Chapter Two: Aikona the Elf


Itsura drew an aged walkman from the pockets of her yellow dress, along with a stick of bubblegum. After placing the gum in her mouth, she listened to her very favorite song from her very favorite eighties film, Young Hearts by Commuter from the Karate Kid.

As it played in her ears, she walked down the street from the cafe as she thought in English, popping the pink bubblegum in her mouth loudly.

My father emigrated here from Kyoto about six years ago, and I can't deny it. I'll always love this country. I love my home country, Japan, along with this one equally.

A couple heads from passing New Yorkers turned her way from her incredible beauty, and she kept thinking in her soft voice.

Ever since Wade Watts won the challenge months ago, the scape of the Oasis has changed vastly. More than anyone could ever imagine.

She looked up to the penthouse her father owned and walked into the lobby.

I never actually wanted to use the Oasis headset. Because my life has always been perfect. I'm always good with people. I'm happy with what I have. My father is extremely wealthy and only advised me to use it because my friends at school were using it. Especially boys.

Itsura smiled as she walked into the elevator to her penthouse.

I never cared much for boys, but...there was one that caught my eye from the cafe I was in. Toshiro. Not just because he's Japanese like me, but because I think he's very handsome and kind. If I only didn't have to let anyone know I was Aikona, I would have given him my avatar name and we could've gotten to know each other a little better I hope. I wonder if he's as handsome as he is in the real world in Oasis...

Servants pulled open the door to her elegant penthouse with a bow, "Miss Itsura."

Itsura smiled at them and walked to her extravagant bedroom. She pulled the earphones out of her head and threw her beloved walkman on her huge bed. Itsura walked over to her omnidirectional treadmill and pulled her Oasis headset on. Her black eyes saw color rush towards them and a white inscription at the very end of them: OASIS.

Itsura's avatar Aikona formed into the national server and dozens of players of different heights and races walked past her smiling on the same platform all players started on.

"Hey Aikona!"

"Wassup Aikona!"

Aikona smiled back at her fans. Her heels clicked and her long lime green hair swung from side to side from her head. Aikona was simple, a tall fair elf character who had a beautiful face slightly similar to hers in the real world. She swiped her menu open and chose a certain game setting.

She smirked as her avatar was ported into the streets of Reseda California, and the very first game Halliday ever created: Karate Fighter.

Boys wearing skeleton costumes ran towards her on the edge of a small factory against a chain link fence, where Mr. Miyagi had saved Daniel LaRusso in the Karate Kid. The game was designed so that the video game enemies would try to defeat the player without help from anyone else, and had to use actual karate skills to defeat them.

Luckily for Itsura, she'd studied martial arts for years and this was her favorite game from OASIS. Her real body flew into actual kicks and chops like her skilled avatar Aikona as she fought.

The bully NPCs burst into coins as Aikona struck them with her boots. Flying into a spinning tornado kick, Aikona split an NPC into coins with a single strike as the horde descended on her. She'd set it to the highest setting, so over a hundred skeleton costumed video game enemies ran towards her.

Aikona defeated all one hundred of them, her lime green hair whipping in the air as she chopped and kicked through every single enemy. A bully found his actual arm torn off by her as coins flew from it before Aikona punched him into coins.

A bully character tried to kick her but she dodged it and kicked him in the face, defeated it turned into coins. The horde tried to tackle her but Aikona countered every attack and destroyed them. Afterward, a large pile of coins accumulated around her and she got a new notification.

[Congratulations, you have defeated previous player (Sho)'s record in this area and set a new time for clearing this stage! 1:37]

Aikona shrugged. A hundred skeleton dressed bully game enemies were nothing for her in under two minutes, her character was just as fast her quick reflexes and incredible Karate skills. Next, she chose to go a brand new feature game titled: Sword Duels. Added recently by Wade, Aikona was teleported by the new port feature he added as well to a large arena as she knew it was time for the weekly duel.

She stood in the darkness of the gladiator's tunnel holding her sword. It was a katana with a lime green hilt that matched her hair. The arena was exactly like a Colosseum, round and built to hold hundreds of players.

In the audience, Atr3mis greeted Parzival with a kiss on the virtual lips, "Good to see ya hun."

"You too." Parzival turned to the center of the arena. The massive crowd stopped cheering and all the spotlights focused on a short stubby player who was holding a microphone.

"Introducing...the longtime reigning champion of Sword Duels...Exter!"

The crowd roared as a huge blue skinned troll warrior wielding two battle axes growled and clanged his weapons together in the air.

"And it is indeed true..." The announcer nodded as Exter the troll warrior huffed behind him, "The amazing, the powerful...the incredible!... Aikona is battling!"

"Aikona?" Art3mis turned to her boyfriend, "Who's that?"

Parzival smiled, "Only the fastest progressing player in the game. She's undefeated here in Sword Duels, and managed to progress almost as far as Daito here in terms of the new sword skill system I implemented."

"Sometimes..." Art3mis kissed his cheek, "I forget how smart you are."

Daito crossed his arms in the howling crowd of players, the red armored samurai awaiting the appearance of the troll's challenger.

Who is this Aikona person?...She sounds like an incredible warrior and woman...she must be intelligent, powerful, I bet she's...

The beautiful lime green haired elf character wielding a katana stepped into the arena much to the agreement of the cheering crowd. Daito's jaw dropped.

The most beautiful girl I've ever seen...


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