"Doctor." Amy started, "Doctor, it's me Amy." The Doctor gave her a bemused look.


"Yes Amy, from Leadworth."

"Giant crack in the sky?" Rory suggested, "Vampires in Venice?"

"The pandorica!" Amy said exasperatedly.

"Do you seriously not recognize us, Doctor?" Rory asked, his brows burrowing.

"Oh you're a Doctor!" he exclaims as he uses both of his hands to shake one of Rorys'.

"No you're a Doctor." Rory corrected, "Well the Doctor, not sure if you have a Doctorate actually."

"I'm the Doctor?" the short, brown haired woman suggested.

"Congratulations." The Doctor said now shaking her hand.

"You're the Doctor!" Amy shouted at him. "That's your name!"

"Isn't Doctor a title, not a name?" he asked amused.

"Don't get me started." Amy warned.

"Do you know you who are?" Rory asked him. The Doctor looked around the street.

"A New Yorker?" he suggested.

"No." Rory responded quietly. "Do you know what you are?"

"A uh…man? Person? Man Person?"

"Not even close." Amy muttered. She and Rory looked at the two of them in disbelief. Rory cleared his throat. "Would you two be interested in coming up stairs we have-"

"What is upstairs?" said the Doctor, cutting across him.

"Something to drink!" the short girl piped up helpfully.

Lifts were not as steady in the 1940s as they were in the 2000s, but Amy wasn't about to push Anthony's pram up several flights of stairs. The group took two separate trips. Amy with the pram and the barefooted girl and Rory with the Doctor came up afterwards. Rory busied himself in the kitchen making cups of tea for everyone. He made Amy's extra strong. "Stay here." Amy commanded to the Doctor and the woman as she made them sit on the couch. "I'm putting Tony to bed, I expect you two to be here when I get back." She nodded over at Rory who nodded back. Amy left the room and Rory placed cups of tea in front of their guests.

"So you two have no memories of who you are right?" Rory asked them, sitting in the couch across from them. "Or where you are?"

"Leadworth?" the girl suggested.

"No." Rory replied, "But you're learning, that's a good sign that you're retaining new information." He takes a sip from his tea. "Hm, a bit hot, I'd wait a minute for it to cool down." The Doctor looked at his tea, considered it, and then took back the entire cup's contents in one big gulp. The Doctor didn't wince, he placed the cup on the coffee table and smile at Rory. "That was lovely, thank you Rory."

"My God man did you just- wait, did you just call me Rory?"

"Yes, that's your name isn't it?"

"You remember me?" he asked, hope rising. The Doctor gave him a searching look.

"Did I forget you?" The Doctor asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Yeah." Rory said, giving him a small, sad smile. "You did."

Amy had entered the room and placed herself next to Rory, she picked up her cup and took a sip. Glaring daggers at the Doctor.

"What happened to your shoes?" Amy asked the girl, though still staring at the Doctor.

"They make it hard to run." She responded brightly, "Thank you for the lovely tea." She adds.

"You're welcome." Rory responds.

"That eager for a hat were you?" Amy asks her, "That you took off your shoes?"

The girl expression faltered, "I-we were running, from-something."

"You were running from the Doctor?" Amy asked her, leaning forward.

The girl gave a nervous laugh, "Oh I wanted the hat."

"Were you two running from something before that?" Rory probed, confused.

"Yes." The Doctor responded, "We were."

"What was it?" Amy asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"No idea." He responds flatly. Amy and Rory slumped back into their seats.

"And you have no idea what your name is?" Amy asked the girl.

"Clara." The girl responded. Rory choked on his tea. Amy slapped his back.

"Oswin." The Doctor said.

"Huh?" Rory spluttered.

"Oswald." The girl finished.

"Which is it?" Amy queried, "Clara, Oswin, or Oswald?" All she received from them was blank looks, as though they weren't aware they had spoken in the first place.

"Well you said Clara first." Rory says, "We'll go with Clara."

"Clara is good." Amy agrees.

"Clara." The Doctor says, his face illuminating.

The only spare room they had in the apartment was little Tony's room so they made the Doctor's and Clara's beds on the living room couches. "Are you sure you'll be alright in here?" Amy asked them sternly, she had already spent a good half an hour trying to get them to reassure her that they in fact would not leave the apartment. She was very concerned for their safety in their odd state. Thy must have been exhausted because when Amy awoke a few hours later to feed Anthony, Clara and the Doctor were still sound asleep on their respective couches. She felt much more reassured and had a sound sleep.

She woke up in the morning in excitement, just like when she was a kid on Christmas morning. And burst into the living room, still in her nightgown. They were still there and still asleep. She wanted to wake them up but thought better of it. Rory made breakfast quietly as Amy attended to Anthony. Clara woke up first, Amy showed her where the shower was and gave her a change of clothes-and a pair shoes, flats this time. The Doctor slept through breakfast, Amy remembered that the Doctor did not require as much sleep as humans did. She supposed that when he did sleep, it would be logical to assume that he would sleep for longer periods of time because of it. Amy wondered if the dream lord ever still visited him.

