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Two women stood by a gravestone.

Alex and Jeera were overwhelmed, his death made real by the grave in front of them.

"Brother," whispered Jeera brokenly, eyes overflowing.

"Kaiden," Alex choked out, falling to her knees as tears slipped off her face.

Their tears dampened a small patch of earth.

Both dropped a letter on the stone, then, still weeping, stepped through the Bubbledoor.


Dear little brother,

I miss you.

Why did you have to die? Couldn't it have been me instead of you? All my life I've tried to protect you, only to have you protect me at the last minute. Alex is mourning, and me, I am dying inside. Of heartbreak. You were my best friend, the one who I comforted and the one who comforted me.

The worst thing is, I knew this was going to happen. My gift, it showed me you dying. So I told you to stay behind, not to get caught up. But you didn't- you came forward just in time to protect me. I wish that hadn't happened. I wish I could've died instead of you.

Always remember this- I love you.

Goodbye, little brother.




Did you really have to die? It killed me, Kaiden, killed me. Just like Niyx all over again, but a thousand times worse.

All my life I've been known as something different, the Freyan girl, or the Draekon bonded. But all I really wanted to be known as was Kaiden's girlfriend. That's all I wanted, but that's impossible now. No one can be a girlfriend to a corpse.

I want to believe you're not dead, that you're just getting checked up at the hospital, or in the Med Wing, or out doing something for Hunter somewhere. But I know that's not true. I saw you get struck down by Aven, whose stroke was intended for Jeera. In rage I defeated Aven, but that couldn't hide the fact that you were dead. I had to tell Declan and Nisha you were dead. I had to get help to bury you.

I had to attend your funeral.

And now, I'll say the words that you said to me so many times in life but never heard back from me.

The words that you'll hear only in death.

I only wish I had a chance to say them sooner.

I love you.


From their tears rose a solitary rose. A reminder of what they had lost.

A reminder of Kaiden.

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