The next day...

Izuku was in his new costume, ready for his lesson with All-Might himself. Class One-A was also getting ready as well.

With Mina, she was waiting along with Eijrou and Denki for further instruction. The class just came out of the changing rooms. Their hero costumes equipped. All Might compliment on their first appearance with hero outfits which earn more boosted morale from the number-one hero.

"Hmm, where is Midoriya? Everyone is already here so what's taking him so long?" Mina huffed in a playful impatience as she crossed her arms and foot tap her left foot. In her leopard pattering mesh with turquoise and purple.

"Maybe he is still changing? Don't know? He was the last one in so definitely he will be the last one out." Denki had his hands in his pockets looking at Eijrou and Mina conversing with each other.

"I hear footsteps maybe that could be him." The blonde suggested the clue. This, in turn, getting the 'horn' buddies attention.

The trio looked towards the entrance of the mock city to indeed hear footsteps. It was fast-paced and very noticeable. Eijrou called out to the darkness of the tunnel. "Midoriya!"

One second had passed. Two seconds. Three seconds.

"Here!" The recognizable voice answered the call. Soon came a figure out of the shadows of the tunnel. In a forest green jumpsuit was there friend Izuku Midoriya. To the three classmates, they found Izuku's costume a bit plain just like him. It wasn't a dislike-opinion but a simple comparison.

Well then again, everyone else has their costumes suited to their quirks or personalities some of them carry both. Eijirou and the others weren't one to judge.

Fast forward a couple of minutes, Izuku stands next to Eijrou and Mina while behind him is Denki. He and the other students were giving full attention to All-Might himself. After giving out the teams it appears that Izuku was paired up with Denki. Both boys looked at each other with the blonde giving Izuku a positive smirk. The green-haired teen smiled back with a bit of nervousness.

Eijirou was paired up with Bakugo in a team. The red-haired looked a bit confused to find his teammate glaring at Izuku. To make things more surprising both of these teams were the first to start with the practical hero training.

Mina was paired up with another girl named Kyroka Jirou. The pink girl made eye contact with her ear-jack partner. She waved with a bright smile while Kyroka gave Mina the peace sign but kept the straight face. Suddenly something got the pink girl her attention.

Mina and Denki could see the vibrations coming from Izuku as he shakes out of fear. "Midoriya you good?" Mina asks bringing a hand on the green-jumpsuit hero. Izuku nodded timidly and then turned to her. "Y-Yea?" That was a question which confused both Denki and Mina.

The first match will begin in a couple of minutes giving Izuku and Denki time to formulate a plan.

"Kaminari-San, could you explain your quirk a bit more to me?" Izuku turns to his partner, Denki looked at him back then nodded. "Sure. My quirk allows me to discharge electric volts. The number of volts of discharge cannot be manipulated only for how long I can keep using my quirk."

"And the drawback?" Izuku asked curiously as this had to perk his interest. Analyzing quirks seemed to make the freckled teen almost forget the at the task at hand. Denki smiled almost embarrassed. "Well you see, the drawback is that I lose brain cells which in turn make me...Out-of-it."

"What do you mean?" Izuku pursued this topic even further. "It's just that...I won't be able to comprehend or understand anything for a while as a result of losing brain cells at a fast pace." Denki earned a more curious and confused look at Izuku. The blonde sighed. "Look you will see it when you see it. Anyway got any plans?"

"I have one in mind. Since I know Kaachan will be coming after me... Kaminari-San, once we are spotted going inside. Leave and rush for the bomb. I will stall Kaachan. Also how far can you discharge?"

"Roger that. To answer your question by-the-way, depending if there are any other electricity sources my quirk can go for several feet after discharging from me. The only downside is that I have to make contact with something otherwise my power would be only going a few feet maybe inches apart from me... any-who why is Bakugo so upset with you."

Izuku felt his body being stunned by the last question. His nerves strike himself with fear and guilt.

