A Date? (Arata Kasuga & Mira Yamana)

Story Preview: Arata asks Mira to have lunch with him. Will Mira accept his request, while at the same time not reveal her growing feelings for him? Only time will tell. (All Characters are the property of the authors of Trinity Seven series)

Chapter 1

For Grimoire Security head Mira Yamana, another workday was coming to its conclusion. "What a day," she spoke softly, while leaning back on her chair, stretching. While she loved her job, there was some days she wished she had some free time.

"Whew, what a view," a certain voice spoke, just out of her view. Mira's body instantly froze. The view he was talking about was her midsection that revealed itself during her moment of stretching. The sudden realization of his presence caused Mira to return to a proper upright position. "Impure existence!" she angrily shouted. "Why are you here?"

"Oh, nothing really," chuckled Arata. "Just wanted to see how you were doing." Mira simply looked at him with her eyebrows arched in a downward position. "Why do you feel the need to come check on me, little deviant?" she quipped, her angry expression remaining. Arata spoke with a smile, "well as the Second in Command at Grimoire Security, isn't it my duty to make sure the boss is okay?"

Mira could only muster up a sigh of disgust as a response to his statement. Her body was preparing itself for sleep and it was only a matter of time before her eyes followed suit. "What do you want?" she muttered, softening her tone. A sly grin formed across Arata's face, "I just wanted to tell you, thank you for the meal." A noise that sounded like glass breaking echoed down the hallway, and Arata found himself sprawled himself on the floor with a baseball sized lump blooming on the side of his head.

"I swear you are the vilest creature on this planet!" she groaned, wiping the blood off her Gehennascope. "Man, you are brutal as ever," groaned Arata, regaining his consciousness. "I'll leave you alone now, but there was something I really did want to ask you." Mira turned to look at him, "what is it this time?"

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to have lunch on tomorrow?" He responded with a pleasant tone. Mira froze once again. "With you, are you crazy?!" she retorted, stammering heavily. She quickly turned around to hide the incoming blush that began to appear on her face. "Are you okay, Mira?" asked Arata, looking slightly puzzled. "No, no, no!" she shouted. "I refuse to be seen with you, impure boy, get lost!" She turned quickly to face, expecting to see a dejected look on his face. To her surprise, he had a genuine smile on his face.

"Well okay," he replied. "Whenever you are ready, see you tomorrow Mira!" She watched as he walked down the hallway until he was no longer visible. Mira, finally happy to be rid of him, fell back in her chair. "He sure has some nerve," she muttered. "Who does he think he is?" Her eyes suddenly widened in shock.


…stay tuned for Chapter 2