Random Love Hina Fan fiction Bites.

By: Daimyo Shi

This style of Fan-fiction seems to have been developed by Mr. Talon. Simply this is what happens when I try to fight writers' block.

I don't own Love Hina. Hey if Keitaro wants Naru he can have her! We all know Motoko is the most beautiful woman at the Hinata Sou! (I am sorry, Kitsune, Shinobu and Mutsumi, no offence.)


----------------- change of fic bites.

Motoko looks over her hand, "Fine I will Iaijutsu challenge your Doji Domatai with my Doji Kurohito." Motoko places the Iaijutsu Card from her hand.

"Ok I accept." says Daimyo Shi. "Reactions to the duel?"

"No" says Motoko.

"Ok then I will focus." says Daimyo Shi.

"How many card you have?" says Motoko.

"One left in my fate hand." says Daimyo Shi.

"I see, focus then." says Motoko with an evil smile.

"Then I will Strike." says Daimyo Shi.

"Nani?" says Motoko.

"Yeah I focussed a Kharmatic Strike. This duel is a tie no matter what you focussed and Domatai wins ties!" says Daimyo Shi with a evil smile.

"Kuso!" snarls Motoko "I can believe it. I though you were out of those."

"I tied that first duel with that focus of four that first duel." says Daimyo Shi. "I will gain five honour for that. Bring my total up to 43. I will win my next turn unless you take two provinces."

"Kuso, Ahou. I don't have 12 force now that Doji Kurohito is dead." says Motoko. "You win."

"Don't feel bad Motoko you only been playing for a couple days and I am the one that taught you. When you got Doji Kurohito out I though I was finished. I only picked up the Strike last turn. I don't have a Duel in my hand. So I would have been finished. My last card was Egg of P'kun. Without a challenge I would have been finished."

"I guess so ." says Motoko.

Shinobu walks into the room and asks "What is that Daimyo Shi-sensei?"

"It is a game called Legend of the Five Rings. It is a Collectible Card game." says Daimyo Shi.

"Like Yugi-oh?" asks Shinobu.

"Well sort of it L5R is much more in-depth and harder than Yugi-oh. There is a level of strategy far above Yugi-oh's."

"Can you teach me to play, Daimyo Shi-sensei." asks Shinobu.

"Sure, Motoko can help you while we play."says Daimyo Shi.

"Ok." says Shinobu as she sits down at the table.


Keitaro comes into Daimyo Shi's room storming.

"What is the meaning of this?" says Keitaro with venom in his voice waving a piece of paper in Daimyo Shi's face.

"I don't know quit waving it in my face and let me read it, Ahou." says Daimyo Shi. Daimyo Shi grabs the paper "Oh, it is a fan fiction of what I think you third worse nightmare is."

"Do you have any idea how mad Naru was when she found it?"

"Well given Naru, she sent you on a trip to near Earth orbit." says Daimyo Shi matter of factly.

"Yes and it hurt! But that not the worse of it. Shinobu found it too." says Keitaro.

"Really? How did she react." says Daimyo Shi with concern. "Did she cry."

"No . . . actually she got this evil look in her eye and giggled." says Keitaro, his anger replaced with fear.

"Well I guess she is a little older now (3). Maybe you should get a lock on you room door." says Daimyo Shi.

"Maybe that is a good idea." says Keitaro as he leave Daimyo Shi's room.

Daimyo Shi snickers to himself, "That would be interesting to see. Perhaps I should encourage her."


Haruka walks into the main room of Hinata Sou and finds instead of the normal chaos that everyone is quietly enjoying themselves. The only thing that seems common in the calm is several decks of Green and Black Decks. Motoko and Shinobu are playing a game with the cards. The face up cards on Motoko's side seem to be mostly Blue where as Shinobu's are greyish black combo. Keitaro and Kitsune seems to be engaged in some kind of trading. Daimyo Shi and Kanako are also playing a game. Daimyo Shi's Cards are Blue like Motoko's but Kanako's Cards are red. Lastly Mutsumi and Naru seem to be open White coloured packs getting out more cards.

Haruka takes a puff on her cigarette and says "What has got you all so quiet?"

"Daimyo Shi introduced us to a Collectible Card Game called Legend of the Five Rings. It is a fantasy realm based on Samurai and a mix of Chinese and Japanese Myth." says Shinobu. "It is way cool!"

