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Chapter also known as: The Pre-Canon Changes Info Dump.

The State of Brockton Bay

Division: PRT East-Northeast, Brockton Bay

Document Security Level : 1 (limited availability to public, not for mass distribution)

Last Updated: July 30, 2009

Note: All PRT employees are to review this information on a bi-weekly basis. Any updates require review as soon as possible.

This documentation is meant for the listing of known criminal parahumans affiliated with major gangs. No information on this document should be interpreted as meaning any of these parahumans are non-hostile for any reason.

In the event of encountering any of the parahumans documented below, please report the encounter to the proper console channel and await further orders.

No PRT agent is to attempt to subdue or arrest any of the individuals documented below without prior approval of console and the backup of at least two squads and/or onsite Protectorate members.

This document only lists members of the major parahuman gangs in Brockton Bay. For other minor criminals, please see document 'Minor Criminals, Rogues and Vigilantes of Brockton Bay'. (requires Security Level 2)

Empire Eighty-Eight

Also known as: Empire 88, E88, The Empire

Current confirmed parahuman count: 9

Potential additional parahumans: unknown, minimum of 3.


The Empire Eighty-Eight is the longest standing parahuman gang currently in Brockton Bay. Their primary motivation is 'White Supremacy', taking inspiration from Nazi Germany. The Empire mostly benefits from protection rackets and high quality opioids. The Empire mostly operates in the downtown and southern parts of the city.

Intel shows that it is very likely that they receive additional support from the European parahuman group 'Gesellschaft'.


Kaiser (Leader)

Shaker 8

Able to create objects made of iron and steel from nearby solid surfaces. This power allows him to attack from unexpected angles at high speed with high potential lethality. Has been leader since the death of founder, Allfather.


Shaker 5, Brute 3

External kinetic energy manipulation. Can slow down nearby opposition while simultaneously bolstering his own physical strength.


Changer 4, Brute 7

Transforms into a wolf-like creature made of assorted blades and metal. This form is incredibly durable and dangerous. Damage done to this form quickly regenerates.


Breaker 5

Can vastly increase size while inversely decreasing the size of incoming attacks. At double her normal size attacks against her are also shrunk by half. Wields a sword and a shield, which are also affected by her power.


Breaker 5

Powers appear to be identical to Fenja's. Wields a spear.


Master 6(projections), Mover 1

Creates phantom duplicates of himself for combat. These duplicates are only able to interact with organic matter. As such, no standard body armor or weapons are capable of affecting them. These duplicates are capable of flight and are also able to carry Crusader, giving him limited flight.


Shaker 4, Mover 1, Thinker 2(close combat)

Medium-range aerokinesis. Able to sense changes in airflow within his range, allowing him to track enemies and projectiles. Also capable of forming claws made out pressurized air, capable of cutting through most standard body armors. These powers when combined with his reaction speed and combat knowledge make him a formidable close-ranged opponent.


Shaker 2, Thinker 2(close combat), Mover 1

Enhanced natural reflexes and movements. Minor acoustikinesis. Capable of high level close combat while relying entirely on sound. Known to cause sounds on frequencies that disrupt balance.


Breaker 3

Body resets itself to a predetermined state every few seconds, reverting any damage taken in that time period. This power does not remove restraints. Appears to not feel pain.

Recently Deceased:


Brute 4, Trump 1

Increased durability and physical strength. Capable of spreading this power with those he considered subordinates, though this weakened his own power.

Killed on July 25th by: 7.62mm ammunition fired by Merchant ambush, led by Hotbox.


Mover 6, Thinker 1

High-speed movement that had a brief delay before activating. Enhanced reflexes while power was active, however this appeared to diminish the longer the power was active.

Killed on July 25th by: 7.62mm ammunition fired by Merchant ambush, led by Hotbox.

Potential additional parahumans:


Blaster 8, Mover 4, Breaker

High-speed flight. High-powered energy blasts. Form emits blinding light that obscures features.

Recently claimed to have split from Empire Eighty-Eight. No actions to confirm this. Has not turned self in.


Breaker 9, Brute 5

When not in sight of any humans transforms into a large, amorphous creature. This form is capable of high speeds and attacks with both blunt and cutting force. While in this form any human that can see her will cause a reversion to human form, healing any wounds she had accrued.

Recently claimed to have split from Empire Eighty-Eight. No actions to confirm this. Has not turned self in.


