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Chapter One

Black and Blue


"Hey, Bells? You ready yet? We gotta go!" I heard Jasper call out to me from the hallway. His voice ringing with impatience.

I stepped away from the large mirror in my bathroom after I finished giving myself some encouragement. I looked at my appearance and felt self conscious; knowing right away that this was a bad idea. Rosalie ordered me to wear a royal blue satin mini dress with a plunging neckline and black lace-up stiletto heels for tonight. I couldn't help feel as if this was just a set up to get me to wear a dress for the operation we were initiating; I'm sure I'm going to hear a bunch of comments tonight from the guys.

There was a drop off going down tonight at one of the most exclusive night clubs downtown known to be one of the hotspots for drug dealers these days, and we needed it shut down as soon as we see the exchange being made with one of my CI's.

"Bell-, oh so you are ready." I heard Jasper's voice was surprised when he set his eyes on me after opening the door to my bedroom. I face him with an annoyed face to see his amusement as he leaned against the door frame and crossed his toned arms.

Jasper has been my best friend ever since I could remember and my partner in the Unit. He is one of the people I trust most in this whole world but tonight I'm sure he had something to do with the wardrobe choice Rosalie picked out for me. Based on the shit eating grin playing on his full lips, I could tell the ass was getting a kick out of my emotional turmoil. I looked at his own out of character outfit that was a burgundy colored blazer, black shirt, and black dress pants but of course he had to wear his black docs. If I knew anything about Jasper it was that he was absolutely dying to wear a leather jacket, jeans, and terrain boots right about now, although he did look good tonight, I can admit. However, Rosalie did say she expected all of us to dress like high class snobs, if not the bouncers would never let us in without flashing our badges—looks like we're in the same boat my friend.

"I'm not sure if this is a good idea. I'd rather not kill myself by falling in these...torture devices when we have to chase those guys down." I say as I point to the heels I was given.

I begin walking over to my night stand to take out a silver bracelet, that I was having difficulty maneuvering onto my wrist. Jasper chuckled as I looked at him with puppy eyes to help me. He went towards me, taking the silver bracelet from my hand, and fastening it securely on my right wrist before taking in my whole outfit.

"You look great, I'm sure it'll be fine. Although knowing you? I'm not sure how Carlisle is going to react if you show up to the station with two sprained ankles." I slapped his stomach with the back of my hand as he found the opportunity to tease my clumsiness and we both chuckled.

"Alright let's go." I said as I walked to the door when Jasper reached for my arm. I spun around and saw worry in his eyes. All that amusement was completely gone now and I knew right away what he was going to say next.

"Are you sure you want to do this? If you think you can't hand it I can tell Carlisle. Don't go feeling like you have to do this assignment Bells."

"Jazz, you have to stop worrying about me so much. It's been a year already since..." I looked down to avoid seeing the look I knew he had in his eyes, "I have to get back in the game eventually."

I answer with confidence as I took his hand in mine reassuringly. Jasper nodded hesitantly and although I knew he didn't completely believe me; we both made our way for the station to meet up with the team.

Jasper and I belonged to the NYPD Intelligence Unit in the 14th precinct and we've been a part of the team for over two years now. We deal with all kinds of high profile murders, organized crime, drug trafficking, and the list goes on with other heinous offenses going around the city of New York. It was a tough job that not many were capable of doing but after proving our strengths and overcoming our weaknesses as patrol officers—Carlisle Cullen, the Sergeant of the Unit, offered us a spot on the team. And we've been on it ever since.

We walked through the back door of the garage, where we kept all the cars we used for jobs and were met up with Rosalie Hale and her partner Emmett McCarty. They were all decked out just as much as we were. Rosalie had a backless deep red midi dress and golden stiletto heels. Emmett sported a navy tux that highlighted his burly figure. I swear the two looked like they jumped out of the front page of a fashion magazine; that's how good they looked.

When I saw the way Emmett's big eyes flashed with amusement at me, I prepared for what was coming as he took one look at me and the child in him awoke.

"Is that Bella B strutting her stuff over there?! I never thought I'd see the day where you'd finally wear a dress!" He let out a booming laugh as he looked at the flimsy dress I had to wear compared to the casual wardrobe I often chose to wear on a daily basis.