"Oh really?" says Haruka with an arched Eyebrow.

"Would you like to learn to Play, Hakura-san?" says Naru.

"Perhaps later." Haruka walks away, (How could anything get rid of the Chaos around here? Let alone a card game.)


Shinobu, Mutsumi, Motoko, Daimyo Shi, Kitsune and Kanako are sitting around in the living room.

"I am bored, I can't believe the Cable has been knocked out." says Kitsune

"Well lets make the best of it how about a playing a game since it raining so hard outside." says Daimyo Shi.

"Oh I know how about guess the Movie quote. One says a move quote and the rest of use guess what it from. If you get it right you get to pick the next quote if you stump everyone then you get to pick another hopefully easier quote." says Mutsumi in a near sing song voice.

"Sounds good, Kanako are you going to play?" asks Daimyo Shi.

Kanako who was sitting away from everyone looking pissed looks up at the Canadian author and see his smiling face. "I guess." says Kanako is a flat voice.

"It was you idea, Mutsumi so you start.

"Ok then! (In a British accent) he must be a king. (Different male voice) How do you Know?

(Return to the first voice) he doesn't have shit all over him."

Will everyone looks very puzzled Daimyo Shi looks like he ready to explode before giving the answer.

"That is sooooo Easy Mutsumi! Monty Python and the Holy Grail!" says Daimyo Shi.

"You right Shi-kun, you turn." says Mutsumi.

"Ok how about this, 'If there is a steady paycheck, I will believe anything you want.'"

"I know that one!" announces Kanako "Ghostbusters!"

"Good! Your turn Kanako!" says Daimyo Shi

"Ok here goes 'Now they shall know why they fear the Darkness, now they shall know why the fear the night.'" says Kanako with a evil smirk.

"OH I know that one! Conan the Barbarian!" says Shinobu. Everyone looks at the cute violet haired girl with disbelief.

"What?" says Shinobu.

"Your turn little one." says Kanako.

"I hate people that think so little of their worth." says Shinobu in her imitation of a man's voice.

The Hinata sou group carefully ponders it until Motoko speaks "Ninja Scroll."

"Correct Senpai!" says Shinobu.

"I am Mad North by northwest when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw." says Motoko in a slight English accent.

"The talented Mr. Ripley?" replies Kitsune.

"No, that not it."

"Hamlet." says Daimyo Shi.

"Correct, you turn Shi-kun."

"Good, Bad, I am the one with the Gun!" says Daimyo Shi.

Kanako Laughs "Bruce Campbell Vs. the Army of Darkness"

"Oh, very good you even got the full title!" says Daimyo Shi.

"Ok try this one! "WHERE IS MY MONEY!'"

"That is easy, Kanako." says Kitsune "Payback!"

"Your turn then." says Kanako.

"Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers."

"X-men!" says Shinobu.

"Good for you Shinobu, you seem to be quite good at this." says Kitsune.

"Is it secret? Is it safe?" says Shinobu.

"JFK?" says Motoko.

"Nope, senpai!" says a Smiling Shinobu.

"Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring!" says Mutsumi.

"That right Senpai."

"You're human." says Mutsumi in one voice, in another she says "Barely, I'm a lawyer."

"That easy," says Kanako with a smirk "Blade II"

"Oh, very good Kanako-chan!" says Mutsumi

"We have 84 rooms, why can't you sleep in the house?" says Kanako in a slight English accent.

"That easy! Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" says Shinobu.

"Very good Little one, You are very good for some one you age." says Kanako.

"You like swords, I like baseball" says Shinobu trying to sound like a man.

"Kill Bill Volume one!" says Motoko.

"Oh that was quick, sempai." remarks Shinobu.

"Light our darkest hour." says Motoko.

Everyone looks at her puzzled other than Daimyo Shi who smirks and Keitaro.

"Transformers: the Movie but Motoko when did you see it?" says Keitaro.

"Daimyo Shi has a copy, he showed it to me." says Motoko

"I kill you with my tea cup." says Keitaro is his best badass voice.

"Please Sempai get some harder ones, that Chronicles of Riddick." says Shinobu

Keitaro blinks twice "Uh, yeah that right . . . I will try my best."

