Gold - Part 6

By: Mikee

This story is the product of my own mind (muddled though it may be). The characters are, sadly, not mine. They belong to J. K. Rowling. I just play with them, and bend them to my will occasionally. Occasionally they see fit to take over the story, and then I am at the mercy of their will.

Warning: Child abuse.


The spell was broken when Moody broke through the locking spells of the room and stormed in. He was met with sweltering heat and a room full of a gold mist. Clumping over to the three figures in the center of the gold glow he was stunned to see three bloody bodies huddled together. Finally as the mist receded, Moody made his way to the three. He levitated them all to the Hospital Wing and laid each one on a bed.

It was several hours before Albus and Severus were conscious and Moody was sitting between their beds just as Albus had sat between Severus' and Harry's beds so many weeks ago. When Albus awoke, Moody asked who had attacked them. Albus asked that Moody get him two new pensives, two Ministry Aurors, and a Ministry attorney.

When Moody returned with the pensives, Aurors, and attorney, Albus put his memories in the first pensive. The attorney, Aurors and Moody added their memories as a sort of legal record verifying the memories had not been tampered with. Then they viewed the memories, without Albus joining. When they returned from the memories, the attorney advised that that was enough, and directed the Aurors to arrest Vernon. Moody, being a senior Auror, was to be the arresting Auror of record.

Shortly after Vernon was locked up in a holding cell, Severus awoke to find Moody, and the two Aurors standing by his bed with the attorney. They repeated the process with the remaining pensive. Each inputting his memories of the events of the day with Severus' memories being the first memories to go.

Once the pensives were sealed with the Ministry of Magic seal, the officials left. Albus was released from the Hospital Wing, but not before looking in the mirror. Just has Severus had the first time, Albus found physical evidence of Harry's abuse on his own body.

Severus was released a few hours later, but chose to remain in the Hospital Wing to look after Harry. He sat by the boy's bed and just watched the boy sleeping. Harry didn't wake up, but after a few hours, as midnight approached, Severus heard Harry's voice in his head, "Professor, it's time for you to go now. You don't want to follow me again. Not now. I'm sorry."

Severus knew he had to leave even though he wanted to stay. He tried to tell Harry he was willing to go with him wherever that may be, but Harry answered telepathically telling him again that he must go. He said he did not want Severus hurt. Severus again just nodded in acknowledgement. As he reached for the door he heard a soft, "thank you, Severus."

"You're welcome, Harry, but please don't ask me to leave again. I don't think I can."

He got no reply.


A week into the Easter break Harry was released from the Hospital Wing. He still didn't talk to any one and was seldom seen. Severus tried to keep an eye on him, but was often unable to locate the boy. One afternoon, as he was deep in thought, Severus took a walk in a secluded garden on the castle grounds. He found a bench and sat.

He sat and thought about Harry and all the boy had been though. He thought about the memories he had lived through with the boy, and then with Albus and the boy. He thought about the times Harry had confronted Voldemort and come out on top.

When he could no longer bear to think about all that, he began to sing. He began softly singing Greensleeves. His rich baritone breaking the silence of the garden, "Alas, my love you do me wrong to cast me out discourteously."

Somewhere behind him answered in a slightly higher voice, in perfect harmony, "…for I have loved you for so long…"

Severus turned and saw Harry standing there staring at Severus. Each had tears streaking down their cheeks. Neither spoke, but instead both continued the song as if each were answering a need unspoken by the other.

Severus slowly rose from the bench as Harry, equally slowly, advanced toward the bench. Each one's eyes locked on the other, and Harry had a soft golden glow about him. Severus continued singing but raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side as if to ask if it was okay as he held out a hand to Harry.

Harry nodded, and reached his hand out to Severus. Both sat and finished the song together still in perfect harmony.


AN: I don't know if I will continue this or not. Severus and Harry have found peace, and perhaps their futures are best left to the reader's imagination. I don't know… If the characters tell me they want tighter closure, perhaps there will be an epilogue at a later date. We'll see.