From the writing desk of Sharper,

What is this? A new story? Written by Sharper himself? For the first time in two years? And that it is not related to the KP Fannies?

Yes, you heard that right, I am back writing a new adventure starring our redhaired teenaged heroine. I was going to plan to collab with many fanartists about doing a comic on this story, but once I realized how much of a pain in the ass that it was going to be in coordinating with everyone, I decided to go for a much more simple story with one picture per chapter from a fellow KP artist.

(In addition, I will also focus on finishing Platypus in a Sitch and FINALLY start resuming on Redheaded Cheerleader Book II))

The basic premise of the story is that Kim and Ron are trying to arrange the perfect outfits for a simple date to Bueno Nacho and a movie. At the same time, Drakken is planning an evil scheme (of course), but this time he has a top-secret weapon in store that he may defeat Kim once and for all. And if that wasn't bad enough, Bonnie has her own top-secret weapon in store that could spoil Kim and Ron's date. She also has her own posse of like-minded evil cheerleaders which consist of Amanda and Sarah (yep, the two other cheerleaders from the Series Bible plotline of the 12th Fannies) and Rebecca Starlet.

((AN: This Rebecca Starlet is NOT the same Rebecca Starlet from Redheaded Cheerleader. She may have the same physical characteristics, the same fashion sense, and the same mean personality as the RC Rebecca, she will NOT have the...controversial background...that I intend for the RC Rebecca to have. I will provide on said controversial background in RC when the time comes. I also plan for the other two books of RC to be M-rated. For this story, and this story alone, she is going to primarily be Bonnie's beta mean girl.))

This story takes place during Season 4, of course, when all the main characters are in their senior year of high school and that Kim and Ron are still a couple. It's going to have slight AU elements in it and will go into a bit more background with some of the other characters, especially the Queen and Tara.

The story is not in any way connected with the Redheaded Cheerleader Universe. However, it is (loosely) connected with the 12th KP Fannie Awards.

The fanfic itself is going to be rated T for some small amount of cursing, crude humor, a couple of smoking scenes, brief male nudity, bloodless action violence, and a few skanky outfits that may violate the dress code at Middleton High. (Seriously, the one scene of male nudity and the skanky outfits the only reason why this fic is rated T. All the other stuff is K+ material.)

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney. Rebecca Starlet and any OC I create is my own.

So with all that taken care of, let the story begin.

"Nacos and A Movie"

Chapter 1 - "Decisions, Decisions"

(October 2006)

It was a cool autumn October Thursday morning at Middleton High with a hint of fall chill in the air. The sign outside the Middleton High readerboard read 'Dollars Make Cents.'

Kim Possible and Monique Smith were both walking down the hallways of B-hall. Kim, of course, needs no introduction as the world-saving cheerleading teen heroine that she is. Monique, of course, was her best female friend and the ultimate person to talk to in terms of fashion advice. The two have been tight since freshman year.

This was two weeks after Homecoming, which saw her bitter rival, Bonnie Rockwaller, take over as Homecoming Queen and nearly making a move on her best friend-boyfriend before eventually falling for a boyfriend of her own after what had happened to her previous one.

Kim was wearing a striped croptop shirt, stud earrings, a gold chain necklace, a silver locket pendant Ron gave her, and baggy overalls, both hooked, fit around the waist and sneakers. The overalls straps were attached to buttons in the rear. It also had three side buttons where Kim unbottoned the top one on both sides. Since the straps tended to slip down quite bit, Kim utilized them as boyfriend pants. Monique was in khaki overalls also with both straps hooked, black booties, hoop earrings, and a violet top.

The problem for Kim was that she and Ron agreed to go out on a date on Saturday. But the two questions that clouded her mind: where they were going and how much it was going to cost.

"Monique, what spankin' outfit do you think would be perfect for my date with Ron on Saturday?" Kim asked her fashionista friend.

"Dunno, Kim. Anything's fashionable with you!" Monique added with a snicker.

She then asked, "Are you two planning to go to Chez Couteaux?"

Kim replied with a sigh. "No, Chez Couteaux's too expenside and I'm a little bit tight on money. Babysitting has gone down this month."