"I don't tip." says Shinobu

"Reservoir dogs." says Kanako with a smirk


Daimyo Shi and Kanako were locked in a heat L5R game. One of Kanako's provinces is under attack. Her Crab Clan forces were doing their best to defend it from the Crane attack. The huge Hida Kuon experienced 3, Himura Ashina, and Hida O-ushi with a Dai-ushi, Himura Archers, and a Hida House guard. Daimyo Shi's Attacking force had Kakita Toshimoko, Doji Korihito experienced 2 with a Shiryo no Kakita on him, Doji Reju and a Daidoji Uji. Kanako plays Heart of Rokugan, giving all of her personalities plus one force.

"You action Shi-san." says Kanako.

"Sure I shall bring in Daidoji Rekai from my home into battle shooting your Himura archers for her range attack." replies Daimyo Shi.

"Expected Shi-san, My action? I will Discard a card to make you discard one from your hand, Shi-san." replies Kanako with a slight smirk. Kanako discards a Gunso.

"Kuso, Kanako-chan." says Daimyo Shi as he discards a Karmatic Strike.

"Your action Shi-san."

"Ok I play Emperor Returns, 2 champions and one daimyo, that is plus three/ plus three for everyone."

"Ah! That is nasty, ok Kuon Test of Might Daidoji Uji" says Kanako with a bigger smirk.

"Ok I call strike you win that one." says Daimyo Shi as he bows Uji. "You want to play rough do you, Kanako-chan. Well then I shall Iaijutsu Duel you Kuon with my Doji Korihito."

"Kuso, I though you were out of those! Ok I focus."

"I will focus two cards from Shiryo no Kakita's ability." replies Daimyo Shi with a evil smirk.

"Focus." is Kanako's reply.

"Strike then, what is your focus total?" asks Daimyo Shi.

"Two Jade Pike men at 4 each so with Kuon's double chi it will be sixteen in total." replies Kanako.

"Well, my two focus card are Let Your Spirt Guide You, so with Korihito's Five personal honour they are eight each, with Kurohito's double Chi that will make then a total of Thirty-two" replies Daimyo Shi with an arrogant smirk.

"Kuso, Shi-San that is Brutal. Fine I shall Test of might Doji Reju with O-Ushi."

"Ok Strike, My action?" asks Daimyo Shi as he bows Doji Reju.

"Yes." replies Kanako.

"Ok then I shall play another The Emperor Returns for another plus three/plus three." says Daimyo Shi.

"Nani? Again?" says Kanako with surprise in her voice.

"Your action." says Daimyo Shi

"Go." growls Kanako

"Ok I discard the Imperial favour to move Kurohito to move him to you other province."

"Nani, but I have no one there. That means you take it and this one, that means I lose." snarls Kanako.

"Don't feel too bad Kanako-chan, after all you only been playing for a little while. Also, I taught you how to play.


Daimyo Shi is sitting at his computer typing and there is a knock at his door.

"Who is there?" asks Daimyo Shi.

"It is Naru."

"Alright come in." replies Daimyo Shi (I wonder what she wants?)

Naru comes in looking all red with rage.

"You have to do something about Keitaro. He is such a pervert. He came into the Hot Springs while I was in there naked." shouts Naru.

"Naru, it is 1:00 P.M. on a weekday and I know you are normally in a Class at Todai on this day of the week. Everyone else is at work or School, so likely Keitaro was just coming into the hot spring to make sure that the hot springs are clean for all you girls before you all got home." replies Daimyo Shi in a even handed voice.

"Well my class was cancelled to day. Why do you always take his side? You are the older man around her you should be defending us from Keitaro's perversion." Snarls Naru.

"Because you are a bitch, who always is taking advantage of Keitaro's affection for you and then thrashing him for what you see as perversions but in truth are accidents. It is not like you ever give him a chance to explain anything. Keitaro seems to have some very bad luck around you. Look if you can't make the connection I will draw you a fucken map, ok? Keitaro is madly in love with you. He take a bullet for you. In fact he likely would fight for the privilege of taking that bullet for you. He makes huge efforts to make you happy, to see you smile. What to you give him for all his hard work? You beat the ever loving shit out of him for the smallest misunderstandings. I hate bullies, Naru hence why I have such a poor opinion of you. I don't take his side because he is a guy or anything as crass as that I take his side because that it the side of justice. Trust me, Naru, if I though Keitaro was causing you or any of the other girls here harm, Keitaro and my katana would have had a long and serious discussion." snarls Daimyo Shi right back.