"I think it would be better if you asked me some other time." Izuku's head slightly fell. Denki caught on pretty quickly. "Sure. Some other time my bad."

Izuku shakes his head. "It's alright, it's just that I wasn't expecting that. Anyway, let's get ready."

With Eijirou and Bakugo. The pair were seemingly having a rough time trying to hold a plan of defense. "Any ideas on defending this bomb. I mean with Midoriya's power he could easily destroy the floor." It was true that the red-haired hero was joking but the joke was taken a bit to far.

"That Bastard doesn't have a fucking quirk!" Bakugo filled with rage and threaten pride yelled aloud.

"But you saw what he did on the first day. You can't deny it. He does indeed have a quirk." Eijirou states the facts with a questionable look. He wondered why was Bakugo so angry with Izuku. Maybe something from the past.

"He is nothing but a pebble on the side of the road!"

'Jeez, what pride. Maybe I will make sure that the bomb is safe.' It doesn't look like Bakugo was willing to cooperate but Eijirou didn't want to get involved with this personal grudge. Maybe Izuku was hiding something after all its being at most a few months since he known him. It could be possible that maybe Izuku or Bakugo may have done something to the other to create the bad blood.

When All Mights voice shouted 'Begin' Eijirou had to put these thoughts away for the time being. Seeing his partner leave the room in a fit of rage, Kirishima sighed to himself.

Deciding to follow him to make sure to help him fight the hero team even though they run the risk of leaving the bomb with no-one to guard it. They were the villains after all.

As the pair crept in the corridors and hallways of the empty building. Izuku made signals and gestures to pause or continue on. Denki was close behind him. The plan was to look for the bomb and be unnoticed as possible.

Izuku knew that Kaachan would be going after him. It wasn't rocket science that he blonde was extremely pissed off at him. Years of being lower than a person in the eyes of someone else to only now defy that disposition.

'He must be thinking that I was hiding my quirk from him.'

Guilt. Shame. Overall regret.

He did not know how to approach this issue. With his new friends, he can say that he was a late bloomer which made it hard to control the all-mighty quirk. Although, with Bakugo? The only one person that's known him from day-one? This time he wasn't sure anymore. It was wrong to lie, yes, but he was doing it for his idol. All Might.

Denki on the other hand felt excited. This was indeed the first actual hero training that wasn't just lectures. Excited for the most part anyway. Deep down he was curious. He wanted to know why Katsuki and Izuku did not get along. Maybe personal indifference? Grudge? Or a fallout between the two. Possibly all the above.

As he followed the shorter partner through the hallways and corridor. It was clear that Izuku was nervous. He was too. Though being nervous during a practice battle? No it would seem Izuku was on the verge of becoming jumpy.

He will wait and see what's to come.

It was either the years of being bullied by the same person or the last second sound of entry. Turing back to see...him.

Izuku's feet moved again but this time he needed to get Kaminari out of the way. "Move!"


As Izuku recovered and Denki now aware. The two heroes had their eyes focused on the thick smoke.

"Thanks for the save!" Denki shouted even though Izuku was right in front of him.

"It's no problem, are you alright?" Izuku was majorly focused on what is in front of him. Stuttering and shyness were gone, basic fight or flight response was coming through.


"Go! I will stall him!" Izuku ordered while Bakugo came rushing at him. Reading the incoming right arm about to hit him, Izuku lunge forward and captured Bakugo's arm. Turning his back towards the attacker, Izuku had thrown Bakugo over him and down towards the ground.


Once his eyes got to look at Kaminari, he was still there amazed. Hell it kinda made Izuku impatient a bit.

"Hurry! Find the bomb!"

His plea reached the second time. The blonde blinked twice before getting on his feet and ran off to find their main objective.

Izuku had seen him run off not focusing on the main threat for the time being.


The tone was rash, irrational, and almost deadly. Looking over his shoulder, Izuku clearly saw his opponent on his two feet, glaring with nothing but anger.