"Yeah, yeah shut up you oversized teddy bear. You better watch out with all the steroids you're taking or soon you won't be able to even fit in your vest." I shot back only to make him laugh. I avoided his big hand when he attempted to ruffle my hair and thankfully Rose slapped him upside the head in my favor seeing that with my average height there was no way I would be able to reach him.

"You do look good Bella. Told you blue was your color." The blonde beauty said as she also took in my appearance with approval. I smiled at my friend and thanked her.

"Can't wait to see you run in those heels or better yet dance em'. It's gonna be a hell of a night for everyone if you ask me." Jasper pitched in as he and Emmett tried to stifle their laughs standing next to each other, obviously receiving mental pictures at my inevitable struggled.

"Alright settle down, boys," Carlisle and Detective Clearwater then walked in to the garage with their bulletproof vests and radios to give us the update on the dealers but not without stopping midsentence to see what I was wearing with surprised looks on their faces. Receiving many more chuckles from the three behind me and causing me to roll my eyes as my traitorous cheeks began to burn a bright red.

"Okay, uh...Swan's CI is wired and knows what to do. As soon as you hear or see him make the exchange with the dealer, we move in. Now we don't know how many will show up so keep your eyes out for any surprises. Understood?"

"Yes sir." We all answered.

"Get ready, we leave in five."

"Bella? A word please?" I stopped in my tracks while the others hopped into their vehicles and turned to face Carlisle—giving me the same concerned expression I had gotten from Jasper not too long ago.

"Yes, Carlisle?"

"I'm only going to ask you this once so I want you to answer truthfully. Are you sure you're okay to go on this assignment?"

"Carlisle," he held his hand up to stop me as his wise blue eyes grew serious.

"Yes or no, Bella. I need the team completely focused on this operation. I need to prioritize the safety of the team and yours but if you feel that you can't handle it you need to say it before we leave. Please be honest with me."

"...Yes. I can handle this, sir." I say as I looked into his eyes and tried to display as much confidence as I could. Knowing that if I didn't, he and Jasper would never let me hear the end of it. I was slightly pissed off that everyone constantly wanted to make sure that I was alright but honestly maybe I was the only one who thought I could get back to work after what...happened.

Understanding that I was being truthful with my words, Carlisle nodded before patting my shoulder and walking past me towards his black Cadillac Escalade with Detective Clearwater in the passenger seat. Taking one deep breath I walked over to Jasper's car where he was waiting for me, of course not without looking completely guilty when he avoided eye contact with me. I would talk to him about his and Carlisle's tendency to protect me later so I kept quiet.

We all drove separately to the club called Breaking Dawn and agreed to meet inside to keep tabs on the CI who was riding with Rose and Emmett. While Carlisle, Clearwater, and the rest of the team were posted around the perimeter of the club and waited for our signal. Once Jasper and I were inside we split up, we both spotted Rosalie and Emmett doing some hardcore making out on one of the black velvet couches to the side, to 'pretend' to be a couple but there was no faking their sexual tension everytime one of us walked into the room. Jasper went over to the bar to keep a closer eye on the CI who was fidgeting nervously near the large fish tanks. I made my way through the crowd to the center of the dance floor, close enough to see from which direction the dealer would come from.

"You guys hear me?" I ask as I ran my fingers through my hair which hid my ear piece successfully.

"Loud and clear Bells." Jasper said.

"Yeah." Emmett answers in between kisses with Rosalie and I knew Jasper was feeling just as grossed out as I was to hear our friend's breathing and kissing noises on the ear pieces.

"Bella you gotta act like you're having fun. Quit looking like you just lost your litter and dance around a bit, I have a feeling you have eyes on you." Jasper said as the bartender gave him a beer for show and leaned against the bar to look at me. Even though I understood what he meant, I could hear the grin playing on his lips again. I scoffed in response but did as I was told.

