Hi this is my first story Enjoy !

The busy roar of the city... that's what I miss, it sounds strange but I miss the hustle and bustle the road rage and the bright yellow cars . I miss New York.
I remember it all so well. New York my nightmare like constant reminder and not a good one.


The plane has landed I hastily stand up grab my hand luggage and run off the plane.
My eyes search the room for the four of them but instead I find Jerald my fathers driver I wish he didn't pick me up it just seems ... obnoxious.
I won't complain not now not anymore not after E'Spagnol (Spain)
"Miss Emma, So good to see you the Spanish sun has done you extremely well look at your tann I suppose your looking for your brothers their at home however your father has something to tell you come on Dear we'd better not keep him waiting your brothers
did want to come but your father insisted they stay home."
"Jerald what are you not telling me?".