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Chapter 1: New Friends and An Enemy

Cheena sat in her chair looking out her window at the sight in front of her. Outside Goten and Trunks were sparing as usual. The world was finally at peace since the demise of Buu. Everyone was relaxing and just living life to the fullest. Cheena watched her brother and friend just go at one another, just having fun. Cheena and Goten became closer ever since the Buu saga. Cheena and Trunks were now dating one another and they were pretty close. Cheena even had a good friend in Marron. The two did everything together but today Marron was shopping with her parents so she wasn't coming over. Cheena sighed as she watched them spar. She could have gone downstairs and asked them to spar with them but she already knew the answer.

"Goten would say: Not now Cheena! We're busy! We'll play dolls with you later" said Cheena as she turned away from the window.

"Dolls? I'm 15 years old now and I don't play with dolls" Cheena said as she picked up one of her stuff animals that was on the floor. Just then there was a knock at her door.

"Come in!" she said. Chi-Chi poked her head in and smiled at her daughter.

"It's a nice day out so why don't you go out and hang with Marron?" said Chi-Chi. "Marron's hanging with 18 and Krillin today" said Cheena as she sat down on her bed.

"Well Trunks is outside with Goten, what about those two?" said Chi-Chi.

"Goten won't let me spar with him and Trunks" said Cheena.

"Well how 'bout you just go for a walk?" said Chi-Chi. Cheena looked at her mother and smiled.

"Ok, but I'll fly, not walk" said Cheena as she hopped off of her bed.

"Great! Just be back by dinner" said Chi-Chi. Cheena walked to her window and turned to her mom.

"I will mom, bye!" she said as she flew out the window. Chi-Chi watched her go and smiled to herself.

"Have fun!" she yelled as Cheena disappeared in the sky.

Cheena flew on just looking around her. She flew over the river and the mountains, just relaxing. After a few hours she decided to rest up a bit before she had to return home. Cheena landed on the bank of a river. Behind her was a forest that had loads of trees. Cheena sat down on a rock and just looked out at the water.

"Flying around was fun but now I'm just bored" she said as she brought her knees up to her chest. Just then the trees rustled behind her causing her to turn around.

"Who's there?" she said as she stood up and looked into the forest. There was no answer but the trees continued to move.

"Whoever is there, you might as well come out. I won't hurt you!" said Cheena as she walked towards the forest. Cheena walked slowly into the forest searching for whatever was making the trees shake.

"Hello?" Cheena said as she walked deeper into the forest. Just then there was a noise behind her that made her jump.

"Goten, Trunks is that you?" she asked. Footsteps could be heard coming her way as Cheena looked around. Cheena turned her head and saw a piece of someone's shirt sticking out behind a tree. Softly Cheena crept towards the tree, careful not to make any noise. Cheena reached out and pulled at the shirt to see a little girl. Cheena let her go and looked at her. She looked no older then 3 or 4 years of age and she looked adorable.

"It was you scaring me like that?" Cheena asked the little girl. The girl just looked at Cheena and didn't speak a word.

"What are you doing all the way out here by yourself?" Cheena asked the girl kneeling down in front of her. Again the girl didn't say a word but just stared at Cheena.

"Do you live." Cheena was cut off as she heard someone shouting out a name.

"Tammy! Where are you!" the person shouted. The little girl turned her head in the direction that the name was called.

"Tammy? Is that your name?" Cheena asked the girl. The girl looked at Cheena and nodded her head.

"Tammy!" the person yelled.

"Whoever is looking for you sound like they're really missing you. I better return you to whoever that person is" said Cheena as she took a hold of the little girls hand. Cheena walked towards the person's voice as the little girl just held on to her hand.

"Hello!' Cheena yelled as she finally reached the area where the person's voice came from. There was no answer.

"I found this little girl and she said her name was Tammy" Cheena yelled. Again there was no answer. Cheena placed her hand behind her head.

"I guess I lost whoever it was that was calling you" she said as she looked down at the little girl who was looking up at her. Just then a person jumped from behind a tree and stared at Cheena. She had an angry look on her face.

"Tammy get away from her!" the person yelled as she ran over and snatched the little girl away from Cheena.

"Hey! Who are you?" Cheena said as she looked at the person in front of her. She was a young girl who looked about Cheena's age.

"What are you doing with my little sister?" the girl yelled.

"I found her wandering around scaring me half to death. I heard someone calling for a person named Tammy and she said that was her name so I decided to return her to whoever was looking for her" said Cheena. Tammy was holding on to her sister's leg just looking at Cheena.