"But Keitaro is always trying to see me naked."

"Accidents will happen, Naru." replies Daimyo Shi "You have to stop and think about what has happened before you start hitting him. Trust me I tried to get him to take out other girls but he so in love with you he takes his lumps. It is not a nice thing to see happen to your friend. I suggest if you take some time to think about things Naru. You might be able to see things more clearly."

"I don't have to stand here and listen to this." says Naru.

"No you don't but if you were wise you would at least think about it." says Daimyo Shi as Naru storms down the hall. Daimyo Shi gets up and closes his door.


Keitaro, Daimyo Shi and Talon are sitting around the table in Keitaro's room drinking Bubble Tea.

"Daimyo Shi, I can't believe you bought a Bubble Tea set up for Hinata Sou, that must have cost a lot of money." says Keitaro as he sips on his Strawberry Bubble Tea.

"How could I not, I took Motoko for one, and she loved it." replies Daimyo Shi sipping on his own Green Apple Bubble Tea.

"Does everything you buy have something to do with Motoko?" says Talon with a sly smile.

" . . . Well . . . No, of course not." says Daimyo Shi.

"Yeah, just every second thing." says Keitaro.

"I see they come out with another OVA series for Tenchi Muyo." remarks Talon in an effort to move from the current line of questioning and the problems it could cause..

"Yeah, Ryoko is Hot!" says Keitaro. "I can't figure out why, Tenchi doesn't take her as his wife."

Both Talon and Daimyo Shi break out laughing.

Keitaro looks at them both, with a puzzled expression. "What is so funny?"

"You, complaining about Tenchi not taking Ryoko as his wife." says Daimyo Shi trying to control his laughter.

"Why? I don't understand." says Keitaro.

"Never mind." says Talon as he waves off Keitaro. "Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Ayeka."

Daimyo Shi laughs. "Come on she is a stuck up, arrogant Bitch."

"So is Ryoko just in a slightly different way." counters Talon with a chuckle

"You like Ryoko too, Daimyo Shi." asks Keitaro.

"Hai, Keitaro I think she is the best pick for Tenchi. She has spirit!" says Daimyo Shi.

There is a Knock at Keitaro's door.

"Come in." says Keitaro.

Kanako opens the door and is carrying a tray with sushi and sashimi. Kanako is dressed in a sleeveless blouse and a knee length skirt. Surprisingly both are blood red rather than her ususal Black.

"I brought you and your friends a snack." says Kanako with a smile.

"Thank you, Kanako-chan." replies Keitaro.

"Salmon, my favourite, thank you, Kanako." says Daimyo Shi as he grabs a piece with the Chopsticks.

"What are you guys talking about?" asks Kanako.

"Oh about what girl Tenchi should marry on Tenchi Muyo." says Talon as he takes up a pair of chopsticks.

"Really? Well, he should take Ryoko, she is Yummy!" remarks Kanako.

Keitaro, Daimyo Shi and Talon all blink twice.

"Well, Keitaro and I agree but Talon figures that it should be Ayeka." replies Daimyo Shi.

"Well it to be expected from Talon." remarks Kanako.

"Hey what do you mean by that?" Replies Talon bitterly.

"You never do pick the right person do you? I think not." replies a smirking Keitaro.

"Well . . . Neither do you." says Talon

"Whatever, you Keitaro wannabe." smirks Kanako.

"Hey what do you mean by that?" says Talon.

"I mean you clearly want to be my Onii-chan." remarks Kanako.

"Boy does that open up a long list of jokes." laughs Daimyo Shi.

"Really? Like?" asks Kanako.

"Well since he doesn't like Naru it means he would have a choice of all the other girls around here, even you, Kanako-chan" says Daimyo Shi with a Smirk.

"Hey! At least I don't wonder about Yaoi endings to scenes. (5)" shoots back Talon.

"Hey, that was a cheap shot." says Daimyo Shi crossly.

"You like Yaoi?" asks Keitaro.

