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Chapter 6: The End of It All

Goku and the guys arrived home and were extremely angry.

"I told her to stay home!" yelled Goku.

"You don't think she would go to see Mr. Tightly would you?" asked Goten.

"No, I don't think she went to see him. Goku she probley went home with Jamie" said Chi-Chi. Goku placed his hand behind his head and just sighed. Everyone looked at him knowing that he was worried about his daughter just like they were. Jamie was telling her mom everything that happened to her, Tammy and Cheena. Mrs. Tightly just cried as she heard what Jamie was telling her.

"Mom, why did you leave me and Tammy with him?" Jamie asked.

"When you were about 10 your dad started to change. He would abuse me on a regular basis even when I was pregnant with Tammy. The funny thing was he never laid a hand on you. He treated you like a princess. He loved you more then he loved me and that's what kept me happy. When Tammy was born he stayed up all night with her. He wouldn't let me see her or touch her but he let you take care of her.

"I remember that!" said Jamie.

"The abuse continued against me and it became clear to me that I had to leave but I wondered if I should leave you and Tammy behind. I wanted to take you but he wouldn't let me. He assured me that he would never hurt you as long as I stayed away from you" Mrs. Tightly said.

"That's why you haven't been around?" asked Cheena.

"Yes! I believed him so I stayed away" said Mrs. Tightly.

"Well now we need you mom!" said Jamie as she placed her hand on her mom's shoulder. Mrs. Tightly held on to her daughters hand as she drove. Cheena smiled but that soon faded when someone smashed into the car from behind. The girls screamed as Cheena turned around to see Mr. Tightly behind them ready to smash them again.

"Go!" yelled Cheena as Mrs. Tightly took off. Mr. Tightly was close behind and smashed into them again. Mrs. Tightly almost lost control of the car.

"He's trying to kill us!' yelled Jamie as she held on. Cheena had to think fast and only one idea popped into her head. She grabbed onto Jamie and Mrs. Tightly.

"Close your eyes now!' she yelled.

"I'm driving!" yelled Mrs. Tightly.

"Mom just do it!" yelled Jamie. The ladies closed their eyes giving Cheena the opportunity to use her Instant Transmission and disappeared. The car swerved off into a pole. Mr. Tightly watched on in happiness until he saw that no one was in the car. He growled as he backed the car up and drove away before the police could reach the scene.

At CC the gang was watching the television when the news came on to show the accident.

"Man, I hope those people are ok?" said Goten as the gang watched. Cheena, Jamie and Mrs. Tightly appeared in front of CC.

"How...how did we get here?" Mrs. Tightly asked as she looked around.

"I'll explain it later mom!" said Jamie. Cheena ran and knocked on the door. Mrs. Brief opened the door. "Cheena! You're back!" she said.

"Cheena!" everyone said from the living room. Cheena walked into the living room followed by Jamie and Mrs. Tightly. The three lined up and looked at the t.v.

"Look the car smashed into a pole" said Jamie.

"Thank goodness Cheena got us out" said Mrs. Tightly.

"Wait! That's your car? Who are you?" asked Bulma.

"Sorry! This is Mrs. Tightly, Jamie and Tammy's mom" said Cheena. The Z- fighters were in shock.

"Man we barely survived that" said Jamie as she sat down beside Goten.

"You guys were in the car?" asked Chi-Chi.

"Yeah!' said Jamie. Cheena just looked at the screen and was furious. She had to end this and she wanted to end it now.

"I'll be back later!" she said as she walked to the front door.

"Where are you going?" asked Trunks. Cheena took a deep breath and opened the door.

"To see.Mr. Tightly" Cheena said quickly before she left.

"WHAT!" everyone yelled as they ran after her. Cheena flew off only to bump right into her dad.

"Dad move! Cheena said.

"I will not let you go see him" he said.

"I can take care of myself" said Cheena. Cheena tried to go around him but he blocked her.

"Go back inside now!" he yelled.

"Dad!" Cheena yelled.

"Cheena I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have to in order to keep you here" Goku said sternly. Cheena looked at her dad as tears fell down her face.