"Well Clara." He sighed, his hand cupping her cheek, "Time is like clockwork, the hand goes round and round but-"

"It always comes back?" she suggested.

"Always comes back." He agrees with a smile. "Like me."

"And me." Clara says as she leans into his touch.

"Doctor?" Are you awake?"

"Huh?" The Doctor's vison slowly came into focus.

"Breakfast is getting cold." Amy tells him.

"Breakfast...yes very important."

"Fish fingers aren't invented yet I'm afraid."

"But I do have some custard if you're interested."

The Doctor grinned, "Yowza!" he shot up off the couch. Amy beamed at him.

"I was thinking about letting you sleep but then I thought screw it."

"Sleep is unimportant" The Doctor said, he spotted the bowl of custard on the kitchen table, Clara was playing with her Breakfast. "Eat up." Amy tells her kindly. "Only suckers sleep." The Doctor tells Amy as he slurps the contents of his bowl, ignoring the spoon she had offered him. "I once stayed up for a year to win a bet against a headless monk."

"A headless monk?" Amy gasped, she sat down at the table between Clara was still not eating and the Doctor who was very much enjoying his meal. "Yes, I should of probably thought that one through-owe him a chicken."

"Doctor where is the Tardis?" Amy asked him keenly. The Doctor slurped the last of the custard happily. "Tardis?"

"Yes where is it?"

"Sorry I don't know what a Tardis is?" He says, his face showing no signs of deception. Amy made a quick dash into the nursey, grabbed the Tardis shaped music box and tossed it at him.

"It looks like that." Amy sighed, this was such a rollercoaster. He knew Rory's name, he knew what a headless monk was but he didn't know what a Tardis was or who she was? She eyed him down. "Do you know who I am?" she asked him after a long pause, her voice caught.

"Yeah." He says, "You're Amelia Williams?"

"Yes." She felt moisture building in her right eye, 'Not Amy Pond then?' she thought to herself, was she too old now? She decided to try another name.

"Do you know who River Song is?"


"My daughter, you're married to her." Amy said through gritted teeth. The Doctor looked scandalised he threw a quick glance at the Baby's nursey. "Bit young isn't she?"

"Not the baby!" Amy scolded him.

"Professor River Song!" Clara shouted out, Amy turned to look at her, surprised. "That's his wife, yeah?"

"Yes." Amy said, her eyebrow raised. What would her daughter's opinion be if she knew that the Doctor was travelling around with Clara? Well maybe she did know.

"My wife?" The Doctor asked Clara, he seemed mildly surprised.

"Space hair, gun a blazing woman?" Clara suggested.

"Ah...ah." The Doctor crossed his legs and placed his hands atop of his raised knees. An odd dreamy look flittered across his face. "Professor River Song, how could I forget?"

"Apparently you can." Amy muttered. There was a knock on the door, "Ooh." Amy says getting up. "That'll be Betsy." Amy answers the door to a teenaged girl with her curly black hair pinned up and a nervous smile. "Good morning Mrs Williams." She tells Amy.

"Good morning, Betsy." Amy greets her, "Thanks for coming on such short notice, we have some unexpected visitors." Amy gestures to the kitchen table behind her and Clara and the Doctor gave Betsy a friendly little wave. "So I'll be showing them the sights for the day, can you work until five, Mr Williams will be her by then."

"That's fine Mrs Williams, does Anthony need my attention now?"

"No, everything's fine, there's milk in the fridge and I've got his clothes picked out on the dresser."

Amy didn't have to drag Clara and the Doctor out of the apartment they sprinted out the door the moment Betsy stepped foot inside. The linked arms and tore out of the building, Clara caught her hand as the Doctor leaped down the stairs. Amy felt the adrenaline kicking in. It had been a long time, by the time they reached the lobby. Amy's heart was beating against her chest, the Doctor ran straight past the doorman and pushed the glass doors open with both hands. She had identical wide grins with Clara and the Doctor, she was high and this was her drug of choice she ran behind them as the three of them ran down on the street.

It was oddly childlike fun they were having as they caused chaos down the street, the Doctor's coat rippling behind him and her feet slapping the ground. "Where are we running to?" Amy shouted at him. "This way!" he was holding his hat down with one hand. They skidded to a halt, "here." He says, he spins on his heel and cuts down an alleyway. "What's here?" Amy asks.

"I found something yesterday…something out place."

"In New York, no!" Amy laughed sarcastically.

"It was that thing you were looking for." The Doctor tells her casually.

"What, the Tardis?" she asked.

"Possibly." The Doctor shrugs.

"Ouch!" Clara yelped as she fell to the ground.

"Careful!" Amy warned as she helped Clara to her feet.

"I...I walked into something." Clara grumbled. Amy stared at the empty in front of her. "I know I did." Clara mumbled. "There's nothing there." Amy waved her hand in the space, 'whack!' Something blue shimmered into view and then disappeared again "Ow!" Amy hit her hand on something solid. "Maybe there is." She rubbed her hand, "Oh my god, Doctor it's the Tardis!"