The One for All inheritor felt his feet shake, it was not a good sign. His body remembers the pummeling of his bully. It was simply reacting to the experience.

"Don't you dare look down on me!"

His bark scared Izuku. Everything that was once between them was gone before this day, that was the meaning that came from Katsuki.

"K-Kaachan I..."

"It's time to die Deku!"

Bakugo went straight for a boosted tackled and it succeeded. Izuku made contact with the wall before having a blast straight to his chest. The impact destroyed the green mask Izuku was equipped with.

Using the attack as an advantage, Izuku pulled quickly the capture tape. Maneuvering through the shock and pain. Katsuki felt his arm being wrapped and instinctively attack once more.

His other arm was free and ready to explode a certain Deku. Izuku on the other hand wasn't going to get blast-palmed in the chest again, ducking and dodging to the side was the only escape from the blast.

Instinctively, he ran into the halls to give himself time to make a plan.

"Why are you running Deku?! Was it fun, looking down on me this whole time, you bastard?!"

Izuku flinched at those words. 'That's not it Kaachan. That wasn't it.' His mindfully said to himself.

With Denki and Eijrou...(Five minutes later)

"Man, that dude sure was in a hurry." Kirishima, the red haired hero-in-training said to himself as he guard the room his bomb was. Earlier, when he was following the sandy blonde teammate, he left the place unguarded, and he learned quickly it was a mistake.

Seeing the rash decision of charging in and creating a sneak attack that was Katsuki. Kirishima noticed how his opponent Kaminari ran off to find the weapon.

Noticing his actions, Kirishima made break for the weapon to guard it without letting Denki see him. So here he was now patently waiting as the time ticked. All he needed to do was wait it out, if Midoriya or Kaminari came into the room, then it will turn to fight mode. All he needs to do just to win the exercise.


Another voice got his attention. Turning around to face a certain blonde smirking at him. The excitement was mutual as the two opposition glanced at each other.

"Hey pal. I guess I am your opponent."

"You bet and we are going to win this exercise!"

Denki exclaims before releasing his electricity upon Eijrou. The yellow crackles followed through aiming at the red haired teen.

Quickly, Kirishima leaped to the side and took cover behind one of the columns in the room. He was hastily thinking on how to approach this.

Meanwhile Denki suddenly stopped his first release attack.

'I can't use to much. Otherwise I will become helpless. Just gonna have to wait until I find an opening.' The blonde thought carefully.

'Damn! I need to rush him now!' Kirishima thought as he got out of cover and sprinted with everything and hardening his forearms and body.

Now alert at the incoming sprinter, Denki activated his quirk at the last minute when he was tackled.

"Ughaaara!" The noise shifted from a shout to a repeated syllable pattern as the volts shocked Kirishima.

Quickly Denki got up and push himself away from his opponent.

"Kaminari-San! Did you find the bomb! The ear piece surprised Denki but nonetheless he responded.

"I see it. Almost got i-oof!" His response was short lived as he was again tackled by the red haired hero-in-training.

"Sorry pal, can't let you go there." Kirishima spoke in a heavy tone as he apprehended the blond battery-charger.

"Damn!" Denki shouted as he struggled against the harden quirk user. Compared to Kirishima, Kaminari was not as physically capable to go hand-to-hand fights with Eijirou. Especially now with the quirk of hardening overpowering him.

Quickly, Denki activated his quirk sending endless amounts of volts towards his opponent. Even with the harden quick in use, it was defenseless against the emitting electricity. Gritting his teeth and clenching his open fist harder, Eijrou focused on aim his will towards the body of Denki.


Denki coughed up as his lungs, lost air at the punch near his upper abdomen. Relentless, Kirishima continued again slugging this time in the side making Denki flinch and deactivating his quirk on instinct from pain. In response to that gesture, Kirishima got a hold of his capture tap, attempting to restrain Denki thus putting him out of the training exercise.