'I wish you would stop treating me like a kid. I can take care of myself" Cheena yelled as she tried to push by him but again he blocked her. He grabbed her arm and dragged her back down to the ground.

'Let me go!" Cheena yelled as Goku dragged her back into the house as everyone watched. Goku dragged Cheena to the living room and tossed her on the couch.

"Stay here!" he yelled. Cheena glared at him.

"I hate you!" Cheena yelled as she ran upstairs to one of the guest rooms. Goku watched her go then walked outside where everyone still stood.

"We have to end this now!" he said as everyone looked at him. Cheena ran into one of the rooms that surprisingly was the one that Tammy was asleep in. Cheena walked over and laid beside her.

"This has been one of the worst days of my life. First I get beat up by a weak human with strong toys, then dad is mad at me and threatens to hurt me, then I have to watch my back when it come to Mr. Tightly. There has to be a way to help Jamie and her family but what?" Cheena asked herself. She looked down at Tammy and smiled. "You can't live like this...in constant fear. I have to help you guys" said Cheena as she tried to figure out what she was going to do. Downstairs the gang was in the living room trying to think up a plan.

"Do you have family anywhere else?" asked Goten.

"No!" said Mrs. Tightly.

"Maybe you can go someplace and hide out for awhile" said Chi-Chi.

"Where would we go?" asked Mrs. Tightly.

"And besides he would find us anyway" said Jamie.

"We can't give up on this! We have..." Bulma was cut off as they heard someone outside. The gang looked out the window to see Mr. Tightly with a device in his hand.

"Jamie, Tammy get away from her and get out here" he yelled Goku growled as he went to the door followed by Vegeta, Goten and Trunks. Cheena looked from the window.

"How did he find us?" Cheena asked. Cheena looked at Tammy as the little girl turned over.

"What the..." Cheena said as she looked at her wrist. She had on a little watch that was blinking.

"What is that?" Cheena asked as she looked at it. Just then she heard Mr. Tightly.

"I bet you're wondering how I found you? I have a tracking device in there and it also doubles as a bomb. So if you don't get out here right now I will detonated it and kill you all" he yelled. Cheena looked down at the watch on her hand as it blinked. Cheena took it off to see wires underneath it.

"Oh man! This man is sick. He's willing to blow up his daughter and for what?" Cheena said. "I better get rid of this" Cheena said as she transmitted away.

Goku and the guys stood in front of Mr. Tightly with angry looks on their faces.

"Ok, I know the boys but who are you two?" he asked as he looked at Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta just folded his arms across his chest as he glared at Mr. Tightly.

"I'm Goku! Cheena's dad!' Goku said as calm as he could.

"Oh! Did you like what I did to her. Her lips tasted sweet as well" Mr. Tightly said as he licked his lips. Goku took his fighting stance as did the rest of the gang.

"You better get my wife and daughters out here before I blow this place up" he said as he showed them the device to blow up the place.

"You're bluffing!" yelled Goten.

"You really think so? Well call my bluff" he said. The guys looked at one another. Cheena returned to the room and looked out of the window.

"I had to stash that thing in a safe place and I think I found it" Cheena dropped about 5 bags in front of her.

"I bet he'll be very surprised" she said with a smile. Tammy started to turn about in the bed. Cheena reached into one of the bags and pulled out her teddy-bear.

"Here you go!" Cheena said as she placed it by her. Tammy wrapped her arms around the bear and smiled. Cheena smiled as she looked at her.

"Now to finish this!" she said as she left the room. Outside the girls were out there looking at Mr. Tightly.

"Jamie get over here or I will blow this place sky high" he yelled. Goten held Jamie back as everyone looked at him.

"What are we going to do? I think he's serious!" Goten said.

"Just go to him honey. We can't let him hurt these people all because of us" said Mrs. Tightly.

"But mom..." said Jamie as she looked at her dad.

"That's it! You're all dead!" he said as he pushed the button. Nothing happened!

"WHAT!" he yelled.

"I knew he was lying" said Goten.

"He wasn't lying Goten!" said Cheena as she came from the side of the house.

"Che!" he said as he licked his lips. Cheena just stared at him and smiled.

"Mr. Tightly, nice to see you again. You know you are a smart person, sick, but smart" said Cheena as she walked over to him.