"So what's the place going to be since you're tight on the wallet?" Monique questioned.

"I'm aiming for a more traditional 'naco and movie night' type of date." Kim said. "It's not going to be upscale as, say, Junior Prom."

"No dress for the winter dance then?" Monique asked, for she saw posters about it.

"Monique, the Winter Dance is a couple months from now." Kim said to her friend, "It wouldn't be drama for me till then."

"If you need a dress, just call me and beep me if you wanna reach me!" Monique said with a grin, unintentionally paying homage to a famous theme song.

Kim giggled at what Monqiue had to say.

"So if you're not going for a dress, Kim, I'd suggest to you to get a similar style that both of us have right now."

Kim looked down at her article of clothing.

"You overalls?" she asked with a bit of confused.

"OTN!" Monique beamed, pointing to her nose.

"OTN?" Kim asked for the Monique-Speak translation.

"On the nose, baby girl! You should know my speak by now!" Monique replied before the bell rang. "I'll tell ya after lunch!"

She and Kim both went to their third-period class.

At the same time, Ron Stoppable and Felix Renton are at their lockers. They are both wearing their usual outfits. Felix, of course, was in his power wheelchair.

"Felix, what do I need to do to impress Kim for Saturday's date?" Ron asked while closing the door to his locker and grabbing his Algebra book. "I'm already on the football team and the game's tomorrow."

"Maybe you can take her out to Chez Couteaux? I heard that the fondue is really good." Felix replied, "You do still have the Naco royalties, do you?"

Ron uttered, putting his hands in his pocket. "Yeah, but unfortunately, the 'rents are controlling it now. They're saving it up so that I could go to a good college, hopefully the same one as KP."

Felix echoed the same feeling as Monique did, "In that case, if you're on a shoestring dating budget, just take her out to a movie or something like that."

"That I can totally do, Felix my man! Zombie Mayhem, the Movie is going to be the movie the Ronster's gonna see with his gal!" Ron laughed with confidence.

Felix was surprised, "Ron?! Are you insane?! That movie isn't for those 17 and under!"

"Pffft...the Ron-man isn't scared of a little blood and gore." Ron replied, dismissing any concerns.

Felix rolled his eyes and replied, "I heard from your parents that you were crying and sucking your thumb."

"You heard wrong from those sources, Felix!" Ron retorted.

The blonde star running back looked down at his pants pocket. "Rufus, on the other hand..."

Rufus popped out his pants pocket and chatters, 'Scary'.

"Just take her out to a superhero movie." Felix said, suggesting an alternative movie genre, "You wouldn't want to scare her with zombies!"

"I've seen KP fight henchmen in her sleep." Ron countered with a slight grin, "I think she can brave a lil ol' zombie movie."

The bell began to ring for the next period of classes.

"Gotta go, Felix! I'm off to Algebra class!" Ron said, grabbing his backpack.

"See ya at lunch!" Felix called back.

(2 1/2 hours later)

After lunch, Kim and Monique were walking through the hallway to their fifth period class.

"So, you're saying that I should go all 90s on my outfit with my Ron-date?" Kim asked, her feet plopping on the tile below.

Monique replied while holding a Club Banana Today magazine, "Girl, that's the thing! You should go all retro on your overalls! According to CB Today, dark denim is the way to go on a casual date."

Kim looked down at her overalls and said, "Mine currently are a medium shade."

She also added, "So going with dark denim CB overalls is the thing?"

Monique replied, "Duh, the 'CB Today' never lies, Kim!" The African-American fashionista also pointed to a picture. "And it also says to hook up one strap, just like people in the 90s did."

Kim said in agreement, looking at the picture, "I can go with that look. As long as it avoids me looking like a hillbilly, we should be good."

"It also says to glam up the outfit with some jewelry." Monique read in the article.

She looked up at Kim and added, "You and Ron will look like a perfect couple, owning the night in this town, and not like some farm-girl covered in animal you-know-what!"

"Aww...thanks for the spankin' fashion advice, Monique!" Kim giggled.

"No big, Kim! I just aim to please!" Monique complemented before a familiar voice cut them off.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't the little wannabe hillbilly!"