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(10 minutes from Tampa Neigh, northern Coast of Hayland, Glacier-class Frigate Faithful.)

The trip to Tampa Neigh was becoming amazing for the Mane Six, they watched dozens of Golden Wings escort the frigate as beautiful cresting waves and dozens of islands replaced the mountains the Frigate passed over.

Twilight saw dozens of figures swimming in the waters below as well as dozens of small boats and much larger ones around them, dozens of Pegsi flew past the frigate which was approaching a massive city that looked like it had been built from the ground up.

"That… Is Tampa Neigh, the capital of my Kingdom, the largest trading port in Hayland, home of all the stores, military bases, schools and anything else your heart can desire…"

Crimson said while he walked to the window with Twilight, he gestured to the dozens of boats in the water as well as the Pegsi which flew past massive warships.

"Most of Tampa Neigh's good are shipped to other kingdoms around the world… Hence the massive… Well, the Sky Fleet is for defending the city…. As I said before, Tampa Neigh is unreachable by land, all goods and other things, soldiers, food, water…. They are flown or shipped off the Island by our merchants… I'll show you guys around once Faithful docks at the Tampa Neigh Royal Sky Fleet section of the airport…"

Crimson said as he turned to the rest of the Mane Six and smiled.

"Enjoy your stay in Tampa Neigh… We will be landing in 5 minutes… Unless you would like to try and cannonball off the Faithful and into the ocean?"

Crimson asked before walking off, the Mane Six and Starlight couldn't believe their eyes.

"I didn't think something like this could exist… It's beautiful."

Twilight gasped, dozens of Ponies were lining up at the docking port for the ship while the frigate landed.


Dozens of Ponies yelled before the door opened and the Prince walked with the Mane Six past the group.


The Ponies yelled, Crimson laughed and waved at the crowd before turning to the Mane Six.

"Wow, your subjects really missed you!"

Starlight put in, Crimson shrugged and turned back to the crowds with a smile.

"My subjects always miss me, I have no idea why sometimes… Maybe North has done something… Speaking of North, I know you guys want to run off, check out every fashion store run by Ponies like Platinum Singe or the Unicorn who helped make my cloak: Onyx Spirt… Or check out the Golden Wings and all that… But since I'm on my way to the castle and you are all my guests… I'd like for you to have the Grand Tour… Plus all those famous Ponies who make Tampa Neigh what it is will be there… If you guys have any questions…. Well, in Twilight's case, please write them down so I can answer them when I get done with the tour… Which will happen, after we get to the castle and all that…"

Crimson said with a joking manner, causing Twilight to slug him in the shoulder playfully.

"I will answer your biggest question first… Tampa Neigh was entirely built after I led a group of Ponies who wished to live under my rule here… I picked this Island as it was so rich in resources we would almost never run out… Tampa Neigh has had several wars but has endured them… I founded Tampa Neigh when I was just a teenager, not to brag… I didn't expect it to bloom into this, though…"

Crimson said with a flourish of his hooves while the group walked, the Unicorn and Earth Pony Army Soldiers who guarded and escorted the group said nothing but a few smiled.

"North will be waiting for us in the castle… He's shy, so don't expect him to say much at first."

Crimson said as they passed by dozens of soldiers and important looking Ponies, Crimson craned his neck to look up at a shimmering blue structure that surrounded the city in Blue Light.

"That is the city shield… Installed after the Tidal Wars…. It is a fusion of military technology engineering and the best magic users in the Kingdom… It is a bit similar to the magic I believe Shining Armor uses…. Though it isn't the same… It protects the city from harm… Anyway, this… Is my Royal Castle…"

Crimson said, the Mane Six looked up in amazement, in front of them was a massive castle that looked taller than the Royal Castle of Cantorlot, it was mostly a dark black and blue with shades of red and other colors painted in near the top, it looked like a mixture of older masonry and modern technology.

Crimson led the group into the parlor, it was lined with statues and paintings both lining the hall down the middle and the walls. It was painted in somewhat similar colors as outside.

Crimson spotted a Blue Unicorn with Teal eyes, the cloak he wore had several magical symbols on him, he walked towards the group with a squad of Army Soldiers.

"North, I really do need to teach you how to run Tampa Neigh while I'm absent… I was only gone a few days."

Crimson muttered but smiled nonetheless, North looked nervous but smiled at his friend.

"Hey… Running a Kingdom that was built by a teenager isn't easy, your highness… You must be Princess Twilight Sparkle… And you must be the Mane Six… And you two must be Spike and…. Starlight Glimmer…"

North said, he looked shy when he looked at Starlight, Crimson smirked and turned back to the rest of the Mane Six.