"Cheena don't" yelled Chi-Chi. Everyone watched as Cheena stood in front of Mr. Tightly.

"You are so crazed that you were willing to kill your daughter. I didn't think anyone would sink as low as placing a bomb on their kid" said Cheena. Everyone gasped and looked at Jamie.

"I have a bomb on me?" Jamie yelled.

"Not you but Tammy!" said Cheena.

"WHAT!" everyone yelled. Mrs. Tightly and Jamie were about to run inside but Cheena stopped them.

"She's not inside!" said Cheena.

"Then where is she!" yelled Bulma. Cheena kept her eyes on Mr. Tightly as she pointed up. Everyone looked up to see Tammy on the nimbus holding on to her teddy-bear smiling at everyone.

"Is she ok?" Jamie yelled.

"Yeah! She didn't get blown up if that's what you mean but something did get blown up" said Cheena. Slowly the cloud descended in front of Cheena. Picking Tammy up, Cheena glared at Mr. Tightly.

"What did you do?" yelled Mr. Tightly.

"I had to stash the bomb somewhere and the only place I could think of was...your home!" said Cheena with a smirk on her face.

"YOU DID WHAT!" yelled Mr. Tightly. He grew angry and his face was turning red.

"Cheena..." said Jamie.

"You see, I knew that Jamie and Tammy probley didn't want to remember the things you did to them in that house so they wouldn't mind it going away. I guess you'll have to find somewhere else to live...by yourself" said Cheena as she held Tammy. Everyone looked at one another then over at Cheena and Mr. Tightly. Mr. Tightly was extremely angry and decided to take it out on Cheena as he punched her in the face. Cheena's head turned as his fist connected with her face.

"Cheena!" yelled Jamie. Goku and the gang were pissed off. Tammy just cried as she held onto Cheena as tight as she could. Just then everyone heard laughter. Cheena turned her head so that she was looking at Mr. Tightly.

"You just don't learn, now do you?" she asked as she narrowed her eyes at him. Mr. Tightly had a look of pure fright on his face as he looked at her. Jamie, along with everyone else, just smirked at the sight in front of them.

"Cheena, let him be. The cops can take care of him" Chi-Chi finally said. Turning her head to the side, Cheena looked at her.

"Oh c'mon mom. Let me knock him around for a few minutes before he gets arrested" Cheena pleaded. Seeing her distraction, Mr. Tightly laughed at the opportunity. Quickly, he grabbed Tammy out of Cheena's arms.

"NO!" Mrs. Tightly yelled as she watched. Cheena glared at Mr. Tightly who now held his screaming daughter in his hands.

"Stay back or I'll break her neck. You better let me leave here or I will do it" he yelled. Everyone growled as they watched him slip his hand around her throat. Goku growled as he took a step forward. Quickly looking to the side, Mr. Tightly looked at him and smiled.

"Are you deaf? I said stay back" he yelled. Goku held his ground as he glanced over at Cheena. Catching her father's look, Cheena smirked as she looked back at Mr. Tightly. Goku looked back at Mr. Tightly and smiled.

"Sure, whatever you say" he said before he charged towards him. Mr. Tightly's mouth flew open with shock but soon closed. Before he could do anything, however, Cheena appeared in front of him. Grabbing Tammy, she pulled her away from him then dove out of the way.

"What?" Mr. Tightly said as he Tammy was snatched away from him. Goku smiled as he disappeared only to reappear in front of Mr. Tightly. Before Mr. Tightly could say anything, Goku was on the attack. Pulling back his arm, he brought it forward into Mr. Tightly's stomach. Leaning forward, Mr. Tightly wrapped his arms around his stomach. With a frown on his face, Goku unleashed a fury of lefts and rights that connected with Mr. Tightly's jaw. As his head went from side to side, saliva mixed with spots of blood flew out of his mouth. Pulling back his leg, Goku brought it forward and kicked Mr. Tightly in the ribs, sending him flying back a bit. With a loud thud, his body laid still on the ground.

"WOW!" Mrs. Tightly and Jamie said together. Cheena smiled as she walked beside her dad.