"Oh, I'm sorry for how I acted. Here let me start again. My name is Jamie" she said as she extended her arm towards Cheena.

"I'm Cheena! It's nice to meet you and your sister Tammy" said Cheena.

"Look let's go over to my house so we could talk" said Jamie.

"OK!" said Cheena as she followed Jamie and Tammy deeper in the woods towards the girls home.

The girls walked until they were in front of a small house. It looked cozy enough for whoever lived there but it was smaller then Cheena's house.

"Do you live with your parents all the way out here? Cheena asked when they were inside.

"We just live with our dad. Our mom left after Tammy was born so I've been raising her" said Jamie as she took a seat on her couch. Cheena sat down on an opposite couch just looking around.

'It's nice! So is your dad home?" asked Cheena. Cheena looked at Jamie who started to shake.

"Are you ok?" Cheena asked.

"Yeah.our dad is at work. He won't be home until late tonight" said Jamie. Cheena just looked at her wondering why she was shaking.

"So, what are you doing all the way out here?" Jamie asked changing the subject.

"Oh, I just went for sort of a walk. I got tired and I landed here" said Cheena.

"Landed here? What do you mean?" Jamie asked looking at Cheena. Cheena looked down at the floor. She forgot most people didn't know about flying and if they did they thought it was a cheep trick.

"Did you fly here in an airplane?" Jamie asked. Cheena just looked at her.

* I can't tell her I flew here by myself or she might think I'm a freak and kick me out * thought Cheena.

"I have something that helps me fly around. Do you want to see it?" Cheena asked.

"Sure! You want to see it Tammy?" Jamie asked Tammy who was sitting beside her. Tammy nodded her head up and down and smiled.

"OK!" said Cheena as she walked outside followed by Jamie and Tammy. Jamie and Tammy stood behind Cheena waiting to see what helps her fly.

"Well where is it?" Jamie asked. Cheena smiled as she looked up at the sky.

"Flying Nimbus!" she yelled.

"Flying what?" Jamie said as she looked at Cheena.

"Flying Nimbus! It's a small cloud I use to get around" Cheena said. Just then the small orange cloud flew over the forest and landed in front of Cheena.

"Wow! It's sort of cute!" said Jamie.

"Yeah it is cute, isn't it? Want to go for a ride?" Cheena asked. Jamie looked at Cheena then at the cloud.

"I don't know how and what if I fall off and what about Tammy?" Jamie said all at once.

"Whoa, slow down! All you have to do is jump on. You won't fall off because I'll be right on it with you and Tammy can come too" said Cheena.

"How can we all fit on that small cloud?" Jamie asked as she walked towards the cloud and placed her hand on it.

"Don't worry! We can all fit! Now hop on!" Cheena said as she hopped on the cloud. Cheena reached out her hand to help Jamie up onto the cloud. Jamie just looked at her and the cloud.

"C'mon! It'll be fun!" said Cheena. Just then Tammy walked over to Cheena and reached up to her.

"Look Tammy wants to come for a ride, let's go!' said Cheena. Jamie looked down at Tammy and smiled. She picked her up then hopped on the Nimbus.

"Whoa!" she said as she almost fell off.

"Gotcha!" Cheena said as she grabbed Jamie's hand.

"You can sit down until your ready to stand up" said Cheena. Jamie sat down with Tammy clutched on her lap.

"Ready?" Cheena said as she looked back at Jamie. Jamie nodded her head as she closed her eyes and held on the best way she could.

"All right Nimbus! Let's go!" said Cheena. The small cloud took off in a flash as Jamie screamed and Tammy laughed.

The girls were up in the sky just flying around. Cheena looked back at Jamie and Tammy to see if they were all right. Tammy was clapping her hands and laughing while Jamie held on to the cloud with her eyes closed.

"Are you ok?" Cheena said. Jamie just nodded her head, still having her eyes closed shut.

"Are you afraid of heights or something?" Cheena asked.

"No, but I've never been up in the sky before" said Jamie.

"Well since this is your first time, open your eyes and look around. It's nice up here!' Cheena said. Slowly Jamie opened one of her eyes then the other. She looked around her then below her.

"See it's nice!" said Cheena. Jamie just smiled as she looked down at Tammy who was still laughing.

"Tammy seems to enjoy this" said Jamie.

"Aren't you?" asked Cheena. Jamie looked at Cheena and smiled.

