Chapter One: Offline Meetup.


Before we begin, here's a quick index to understand who's who in the real world:

Parzival- Wade Watts (18. Main Character.)

Art3mis- Samantha Cook (18. Female love interest.)

Sho- Akihide Karatsu (11. This was the yellow wearing ninja who's actually a little kid in real life)

Aech (Pronounced: H or ay-ch) - Helen Harris (18. Main character's best friend)

Daito- Toshiro Yoshiaki (16. Red Armored Samurai who used that awesome Gundam in the final battle!)

Aikona (Ai-koh-na)- Itsura Youji (16. You'll get to know her pretty well...)

Also there are parenthesis around wherever a character speaks in Japanese.


2045, Manhattan.


Wade sighed in his chair, rubbing his eyes while Samantha ran her hands over his shoulders, "Hey, everything all right?" She asked in a slightly worried tone, sitting right next to him.

"Yeah. It's just owning and managing the largest technology property in the world can be pretty exhausting." He smiled at her.

"Hey." Samantha held his face before kissing him in the cafe, "You always know the best way to relax don't you?"

Helen raised an eyebrow before plopping down a big drink on the table, "Hey Parz, thanks for getting all our shit back after Sorrento blew us all up."

Samantha looked at her reprehensibly, "Aech! There are children present!" She raised a hand from Wade's cheek to indicate Akihide, who was sitting in a white chair by the table next to Toshiro.

Helen threw a thumb to Akihide between her and Toshiro next to her at the table, "This little dude can cut open seven hundred zombies in zone sixteen online, but can't hear the word shit?" Helen rolled her eyes and looked aside, "Girl c'mon."

"Sho you actually set the record in that area if I'm correct?" Wade asked, knowing absolutely everything about the game now.

Akihide nodded, "I did. Got me lots of attention from the female players too!" The eleven year old threw his small eyebrows upwards.

Toshiro reprimanded him in Japanese, "(Tsk. You're far too young for girls Sho.)"

"(Yeah, but I still have more girls than you Daito!)"

"(Oh shut up!)" Toshiro started tickling the little boy next to him, making him giggle before Helen rolled her eyes again.

"Can you two like not do the Chinese speak around us please?" Helen asked.

"For the millionth time Aech it's Japanese." Toshiro stopped tickling his sort of little brother, "Don't you watch anime?"

"Yeah, but dat girl's watching you Daito." Helen threw her nose upwards while looking at a very pretty girl by the windowsill of the cafe by herself, taking a sip out of the large drink on the table with a sigh.

She had long hair that was black just like Toshiro's and matching kind black eyes, and a long simple yellow dress, bouncing her foot while looking at Toshiro. She looked away instantly when Toshiro looked in her direction.

Akihide laughed before teasing Toshiro in Japanese, "(Bet you she was looking at me.)"

"(She...she's gorgeous...)" Toshiro gasped as she looked away.

Helen stomped her foot, "English please dude!" She took another sip of her huge slushee.

Wade smiled, lacing his hand with Samantha's, "Invite her to log in with us later."


Helen put her huge slushee back down on the cafe table, "Oh, Parz, I almost forgot to thank you for giving us the best jobs in the world." She threw thumbs to Akihide and Toshiro, "You know, testing all of Oasis' new features ourselves."

"My pleasure. After all, you guys did help me win the challenge."

Akihide laughed while leaving his seat.

"(Sho!)" Toshiro hissed in Japanese, "(Get back here now! What're you doing?)"

He ran up to the pretty girl, "Daito said you're hmmmmfmf..."

Toshiro jumped out of his chair and wrapped a hand over Akihide's mouth, "Sorry, he can be an idiot sometimes, ow!" He looked down at a giggling Akihide, "Sho, did you just bite my hand?"

"Maybe?" The boy laughed again, running back to the rest of High Five.

Helen turned to her in game best friend Wade, "Hey. 5000 coins says he messes this up."

Wade had more confidence in his red armored samurai, "You're on." He nodded.

The girl looked at him from her high chair, "Was that your little brother?"

"Sort of." Toshiro bowed to the girl sitting by herself at the windowsill, "(It is very nice to meet you.)" He said in Japanese, "(My name is-)"

"Wait, you think that just because I'm Japanese I speak it?"

Helen chuckled and turned back to Wade, "Ha-ha-haaa! Get ready to pay up sucka!"

"(I'm just kidding. I do speak Japanese too.)" The girl giggled at a sweating Toshiro, "(My name is Itsura. Yours?)"

Wade laughed at a grunting Helen, "Hah. Looks like you'll pay up now."

"(Toshiro. My friends were wondering if you wanted to go online with us later?)" Toshiro turned to let Itsura see them. Wade, Samantha, Helen, and Akihide all waved to her with smiles.

"(Sorry but no. I don't let anyone know my real name in Oasis.)" Itsura bowed back when leaving her chair, "(I hope you have fun Toshiro.)" She promptly left the cafe making the bell at the top of the door jingle.

He walked back to High Fives table with a saddened look on his face.

Helen looked at him, "Did you get her avatar name?"

Toshiro shook his head slowly.

"No one breaks my man Daito's heart. If I see her in game Imma kill her ass." Helen wanted to grab the nearest Oasis and use her Iron Giant to crush her.

"Save it Aech." Toshiro sighed, "Let's just go online guys, I've been waiting all day to try out some new sword skills."

Wade shrugged, standing up out of his white cafe chair as Samantha swung her purse over her shoulder, "I guess we're going now?"

Akihide looked up at him, "(Hey. You okay Daito?)"

"(I'm fine Sho.)" There was a silence before Toshiro nodded down to him and ruffled his hair a little, "(Just fine little brother.)"