It was awkward standing among the once enemies in Nezu's office now in relative if not tense peace. Izuku was being held in an awkward hold by both All Might and Scorpio's tail. Niether trusting the other, nor knowing the reason the other had an interest in the young student.

The young boy had fallen into a deep sleep, not bothered by the strange position or the obvious tension building in the room. Nezu gave away no emotion other than slight amusement. Sure he was a bit worried about a strange custody situation with people who were on par with All Might's strength, but he was incredibly curious that a student was one of these powerful people, and Yagi's successor to boot.

And Aizawa was apparently the tentative anchor tethering the mysterious individuals there, rather than stealing young Midoriya away. Again.

"Now, you are saying that all of you exist beyond our dimension and can travel freely between them?"

"Freely is a relative term," the leader answered. He wasn't the dapper goat man, instead, he was the well dressed individual with small cat ears peaking out of his hair. "Each of us has a key that allows us to be summoned. But with enough magic, we can force our way through. It is a bit easier when another key is nearby," Leo ended with a growl as he glared at Aizawa.

"I see." Nezu did not. But his pride and vast intelligence figured he would have everything sorted quickly. The individuals before him were practically rewriting everything they had documented if not on quirks than on reality itself. But from what it seemed, Midoriya Izuku was not a human child, he was an "alien" of sorts that could shift form to hold a realistic age while actually aging incredibly slow. He would have to question Mrs. Midoriya on the details involving getting young Izuku. This all seemed fairly convoluted.

But he would find the answers. So rarely did he have a challenge like this presented before him. And it all revolved around the sleeping merchild before him. The small, exhausted and very cuddly merchild.

Bakugo Katsuki was not someone people would bother normally a good day. Today though, it was similar to the parting of the red sea with his terrifying aura and furious expression. His quick pace was uncompromising as he walked the all too familiar trek to the Midoriya home.

School had been far more than he could contain. Villains, he'd hear about it from his mother and father. The hell they had been through unplanned by his school.

But that was nothing when compared to the miraculous appearance of a toddler version of Deku. His young voice yelling Kachan ringing in his ears and plaguing his mind. Those damn watery green eyes pleading with him to help. Those damn extras who cut him off from saving him. Being forced to leave the school without any damn answers. For their safety.

His rage was at a boiling point. He needed... something. His instincts were practically screaming to see the one person who might shed light on the whole thing. He went to the Midoriya door and pounded on it aggressively. He heard a shuffle of movement beyond the door and opened it slightly. His eyes softened slightly as a twinge of discomfort as he saw the pudgy Mrs. Midoriya looking thouroughly exhausted. Her eyes had dark bags under them. Her green eyes were red rimmed and puffy. Sticky tear tracks were clear on her cheeks.

"Ka-Katsuki? What," she paused to futilely wipe her tears off her face, "What are you doing here?"

A soft and watery smile was forced on her face. Katsuki's stomach seemed to sour at her soft friendliness.

"I have some questions about De-Izuku."

Tears shimmered in her eyes.

"Oh... Katsuki... He was taken," she began to sob. Tears poured down her cheeks with renewed vigor.

Ah, the infamous Midoriya tears. Only the most hardened of criminals wouldn't be moved by a truly emotional crying Midoriya. And fuck it, he was a hero in training. He could feel his skin prickle as he felt the urge to look away. He didn't though. Heroes didn't look away when work needed to be done.

"I heard," he answered neutrally. He had known Midoriya Inko all his life, and she was practically the opposite of his own mother. If he wanted answers, he'd have to handle this in a way he didn't like to. Calmly.

"Maybe we should go in and sit down."

Why did I write more?