Life passed on as it normally does.

Steve stayed on the Avengers though he was forced to drop the title of Captain America and instead became Nomad. He eventually found solace in Sharon Carter, the bitch that had hated Toni with every part of her being because she was Peggy's favorite. The two were married about three years after Toni's death and had a quite unhappy marriage as they continued to cheat on one another for the rest of their lives.

Bucky eventually came out of his cryo chambers and used BARF to clear his mind with the help of T'Challa's doctors. After learning of Toni's death he cut off all contact with Steve and the others on Team Cap and spent the rest of his life in Wakanda.

Natasha worked with the Avengers and tried to repair her friendships for a few years but soon realized there was no hope for that idea. She rejoined SHIELD and was soon picked off by a terrorist that she had been sent to spy on.

Sam stayed on with the Avengers for another year before retiring and going back to work for the VA. He eventually married and settled down.

Clint went back into retirement after everything that happened. He trained a young woman named Kate Bishop who became the new Hawkeye. He and Laura resolved their issues and remained happily married. Cooper grew up to become a doctor, Lila became a lawyer, and Nathaniel became a Paleontologist.

Scott decided not to join the Avengers and returned to California. He was eventually able to reconcile with Cassie and married Hope. He still worked as Antman for Hank Pym. Cassie became a nurse and married Harley Keener who she met again at Peter's wedding years later.

Wanda eventually lost control of her powers on the field and attacked a group of civilians. Vision and Charles Xavier were forced to take her abilities away and the spell caused her to lose her mind. She was sent to a psychiatric hospital in New Jersey and eventually committed suicide.

Vision stayed on the Avengers and since he couldn't age, was there for as long as the team stood. He went to cooking school and ended up becoming a master chef in his free time.

Pietro married a SHIELD agent named Kimberly Nickels about two years after Toni's death and had two children. They named their son Anthony in her honor and their daughter Evelyn for Everett.

Thor married Jane Foster a year after the Civil War. Using Asguardian methods, he made her immortal and the two became rulers of Asguard. Loki was his chief advisor and he and Freya remained happily married.

Erik Selvig consulted with SHIELD and the Avengers for a while before deciding to stay permanently in England. He taught seminars at Oxford and lived quite content.

Phil Coulson took over SHIELD with Maria Hill after Nick Fury stepped down. He married Darcy Lewis while Maria married a CIA agent. Fury retired and spent his years running the Peggy Carter Foundation.

Pepper and Happy kept Stark Industries running before retiring and moving to Malibu permanently. They had no children but loved life on the beach.

Harley and Peter took over Stark Industries when the younger turned twenty three. They stayed as business partners for a good ten years and drove the company to heights that most could only dream of. Peter eventually left started his own company. He reunited with his childhood sweetheart, Liz Allen and they married and had a son named Martin Antonio. Harley married Cassie and had a daughter named Sarah Eloise. His sister, Emmaline, married Cooper Barton.

Bruce Banner stayed on as a consultant for the Avengers and eventually reconnected with Betty Ross. They talked out their issues and reunited. They married in a quiet ceremony and moved to Johannesburg to help improve the city.

Bruce Wayne joined up with Diana Prince and a few others to form the Justice League. Due to alien biology, Clara Kent came back from the dead and the two were married but had no children. Oliver Queen married Dinah Lance and the two joined the League as Green Arrow and Black Canary. Dick Grayson married the commissioner of Gotham and had a few children who were spoiled by Bruce, Clara, Oliver, Dinah, and Alfred.

The X Men and the Fantastic Four prospered and joined forces with the Avengers on many apocalyptic events and saved the world more times than anyone cared to admit.

T'Challa remained King of Wakanda for several years before passing the throne to his sister Shuri. He stayed on as a diplomat and as the Black Panther and helped the Avengers when he could.

Thaddeus Ross died of what many believe to be a heart attack. At least, that's what the public believes. Let's just say that Deadpool was perfectly happy to rid the world of the man that led Toni to her death.

Charles and Elizabeth lived happily in London. Charles was able to get much work done as the representative at the UN while his sister became a very famous and popular lawyer. She almost never lost a case.

Everett died shortly after Toni, unable to live without her. He died of cancer not two years after Project End Game.

Rhodey married Carol Danvers and led the Avengers for another decade before passing the torch on to Peter. They had no children but were happily married till he passed away in his sleep at the age of seventy six.


Rhodey opened his eyes, expecting to the ceiling of his bedroom in his house outside of New York City, only to see clear blue sky. Feeling around he realized that he was not in his bed; instead he was lying in a grassy field.

"What the hell?" he whispered looking around, seeing nothing but grass. He stood up, trying to find anything familiar. He then caught sight of his hands, freezing in place as he caught sight of his young skin that he hadn't seen in years.

"Well, it's about damn time." The colonel froze before spinning around at the voice he never thought he would hear in person again. There, standing behind him was a stunning brunette woman with warm brown eyes and a teasing smirk. "You kept me waiting long enough Sour-patch."

He blinked over and over again. This couldn't be real, unless he was dead. "Toni?"

She nodded. "Hey Rhodey."

It took those words to have him crossing the space between them and latching onto her smaller frame. His face fell in the curtain of her of her dark hair, shaking as the smell of her favorite shampoo wafted to his nose.

She hugged him back. "Missed you too, platypus." She then stepped back and yanked on his hand. "Come on, everyone's waiting."

Still in a daze, he followed her till they came in sight of giant house where his mother, his father, her mother, Jarvis, Anna, William Ross, Everett, Peggy, Daniel Sousa, Ho Yinsen, Pepper, Happy, and everyone else he knew that had died were waiting.

From out behind Ev's legs, small child with dark hair and blue eyes came running to Toni, screaming. "Mama!"

The genius caught the young girl, hoisting her up in the air, and he knew in an instant that this must be Mary Sarah. Holy shit, he was dead and she was here and they were all here and dear God, he didn't care.

The child turned to him, a curious look in her cornflower eyes. "Uncle Rhodey?"

He smiled and nodded. "Hey Mary."

Her answering beam was blinding as she launched herself from mother's arms and into his and he clutched her like his life depended on it. From over her shoulder he saw Ev greet Toni with a kiss and he grinned wider, happier than he had been in a while.

He was dead and she was dead and he didn't care. She was back with him and he didn't care what happened next. He was happy and she was with him because in all honesty…

What sort of life could James Rhodes live without Antonia Stark?