Random Love Hina Fan fiction Bites.

By: Daimyo Shi

(This style of Fan-fiction seems to have been developed by Mr. Talon. Simply this is what happens when I try to fight writers' block.)


-------------------------- change of fic bites.

"I would like to thank you for letting me use your computer Shi-kun." says Motoko.

"No problem, Let me gets a couple drinks for us. What would you like?" responds Daimyo Shi.

"A cherry Coke would be nice." replies Motoko.

"Ok." Daimyo Shi walks out of the room and down the stairs. Motoko opens the bookmark in Netscape to Motoko carefully reads through the Summaries of the Rurounin Kenshin Fan Fictions (1) printing several of them off for her latter reading. (I must get Shi-kun to Write more Kenshin fanfic. His stuff is so funny. I wonder if he can get Gypsy-chan to finish 'Kiss Me Again'.) thinks Motoko. She clicks on the log in link on fanfiction. (Oops, well it only another way at his profile anyway.) She hits the ok button which logs Daimyo Shi in. Motoko scrolls and sees the Favourite Stories section and clicks on that link. As she does that Kanako walks into the computer room.

"What are you doing here?" asks Motoko.

"What it does it look like, I am fighting my terrible boredom. I though maybe Shi-kun might let me print off some Galaxy Angels Fan fiction."

Motoko turns back to the screen she scrolls down to the title 'Senseless Kanako and Motoko Scenes!'

"Hey that looks interesting." remarks Kanako.

Motoko clicks on the link without comment and both Kanako and herself start reading.

"Kana Himezaki! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! I AM NOT GAY!" shouts Motoko.

"I can't believe he wrote this." remarks Kanako.

"Hai, wait until I get my hands on him!" growls Motoko.

"I would never sleep with a smelly uncute (2) tom boy like you." says Kanako.

"Nani?" replies a puzzled Motoko "what did you say?"

"You, I never sleep with you because you are a very smelly uncute tomboy."says Kanako in a calm matter of fact voice.

"Hiken Zankuusen!" shouts Motoko as she uses her succession technique on Kanako. Kanako heads head first into the wall across from the doorway of Daimyo Shi's computer room. Daimyo Shi comes up the stairs with a tray with an A&W root beer, a Cherry Coke, and a box of chocolate Pocky. He looks at Kanako's body embedded in his wall and then continues up the stairs into the computer room where he puts down the tray.

"Shi-kun do I smell?" asks Motoko.

"No, not that I have ever noticed, Motoko-chan." replies Daimyo Shi.


"I see that Kanako impacts wall just like Keitaro does, I wonder why."

"Maybe they learned it from the same master. Shi-kun can we play 'you don't know Jack?'"

"Sure." replies Daimyo Shi.


Kitsune stares at her arguing house mates. (They are arguing about what we should watch tonight.) thinks Kitsune.

"I want to watch Sailor Moon Super S" says Naru clutching a VHS box in her hand (3).

"Naru, you made us watch sailor Moon, the last two nights. Let us watch Rurounin Kenshin tonight." says Motoko.

"Su wants to watch G Gundum!"

"Figures you would want to watch that, I think we should watch Golden Boy!" remarks Kanako.

"Nee-chan why would you want to watch such an Ecchi series?" asks Keitaro.

Kanako responds with a predatory smile.

"We could watch Spirited Away." remarks Mutsumi.

Kitsune drains her cup of sake and pours herself a new one. (At this rate they will argue until 23:00 and we will all be going to bed anyway. We won't watch anything, I rather watch the Iron Chef reruns on Fuji TV.)

"I want to watch Pokamon" says Sara.

Several gaging sounds can be heard from Kitsune, Keitaro, and Kanako is response to Sara's choice.

"Kenshin." shouts Motoko.

"Sailor Moon." yells Naru.

"Golden Boy." growls Kanako

"G Gundum, G Gundum." shouts Su

"Ano . . ." says Shinobu.

Everyone turns to face Shinobu.

"Ano, could we watch Ping Pong Club (4)?" asks Shinobu.

Everyone looks at her kind of funny and then faints.

"What?" asks Shinobu to her now unconscious friends.

Keitaro could hear what sounded like a large argument. (As the manger of Hinata Sou I must find out and resolve it if I can. It is my duty!) thinks Keitaro. Keitaro walks through the hall into the main room of the inn. There he sees Motoko and Naru red in the face arguing like two members of the Japanese Diet. Naru is holding a DVD copy of 'Star Trek: First Contact'. Motoko is holding a VHS copy of 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'.

"You are crazy Motoko, Star Trek is tons better than Star wars." shouts Naru.

"No way! Star Wars is ten times better than Star trek Naru." yells Motoko.

"Please give me a break, Star Wars is bunch of stuff stolen for a number of other science fiction sources and cobbled together." says Naru.

"Like Star Trek is any better, please ever seen the Forbidden Planet lots of that is Star Trek, Further they keep reusing the same idea over and over again. How many Rome-based stories were there again?" exclaims Motoko.

"Star Trek Rules, Star Bores Sucks!" yells Naru.

"Star Wars Rocks, Star Drek bites."shouts Motoko.

Keitaro watches in stunned amazement as the two argue about it. The Sensible part of his mind tells him not to touch this with a 20-foot clown pole. However, duty pushes him into the fray. "Motoko-chan, Narusegawa, there is no need to fight about this. It is all a matter of opinion." remarks Keitaro.

"Really Keitaro, which do you like better?" ask Naru and Motoko at the same time.

"Well, neither really, I am more of a Babylon 5 Fan. (5)"

Naru punches and Motoko slashes sending Keitaro into low earth orbit. (I just can't ever say anything right.) thinks Keitaro.


Naru was coming home from some shopping. After she climbs the stairs, she finds Kentaro, holding a bouchee of flowers being chased by Keitaro, who is holding Motoko's Katana. Behind him is Motoko chasing after Keitaro.

"Give me back my Katana, Urishima!" yells Motoko.

"I never let it happen, Kentaro! I will kill you first!" screams Keitaro.

Naru walks up to Shinobu who is watching it from the front door.

"Shinobu, what is going on?" asks Naru.

"Oh Kentaro came looking for Haruka-san because he wanted to date her. Urishima-senpai overheard this and snatched Motoko-senpai Katana out of her hand and started to chase Kentaro around the inn. Of course Motoko has been trying to get back her Katana. They have at it for nearly an hour." remarks Shinobu.

"Oh, I see. I check back after I put everything away." says Naru.

"Ok, I never knew Urishima-senpai has such stamina." remarks Shinobu. (6)

Notes love these don't you?

(1) I think Motoko would be a Rurounin Kenshin fan.

(2) Uncute is trademarked and copyrighted by Ranma Saotome

(3) I don't like Sailor Moon and I don't like Naru so perfect combo, ne?

(4) For those that don't know Ping Pong Club is a very messed up anime. This part of my little Shinobu isn't quite as innocent as she appears characterization.

(5) I like Star Trek over Star wars myself, but honestly I have nothing against Star Wars. I never was able to watch Babylon 5 but I picked it because let's face it Keitaro has to go into orbit in this little fic.

(6) This is a direct result of the aftermath of a fic bite in 'Totally Random Love Hina Skits!' by Andrew Joshua Talon where Shinobu greets Keitaro at the door.