I swayed my hips from side to side to the music slowly as I looked around the crowded club for the dealer. I looked at my surroundings for any possible exits they may take if they chose to make a run for it. I continued observing everything around me. The lights shined on the skylight above me, the hauntingly bold art pieces and velvet red curtains hung all around the club that brought color to the pitch black walls, and the so called emotive performers that danced in cages and platforms to entertain the sea of people in here tonight. I kept looking at my surroundings following them to the second floor until I saw him.

My gaze landed on the most breathtaking man I think I have ever seen in my life.

The man was leaning against the metal railing as he observed the club with a stern face but that didn't take anything away from his beautiful features. His all black suit perfectly displayed his long legs and well built torso before my attention was brought to his hair as he ran his hand through it. Wild brown hair which shimmered bronze in the quickly changing fluorescent lights that only made me want to run my hands through it. What are you saying Bella? My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't tell if it was the blaring music in the stereos around me or my own heart that was pounding. I wanted to look away to focus back on the task at hand—I should have, however, that was when a pair of hypnotizing emerald eyes found mine in the crowd. I bit my bottom lip as he stood up from where he was leaning while never taking his eyes off me and moved his hand to unbutton the top button of his shirt. I felt the air I had just inhaled trap in my lungs as his eyes trailed down my face to my dress and now I felt heat both rise to my cheeks and fall down between my legs as this gorgeous Adonis stared at me.

Feeling embarrassed for staring at this mysterious man for so long, I turned away from him to see that my CI was moving towards the glass stairs looking every which way in paranoia.

"I got movement. CI's moving towards the spiraling stairs to the right. You guys see the dealer anywhere?" I asked as I began shuffling through the crowd, attempting to ignore the advances of drunks on the dance floor and my own embarrassment for ogling at a complete stranger.

"Yeah, stay on him, I'm right behind you. The dealer just walked into the building—Emmett and Rose keep your eyes on him." Jasper said.

I never kept my eyes off of the CI and could already tell he was getting ready to pull something, fat chance I was going to let that happen. I walked up the spiraling glass steps and followed him onto the second floor where there were even more people dancing. I looked over my shoulder to see that Jasper was a couple of feet away from me before I heard Emmett speak.

"Guys to the left, the dealer is heading upstairs too. Watch your backs."

Just as he finished speaking; the dealer, a lean man with a black beard wearing a black hoodie was walking over to my CI but not before looking at me. Trying to act aloof I walked over to the railing to look in a different direction. I was about to continue moving when a pair of hands slipped over my waist and gripped me hard. I jumped and spun around to see that an inebriated blonde man with hazy eyes was dangerously close to my face as he grinned.

"Hey, baby. Damn, aren't you fine! Why don't you come out back with me? I'll show you a good time."

I swear I heard Jasper say something around the lines of "fucking drunks" as I caught a glimpse of him walking ahead of me, quirking his eyebrows up at me in concern. I nodded for him to keep going while I dealt with the drunk pervert over here. He continued reluctantly, following after the dealer and CI. This is why I don't go to clubs, damn it.

"Thanks for the offer but I'll pass. My friends are waiting for me." I answer before I grabbed his wrist to let go of the vice grip he had my hips in but he added more pressure on them, causing me to wince from the stinging pain.

"Come on don't be such a prude! A girl like you dressed like this here, you're obviously asking for it. There's no way a piece of ass like you wouldn't."

I scoffed and looked over the assholes shoulder to see that the dealer was now talking to the CI and Jasper was a couple of people away, trying to keep his cool as he gripped the railing after he clearly heard everything this dumbass said to me.

"Last chance, asswipe. Let. Me. Go. Before I break your hands."

He obviously didn't take me serious when he tried reaching for my skirt and began pulling it up with his hand. I held his wrist in mine and applied more pressure but before I could blink, his hands disappeared behind his back and he cried out in pain. I looked up to see that none other than sex on legs was restraining the guy with only one hand and was shoving him against the pillar next to us. He turned his eyes over to me; looking at me with those dark emerald eyes that pierced my eyes and created a pool down my panties. Shit, I need to get a hold of myself.

"The lady asked you to let her go—I think you should have listened the first time. Now you're going to have to deal with me." His voice sent shivers down my spine as he clenched his chiseled jaw in anger.

