Hi there readers!

So, this is my firsthird Andi Mack/Harry Potter crossover. Now I love both Andi Mack and Harry Potter, so this had to come up.

This takes place a few years after the war is over, and right after season one. Bex and Bowie aren't who they say they are.

Hope you all like it!



Bex's POV:

It was hard, we all knew it. But we all did it to protect her, it was for the best.

She's now a teenager, we all knew that someday, we would have to tell her the truth, but we just didn't know when to tell her, or how.

I couldn't lie to her about this, she already knows tha I'm her Mother, and that Bowie is her Father, but she doesn't know that we also have a secret of our own, and we can't let her know anything about it.

You see, me and Bowie, we're a witche and wizard, and Andie is a witch too, but she doesn't know that. After Bowie and I had had Andie, my mom had 'sent' all three of us to live with some Muggles in the U. S, we both chose a Muggle couple named Celia and Ham Mack, after making sure that everyone knew us as Bex and Bowie, Mother and Father to Andie, Bowie got into music, well, not really, he just uses that as his cover story, he's actually back home, in Scotland, and helping with the war against You-Know-Who.

Oh yeah; my name's Lilly and Bowie's name is Luke, we both chose to keep everything from our name to us being a witch and a wizard all a secret, we couldn't tell her anything.