061. Sigh



Constance shuts her eyes and witnesses the rapier blade pressing upon her Queen's stomach again. The maddening, ferocious gleam of hatred in Marmion's eyes, pinned on her, terrifying her.

She weeps until dawn arrives and peeks through the ornate, opaque glass of a sandstone window.

"Hush now," comes a whispery, sleep-drowsy voice. Constance sniffles into her palm, biting harshly onto her tongue. Glittering, heavily bejeweled fingers pet the side of Constance's face. "Hush… 'tis only a dream."

A lump forms in the back of her throat.

"You almost died," Constance murmurs, quivering.

"We all did," Queen Anne says ruefully, smoothing her hand over Constance's side. "But we are alive. For this, we should all feel most fortunate."

The air is dewy and cool still, blowing gently upon them lounging about. Soon enough, the rest of the Queen's servants will hurry inside, shooing Constance away, feeding the Queen specially handpicked, luscious berries with cream, lacing her corset, and complimenting her every feature.

You are the only one whom tells me the truth.

Anne's words immerse her, overflowing with warmth and sentiment, until Constance dares to share in a mutual, heartfelt kiss, sheltering in the greenery of the rain-soaked, tall hedge-maze.

It's a sublime and treacherous game they play.

And no sweeter, more irresistible than her Queen's cream-smudged, smiling lips.



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