"Of course not! It was a joke to bother Talon at the time." says Daimyo Shi defensively.

"Yaoi is terrible stuff." says Kanako with a look of distasted.

"Is that stuff you write about Motoko and Kanako, Yaoi?" asks Keitaro to Talon.

"No, of course not Yaoi is only Guy on Guy, Yuri would be Girl on Girl." replies Talon.

"I said it before, and I will say it again I would never sleep with a smelly tom-boy like Motoko." says Kanako flatly.

"Well I seem to recall the last time you said that you got smashed into a wall." says Daimyo Shi.

"Still regardless, there is nothing Wrong with Girl on Girl." says Talon.

"Agreed." replies Kanako.

"Kanako-chan, uh . . . but you are a girl." says Keitaro.

"I am open-minded kind of girl and I am sure these two Hentai would like to watch me do it." says Kanako.

"Hey, we are not like that." says Talon "Are we?" Talon looks at Daimyo Shi sipping on his Bubble tea holding a wooden sigh like Genma Saotome does in his panda form on which in Japanese is the words 'Guilty as Charged'

Talon sweat drops.

"Well, that was interesting." says Keitaro as he reaches for some tuna.


Motoko, Shinobu, Kanako and Daimyo Shi are crowded around Daimyo Shi's Computer.

"This 'Dawn of The Empire' Set is so cool!" says Kanako

"Kakita is so Kawaii!" says Shinobu.

"Is it just me or is odd that Lady Doji can likely take her husband in a duel." asks Motoko.

"Well she is the Kami of the Crane Clan, so she going to be good." says Daimyo Shi.

"She going to rock in my Crane open style Political Deck." says Motoko with a smirk.

"Hai, Motoko-chan, however my Hida shall stomp all over your foolish courtiers!" smirks Kanako.

"I have to attack for you to get him into play fast!" replies Motoko.

"Just remember Motoko that once you are over 15 family honour he also come into play." states Daimyo Shi.


"I think Bayushi-kun is the best Kami." says Shinobu.

"I knew you were a Closet Scorpion Shinobu. After all given you play that weird political duelling Dragon deck you made." says Motoko.

"Daimyo Shi, you think it will be hard to get this here in Japan?" asks Kanako.

"Nah, not problem I just have to the set order to my friend in Vancouver and he will express them to us." Replies Daimyo Shi.

"Cool!" says Shinobu.


Keitaro, Talon and Daimyo Shi are sitting in Daimyo Shi's room drinking Bubble tea.

"Hey, I was wondering can Motoko beat you in a fight?" asks Keitaro.

"Hmmm, Maybe, of course you have to factor in I be hard pressed to actually fight her at full tilt." says Daimyo Shi taking a sip of his Green apple Bubble Tea.

"Why is that?" asks Keitaro as he sips on his taro bubble tea.

"Well, you see . . . I . . . " stammers Daimyo Shi.

"What he having trouble saying is that he in love with Motoko." says Talon.

"Oh, so you rather let her beat you up?" says Keitaro.

"Well Likely, I mean if she not trying to kill me, probably."

"You two are quite the pair, letting women beat you up like that." laughs Talon.

"You say it, like it a bad thing." replies Daimyo Shi with a smirk.

Keitaro gives a little nods and replies with a smirk of his own.

Talon double blinks. "Woah, you guys are disturbed." responds Talon.

"Really you try it some time Talon. It a very interesting sensation." says Keitaro.

"Really the next thing you be telling me is that you like them to tie you up." says Talon.

"Well I always had that flash of doom where I tied up just before Naru hits me. It could be a manifestation of some kind of Psychological interest in such activities." responds Keitaro. "Of course it would be atypical for a Japanese Man. At least according to the studies I seen in my deviant behaviour Psychology class."

"This is true, Motoko in black leather . . ." Daimyo Shi blanks out for a moment.

Talon blinks twice and then twice again. "Can we move this to conversation to something a little less Henteish?" asks Talon.

"Well we could but it be less fun." says Keitaro.

"You know I recall days in my college years where a number of us had a very long discussion about sex and it more adventurous forms." says Daimyo Shi

"You are kidding? Just a bunch of guys?" asks Talon.

"No some girls too, they had some interesting comment in fact they were much more dirtier than we expected. It was a very interesting discussion. Though finding out what a girl likes is useless if she has a boyfriend, doubly so if he is in the room at the time." remarks Daimyo Shi.