Changer 8

Capable of transforming into a fog-like state. This fog causes massive internal damage to anybody that inhales it.

Recently claimed to have split from Empire Eighty-Eight. No actions to confirm this. Has not turned self in.

Unconfirmed: Empire Eighty-Eight may be able to call on members of the European group 'Gesellschaft' for additional parahuman backup.

Archer's Bridge Merchants

Also known as: The Merchants

Current confirmed parahuman count: 5

No additional known parahumans.


The Merchant's primary motivation is the manufacturing, acquisition and distribution of illegal drugs. They control most of the opioid production and distribution in the city, which in turn supplies much of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York and the southeastern portions of the Canadian province of Quebec. The Merchants operate out of the trainyard, parts of the docks and any destitute parts of town they can gather footholds in.


Crackshot (Leader)

Thinker 4, Blaster 2

Capable of knowing the bullet trajectory of any held firearm through believed precognition. However, due to addiction to opioids, has dulled reflexes and reasoning. This has caused increasing deterioration of his combat capabilities. Favors high caliber weapons.


Shaker 2

Creates a field that produces a minor push of kinetic energy. Capable of layering multiple fields onto objects to increase effectiveness. Physical traits suggest heavy drug usage.


Changer 4, Brute 1

Creates an armor of assorted small debris, including but not limited to sand, dust, dirt and small pieces of trash. Capable of limited control over the shape of this form to gather more materials. Has a tendency to include used needles as claws. Physical traits suggest heavy drug usage.


Shaker 5

Can create a barely visible cloud of gas that resembles a heat shimmer. This cloud can selectively cause reduced cognitive functions and reasoning along with nausea on an individual level, allowing targeting of enemies while leaving allies unaffected. The largest known dimensions of this cloud measured a radius of approximately fifty yards while only having a height of five yards.

Recently led an ambush consisting of himself and approximately ten unpowered members armed primarily with AK model firearms. This resulted in the deaths of Empire Eighty-Eight parahumans Baron and Raido, along with the deaths of seven unpowered members and the wounding of eleven other unpowered members. The disorientation caused by his powers allowed the Merchants members to both act and escape unscathed.

Unlike other members of the Merchants, Hotbox does not have any signs of drug addiction. It is unknown if this is a side effect of his power or if he simply does not heavily use drugs.


Tinker 2, Mover 3, Thinker 1

Tinker specialized in creating vehicles. Vehicles tend to be large in size and in many cases barely held together. Powers also appear to give an innate understanding of how to operate any vehicle. Physical traits suggest heavy drug usage.

Recently Deceased:


Thinker 2

Capable of remembering and identifying any face perfectly, as long as he was able to see it unobstructed for at least three seconds straight. Could only remember up to ten faces at a time.

Reportedly died from drug overdose on July 19th.

His death was likely the cause of the Merchants ambush on Baron and Raido on July 25th. Most likely as as a power play to pre-empt any probing attacks from the Empire.

The Azn Bad Boys

Also known as: The ABB

Current confirmed parahuman count: 2

No additional known parahumans.


This gang is the result of the parahuman known as Lung's takeover of many of the smaller gangs in Brockton Bay. After the takeovers, Lung disposed of many of the previous members, leaving only the members of Asian descent. While only having two parahuman members the ABB is able of battling the Empire Eighty-Eight on equal footing. The ABB primarily operates out of the Docks, but has also began contesting many of the northern parts of the Downtown area.


Lung (leader)

Brute 4+, Blaster 2+, Changer

In his base form he is capable of minor pyrokinesis. The longer the battle goes, the more powerful he becomes in both physical strength and pyrokinesis. His changer form heals him and gives him increasingly draconic traits as he powers up, eventually causing him to no longer resemble a human in any way. There has been no observed upper limit to his growth, as seen with his battle with Leviathan at Kyushu.

Oni Lee

Mover 5

Teleportation based around line of sight. Leaves a short-lived clone where he had teleported, which is capable of short-term independent action. Utilizes knives, grenades and firearms with high lethality, generally targeting non-parahuman members first.


E88 doesn't have Rune, Othala or Victor yet, two OCs killed recently by Merchants.

Merchants have two OC members, one of which recently involved in killed two E88 members. One additional OC member recently died of drug overdose.

ABB is ABB. Lung is dragon. No changes needed.

E88 member Raido based of the Elder Futhark rune 'Raido'.