"Come on man! I was just flirting with her. There's no crime in that right?" He retorted as he tried to loosen sex on leg's hold on his arms which proved to be useless.

"Normally when a girl says no the guy should be able to take the hint that she doesn't want to be fucking flirted with. Don't you think asshole?"

"Alright alright! Sorry! I'm sorry man!"

"It's okay, really." I finally say as I want to get this over with and find the dealer before shit went down. Sex on legs looked at me for a second and shoved the guy away from us, sending him tumbling into a chair.

"You alright beautiful? Did he hurt you?" He asked as he inched closer to me and spoke in a husky velvety voice that sent goosebumps all throughout my skin. I shifted on my legs nervously to try and shake off whatever effect this man had on me that I just couldn't control. Oh man I'm going to need to take another shower after this. What the hell is wrong with me?

I opened my mouth to answer him when Jasper yelled in my ear piece.

"CI's running down the stairs to the left, Emmett! The dealer's running across the platform!" My focus went back to reality, away from the mysterious stranger who saved me and looked over to see the dealer making a run for it in my direction. I stuck my hand in my black clutch before I dropped it to the ground and stepped out in front of him.

"NYPD, don't move! Put your hands in the air!" I yelled as I pointed my handgun at him and made him stop in his tracks with shock on his face as people began running around sporadically around us.

The dealer turned around to see Jasper close behind him, holding his gun up and ready to take action. Thinking that I was the better choice, he started jumping over a couch around me, I aim my gun downwards before I started running for him. I yelled for him to stop but of course he didn't show any hesitation as he pushed a guy out of the way violently. Seeing that he was close to the stairs he began running over to them. I sprinted as hard as I could in my heels and shoved him against the wall. He threw his fist back to hit me which I dodged just in time and grabbed the back of his sweater firmly before throwing him on the ground. I twisted his arm around his back successfully before Jasper made it over to me to help me restrain him.

Emmett and Jasper lifted the ass up from the floor and charged him for drug distribution and murder before dragging him down the stairs where the rest of the team were waiting to take him in. I saw that Rosalie had the CI in cuffs too and was leading him out. I began walking down the steps following after my partner and the team until I was down the steps safely and felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned around and looked up to see that my mysterious stranger was looking down at me with what I could only call amusement and...concern playing on his perfect face. I couldn't understand why, however, I simply shrugged my shoulders as I began walking for the exit.

"Damn Bells you sure ran in those heels! I was sure that you would fall before catching our guy!" Emmett said as we stood outside the club and Jasper came up behind me to wrap his thick winter coat around me. Detective Clearwater and the patrol officers were escorting the dealer and my CI back to the station to be questioned while Jasper filled Carlisle in on the details of what went on inside.

"I could definitely take you down with these if I had to Emmet if you don't watch out. Now take me home to change out of these freaking things before I lose a foot." I joked back which caused Rosalie and Jasper to laugh but not as hard as it made Emmett laugh when he let out another booming laugh and finally had the chance to ruffled my hair.

The drive back from the station, I constantly found myself thinking back to that man with the wild sex hair and gorgeous green eyes that even now made me squirm in my seat uncomfortably. Man and I said Rosalie and Emmett had sexual tension? What was all that about?

"You alright Bella? You've been quiet since we left the club." Jasper asked.

"Yep, I'm good. I told you I could handle it. Even when you went off and told Carlisle about your concerns...I was still okay." I gave him a knowing look as we pulled into the garage of our apartment building. He sighed as he parked his Dodge Charger in our spot and turned off the engine.

"I...just wanted to make sure that you weren't pushing yourself because you felt that you needed to prove something to us. I know how you are Bella—you can lie to everyone else however you want but you can't lie to me. Or Carlisle for that matter. You put up a good front but I see you." He said as he furrowed his eyebrows and expressed his worries. I knew Jasper didn't normally like to question my well being, as he understood how vulnerable it made me to discuss my feelings and insecurities, but when it comes down to it he'll always call me out on my bluff and for that I was always grateful.

I ran my hand through my hair and exhaled.

