A/N – This is a different story to my usual work as the main focus of this story is Lucius and Narcissa. However, this is the first story in a universe that I fully intend to return to for future stories, and the stories will eventually shift to focus on Draco and Hermione, and possibly even their children.

As for this story, it starts while Narcissa is still in her final year at school (although she doesn't make an appearance for a few chapters). There is also an element of Lucius and Bellatrix in this story, and the M rating if for sexual content between Lucius and both Black sisters (although not at the same time). There is also an affair element to the story – which I want to warn about in case that's something people aren't comfortable with.

Updates will be on Tuesday and Thursday, and it has 20 chapters in total. For those who are reading this story, I hope you enjoy it.

When the antique grandfather clock in his father's office struck seven, Lucius Malfoy looked up from his desk in surprise. Most people in the wizarding world wouldn't have expected the rich and entitled Lucius Malfoy to be working at seven in the evening. In fact, most people wouldn't have expected him to be working at all. Not a lot of people realised that even though they were one of the richest families in the country, the Malfoys worked as hard as anyone else in wizarding Britain.

The work ethic came from Lucius's father, Abraxas. Before Abraxas the Malfoys had been content to rest on their laurels as one of the richest families in the wizarding world. However, Abraxas had taken a different view and he'd set out to build the family fortune ever further. As he was so fond of telling Lucius, if every Malfoy took the attitude that they didn't have to work, the money would eventually run out and they would be no different to dozens of other once prominent pureblood families. Lucius fully agreed with his father's teachings, and he'd had no problem joining his father in the family business when he'd left Hogwarts the previous year.

In fact, Lucius was busy working on plans to streamline the business his father had built from scratch and make it even more profitable. However, he knew his father might not like all of his ideas, so he wanted an answer for every question his father could throw at him before he spoke to him. Abraxas Malfoy was a tough man to please, and there was nothing Lucius wanted more than to make his father proud. It was what had driven Lucius his entire life, and that hadn't changed just because he was now an adult.

Lucius and Abraxas had a slightly prickly relationship, which Lucius put down to the fact his mother, Greta, had died when he was just seven years old. Before his mother had died, Lucius could remember having a warm, loving relationship with his father. But when Greta died, it was as if part of Abraxas died with her, and he lost the ability to truly connect with his only son. Ever since, Abraxas had been cold and distant and Lucius had learned to cherish even the slightest sign that he'd pleased his father. One of the proudest moments of his life was still the day his father had clapped him proudly on the shoulder at the news he'd been made Head Boy. And now, he was hoping to make his father even prouder by turning the successful family business into a mega success.

Knowing he still had a lot of work to do before he could even broach his father about the changes he wanted to implement, Lucius packed away his work for the night. Stretching his aching limbs, he wondered if he should head back to Malfoy Manor for the night, or just go to the Malfoy penthouse in the centre of wizarding London. Upon joining the business, Lucius had been given the keys to the luxury penthouse his father owned in London. Abraxas had made it clear that while the manor was still Lucius's home, he could use the penthouse at his own discretion. Lucius took it to mean his father didn't want him bringing women back to the manor, and was giving him somewhere he could entertain his lady friends.

Lucius actually had plenty of lady friends, and despite only having the keys for the penthouse for a few months, he'd already made good use of the place. As a Malfoy, he was in high demand with the witches of Britain, and the fact he was extremely good looking with his long blond hair and sparkling grey eyes didn't hurt either. Of course, Lucius knew that one day he would be expected to marry a respectable witch and settle down, but for the moment he was content to play the field and have some fun while he could.

As he checked the office to make sure it was secure, Lucius weighed up his options and decided the manor was more appealing. He loved the penthouse, and it was very easy to summon one of the house elves to sort him some supper, but Malfoy Manor was his home and right now the thought of going back home was more appealing. At the manor, Lucius had his own wing of the house, and he could actually live independently from his father if he wished. Abraxas would never even know if Lucius did bring a witch home, but Lucius respected his father's wishes and he'd never brought a witch back to his childhood home.

When he arrived home, Lucius landed in his own wing of the manor. Calling for his personal house elf, Dobby, he ordered some food to be served in the library, before he headed to grab a quick shower. By the time Lucius had showered and changed into a more casual trousers and shirt, his dinner was waiting for him in the library beside the roaring fire.

"Thank you Dobby, that will be all," Lucius said, dismissing the small elf, who had a tendency to be over-dramatic, but was loyal nonetheless.