"Twilight, Starlight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity? This is North Star, my royal advisor, my second in command… Magic Master… And the guy who's supposed to be in charge of the country when I'm out… North, this the… Well, you said it yourself…. North, can you bring the others on the Grand Tour? I want to bring Twilight to the Royal Library… Plus we have dinner in an hour, so I want someone I can trust to be in charge of showing Ponies around…"

Crimson said, Rainbow Dash smirked, she knew or could guess why Crimson wanted to talk to Twilight privately, Crimson rolled his eyes at the Pegasus.

"Rainbow Dash, I can see you smirking… I'm not splitting up the group for a ridiculous reason… I'm doing it because North is the best tour guide… Plus, I wanted to show you guys around more after diner… Since my family… Minus my sister… Will be arriving and I wanted you to meet them and the other famous ponies I mentioned before… North, meet me at the royal dining hall in 50 minutes…"

Crimson said, he blushed at Twilight but walked down the hall with Twilight following him, both Alicorns blushed.

"Ten bits say they get married within 2 months."

Rainbow Dash said, North chuckled and nodded.

"Double that in Silver Coins and I'm in…."

North said before leading the group away, the Army Soldiers took up a position to guard the group while they walked away.

(With Crimson and Twilight, Royal Corridors, 10 minutes later.)

Crimson blushed thinking back to how Rainbow Dash had acted before, Crimson didn't have any dirty minded ideas about Twilight, he did love her and that love did grow every day he was around her, but that was it.

He looked over at Twilight and smiled, the couple walked down the corridor while Crimson looked around the hallway.

"This castle was created last in the Kingdom, I oversaw some of the additions to the castle… But that was it, Twilight… You might be a little… Blown away by my parents."

Crimson muttered, Twilight raised an eyebrow at this.

"Why, are they over the top?"

Twilight asked, Crimson chuckled as they neared the library, he shook his head.

"No, not at all... Maybe a little with my dad, but that's it… My mom is a lot like Princess Celestia and all sweet and caring… My father is pretty over the top kind of, he's eccentric…. Both of them are going to ask about us a lot… Just remember that they did want me to get married before I came back… Not that I mean anything like that has to happen… But they are going to ask a lot of questions about you… I just want to warn you…"

Crimson explained, he looked around the room in a bit of frustration, he loved his parents, but they embarrassed him over and over at times.

"Anyway, this… Is the Royal Library… Its still coming along so it's a bit small…"

Crimson stated as they entered a beautiful looking room, it was painted in shades of red, black, blue and purple and was lined with hundreds of books, if not thousands of books, many of which looked like they had been gathered from around the world.

"Enjoy the books, Twi… Take your-…"

Crimson started to say before Twilight dragged him at supersonic speeds though the isles, in love and speechless at the same time.

"I love you so much…"

Twilight said in a trance like state, Crimson didn't know whether to feel happy or scared at the Princess at how strong and fast she was acting.

"Uh… Your welcome?"

Crimson asked while Twilight dragged him towards a section of the library to read, Crimson guessed Twilight and himself would be late to the diner at the moment.

(With North and the Mane Six, 30 minutes later.)

"And this is the Royal closet… Or one of 20… Its where Onyx Spirt sends most of his surplus clothing… It isn't cheap, but we make more than enough money to pay for it…. Its pretty great, Onyx is pulling ahead of the other fashion designers in Tampa Neigh."

North said before being cut off by the clearing of a throat.

"You flatter me, Mr. Star… But I can assure you… I can do better."

North and the others heard as they turned to face a Unicorn that had a blackish mane, brushed back hair, a fancy dress tux on and Sliver Fur.

A cutie mark of an Onyx rock and a Tuxedo took the place of his Cutie Mark as the Green-Eyed Stallion Bowed.

"Ah, Onyx Spirit, the leading Fashion expert and designer of Tampa Neigh… Crimson said you, Brisk Meadow, Apple Specter, and Cherry Pie wouldn't be arriving until diner!"

North said, Onyx laughed at this and smiled, Rarity looked at the Stallion and blushed despite herself, making Spike seem a bit jealous.

"We have decided... Or did, decide to arrive early after the news of the Prince returning home hit us, Mr. North…. That, and I wished to show off some of my new merchandise… The rest of us are in the dining hall…"

Onyx explained, North rubbed his chin in confusion.

"But Empress Blazing Star and Emperor Comet haven't even arrived yet, the entire Kingdom would know of their arrival… Ok, go to the dining hall, I'll finish up the tour and meet you all at the Dining Hall."

