt bee a bad omen" said Haskill.

Phoen sid "Wut wrighrting?".

Then som shadow creetur appeard and stabbed Thena in tha haed. Apol screemd and this tiem Ponicks screemsd too.

Becuz teh shuduw creetur was EDGEWORTH'S HIMSELF! "U didn't used teh corrct choys at teh beginniz so i will revenge on u!".

Edewrth used Shazow Snake and it was supah effactive. Phonze then faint and ded.

Then Phoenix woke up. All of it was just a dream, like Sheogorath said.

Then he realised he is late for the work and immediately got outside and ran to the courtroom.