The Doctor approached them, "How do you know what it looks like if it's invisible?"

Amy shook her head, "It only becomes invisible remember?" The Doctor shook his.


Amy gave a frustrated sigh and hit the Tardis again, it shimmered into view for a second before it faded. "See? Did you see that?" She asked him. "I need something harder." She guessed, thought for a second and then kicked it as hard as she could. She hurt her toe and it appeared for only a second longer than usual. "Dammit!" Amy stuck her hand out again, she could feel the Tardis, its panels, the glass but not glass windows. Until finally she found the handle, she turned it, and to her surprise it let her. She opened the door and through there she saw the Tardis's interior. The exterior of the Tardis appeared it was paint chipped and faded. Amy was reminded after a sad jolt of remembered that, that was the state the Tardis was left in when they left the Doctor in the graveyard.

Inside was different to what she remembered, it was dark and metallic. "Tardis!" she squeaked excitedly to The Doctor who peered in behind her shoulder. Clara tucked her head under her arm and looked in too.

"Astonishing!" the Doctor exclaimed, "It's bigger on the inside!"

Amy could have punched him, she didn't know why that annoyed her so much. Rory's voiced echoed in her head: 'Because you're a scot.' Casual racism aside, Amy stood inside the Tardis. She gazed in awe and wonder, she would have even more images to think about late at night. "I've been in here before." Whispered Clara from her side. Amy glanced down at her.

"I'm sure you have, how else could you have gotten here?" Amy turned to the Doctor who was already fiddling with a knob on the console. Not like he knew what it was though.

"Anything Doctor?" Amy asked him quietly, her footsteps echoed. The only source of light was the centre of the Tardis, it emitted a weak white light, and it created dark shadows under his cheek bones. "I've been in her before." He whispered.

"Her." Amy gave a short chuckle. The Doctor reached out a finger and stroked the light. Nothing happened. "Doctor." Amy looked at him. Clara walked up some steps that were a new addition since she had left. "Do you know that this is a time machine?"

"Is it?"

"Yes, it's yours."

"Wow." He said, "How did I get a time machine?"

"I'm pretty sure you stole it." Amy laughed, "You say borrowed but I don't think you're ever bringing it back." She leaned against the console and it lit up like a Christmas tree.


A projection suddenly appeared, a projection of Rory. "Rory!" Amy cried.

"I am not Rory Williams I am the voice interface." He said. He looked solid. "The system has been comprised, explosion is interment."

"Explosion, Rory what's going to explode?" Amy asked, eye wide.

"I am not Rory Williams I am the voice interface." He repeated, "The system has been comprised, explosion is interment."

"What system?" Amy asked, confused, she looked at the Doctor who, to her dismay looked as confused as he did. The interface did not respond. "What system?" The Doctor asked him now.


"Time?" The Doctor asked, bemused, "Time has been compromised?" The Doctor turned to look at Amy, he looked amused, and Amy however did not. "Time is going to…explode?"

"It wouldn't be the first time." She muttered. "This is bad." Amy looked back up at the Rory interface: "Rory, How can we stop it?"

"I am not Rory Williams I am the voice inter-"

"Yes, I've heard!" Amy cut across him. "How much time do we have?"

"Explosion will occur in one minute 45 seconds."

Why did the Doctor remember somethings but not others?

"Oh my god, Rory, Tony, I'm not going to be able to see my boys!" She pulled the Doctor roughly towards her. "Doctor for the love of God, do something! Anything, you may not know who I am but you're still the Doctor dammit, save. The. Day!" She pushed the Doctor aside.

"Explosion will occur in one minute"

Amy approached the interface tearfully, "This whole city is riddled with massive paradoxes Rory-"

"I am not-" The interface started.

"And that was our fault, I don't know how the Doctor got here and I don't know how to fix this Rory."


"Amy its fine." It was Clara who cut across the interface this time, she looked at Amy very seriously. She was standing on the small balcony above. Clara had her hands outstretched over the balcony, suddenly becoming a much more foreboding figure in Amy's mind.

"Don't take it so personally that he doesn't remember you." She tells her, "He doesn't remember me either." Clara added with a hint of bitterness.

"Explosion will occur in forty seconds."

"I didn't think the Doctor could get here, I made a paradox, I, I." Amy scrabbled for words. "I'm a paradox," she gushed.

"Explosion will occur in thirty seconds."

"You're not." Clara told her softly. "I am."

"I don't understand."

"Explosion will occur in twenty seconds."

"Amy get to the hotel next Friday, We'll meet you there."

"What hotel?"

"You know the one." Amy's mouth went dry, she knew the one, the one she never wanted to see again.

'Five, four.'

"But Amy listen, we won't know who you are."

"Why do you know who I am?"

"Our memories come and go."

"Three, two-"

"It's only half past one Mrs Williams."

Amy had to blink several times, Betsy? She was back her apartment.

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