North said, Onyx nodded and smiled at the rest of the Mane Six before bowing.

"Ladies, I will meet you all at dinner."

Onyx said with another bow before turning and walking away to the dining hall.

(With Crimson and Twilight, 20 minutes.)

Crimson watched Twilight start reading dozens of books, he blushed looking at the Alicorn Princess.

"Uh, Twilight, maybe you would want to read the more recent magic texts near the exit?"

Crimson asked, his eyes widened as Twilight turned and leapt at him, love in her eyes, he probably shouldn't have said anything about the books at all.


Crimson muttered before Twilight tackled him.

(With North and the Mane Six and Starlight and Spike, 5 minutes later.)

North was just finishing up the tour and was walking towards the library doors opened, Crimson collapsed to the ground, kiss marks on his muzzle and face as he weakly turned to North.

"I never… Should have brought her to the library…"

Crimson muttered before climbing to his hooves and turning back to Twilight who walked out with a small stack of books, she looked at Crimson, North and the others and turned quiet, she stopped humming.


Crimson heard Twilight ask, Crimson smiled, being kissed half to death wasn't so bad with Twilight being so adorably naïve at times.

"So… How was the library, Twi?"

Rainbow Dash asked, causing Crimson and Twilight to blush, Crimson rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

"Can we… Just go… Eat? And… Thank you for ruining things, Rainbow Dash…"

Crimson muttered before wiping the kiss marks off his face and taking Twilight's hoof and leading his Marefriend away towards the dining hall with the Mane Six, Starlight and Spike with him.

Crimson smiled and held Twilight's hoof tighter as they walked into the dining room.

Crimson looked around the lavishly colored room and around the dozens of servants that walked around with food and drinks.

"Hmm, things have been coming along greatly without me, I should give the servants a bigger raise… Oh, I'm sorry… This is my dining hall… there are dozens of ones like it in the castle… or is it palace? North, what's the correct term here? I'm a bit confused."

Crimson asked, North shrugged but said nothing, Crimson turned back to the others to speak.

"Anyway, take your seats wherever you want, there are a few 'Royal' seats, but I don't mind if you use them, there's no official seating order…."

Crimson muttered, causing North to speak up at this as the doors opened.

"There is in Hayland, but since Crimson is the royal ruler… As the Prince, he does outrank everypony… Rules in Hayland is the ruler of a kingdom in the empire can give orders and laws as tey wish… Meaning not even the Emperor and Empress can change the laws…"

North put in, Crimson looked at a smiling Earth Pony that was Red in fur and a purple mane, his green eyes looked like he had never seen a bad day, his Cutie Mark of a trio of Pies shone on his flank, his hair was frizzy and wild.

This was Cherry Pie, the best baker in Hayland, at least to Crimson.

The other was a shy looking Pegasus that held a Phoenix on his shoulder, he was colored with a White Mane and a icy colored coat of fur.

He had Yellow eyes and a Cutie Mark of a Meadow with a fresh coat of dewdrops falling on it, he had a bit unkept mane.

This was Brisk Meadow, the one who was in charge of the animals and wildlife in Tampa Neigh and the Wildlife expert. The Phoenix was Firestorm, Crimson's pet Phoenix.

The last figure besides Onyx was a Earth Pony who had brownish yellow fur with a dirty brown Mane which was tied into a small ponytail, he wore a brown coat and a somewhat cowboy like hat, his Cutie Mark was a symbol made out of fruits and veggies, his Yellow eyes sparkled like stars.

This was Apple Specter, the farmer who helped make most of the food that was shipped out of Tampa Neigh, unlike Applejack, he did not only make Apple food products to be shipped out, nor was he the best farmer in the land like AJ was, at least from what Crimson remembered.

He was still famous enough to be invited to the dinner, some of the food products were made.

Crimson and the others took their seats, Crimson took his seat and Twilight sat next to them.

"Prince Crimson, your highness… Your parents will be arriving in 10 minutes, shall I dispatch the Royal Battalion of the army to escort them here?"

One of the Servant Ponies asked, Crimson rolled his eyes and placed his hand on his hoof.

"My parents have an entire squadron of Elite Soldiers guarding them, they don't need backup here… Just please tell me where they are outside the dining room."

Crimson muttered, he looked at the wall as more food and drink was brought in.

Author notes

Phew, another chapter done! I want to point out that Crimson and Twilight will be married by chapter 12 but their relationship isn't going to be rocketed ahead by Months. As for the others? They aren't like the Manel Six, they are different as you will see... I also want to point out the story will follow the show but will have new content. Next chapter will be this Saturday and will show the dinner between the Royal family and the others. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!