059. Destiny



Pendant-dark, foaming water laps at the castle steps leading into the raging, freezing-cold sea.

Above the crowning and ancient marble entrance-arches, a vining brush of wild, pink roses grows, valiantly thriving against the bitter cold wind and the gloomy atmosphere surrounding it.

"Remind you of anyone, Sir Integra?"

The amorphous darkness behind her closes in, revealing a long-limbed, fair woman. Dark, belted leather encases her upper torso, like a straitjacket. Her legs and arms appear next, covered in the same, form-fitting material, along with a pair of boots. That black, curly hair softly layered to her mid-chin.

"… and I was led to believe you couldn't read my mind," Integra says dryly, not looking over to Alucard's newest female visage. Masquerading a fourteen-year-old must have grown tiresome in the last century.

Alucard's flushed, pouty lips stretch into a grin.

"Your mind and your body tend to offer very different perspectives," she whispers, reaching with her greedy fingers to Integra's elbow, chuckling when the other woman jerks, scowling.

"How DARE you—"

Splatters of icy, glistening rainwater fall onto Alucard's black, full eyelashes.

"Forgive me." Integra glares a little, steeling herself as the petite, dark-haired beauty examines her with barefaced approval. "I've said it before… the form I take matters not to me. I could worship you just as easily as a woman, as I would a man. But never without your consent."

Her teeth clench up. A shooting, pleasant sensation of warmth crawls up Integra's back.

"I am not your goddess of vengeance nor do I want such thing from you." To her discomfort, Integra feels her nethers throb in response to Alucard's fingers returning into her space, gently tucking a strand of Integra's ashy-blonde hair over her ear, those blood-gem eyes glowing brightly.

Insubordination will not be tolerated, not even in the most desolated and haunting of places.

Alucard folds her right hand to her abdomen, and the other to the middle of her spine, humbly and deeply bowing to the other woman, grinning with all her white, stainless teeth.

"… Yes, my master."



Hellsing isn't mine. If you tilt your head and squint, this is a sequel to "Experimentation" which was my first Girlycard/Integra attempt. I love these two no matter if Alucard is running around looking like a man or a woman! I don't care! It's all good! It's all love! Clap if you love them too! Any thoughts/comments appreciated!