"Yeah! This is pretty cool!" she said. Cheena smiled and knelt down next to them.

"Do you always fly around like this?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah! Sometimes just to get away and think. Sometimes I just need time to myself so I go for a fly around town or something" said Cheena.

'Is that why you came out here today?" Jamie asked.

'No, I was bored at home and my mom suggested that I go out" said Cheena.

"So you live with your mom?" asked Jamie. Cheena looked at her and sighed.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to mention my mom, you know since you and Tammy..."

"It's ok Cheena! It doesn't bother me as much as it used to" said Jamie. Cheena smiled.

"I live with my mom, dad and brother. We live on Mt. Patzou" said Cheena.

"Wow! That's way out there!" said Jamie.

"It is, but it's nice!" said Cheena.

"So how old is your brother?" Jamie asked.

"He's the same age as me, 15, we're twins" said Cheena.

"Wow twins! That's nice and I'm also 15 so that's even better" said Jamie. Cheena laughed.

"So do you have any friends back home?" asked Jamie. "Well I have my close friends Trunks and Marron. I see them all the time and me and Trunks grew up together" said Cheena.

"So is he cute!" Jamie asked. Cheena's face turned bright pink as she gazed down at the cloud.

"He's my boyfriend!" Cheena said.

'Then why are you blushing?" Jamie asked. Cheena looked at her as her cheeks turned even a brighter pink if that's even possible.

"Because I can't believe I'm dating him. We used to always argue then something happened" Cheena said. A small smirk crept on Cheena's face as she just looked at Jamie.

"Well?" said Jamie.

"Well what!" Cheena said slowly.

"Is he cute!" said Jamie. Cheena place her hand behind her head and laughed.

"Yes!" Cheena said. Jamie and Cheena just looked at each other and laughed. Just then Cheena looked out at the sun starting to set.

"I better drop you guys off and get home for dinner before my mom kills me. I promised her I'd be back in time for dinner" said Cheena.

"OK!" said Jamie. "Nimbus! Let's go!" said Cheena. Then nimbus took off towards Jamie and Tammy's home. The nimbus landed in front of the girls home and Jamie hopped off with Tammy.

"Thanks Cheena! That was fun!" said Jamie.

"No problem! I'll be glad to come by tomorrow and hang out with you" said Cheena. "That would be great!" said Jamie.

"It was nice meeting you Tammy" Cheena said as she looked at Tammy. Tammy just smiled at her. Just then the front door to the house opened and a guy stood in the door. Jamie turned and froze in her spot as Tammy grabbed on to her leg. Cheena looked as the guy walked towards them. He was tall and well-built. He looked middle age around 30 or 40. Jamie and Tammy just looked down at the floor as he walked up to them and stood in front of them.

"Get inside!" he said. Jamie picked Tammy up and walked slowly towards the house.

"Bye!" said Cheena. Jamie kept walking and didn't say anything back to Cheena. After the girls were in the house the man turned his attention to Cheena. Cheena looked at him as she sat on the cloud.

"Who are you!" he said harshly.

"My name is Cheena!" she said.

"What are you doing around here and with my kids?" he yelled. Cheena jumped a bit but answered him.

"I was just flying around when I met Tammy then I met Jamie. I didn't mean any harm" said Cheena. The man looked at her then at the cloud.

"Where did you take them?" he yelled.

"Just around the area. I'm sorry if I did something wrong Mr..." Cheena stopped talking since she didn't know what to call him. The man smiled as he reached up and stroked the strand of hair in front of her face. Cheena shivered as he touched her.

"Tightly! Mr. Tightly" he said as he continued to play with her hair.

"Mr. Tightly, look I have to go and I'm sorry if I did something wrong. It was all my idea to go out not Jamie's" said Cheena as she moved away from Mr. Tightly. He smiled as he reached again this time to stroke Cheena's face.

"It's all right! Sorry if I was hard on you it's just that I'm used to them being home." He pulled his hand away from Cheena's face and looked at her.

"I'll be going now! Can you tell Jamie I'll be by tomorrow" said Cheena.

"Sure!" said Mr. Tightly as he smiled at Cheena. A weak smile crept on Cheena's face as she and the Nimbus took off. Mr. Tightly watched her go and laughed.

"She's a cute one! Very cute!" he said as he saw Cheena disappear. After she was gone Mr. Tightly's smile turned into a frown as he walked towards his house and went inside closing the door behind him.

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