Expecting to have an evening of peace, Lucius finished his meal and settled down to relax for a few hours. However, he'd no sooner gotten settled before the fire in the library when he heard a popping noise and when he turned around his father's personal house elf, Kerri, was standing in the middle of the room.

"Master Abraxas wishes to speak to you, young master Lucius," Kerri said.

"Very well," Lucius replied with a nod of his head. "I'm on my way."

Abraxas's elf vanished without another word, but Lucius wasn't worried about finding his father. The manor may have been vast, but Abraxas only used a handful of rooms. Aside from his own personal wing, which Lucius hadn't set foot in since his mother died, he used a small selection of rooms on the ground floor. Those rooms included a dining room, the main library in the manor, two different living rooms and his private study. Lucius was predicting his father was in his study, and sure enough when he knocked on the door, his father's gruff voice called for him to enter.

"Lucius, take a seat," Abraxas barked, not looking up from the papers he was studying on his desk.

Knowing his father would give him his attention when he was ready, and not a moment before, Lucius sat down in front of his father's desk. Remembering his father wasn't keen on the fact he was growing his hair, Lucius wished he'd tied it back with the black ribbons he wore during the day. However, he hadn't been expecting his father to summon him, so his hair was loose, showing off just how long it was getting. Lucius was tempted to pull out his wand and magically tie his hair up, but he also knew his father wouldn't appreciate him fiddling until he was ready to talk, so he remained perfectly still in his seat, waiting for his father's attention.

When Abraxas did finally look up, Lucius wasn't at all surprised when his lip curled in distaste at the sight of his loose hair. However, Abraxas didn't comment about his son's hair as that wasn't the reason he'd called him into his study.

"I've been talking with Cygnus Black," Abraxas began. He wasn't one to beat around the bush with small talk, he preferred to get right to the point. "And we think a union between our two families will be beneficial for us both."

Lucius knew a union meant marriage, and he immediately tried to work out who he could be possibly set to marry. The Blacks were a well-known pureblood family, almost as well known as the Malfoys, but their family tree was vast and they had several different branches. Thankfully Lucius knew who was who in the pureblood circles his father travelled in, and he could recall that Cygnus had three daughters. The eldest two were both older than him, although the middle one had caused a huge scandal a few years ago when she'd run off with a muggleborn and promptly been disinherited, and the youngest daughter was slightly younger than him if he remembered correctly. Since the middle one was out of the picture, Lucius figured he was either going to be paired off with the older witch, or the young innocent one who would still be at Hogwarts.

"I trust you understand what that means, Lucius," Abraxas added pointedly.

"I do father," Lucius replied with a nod. "You know I'm ready to do my duty as a Malfoy, and marry the right witch."

"If all goes to plan the right witch will be Bellatrix Black," Abraxas said. "Now she is older than you Lucius, but she is said to be a stunningly attractive witch. Her father informs me that she's also a bit of a handful. He wants a strong wizard to take her in hand and keep her under control."

"I can handle a headstrong witch," Lucius answered smugly. Bellatrix may have been older than him, but he doubted she was strong enough to stand up to him.

"Let's hope that you can," Abraxas said. "We're having dinner with the Blacks tomorrow evening so you can meet Bellatrix. Nothing is settled yet Lucius, so don't let me down. Uniting the Blacks and the Malfoys will be good for all involved. Together as one family we could be even more powerful than we already are."

"I won't let you down father," Lucius vowed.

He was smart enough to realise that his feelings for Bellatrix wouldn't come into play, nor would her feelings for him. Their union would be the result of what their families thought best. They would marry to unite their families, not because they loved one another. Fortunately, it was something Lucius had always known to expect, and he wasn't disappointed not to be choosing his own bride. He'd always hoped to marry a witch he loved, like his parents who had obviously adored one another, but he could still have that with Bellatrix despite the fact they didn't know each other. For all he knew Bellatrix Black could turn out to be the love of his life.


Bellatrix Black had always known she would have little say over who she married, but she was just hoping that Lucius Malfoy turned out to be a more suitable match than her father's first suggestion, Rodolphus Lestrange. Bellatrix had no sooner left Hogwarts than her father began the process of betrothing her to Rodolphus. The Lestranges were a pureblood family, so Bellatrix hadn't had any objections to the union, until she'd met Rodolphus and found out he was nothing but an oaf, and his brother, Rabastan was no better. Bellatrix doubted the brothers had two brain cells to rub together, and while Rodolphus would have undoubtedly been an easy husband to control, she didn't want that. Bellatrix wanted a husband who was a real man, and in her eyes, Rodolphus had not fallen into that category.