"I know you do. Better than anyone ever has. But when I say that I'm okay, that I can handle something—it means that I can, Jasper. You have to trust me on me on that. I didn't have any panic attacks, or lash out on anyone today or this week in general so I think that means I'm past that phase. That alone should be enough, right?"

He nodded hesitantly and I knew he felt guilty for making it seem like he didn't trust me. I slapped his shoulder playfully before I stepped out of the car and took the elevator up to our apartment as we each proceeded to go to our rooms to shed off these uncharacteristic and annoying clothes. I said goodnight to my best friend and gave him a quick hug to show him that I wasn't upset with him in the least. Crawling into the comfort of my bed; the last thing I recalled before sinking into a deep sleep was thinking of the Adonis I knew would follow me in my dreams and I could only hope he could chase away the nightmares that pursued me every night.

The next morning I threw on a plaid shirt, leather jacket, black jeans, and my Adirondack boots to return to normality and was ready to start my day over. Jasper and I stopped to get a quick coffee at Billy's diner and rode to work together. We went through the front to run our ID's through the scanner to get upstairs to Intelligence and as we headed up the steps, we could hear Emmett's booming laugh resounding through the hallways already. Jasper pushed open the double doors and walked in where our desks were just outside of Carlisle's office to see the rest of the team was all huddled up chatting energetically. Rosalie and Emmett made it hard to see who everyone had their attention on but based on the lighthearted atmosphere I'd say they were getting along. Carlisle wasn't in the group, I noted as I saw that he was talking with Harry Clearwater and Seargeant Denali in his office.

"Looks like I'm going to have some competition getting all the attention around here today," Jasper chuckled as he threw his arm over my shoulder and leaned on me after seeing that I was also trying to get a look at whoever was surrounded by everyone.

I laughed as I tried to push him off when Emmett turned around to wave us over enthusiastically, he moved aside and finally let me see exactly who he was talking to. I bet I looked like a deer caught in headlights in that moment.

I completely froze—barely holding Jasper up as he rested his chin on top of my head. As if my luck couldn't get any worse. Standing not twelve feet ahead of me was sex on legs himself and almost instantly I felt that uncomfortable heat in between my legs again as he turned his attention over to where we were on the other side of the room. He was looking at me with those intense emerald eyes I continued getting hypnotized with as they sunk into me. He looked up at Jasper who stared intently at him too but for a completely different reason, I was sure. God and that wild hair he had that was just asking to be pulled on with every golden strand that stuck out. Okay Swan you gotta gain control of your...well everything.

"Fuck..." I said under my breath and I was lucky no one heard it in the midst of the chatter, right as Carlisle, Harry, and Sergeant Denali walked out of his office.

"Good, looks like everybody's here. Now I can brief you in on some changes that are going to be made around here. As you all know Detective Fred Stanford was in a car accident last week. He ended up with a broken arm and several ribs as well as a concussion. His recovery will be slow and hopefully not so painful however in the meantime," Carlisle said as he walked over to stand next to sex on legs. "I want to introduce our newest addition to the team, Stanford's temporary replacement, Detective Edward Masen."

I blinked. The guy's name even screamed sexy. Jasper detached himself from me and walked over to sex on- I mean Edward to introduce himself.

"Nice to meet you Masen, my name's Jasper Whitlock. I'm looking forward to working with you." He says as Edward takes his hand and shakes it firmly.

"Likewise, Jasper." He smiled along with his response. But is it strange to say that his smile didn't reach his eyes?

When Rosalie turned her attention over to me she quirked her perfectly shaped eyebrows up and I realized that I was the only one standing around, gawking at this guy once again. Bitting on my bottom lip I breathed in before walking over to them. Edward looked at me and I smiled as I did the same as Jasper to introduce myself.

"Hello, I'm...Bella Swan, Jasper's partner."

When his large hand grasped mine, I felt as if hundreds of electric sparks radiated from our hands and throughout my whole body. The air in my lungs trapped, telling me to get away from this man before I lost all my senses. I slipped my hand out of his long pale fingers before he could release it. I looked down to let my hair cover my face to hide my embarrassment.

"Nice to meet you Bella. I'm Edward, I can't wait to get to know all of you while I'm here. I heard a lot of good things about Intelligence at the 14th." He said in his velvet voice and takes his eyes off of mine slowly to look around to everyone in the room.