Kaminari saw this and tried to escape by pushing and punching the body of the 'villain'. To avail, his punches were stinging of pain around his knuckles since to his surprise, Kirishima hardened his abdominal muscles and skin.

"You put up a good fight. But I won." Kirishima spoke with victory shout as he started wrapping Denki with the tap. Struggling on both sides to escape or capture, both boys felt the building rumble as the sound of loud blast or blasts which came from below.

Losing his momentum and balance, Kirishima lost the tight grasp upon Kaminari. Thus the blonde kicked himself away from Eijirou. Earning a about couple of inches away before stumbling down by the shaken state of the floor.

With urgency, Denki spoke into his ear piece. "Midoriya! What going on?!"

The response he got was scratch static cuts on his partners voice. "Kami-Sa-. I-dn't-st-Kaa-blast."

"Midoriya? Midoriya?!"

Meanwhile with Izuku...

Everything did not go as planned. Izuku was laying against the rubble with his hero costume destroyed from the two heavy explosions. The first blast was set off to get him out of his hiding spot, considering that all he had been doing was stalling Bakugo for the last couple of minutes. The walls surrounding them were destroyed leaving a devastated remains of a floor. Quickly after the first blast which leveled the floor by itself, the second one was meant for Izuku personally leaving the boy with burn marks across his arms, torso, and legs.

Things got personal, too personal now for the training exercise. Izuku removed his arms from the collapsed ruble after talking to Denki but his ear piece as damage by the sound of the blast and force of it as well.

"Deku." A angered tongue grabbed the boy's attention. Izuku looked up to meet the glaring eyes of victory.

"Lets see you use your quirk." He demanded as he grabbed the weaken boys arm and thrown him which was followed by another explosion towards the projected green-haired teen.

"Argh!" Izuku screamed in pain as he was sent flying and boosted to the other side of the room. Rolling against the floor and hitting a wall or whats left of it. Izuku clearly saw the outside shine from the wide open gape. He smiled as the sun hit his face, the pain was still there but something about it hitting his burned skin was a warm bliss.

"The hell you smiling about you damn nerd?"

"I...don't know. This seems somewhat nostalgic." His mind was at ease, the pain was surprisingly helping him speak, then again it could be that he was physically exhausted. Bakugo scoffed at that response, all to well, he knew what Izuku was talking about. It could be the first time Katsuki raised his quirk against Izuku, or the many other of times where it lead to the same result.

"Lying about your quirk for all these years sure is nostalgic isn't it? Or is it the amount of times you were always beaten by me?" His tone went along with Izuku's, even though it was clear for the both of them that this wouldn't end unless Izuku either confirmed Bakugo's assumption or losing to him in a fight.

Izuku shifted his gaze back at the sandy-haired blonde standing a both him. He sighed mentally, he knew his morals was unjust, to lie about his powers. For the sake of his teacher and symbol of peace. He inhaled.

"Yea. I lied and I know that you probably hate me even more now, but let me tell you."Stop. Don't say no more."It wasn't of me looking down on you. I just couldn't control it then and even now." Shut up! Don't Lie! "It was only recently when I had the courage to put myself out there and I have a few people to thank for." Why? Just please stop. Tell him the truth, he deserves it that much. "This is all I can say, I'm sorry Kaachan." I am sorry for not telling you the truth.

His heart and mind were never more separate. In his mind, he hated Bakugo, for all the years of torment and being deemed a 'Deku' for over a decade, it harmed the teen. Although his heart was saying otherwise, he deeply wanted to return to the friendship they had as children, but his illusion, his reality was not so set on letting him get his wants. That was the harsh lesson. Not to mention, to bear the responsibility of One For All, it weighed heavily. Although 'what did it matter when it came to Bakugo' his mind would speak. 'He has done nothing but effortlessly attempt to break you again and again.' Nothing was alright with this power, and Izuku was now learning it the hard way but the journey only just begun.