Once she'd decided she didn't want to marry Rodolphus, Bellatrix had caused enough fuss so that her father dropped the idea. However, she knew the same ploy wouldn't work a second time and her father had already warned her that like him or not, Lucius Malfoy would be the wizard she was going to marry. Now all Bellatrix had to do was hope that he wasn't too bad and pray that the fact he was younger than her meant he was a pushover. Bellatrix didn't want a pushover for a husband, but she wouldn't mind being married to a man who was open to persuasion to see things her way.

"Bellatrix," Druella, her mother suddenly called, startling Bellatrix from her thoughts.

"Coming mother," Bellatrix called back.

Before leaving her room, she took a moment to make sure she looked her best. Bellatrix knew she wasn't breathtakingly beautiful like her younger sister Narcissa, but she possessed a confident sexiness Narcissa couldn't hope to possess. Bellatrix was more than adept at making men fall at her feet, and she was aiming to do the same with Lucius. She might as well make a good impression on the young wizard who was to become her husband.

Arriving downstairs, Bellatrix entered the large living room just as one of their elves appeared to announce their guests had arrived. Moments later another elf led two tall, handsome blond men into the room. Rather than focus on Lucius, as there would be plenty of time to do that later, Bellatrix studied Abraxas. Abraxas had an air of confidence not even her father possessed, and he very much stole all the attention in the room without trying. Even though he was an older wizard, he was still very good looking with his short white blond hair, pale flawless skin, and intriguing grey eyes. Bellatrix could only imagine what potency he possessed in his youth, as he was still a striking wizard in his middle age.

Finally turning her attention to Lucius as their father's shook hands and greeted one another, Bellatrix got an idea what a youthful Abraxas looked like as his son was a direct copy of his father, only younger and more attractive. Lucius's long blond hair was tied at the nape of his neck with a black ribbon, and his grey eyes sparkled mischievously as he openly appraised Bellatrix. Even from across the room, Bellatrix could feel the lust radiating from him and her gut told her that they would be very compatible. He may have been younger than her, but Bellatrix was betting that Lucius Malfoy was an experienced wizard when it came to sex and the fairer sex.

"Bellatrix, come and meet Lucius," Cygnus cajoled, gesturing for his daughter to move across the room.

Aware that Lucius's eyes were on her, Bellatrix sashayed across the room. Coming to a stop in front of Lucius, she gave him a blatant lust filled gaze, before offering him her hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lucius."

"The pleasure is all mine," Lucius purred, reaching for her hand and bringing it to his lips, his grey eyes never leaving hers.

"Shall we move through to the dining room?" Cygnus suggested, unable to hide his smile as the connection his daughter had already struck up with the young Malfoy.

"Let's, we've much to discuss," Abraxas replied with a nod.

As the two wizards led the way out of the living room, Bellatrix threw a flirtatious glance at Lucius, before sweeping out of the room. Settling herself down to dinner, she was pleased to find herself seated opposite Lucius. While their father's discussed their possible union, Bellatrix fired questions at Lucius, eager to get to know more about the wizard her father intended to marry her to.

By the end of the meal, Bellatrix had discovered that she had very little in common with Lucius. Annoyingly, he was a bit of a culture freak like her sister. It was clear that the likes of literature, art and history appealed to him far more than the things that appealed to Bellatrix like the Dark Arts. Still, he was only young and Bellatrix was convinced she could bring him round to her way of thinking. After all, he hadn't dismissed the Dark Arts, he'd merely admitted he'd never really dabbled in them.

"I think we're going to get along just swimmingly," Bellatrix said to Lucius as the evening ended and they said their goodbyes.

"I'm sure we will," Lucius agreed.

Bellatrix watched her potential husband leave, feeling rather satisfied with the evening's findings. There were things she didn't like about Lucius, but nothing that couldn't be changed. More importantly, his youth wasn't going to be a problem. Bellatrix knew they were going to be explosive together, and she suspected Lucius was man enough to handle her. All in all she thought that Lucius Malfoy would make a very good husband. They were the perfect match, and Bellatrix knew that together they could be a real force to be reckoned with in the wizarding world. As Mrs Malfoy she would have the world at her feet and she couldn't wait.