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It started out as a normal infiltration mission to a Galra base. It was supposed to be a normal mission, but of course, when things can go wrong, they go wrong in the most spectacularly awful way possible.

The trouble started when the team split up. It was the usual split, where Lance and Keith went off together and Hunk and Pidge stayed close to Shiro, so none of them thought anything of it. Hunk, Pidge, and Shiro swiftly and stealthily swept through the base, encountering no obstacles between them and their objective- the main console. Lance and Keith, however, had no such luck.

The two paladins were in the middle of a heated whisper debate when a sentry droid stumbled across them. Keith was too startled to react, having been thoroughly distracted by the debate, but Lance quickly whipped out his bayard and fired off a shot straight into the middle of the stopped it from setting off an alarm, but it made enough noise that it brought other sentries to their position.

"Shiro, we've got company!" Keith shouted into his comm as he readied his bayard and settled into an offensive stance. Shiro let out a short curse and started rushing towards the console with Pidge and Hunk at his heels.

"We'll use the console to keep any distress signals from getting out. Once we've fried the communications, we'll come extract you. Just hold out until we get there, and try to get closer to the main hanger," Shiro ordered.

"Don't worry," Lance said as he shot yet another droid. "We got this, don't we, Mullet?"

Keith let out a short grunt that Lance took to be affirmative, though it might have just been him slicing sentries in half.

The red and blue paladins quickly fell into the routine that had been drilled into them by many hours of training. Keith protected Lance from getting shot or sliced while Lance picked off as many sentries as he could with headshots and torso shots while protecting Keith's back. It worked well for a while, but as the battle dragged on, the paladins could start to feel fatigue setting in. There seemed to be no end to the droids, and the bodies kept piling up. Keith had less and less room to move, and Lance's arms were starting to ache.

Just then, one of the droids on the ground flickered back to life and managed to squeeze off one last shot before it was stabbed by Keith's blade. Unfortunately, its aim was true and the laser hit Lance directly on the part of his thigh unprotected by the thick paladin armor. Lance screamed and his leg collapsed under him.

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