"Nice one" she said. Goku kept his eyes on Mr. Tightly before slowly making his way over to him.

"Dad?" Cheena questioned as she watched him walk off. Goku stood over Mr. Tightly and growled as he watched his stomach slowly move up and down. With a sly smirk on his face, he pointed his left palm over him.

"Goku no!" both Bulma and Chi-Chi yelled together. Running over to her dad, Cheena supported Tammy in her left arm and grabbed her father's hand with her right.

"Don't do it dad" she said.

"And why not! He should pay for what he has done to those girls and you" Goku said not taking his eyes off of Mr. Tightly.

"And I agree with you dad but I don't agree with killing him. You already taught him a valuable lesson with the beating you gave him. Besides, I don't think he'll ever bother them again now that he knows who he's dealing with" Cheena said as she glared at Mr. Tightly herself. Goku sighed as he dropped his hand to his side.

"Goten, go call the cops" Cheena yelled as she turned towards her brother. Goten nodded his head as he ran inside the house. Goku smiled as he looked at Cheena then Tammy who was laughing as she looked at her father.

"I guess she's happy" Cheena said. Goku smiled as he picked Tammy up and walked over to everyone else. Cheena smiled but frowned as she looked down at Mr. Tightly.

"I don't know why I let you live but I did. You better never come near them or else I'll deal with you myself..." Cheena said as she stepped on Mr. Tightly's chest. Hearing a crack, Cheena smiled.

"...and I'm not like my dad. I won't go easy on you" she said as she gave him one final kick before walking away.

"Thank you Goku!" said Mrs. Tightly as she took Tammy away from Goku.

"No problem!" said Goku.

"Cops are on their way" Goten said as he ran out of the house. Cheena smiled as she looked at Jamie.

"Thanks" Jamie said as she raised her hand in the air. Cheena smiled as she slapped her a high five.

"No problem" she replied. Everyone stood outside as the cops as well as the paramedics stood before them. They watched as Mr. Tightly was loaded onto a stretcher and taken away.

"I kind of feel sad you know, he was my dad" said Jamie.

"He got what he deserved" said Goten. Cheena nodded her head but soon stopped as her eyes went wide. Quickly she ran back into the house and up the stairs. Over by the police cars stood Mrs. Tightly and Jamie with Tammy in her arms.

"So their going to give you all a new place to stay?" asked Chi-Chi.

'Yes but we don't know where so we can't call you for a while" said Mrs. Tightly.

"It's ok, as long as you guys are safe" said Trunks.

"I just wish I had my stuff. We'll have to buy new stuff since our house was destroyed" said Jamie.

"No you won't" said Cheena as she dragged the bags out.

"What's that?" asked Goten.

'These are Jamie and Tammy's things" said Cheena as she placed the bags by the car.

"You saved our stuff?" Jamie asked.

"Of course! The only things that got blown up was his stuff" Cheena said with a smile. Jamie had tears in her eyes as she hugged Cheena. Everyone smiled as the girls just hugged.

"C'mon Jamie, we have to go" said the cop once he loaded the bags into the car.
"I'll see you again, don't worry about it" said Cheena as she watched Jamie get in the car.

"Bye Tammy!" said Cheena.

'Bye" she said as she waved back. A smile crossed Cheena's face as she watched the car take off down the street. Raising her eyebrow, Cheena looked to the side to see Goku standing beside her watching the car disappear down the street.

"Dad, I'm sorry for the way I acted and for saying I hate you. I don't hate you" said Cheena as she hugged her dad.

"I know Che, I'm sorry I was so hard on you. It's just that you're my little girl and..." started Goku.

"I know dad!' said Cheena as she hugged him even tighter.

"So now what do we do?" asked Goten. Cheena let go of her dad and looked at Trunks. "PlayStation 2" the 2 of them yelled as they ran into the house.

"I'm #1" yelled Goten as he ran after them up to Trunks room.

"What a day!" said Bulma.

"I don't know about you but I feel like a good spar, so how 'bout it Vegeta?" Goku asked Vegeta. Vegeta smirked as he walked to the back of the house followed by Goku. Bulma and Chi-Chi went into the house to relax now that a long day had finally come to an end.

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