Bakugo smirked in anger. His pride was being challenged by Izuku's deception. The curly-haired teen could feel the rising tension between his tired yet sad gaze against the awaken but also furious glare. "You got some nerve to apologize Deku. Truthfully I am glad you did not follow my advice and took a swan dive off the roof, because now I get to enjoy forcing the power out of you."

He took a right swing at Izuku. The green-haired teen reacted by rolling to the side and trying to break for the other side of the building. His jogs were like peels off of his thighs. Desperate, Izuku started to crawl away before he put some pressure on his arms. Falling back down on to the floor, Izuku couldn't feel his left arm. While it was still there and everything to seem in place, it was unbearably numb.


The sensation on his left arm was not present, likely due to the blast that he had received head-on alongside the collateral rubble. Izuku needed a plan but right now he is purely acting on instinct. Which is currently his downfall.

Sounds of heavy but uncomfortably patient footsteps, gave massive worry for his current well-being. Earlier he did not care about anything which then branded himself as a liar of his own morals, know karma was getting back at him.

Feeling his body getting kicked in and back even further. Izuku looked up at Katsuki, he did not carry a emotional glare but a silent straight face. "Your right this is nostalgic. A little tip for you, the next blast will forfeit your career." Katsuki said as he raised his grenade gauntlet let once more. The same one that demolished the floor a few minutes prior. Izuku quickly got up on his legs to support himself with his right arm on his knee.

"Its over Deku, I win." Katsuki declared as he was close to pulling the pin once more.

Upon instinct, the need for victory raised even higher than ever. Charging the bestowed power of One For All, Izuku braced himself for a Detroit smash it wasn't until that he realized a rushed gusted wind had entered the room. As the teens aimed their attacks on one another, Izuku suddenly felt his arm being raised up in the air and the incoming blast dissipated in an instant.

The roaring sound of windows breaking and the ceiling being blasted upwards caught both boys off guard. Holding Izuku's now broken arm up was his mentor and predecessor: All Might. Apparently when he came in, he used another technique or 'smash' to counter Bakugo's explosion.

"That's enough young Bakugo, young Midoriya. The match has already been decided but I feared that you both could not hear my voice through the speakers. SO I HAD TO INTERVENE!" His Booming voice echoed with righteousness, did they not know that the match had been decided.

"Rest now the two of you, Young Bakugo? Are you injured?" All might asked with concern for the young blonde, who scoff it off. "I'm Fine." All Might turned quickly towards Izuku. "Young Midoriya, I will send you to the nurses office."

Izuku felt the weight of his rising arm(which was being held by All Might) slowly become heavy. Actually his hole body was heavy. Slowly letting himself fall to exhaustion, he felt the grasp of his number one hero supporting him.

10 minutes later...

Mina could not believe what she had witnessed. The training exercise was it was more than intense. Not even words couldn't even describe it. She was personally impressed by the display of action from Kaminari and Kirishima. Although it paled in comparison between Midoriya and Bakugo. Seeing the shy, timid, and soft-spoken teen going through agony just by another classmate.

"Why didn't he hold back?" She said allowed. Mina knew the power Izuku had, after all she witnessed it first hand. Or was it because of All Mights intervention was the reason why the curly-haired boy didn't use his quirk. This exercise could have been finished a lot sooner if Izuku just had used his quirk but that was an hypothetical "if" that didn' matter anymore. Either way, she was seriously invested in the action of it all. Even if all of the sound was cut off, she could tell the struggle to win. Same goes for the ear jack-girl.

Kyoka, felt a sense of thrill. To be honest she was compareing the scuffle of Denki and Eijirou, to the emotional war between Izuku and Katsuki. To be honest her opinion of the training exercise got her more excited for better or worse.

"Alright the next pair will be Mina Ashido and Kyoka Jiro. Versus. Mezo Shoji and Shoto Todoroki."

AU: To be honest this has been a near finished draft of a chapter, that I wanted to get done for a while now but nonetheless hope you enjoyed it.