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And now, my friends and foes alike, the last chapter of this one big roller coaster of a story, The Good Child.


It was white. White was filling his vision and his senses, eyes closed and yet no darkness came to ease him to sleep.

Of course, he wasn't that tired. In fact, for the first time in years, he didn't feel drained of energy at all. He searched through the recesses of his old memory, recalling all that he could.

His yami. He had spent the rest of his life with his yami, right until old age. Gods, how he became so tired as time wore on.

But he wasn't tired right now.

His lavender eyes blinked open, and he tried to look at his surroundings, but all he could see was light and a bright white illuminating everything. Where was his yami?

"Yami," he tried tentatively.

"I'm right here, aibou," the deep, sultry voice whispered behind him. Where was the raspy sound of old age? After he had given up his dark throne, he used his powers to age with his mortal lover. They had died together, this much he could still remember. Right now, though, his yami sounded as young and as vibrant as the first time they had met.

That had been a dark experience.

Strong arms tightened around his waist just slightly. So, his yami was still holding on to him, even after all these years.

"What happened," he asked. Where on earth were they?

The deep voice behind him chuckled. "We're not on Earth, love. We're on another plain."

Yuugi turned around to look his darkness in the eye. Yami was young again, dusky bronze skin teeming with gold. His bright surroundings didn't pale him. Instead, he was a stark contrast. Crystal and marble ebony flowing from him in elegant waves, crimson eyes swirling like pools of blood. Yuugi brought his hand up to his yami's face, now seeing his own youthful skin glowing like liquid moonlight.

They were souls again. "I died again," he stated.

"Yes, lover, you died again." Yami ran his dark fingers through his light's honey and ebony tresses, nuzzling affectionately the side of his face.

"We're young again," he stated.

"We are." Yami kissed his forehead gently. "After all these years, I devised a way to stay with your soul no matter where you went."

Yuugi was silent for a moment. "I'm not in heaven yet."

His darkness sighed. "No, you're not."

Yuugi knew that there was something that his yami wasn't telling him. Something that was bothering him, and that he was afraid to divulge.

A soft beat against the wind captured Yuugi's attention, and he turned in his yami's embrace to see.

White. It was so white. A soft ball of fluff fluttered over to Yuugi's feet, and he reached for it and picked it up. It was a feather. A soft, fluffy, pure white feather.

"Do you like it, little one?" A strange voice drifted over to Yuugi's ears. It sounded so heavenly and sweet, a melody all of its own. It wasn't powerful and commanding like his yami's.

He didn't like it.

"If you come with me, you too can have these."

Yuugi looked up from the small object in his hand, and saw none other than an angel looking at him with a heartfelt smile, wings spread wide.

He blinked, then fixated the angel with a stoic gaze. "What about my yami?"

The smile faded, a saddened look taking over the ethereal features. "I'm sorry, but he is too tainted to walk the halls of heaven."

Yuugi blinked again. "Then why would I want to go?"

The deep blue eyes of the angel looked pained. "To get rid of the darkness that clings to your soul. You should have joined us years ago. You belong here. You are our Firstborn, after all. You're finally home, after all these years."

Firstborn? Him? He looked at his yami. The expression on the demon's face said it all. It makes sense, love. Who else could love something as dark as I? Yuugi turned back around. "I'm not going anywhere without my yami."

The angel sighed, shaking his golden head. "Then we'll have to get rid of him for you. We can't let you go."

The child of heaven took but one step when Yuugi cried out in protest, a brilliant flare of golden flames suddenly encompassed the two still sitting on the pure white ground.

The angel took a step back, seeing black and crimson swirls intermingling with the glimmering gold. The darkness was retaliating as well.

This was not good. Some negotiating would have to be done with the higher entity to see what they were going to do.

Yuugi watched as the figure retreated back into the pure white brilliance, only then allowing his defenses to settle back down. As a spirit, it seemed, he had his own bit of powers to use, like his yami.

The two were silent, as neither was sure what was going to happen. So this is what his darkness had been worried about. Actually making it into heaven, unharmed.

"I love you," Yuugi whispered reassuringly. His darkness merely held onto him a little bit tighter.

It was only moments later when the angel returned, this time flanked by another angel. This one a woman. Her glimmering silver eyes bored down upon the two.

"Being as one of you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, and the other cannot enter the realm of hell, and neither of you can be separated, we must find a place that the two of you can exist together. It would be too devastating to destroy our own Firstborn in order to get rid of the darkness clinging to him. Thus, the two of you will be sent back to Earth, reborn as mortals." She looked pointedly at Yami. "Perhaps as a mortal, with our Firstborn as your lover and guide, you can spend eternity here one day. Until then, the two of you will continue to be reborn until the darkness can walk through our golden gates, his sins not burning him to non-existence."

As she finished her speech, Yuugi's vision became blinded with the bright light, and then dark again, oblivion taking hold.


Yuugi sighed audibly, shifting his foot that was resting in the other chair.

"Awe, come on bud. It ain't that bad." The Brooklyn accent of his friend barely carried over the obnoxious music.

"Easy for you to say." He kicked his other foot at a piece of paper on the dirty wood floor.

"Hey, I know what you need. The Katsuya Cure All. It works for everything." The blonde turned to the waitress walking past. "Hey, beer and a pizza!"

"Yeah, yeah," she waved him off, tending to some soon-be-drunks at the next table over.

"But seriously, Jou, you don't think that you're getting yourself into a lot of trouble?"

"How do ya mean," he asked, shoving another pretzel in his mouth.

"I mean, don't you think that Seto's personality is going to clash with your own?"

"Nah," Jou shrugged. "We'll be okay. He's just a big marsh-mellow at home."

Yuugi quirked an eyebrow. "Home? As in, you've already moved in with him?"

The blonde man's face turned a little red, and it wasn't from the lighting. "What about you, man? Why haven't you hooked up with anybody?" Jou asked, deciding to change the subject.

Yuugi shrugged. "No body's struck my fancy." He looked off into the distance indifferently.

The door to the bar swung open and slammed shut with a hearty bang. Yuugi sighed again, shifted his foot on the wooden chair, and grabbed for his near-empty beer. He barely heard Jou give an inaudible whistle. Curious, he turned his head, now seeing the new occupant of the crowded, smoke filled bar.

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Sweet and delectable and surely Satan's child.

Yuugi's mouth was open in a silent 'O'.

The man that had entered the bar was, by all means, Yuugi's long lost sexier twin. Golden skin, deep bloodied eyes, all bedecked in shimmering black leather.


"Yug', forget about it. It'll never happen," Jou tried to reason, seeing the dazed look on his best-friend's face.

The tall, dusky man made his way over towards their table, gazing at the whole of the room in aloof arrogance. Some would say he was biased.

Hell, he just hated everything.

His wandering eyes found shimmering amethyst ones, and stopped dead.

Jou's mouth dropped slack when the tall man walked over, eyes never wavering from Yuugi, and rested a hand on the back of a spare chair. "Can I sit here?"

Yuugi shivered with the deep voice resonating through his very spine. "So," Yuugi started slowly, swallowing the large lump in his throat. "My name's Yuugi. What's yours?"


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