"Well you have a point there. Sounds like you have a interesting group of friends." remarks Keitaro.

"Well yeah, hard to keep in touch with them all." says Daimyo Shi.


Well I thought this would be a good place to explain how I see certain characters in Love Hina as I sort of have a body of work to overview. After all this is my Random set of postings anyway.

Keitaro: I think of any character save Hakaru, Keitaro is pretty much the same as the series. He is the loveable loser and is deeply in love with Naru (well except when do something that alternate pairing generally by having another of the Hinata Sou girls confess their love.) That aside Keitaro is a bumbling Todai student in archeology. The only real addition to his character is a love of Roleplaying Games, which other than the Final fantasy thing in Episode 8, is not shown, and hints at masochism. Of course, I rarely directly challenge Keitaro's belief that Naru is his promised girl. I might believe that he wrong (I am after all convinced that Mutsumi is his promised girl.)

Naru: Well often Naru is a half hearted villain in my stories, often she strings along Keitaro in my stories because it amuse her to do so. She is a bully, Occasionally she shows some form of affection for Keitaro but generally exploits his affection. I don't like Naru so I will admit that I right her character a little evil. My Naru is different from the series, she likely make a good budding Domatrix if it was not for the fact that I keep her from coming to terms with her sexuality. I always seen Naru as being slightly insecure about herself which really is the only reason she doesn't resolve her feeling about Keitaro. Naru get caught in the idea of have finally having a boyfriend in Keitaro or thinking she attractive enough to land a "Better Boyfriend." Of course it just a theory, it could be something else, but this theory works for me. The long and the short of it is that I don't like her.

Mutsumi: Mutsumi is Princess, it baffles me how Keitaro can resist this incredibly beautiful, kind and thoughtful woman. I still write pretty much as she is in the series just with occasionally more assertiveness when dealing with her love for Keitaro. When I appear in the story I tend to actively help Mutsumi get Keitaro, either through devious plans or at least suggesting to Keitaro how much better Mutsumi is compared with Naru. I tend to not make a big deal about Mutsumi's Anaemia, so it happens more rarely. My Mutsumi has no issues with her own sexuality or appearance, she content with herself and has choose Keitaro because she truly loves him (and/or she is actually his promised girl, though in the series is seems to be that she doesn't remember it any clear than Keitaro.) I favour Mutsumi greatly, though my personal choice is below.

Motoko: Motoko is, well a bit of a problem to write for especially when I self insert. I confess that I very fond of Motoko, so I tend to have certain limitations on how I write her. I try to keep the calm, cool Kenjutsu practiser from the series but I often find myself developing other interests for her and expanding her personality to match what I like. It is a byproduct of her having more story time than in the series, not to say she a minor character in the Series but Motoko does get more stories about her from me than the series.

Shinobu: Shinobu is the character I have tinkered with the most. She is the shy reserved girl with her first crush being on Keitaro. I guess I found her to be a little one dimensional so I added the idea that she not as innocent as she appears. To that end, I have her read Shonen Manga, watch Violent anime and US Movies, and everyone simply shakes it off and forgets they saw it until the next time.

Kanako: I play Kanako from a lot more sympathetic angle, In ways I see her as a female version of Keitaro. She never really had friends, and only her brother. If you read earlier in this set of random stories you would have read my conclusion on Kanako's feeling with her brother. I like to play down the sexual part of those feeling, largely because I don't think they are what important, but that Kanako loves her brother more than anything. She will die to defend him if necessary. She strangely noble and in her own way honourable. She also the only other Person in Love Hina skilled in martial art in my opinion, the Inn's resident Ninja when necessary. Because of this I think most people who read my story would identify as the most changed character in my stories. I personally think I simply tweaked what was already there. Oh and I like to imply that Kanako is Bi-sexually if only because it makes for some good jokes.

Su: Su is the hardest Character to write for. I have real trouble getting her into any of my stories so I either write her out (I think she been on more Science fairs than Japan has had in the last ten years.) Or I ignore her and just leave her out. I sorry to Su fans I just never can write for her.