"Bella and Jasper, I need to address something with you two before we get to work," Carlisle says as he waves us over to his office. We looked at each other in confusion and hesitantly walked in to take a seat.

"What's up sir?" Jasper asked as we waited for Carlisle to sit in his chair.

"I know neither one of you is going to like this. Before you both start yelling at me, let me finish what I have to say and then you can vent all you want." I quirked my eyebrows up in alarm but Jasper placed his hand on my shoulder to keep me from getting too worked up.

"Please just tell us Carlisle. I don't think Bella can handle the suspense." He grinned but I could tell he was also getting nervous.

"Now that Diego is without a partner it's going to be difficult to get all the work that we need to get done around here. So while Fred is still recovering, I want Jasper to be paired up with Diego for a couple of weeks—"

"What? Carlisle—" I began just as Jasper was about to protest his inclinations. We normally listened to whatever Carlisle told us to do without question but Jasper and I have been together since the two of us could remember and that was an understatement; Carlisle knew that to be true.

"This is temporary. It'll last a week or two at most, it won't be like the last time when Jasper went undercover for months. I know you two can stand to be apart for a couple of days, don't you think?" Carlisle stood up from his chair to walk around his desk and leaned against it between our chairs.

Jasper and I looked at each other and nodded—understanding how unprofessional we would be if we argued with our Sergeant about our partnership, as much as we wanted to stay together.

"Jasper will be with Diego, and Bella you will be with Masen."

I looked up at Carlise's serious eyes in surprise.

"W-what? What do you mean Masen? I thought I'd be with Clearwater or on patrol." Oh shit. Dear god please tell me this isn't happening.

"You know Harry takes whoever he can when he needs a second, but apart from that there's not much I can do. Going back to patrolling would take you away from Intelligence also. Sorry Bella, it's either Masen or paperwork. Take your pick."

I huffed as I sat back in my seat.

"Sir, with all due respect I don't think that's such a good idea. Bella hasn't worked with anyone new in a long time since—"

"Jasper, stop." I said as I stood up and looked into his sapphire eyes before shifting my gaze up at Calirlse who also seemed to be worried now that Jasper was mentioning what I had been trying to forget all year. "Fine, I'll be the new guy's partner. I'd rather work with someone else than pushing paper work for weeks at my desk."

Carlisle and Jasper stopped pushing and simply nodded in response.

"Alright, thank you. Let's get back to work then." Carlisle said as he called our brief meeting over.

Jasper and I walked out of Carlisle's office, we both shrugged until I felt eyes on the back of my head. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Edward was in the break room, leaning against the counter, a hot mug of coffee in his hands as he crossed his long legs.

I turned around and rolled my eyes at Jasper.

"I guess you better go meet your new partner." He smiles.

I sighed, "He's going to have a lot to live up to.."

"I'm sure you can handle it, Swan. Actually, you should be wishing me luck with Elvis over there." He says as he jerks his head to where Diego was combing his hair back much like he did every other day.

I gave him a empathetic laugh before patting his shoulder and watched him walk over to his desk. I let out a deep breath I hadn't realize I had been keeping inside since walking into the office and turned around to face my newest challenge.

Edward still had his eyes on me like I had something funny written all over my face. I probably did seeing as I was trying to ignore the redness on my cheeks because of his amused gaze. His toned arms and torso made themselves known in that green long sleeve and black jean jacket as he took his mug up to his full smirking lips. I shifted nervously and bit my bottom lip, hoping to gather some courage, and began walking towards him. God, give me strength to be capable of working with this sex on legs. If not I fear that I'll get shot down in the line of fire because of my drooling over this man's smoldering face.

As I stood in front of Edward Masen, he gave me the most breathtaking and cocky crooked grin I never knew I would find annoyingly hot. Is that even possible?

"Hey there beautiful. Or should I be calling you my partner now?"

Yeah, I'm going to—without a doubt—die because of Edward Masen and his incredibly perfect good looks. And then Jasper and Carlisle are going to have to kill him for me. What could go wrong with that right?

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