Assassin's Creed Advanced:

A New Beginning

By: Robotron27

A/N: I'm going to do this in a very interesting way. As in I'm going to treat this like a video game, excluding the optional objectives of course so get ready for an interesting fanfiction, and this is not based around any current Assassin's Creed games so this is my idea and no one can take it. for those of you who have been reading Warriors of Smash, here is the insight you've been looking for. but for now enjoy.


A boy walks into a room with some very old tech. "This computer looks like it was made in the 21st century, I hope there is something on my ancestors." The boy said, he looked at a disc labeled Robert Allen. "Hmm?"

"Some of the years I have lived in is world were the strangest, well what do you expect from an assassin?"

"We Assassins have lived in this world for over a thousand years fighting against our enemies, they are called Templars a group that seeks power and order. We consider to fight for peace and prosperity like my ancestor Connor Kenway once did and our four fathers.

But I'm getting a little head of myself. I should start from the beginning. I was born June 7th 1998 and I'm, well I have many alias but the one I was born with was Robert Allen. I have been through a lot in my life but not as I thought I would be in."

"The Machine right next to this computer is called the animus, it's a DNA machine that is able to link with your ancestors or if you have a DNA sample or something that holds data like this disc for instance you can look into the persons past. This disc holds all of my memories and everything on me, place the disc into the machine and synchronize into the machine and you'll live through my life as I saw it, it will take possibly weeks or even a whole month so you can take your time with this. I made sure all of my memories and only my memories are on that disc except for a certain moment in order to keep things straight, the truth must come out and I believe you are the key to the worlds future, good luck and don't let me down." The man said and the video stopped.

The boy took the disc out of the computer and placed it in the animus machine and rested his head on the animus. He cleared his mind and then. He popped into a room full of pixels and white.

"Woah where am I?" The boy said. "Welcome to the animus, young one, I know who you are and you should know who I am?" Robert said. "Why do you think I should know all of this?" The boy said. "Because, my past is the most important piece of human history one that changed the future as we know it." Robert said. "But why me?" The asked. "Because you are a descendent of the Assassin bloodline but you aren't going to learn about your ancestors you are going to learn about me. Please let me show you the New Beginning of the Assassin's Creed." Robert Said. "Alright show me." The boy said and Robert started to shape the world around.

"First let me start from the day that formed this path to my future. Let's start 4 months after my birth." Robert said and created a house around them with four figures, a man, a woman, a little girl, and a baby boy. "Who are these people?" The boy asked. "They're my first family, The man is my Father Thomas Johnathan Allen, the woman my late Mother Amelia Bergin Allen, that girl over there is my sister Kirstyn Eliza Allen, The baby is-." "You." The boy interrupted. "Yes, that is correct." Robert said. "Now listen." He commanded and the boy listened.

"Please we cannot let this happen honey." The mother said. "I know but if it doesn't his life does not go as planned and he will be lost forever." The father said. "What are they talking about?" The boy asked. "That's for you to figure out, this is the memory I saw the other one you must discover through the animus." Robert said while pointing. "I'm sorry but it must be done." Thomas said and stabbed his wife. "Oh my god, What the Fuck!" The boy yelled out. "Kristen, we must leave, I cannot let him get his hands on you." The father said and picked up his daughter and left the house. "she was only 3 so she wouldn't remember what happened." Robert said and changed the room again.

"An hour after what happened I was crying. Someone heard the crying and came in." Robert said as a man came barging through the door. "Thomas! Thomas! Oh my god." The man said looking at the mother's dead corpse. "Who could've done this?" The man asked himself and looked at the baby. "Who is he?" The boy asked. "That was the man that changed my life forever, John Marks, he was a descendent of Templar Charles Lee, but pledges his allegiance to the Assassins, he took me in and raised me as his own, he told me eventually since I couldn't get the memory of my mother's death out of my head, but after a while I started to look up to him."

Robert said. Another boy enters the picture and is playing with Robert's younger self. "is he your friend?" The boy asked. "Yes, Derrick Marks is his name, he was also my Assassin partner, we have done everything together." Robert said. "at the age of 10 I started learning the ways of the Assassin, cause as a kid I started to cheer whenever a mission goes right, it showed how much interest I had in it, I trained and learned my ancestors throughout the next 4 years and after the 4 years I finally get my first mission, one that was very important to the Assassin Creed, I went through the Training and proved my worth, now the real story begins. This is where you get to see my story, good luck young one." Robert said and disappeared and the story began.