Kitsune: Kitsune is pretty much the Stock sly girl with a fox like grin. She drinks, plays tricks and tries to get Naru and Keitaro together. In my stories that have change girls who confess their love, she often (I been told uncharacteristically, by many) simply accepts her loss and often blames Naru for the loss (justifiably I might add). I honestly believe that Kitsune really likes Keitaro and know he had a poor shot at life. She feels sorry for him and tries to help him when she can. She still plays jokes on him, indeed I don't think anyone is truly immune to her other than Haruka.

Seta: Seta is basically window dressing when he appears, I never liked the character much so he tends to only appear when I need some to be the adult next to Haruka. Or I need to try someone vampiric powers on.

Haruka: Haruka is the mature advice giver to the group, she can walk into World war three and not bat an eye. Ironically the only times she raises an eyebrow is a lack of chaos when I introduce Legend of the Five rings to everyone. When things threaten to completely get out of hand. Haruka appears and set things straight.

Kentaro: Can you say victim of the week? I knew you could. Kentaro on come around in my stories to be Maimed, doesn't matter who does it. If he appears generally in will be chased for some reason and have the ever loving crap beaten out of him.

I should mention two other Characters Daimyo Shi and Talon.

Of course Daimyo Shi is an ideal version of myself, I not a true kenjutsu master and I don't really have the money that I tend to have in myself insert stories but what can I say, they are really just minor corrections anyway. I try to be as true to myself as I can be. Some people complain in Shinobu's Wish when I get into and "unnecessary fight" in response to the fondling of the newly sexy Shinobu. I protective of any woman 'under my care' I am in real life so as I am in my stories. It was simply a show that I not perfect and to be true to myself. I also wanted to deal with the matter of int imperfectness of any society. In the Love Hina Christmas special Motoko got caught in a similar situation. Generally Daimyo Shi acts in a manner that I would in the same Situation. So he is pretty much me personality wise.

Talon is a different case he a fellow fan fiction author, and likely the reason I like do self inserts. So blame him if you don't like them. I can't say I know Talon well, but generally he similar in his desire for Mutsumi and Keitaro to hook up. He write comedy mostly with a little drama. In my stories he simple is the Straight man for Daimyo Shi, he also acts as the more moral and/or ethical of the two of us. This really stems from the fact he ten years younger from be and generally just is quite as jade as I am. Whether or not that true is something that can be debated. I really know that he never complained about any of the words I put in his mouth.

I should touch on one other thing.

Legend of the Five Rings is a Collectible Card Game that I like. It based in a Japanese and Chinese mixed fantasy world and generally is a great yet complex card game. I really enjoy it, and originally included it to make a joke or two but as I write I find more ways to put it in, thus had I undercurrent of jokes that many just don't get unless they have played. You can find the publisher's web site at http/ love these don't you?

(1) This is a tip of the hat to AJ Andreason's Story 'Agent of Chaos' which is wonderful Ranma ½ fan fiction. Who really needs to finish the story up!

(2) Legend of the Five Rings is a Collectible Card Game that is based in a world much like Tokugawa Japan. It is a every complicate and rewarding game. I really think Motoko would like it. to learn more you can hit the Web site of the publisher AEG. The web site address is http/l5r. Consider this Fic to be in the current year which would make Shinobu much older. Oh I never read the manga up to the marriage point so I never write that Naru and Keitaro are married. Besides marriage ruins all the fun ;-)

(4) You really got to see these they are so interesting that the best description I can think of.

(5) See the Second Chapter of Shinobu's Wish for the source of this comment

Japanese Terms

nani: What

Aku Soku Zan: According to Rurounin Kenshin it was the Shinsengumi's motto it means Evil Slay swiftly

Hai yes

Daifuku a red bean filled rice cake, quite sticky and very sweet. The only thing that a westerner will find odd about it is having bean skins in the red bean paste in it.

Onii-chan: Big brother

-chan, honorific means small or little often used between parents and children, sometime between friends can be use between lovers too.

-kun, Sort of a male version of Chan but more masculine often used between friends Shi and older people to boys that they know. Kei-kun is a favourite of Mutsumi for Keitaro.

San is Mister or Miss, a polite way to address an inferior or an equal. Note that both this and sama are used with a family name which in Japan comes first

Senpei: senior student

Sensei: Teacher or Professionals, often doctors are called Sensei too.